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JakoTako, czyli jesienny sushi weekend w Jasielniku

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Ania i Boguś Kita

If about us, then of course you have to write about Jasielnik, because it is an inseparable whole. We, that is Ania and Boguś - like pragmatic Poznań residents, I have been wandering in the mountains since I was a kid, preferring a tent under the stars to a 4-star hotel, and Boguś, a motorcycle enthusiast from his youth, a collector of two-track motorcycles and a great hand for their renovation. We both like holidays in the Polish mountains and for years we have been going to my favorite place - to one of the most picturesque reserves in this country, where green and gentle meadows are interspersed with limestone rocks, all in the valley of a swift stream with a stunning view of the Tatra Mountains. We are talking about the Biała Woda reserve at the junction of the Pieniny and Beskid Sądecki mountains. There, at the end of the world and the road, two houses stood. On a plot of 1.5 hectares among the lush greenery of the nearby hills. Without any buildings around, the only neighbors here... are juhasi from the nearby shepherds' huts, sheep and wild game. Two houses were unlucky with the owner, they were deteriorating, slowly declining, so when the opportunity arose to become the hosts here, we did not think for a long time: we are leaving Poznań, we are saving the most beautiful place in the Pieniny Mountains. We started the renovation, we renovated the rooms and we will probably renovate ourselves over the next few years, because we are surprised by various surprises every step of the way. We are slowly giving this place a new life, but the buildings are not the most important here, the most important is our unique location and the world that surrounds us. It is an ideal place for people who love silence, nature, nights under the stars and long mountain hikes. A great seat reservation for all active people - for mountain bikes, cross-country skiing or cross-country skis. Our unique location, the surrounding nature and people who visit us create an amazing mix of positive emotions and this is Jasielnik. more



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small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs

Maximum number of guests: 26 people

Standard minimum period: 3 days

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  • Cash on the spot
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  • Check-in from:15:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Biała Woda
  • 34-460 Jaworki