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Rodzinne obozy przygodowe

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The idea of ​​the project is to move into a natural world that is no longer available every day. In the nearest holidays for 7 days, participants will live like our ancestors.
Camp leaders:
Dariusz Morsztyn Running Wolf

Groups and dates:
24/06/2018-1/07/2018 - Fathers with sons
1-8/07/2018 - Families and individuals
22-29.07.2018 - Fathers with sons
5-12.08.2018 - Families and individuals

Minors may participate with an adult guardian. Minimum age of participants - 8 years.

Dariusz Morsztyn

Republika Ściborska is a dozen hectares of unspoiled nature in the cleanest edge of Poland, an old habitat and several enthusiasts, including me: Dariusz Morsztyn, nickname Biegnący Wilk. I have been dealing with sled dogs for 17 years. I myself ride large sleds (14 dogs), taking part in dog sled races in Norway. I oppose the feat in sport involving animals and inhumane animal behavior, which is why I have not participated in the development of this sport in Poland for years. I am a scout, environmentalist, creator of permaculture. I invite you to the Republic of Ściborska.
For families (children from 8 years old)
You can take your dog
Overnight stay in tipi
A real camping with a bonfire
wszyscy po kolei przygotowują pożywienie


- the best classes of recent years (wild river, Rysie Bagno, etc.) and new adventures: Trapper lodge in the woods, dog trekking, replica of the trapeze hut and other ...
Canine cross training (cani cross, dogtrekking, play with puppies, natural therapies). Each family will receive the whole new camp...
for the care of a new friend - the dog dog.
- non-standard sports activities (daily morning mortar, atypical sports and competitions) and hardening (baths and black pumps), trapeze obstacle course
- field trips (mountainous area, unusual swamp, wild river, one night in the forest)
- Indian, Eskimo, survival, educational, trapeze
- Practice in Indian and Trapezian style (learning to use a knife, ax, saw, collecting herbs and mushrooms, working on horses, traping cooking).

100% of the new program, advanced classes, lots of free time, completely new activities and expeditions to unknown places, work on building a new tramp hut.

- until 14:00 (we start with dinner, sightseeing in the Republic of Sci- bian and obligatory important check-in at 14:00). Directions: Banie Mazurskie - Ściborki (6 km - the route is marked) - Republika Sciborska. The car is parked. You can take a bus to Masurian Lake.
- after breakfast.

Where will I sleep?

Everyone lives in an Indian tipi, we will prepare meals in a replica of an authentic trapezium hut, water will be taken from a well established in 1784 (best in the area), daily banana in archaic black bani, waiting for you several bathing areas in the Republic.

Historic house of 1935, ecological...
garden (our land has not been fertilized by chemistry for more than 30 years, we cultivate a healthy way of life), permanent dwelling in the vicinity of wildlife in the area of ​​the Forest of the Rocky Mountains ( On our territory live a herd of Polish horses, beavers, cranes, storks, 50 hogs (including small puppies).

We do not invest in luxury and standard - we are a part of nature and we go back to old archaic solutions. If you want to experience adventure in an authentic, healthy place based on old rural habits and work - we invite you to the Republic of Sci- ska! We warn - it will not be easy!

What will I eat?

We eat healthy and vegetarian. Dishes will be made in the replica of the Trapper's hut from the movie "The Last Trapper."

They all prepare food in turn. Herbs and a portion of vegetables will be taken directly from the organic garden. There will be 5 meals a day.

What will I do?

If you are properly prepared and equipped - adventure guaranteed! So what to bring with you and how to prepare?

- good knife and ax traps (or take anything, or check out these 2 perfect tools - for a lifetime, we will buy good hand-made knives on the camp).

- Everything else is less important but...
may be useful: sleeping bag, trapezium outfit (long trousers, high boots, long sleeved shirt, headgear for work and hiking) so as not to regret it, sports attire, work attire (Individual dogs, disinfectants and abrasives), mosquito net, sleeping and eating utensils, hand saw. We ask you to bring the most ecological, healthy and biodegradable products and products in reusable packaging (as least disposable packaging).

Sure: You lose weight, you harden, you fix your family, you get the job, you know the job and the countryside, real life, you are living in survival techniques.

At the camp we do not use: cell phones, smart phones, computers etc ..., alcohol, tobacco, sweets, drugs, unhealthy foods.

- read: "Porąb i spal" by Lars Mytting, Maria Roziewicz's "Summer of Folk People" - one for gaining knowledge and skills, and the other reading for the right spirit.

- learn how to use an ax and knife, smoke a fire, practice a little and make a mental note before the camp (less will the first day ...)

- Make up your own gear and clothes, do not go in fashion and appearance, and practicality!

What's for children?

We invite every adventurer up to 8 years old.


The price includes: 7 days of the program, place of accommodation, dogs for cooperation, meals (jointly performed), basic insurance, a memorial to the camp.

- an individual - PLN 1,100.
- two people (parent + child, a couple of people) - 990 PLN / person
- family (3 and more people) - 880 PLN / person
- 10% discount for veterans
- own dog at the camp - PLN 100


Payment and booking conditions

Payment: 50% in advance via the Slowhop system, at the time of booking, the remaining part of the camp in cash. In the event of resignation from participation, the advance payment is returned only in exceptional random situations.

Persons who report to us by January 15, 2017, receive free: camp shirt, knife, special souvenir from the trip Poland 100 to Norway.

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

Payment: 50% in advance via the Slowhop system, at the time of booking, the remaining part of the camp in cash. In the event of resignation from participation, the advance payment is returned only in exceptional random situations.

Persons who report to us by January 15, 2017, receive free: camp shirt, knife, special souvenir from the trip Poland 100 to Norway.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Ściborki
  • 19-520 Ściborki

How to get here?

-do godziny 14:00 (zaczynamy od obiadu, zwiedzania Republiki Ściborskiej oraz obowiązkowej ważnej odprawy, który będzie o 14:00). Trasa dojazdu: Banie Mazurskie – Ściborki (6 km - trasa jest oznakowana) – Republika Ściborska. Samochód zostaje na parkingu. Można dojechać autobusem do Bań Mazurskich.



Republika Ściborska to magiczne miejsce. Mieliśmy okazję uczestniczyć w przygodzie, której nie da się zapomnieć. Cudowni gospodarze tworzący niesamowitą atmosferę. Z całą pewnością wrócimy w przyszłym roku.


Moja opinia jest taka, że to był absolutnie wspaniały obóz dla Idy, Łucji, Piotrka i dla mnie. Bardzo byśmy chcieli powtórki, ale nie wiemy czy to w ogóle jest możliwe, żeby wszystko jeszcze raz tak "zagrało". Jechaliśmy troszkę z obawami, ale niepotrzebnie. Darek, Justyna i chłopcy chcą dzielić się wspaniałym miejscem, które odkryli i współtworzą - Republika to bardzo odpowiednia nazwa. Ania


Świetne miejsce w pięknym miejscu. Poznaliśmy fajnych ludzi. Niepowtarzalny klimat miejsca. Biegnacy Wilk zaskakiwał nas różnymi zadaniami i wyprawami. Jeśli ktoś lubi las i nie boi się zrezygnować z wygód cywilizacji, to zdecydowanie polecam. A jeśli się boi, to polecam tym bardziej, aby się przekonać jak niewiele do szczęścia potrzeba!


Tydzien "Ojciec i syn" przebił oczekiwania;-). Pierwsza reakcja to była lekka panika... ło matulu, jak to my mieszczuchy w takich prostych warunkach damy rade.... ale potem juz bajka.Dla mnie powrót do czasów dziecinnych, woda ze studni, leżenie na łące. Niezwykle charyzmatyczna postać Biegnącego Wilka. Wspaniały tydzień bez żadnego kontaktu z cywilizacją. Uwaga to nie jest żaden "all inclusive" itp, bedziecie machać siekierą, rąbać nożem, tarmosić konary z lasu, spoceni, żarci przez komary .... ;-) i uśmiechnięci od ucha do ucha.


Opinia męża i syna, których wysłałam na obóz jest jedna!W przyszłym roku wracamy tam cała czwórką <3