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Wesele w Restauracji Tabun

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Agata Falkiewicz-Ponikowska

Pictures are not only good with the family. The family business is also very well run. Now Tabun is a whole complex which includes a stud, a restaurant, a small "hotel" and a craft cider factory. It all started in 1983, when the seniors of the family: Barbara and Paweł bought land in Otomin near Gdańsk with the intention of building a house and settling down. Dreams came true thanks to the hard work of my parents, so new ones were created. To have at least one horse because these areas are asking for a gallop. Instead of a lonely mount, there is a stud with a constantly developing infrastructure. We share responsibilities equally. My brother Filip deals with the equestrian center. Sister Kasia is a saddle master and caretaker of the Gdański Gród Apartments. Together with my husband Michał, we run a restaurant, a cider mill, and recently also a guesthouse that was previously looked after by my parents.

Tabun is our place on earth that we love and we strive to constantly improve. Although...
we love to travel in our spare time, we always come back to Otomin and we keep an eye on everything. We like surfing, the one in the Baltic Sea, even in winter, and the one in warmer waters, although the kids absorb us the most now. 3-year-old Helena and less than one-year-old Gaweł and his peer dog Piorun. As a family, we invite you to the habitat with a view of the horses. more


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  • ul. Konna 29
  • 80-174 Otomin