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Sielska Stodoła - niebanalne miejsce na wyjątkowe okazje

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Far far away ... and to be more specific near Gdansk, there is a magical place - Sielankowo. There is a sea of ​​greenery, views and power that gives you the kick of power . It`s not only us that felt it this way, but also our guests. So, in addition to the bungalows, we decided to create a unique place for special occasions - Sielska Stodola. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with an industrial character, boho decor and a friendly approach to the environment. The interior makes you feel like home so much that you end up thinking you`d actually like to stick around for good. There is a space that opens the heart and mind.

Therefore, if you want to organize an unforgettable event that will also delight your guests, make an appointment with us and see for yourself how this amazing place looks.

All the rest-best!

Marzena Ryńska

Sielankowo is our "fourth child". Designed by my husband to give coolness and relief during the summer in the summer and warmth and mood in the winter. The cottages are in three cheerful colors, and the interiors in the industrial style harmonize with the surrounding nature. We wanted to create a place where it will be comfortable, clean and safe. We planted herbs and flowers at each house, and a fireplace is waiting inside. Come, welcome!
industrial barn that can accommodate up to 100 people
guests will eat dishes from eco and local products
a place for weddings, original parties, workshops and other events
we have green views and a forest
we are eco-friendly - we have biodegradable liens
friendly place for kids and their pranks


  • In / At the edge of the forest


  • Full board
  • Vegetarian, vegan, for allergics
  • Local products


  • Parking
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Children's corner
  • Animations for children


Sielska Stodola is a unique place to organize many unique and unforgettable events. As you walk in, you will feel incredible freedom. The cozy space we created has been divided into two sort of areas. The ground floor is a space for a party that invites you to idyllic fun and relaxation. On the entresol,... however, the kids will have their own piece of floor. Depending on the configuration, SIELSKA STODOŁA will seat 60 to 120 people.

Everyone is unique to us, that's why we prepare an offer individually. We have a friendly florist, photographer and animators, so you don't have to worry about anything. We will do our best so that you can remember this day as a special day and not have to worry about the organization. We invite you to make an appointment to discuss all the details about your unforgettable celebration.

If we fit in with the current trends of your mind - we invite you to take advantage of our suggestions on:

- original birthday
- ceremonial baptisms
- happy communions
- lovely marriage
- noble anniversaries
- memorable meetings
- welcome parties
- unique dance scouts
- company training
- interesting workshops
Do you want to meet us?
We invite you to climate St. Andrew's in Sielska Stodola
November 30, 2019 / h 18:00 - 02:00
Idyllic place - Home menu - Live music - St. Andrew's Day predictions
Accommodation in atmospheric houses await those willing.
And for the brave, a place with a pillow and a blanket on the entresol in Sielska Stodola.

Where will I sleep?

Just around the corner are our 3 houses - two 4-bed and one 2-bed. You can book the after party sleep over and welcome your loved ones there. Should you have many guests, we will arrange extra beds for them.

The black house is a special house for a young couple - with a bathtub in the bedroom and a...
mezzanine. You will feel like a royalty, living in luxury.

All houses are made in a similar industrial style, the interior harmonizes with the surroundings. Each has a living room with fireplace, kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom with double bed and a mezzanine with a bedroom. And a garden with hammocks, where you can lazily hang around all day.

What will I eat?

We know that meals are one of the main points of each event, so we are happy to meet all your needs. We have searched, asked, negotiated and now we can promise you that all products for preparing dishes come from ecological-certified crops.

The choice of menu is yours, we just whisper the word that...
we have an expert on fish dishes, so on our tables fish plays the main role.

We strive to be the most eco-friendly and we care about the environment, which is why the dishes we use are biodegradable and do not burden the ecosystem. Although it is not porcelain cutlery, they blend in nicely with floral decorations. However, for those who prefer classics, we also have porcelain dishes.

What will I do?

Dance the night away, shall we... Prosecco van will be waiting for bubble lovers. And if you stay for the weekend, we have a lot of nature to admire and walk around, horse stud, golf course, bicycles and many other attractions.

What's for children?

A totally cool zone just for them on the mezzanine. It will bring joy and satisfaction to everyone without exception. The passage from the entresol to the playground with a hanging tunnel will be so much fun the little ones. And after this exciting journey they will find toys, teepees, games, teddy bears... and even a swing.

If the weather is nice, the outdoor area is wide open to them and invites all little crazy tods to hang out on the grass and play hide-and-seek or play football.

We also have an animator who will attract kids' attention for long hours, because after the party it is difficult to have full control over them :)


There is no such thing as standar price list as we treat each of you individually. We always try to best meet your needs. Please share your perfect vision and we will give you best deal.

Payment and booking conditions

Whether it`s a wedding or any other kind of occasion to celebrate you`re looking to organize a party for at SIELSKA STODOŁA please get in touch: Radosław Ryński 505 150 906, Magda Wijatyk 515 777 152 or e-mail us:

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

Whether it`s a wedding or any other kind of occasion to celebrate you`re looking to organize a party for at SIELSKA STODOŁA please get in touch: Radosław Ryński 505 150 906, Magda Wijatyk 515 777 152 or e-mail us:

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