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Apartamenty Ski&Sun

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We have a proposition: it's time to get to the heights of rest. At the top of the Stóg Izerski, the highest located apartments in Poland are hidden inside the ski station. They could easily have visited the interiors of interior design magazines. Besides, peaks can be seen from every window, the air smells coniferous, and the beauty of this world is contemplated on the large terrace.

We suggest a preparatory action. For sports, doing nothing and getting rid of the fear of heights. We have checked that daily problems at 1060 m are becoming less important, calories are not counted with ice cream, and kids instead of heroes in computer games are tracking the yeti among the snow dumps. Bring your beloved ones, a loved one, or a book, exactly the one that is always short on time.

You can get here by gondola, snowcat or snowmobile, and in the summer by car. An exclusive wine bar, corduroy on the slope, singletracks for the whole family and luxurious silence await you.


Working at high altitude is not terrible, and the everyday view worth every overtime is my motor for action and fulfillment of dreams. You will meet me at the top of the Stóg Izerski. MSc Tourism and Recreation, Wrocławian. Thanks to two life love - mountains and fiancé I turned my life 180 degrees, I gave up work in one of the big advertising companies and moved from my home town to a charming home near the forest. I started working at the top of the mountain as a catering manager. My commitment and willingness to develop resulted in a proposal for promotion, which was a dream come true. I am pleased to manage a place that I call Oaza in the Jizera Mountains. A place consistent with nature in which you can slow down, relax with your loved ones. Cut off from the world with excellent coffee, a glass of dry wine, a book. I invite you to good design, smiling crew and apartments in the clouds.
8 intimate apartments at 1060m above sea level
unique view of the Kamienicki Ridge and the vast panorama of Świeradów-Zdrój and the surrounding area
ski resort with a gondola lift under the nose
Rental of ski equipment, bicycles, sleds
exclusive wine bar with local drinks
a la carte breakfast included in the price of the apartment


  • In the city
  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast included


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • No pets
  • Private bathroom
  • Skis
  • Children's corner
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Wine
  • Bread
  • Cakes

Where will I sleep?

At an altitude of 1060 m above sea level, at the top of the Stóg Izerskiego with a view of paradise and the closest sky possible. 8 of the highest apartments in Poland, each of them equally luxurious. Get to the heights of rest and see closely what has always been hidden among the clouds. You park at... the bottom station, and then, along with the gondola luggage, you go to the rooms. Before unpacking the case, it is worth getting rid of the fear of heights.

Each apartment has a terrace with a panoramic view of the Jizerské Peaks and a view of the Świeradów-Zdrój spillway among the hills. There will also be:

- beautiful bathroom with shower
- TV,
- irons,
- WiFi
- books,
- welcome wine from our wine cellar,
- a safe
- a place to work with a desk,
- hair dryers,
- bathrobes
- cosmetics set
- slippers,
- towels.

At your disposal are private lockers for storing ski / bicycle equipment and unlimited access to the ski complex with a gondola lift. In the winter season, you can plan a lesson with a ski or snowboard instructor (earlier reservation required).


01 area: 16m2, max. Persons: 2
The apartment is equipped with a comfortable double bed, stylish furniture and elegant accessories.

02 area: 29m2, max. Persons: 4
Modern furnished apartment is equipped with a comfortable double bed, a sofa bed, stylish furniture and accessories. Sitting area with a sofa separated from the sleeping area, a work corner.

03 area: 32m2, max. Persons: 4
The loft apartment is equipped with a comfortable double bed, a sofa bed, furniture and elegant accessories. Sitting area with a sofa separated from the sleeping area, a work corner.

04 area: 33m2, max. Persons: 2
The apartment with wooden elements is equipped with a marriage bed, a sofa and a place to work.

05 area: 20m2, max. Persons: 2
A cozy apartment with a wooden wall is equipped with a continental marriage bed and a place to work.

06 area: 32m2, max. Persons: 4
The elegant loft-style apartment is equipped with a large double bed, a sofa bed, a sofa and a work area.

07 area: 32m2, max. Persons: 4
A modern apartment with a double bed, a sofa bed in the second part, a place to rest and work.

08 area: 34m2, max. Persons: 4
The beautiful apartment is equipped with a double bed, a single bed and a sofa bed in the second part, and a place to work.

We invite you without pets.

What will I eat?

After high dreams, it's time for a la carte breakfast! We invite you to the breakfast room, where you eat to your heart's content and then jump straight to the slope. Coffee and tea are always waiting for you here. Anytime, day or night.

Trout upstairs, pizza downstairs. In the restaurant at the top...
station Ski & amp; Sun, we recommend the aforementioned trout, exquisite grandmother's dumplings and apple pie (our beloved cook). In the Ski &. Sun restaurant, at the bottom station, have a pizza.

In Świeradów you will also find many tasty restaurants.

In the evening, when the sky flickers with a thousand stars, and the silence is interspersed with the roaring wind, time for wine talks and innocent tasting. On site you will find a self-service wine cellar. Access to it is guaranteed by a key card for the apartment. Each of the bottles in the fridge has a special vignette with a place to sign and enter the apartment number. It works like this: open the fridge, choose wine, download the vignette, enter the apartment number, sign and put it in the box that is on the bar. We trust in you and we are sure that you will like our wine cellar. With wine, you can enjoy the wine cellar with the notes of great music in the background or on the terrace, admiring the sunsets, the starry sky, listening to the sounds of nature.

How will I be entertained?

This is a topic that we get a lot of life about, because there is a lot to do here. You can see everything better in advance, and we are specialists in holidays and rest at heights. Look closely at what has always been very high:

- It's no longer possible to get closer to the slope, because it happens...
that you are sleeping in a ski station at the top of the Stogi Izerski. Wear ski boots, snowboard boots and be the first to touch the rugged slope. Corduroy in the morning is a nice luxury. The price of the accommodation includes unlimited access to the gondola lift, which means winter skipass day + night. On the spot we have a rental office, qualified instructors and a brilliant service for the slope. A 2500 meter illuminated trail with a different slope is kept up to date and prepared to satisfy the most demanding lovers of white madness. For large, small, exquisite skiers and beginner winter sports enthusiasts.

- Świeradów-Zdrój is the winter capital of people on cross-country. Nowhere in Poland there are such conditions for practicing this sport. The "Jizersin Trail" will satisfy marathon runners and beginner short-distance runners.

- Well-prepared hiking trails, it is worth to go astray and see:
Stóg Izerski (1108 m above sea level), the highest peak dominating over Świeradów-Zdrój, on whose southern slope Izera has its Polish spring - one of the largest Czech rivers.
The peat bogs of the Izery Valley are a nature reserve created to protect valuable peat bogs.
Chatka Górzystów - formerly a school building, now a mountain lodge. Go to the Izera Hora for iconic sponge pancakes with cheese and an absurd amount of berries.

- Famous Single Tracki, or natural bicycle paths, built with respect for nature. Single Track pod Smerkiem- Świeradów-Zdrój. The route offers a varied level of difficulty, and by choosing the speed to your level you will feel safe even with children.
- Czocha Castle and Frydlant, something for lovers of historical buildings and medieval magic.
- a short road to the Czech Republic and Germany - we are close to both borders.
- 30 km from Bioresidenz, on the German side you can bathe in a flooded open-cast mine.
- In the spring, summer and autumn, spend unhurried hours during a bike trip along the routes with stunning views. Rental of electric bikes and mtb on the spot.

We organize events that will kidnap even the largest family members:

- Shepherd's evening, bonfire, mulled wine, oscypek, or the quintessential holiday in the mountains. Spend an evening with a bearded shepherd and his sheep.
- Wine from around the world and local, an evening with a unique menu, perfectly selected drinks and relaxation. Take part in a wine tasting combined with an exquisite dinner given by the Chef.

In the apartments there is a professional ski room with lockers (access via e-keys) for storage of ski and snow equipment and clothing, in the summer it is used as a storage room for bicycles.

What's for children?

Stories about yeti, mountain chamois, bears and intrepid mountaineers will awaken the children's imagination. After all, everything seems fairy-tale and unreal. In addition to sleds, snowmen, snowboards, bicycles and walks in the apartments, there is a child zone. 3 rooms, in them player's room with... PlayStation, cafe-corner with pictures, toys, books and a chillout zone with big poufs, TV.

In winter, it's time to jump into overalls, head helmets, eye goggles and a ski slope. There, a professional team from a friendly nursery awaits, with a great approach to children. After a few hours the puppies are flying like champions.
In summer, take with you creams with a filter and sports clothes for bicycles. Turning kilometers is not only worth on bike paths in the city. We recommend Single Track routes built and maintained with maximum respect for nature. From the hill to the claws or harder to the top, of varying difficulty, picturesquely located in the forests of the Jizera Mountains.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Dryer
  • Tv set
  • Iron
  • Cosmetics

How much will I pay?

Lato ze śniadaniem i nielimitowanym dostępem do kolei gondolowej

liczba osób cena
APARTAMENTY 02,03,06,07,08 2 osoby 440 zł
APARTAMENTY 02,03,06,07,08 3 osoby 616 zł
APARTAMENTY 02,03,06,07,08 4 osoby 770zł
APARTAMENTY 01,05 1 osoba 285zł
APARTAMENTY 01,05 2 osoby 380zł
APARTAMENT 04 2 osoby 480zł

Zima ze śniadaniem i skipass dzień + noc

liczba osób cena
APARTAMENTY 02,03,06,07,08 2 osoby 800zł
APARTAMENTY 02,03,06,07,08 3 osoby 1120zł
APARTAMENTY 02,03,06,07,08 4 osoby 1400zł
APARTAMENTY 01,05 1 osoba 525zł
APARTAMENTY 01,05 2 osoby 700zł
APARTAMENT 04 2 osoby 920zł

Każda cena zawiera śniadanie oraz nielimitowany dostęp do kolei gondolowej, czyli zimą skipass dzień + noc.

Dzieci w wieku 4-12 lat zniżka 250 zł/ doba. Dzieci powyżej 12 roku życia są liczone, jako dorosły.
Zameldowanie w godzinach 14:00-20:00. Zameldowanie po godzinie 20:00 dodatkowy koszt 150 zł.
Dojazd do nas w godzinach 20:00-9:00 jest ograniczony, w końcu znajdujemy się na szczycie góry :), ale na specjalne życzenie zapewnimy Wam transport- jest to usługa dodatkowo płatna.

Dodatkowo w cenie:
- kawa, herbata dostępne są w jadalni przez całą dobę bezpłatnie
- strzeżony 24 h i monitorowany parking

Ceny ulegają sezonowym zmianom.

Place rules

Minimal rental period

W sezonie niskim 1, w wysokim 2 doby (koniec czerwca-sierpień; końcówka grudnia-do końca lutego; weekendy)

Payment and booking conditions

W celu zagwarantowania rezerwacji wymagane dokonanie przedpłaty w wysokości 100% wartości rezerwacji. Płatne przez system Slowhop.

Rezerwacja może być bezkosztowo anulowana w terminie do 14 dni przed przyjazdem. W takiej sytuacji Apartamenty Ski&Sun zobowiązują się dokonać zwrotu przedpłaty w terminie do 7 dni od zgłoszenia anulowania rezerwacji. W przypadku, gdy anulacja zostanie zgłoszona po tym terminie lub Goście nie pojawią się w dniu przyjazdu, Apartament obciąży rezerwującego 100% wartości pobytu.

  • Card payment
  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:14:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Źródlana 7
  • 59-850 Świeradów Zdrój



Spokój, cisza, przepiękne apartamenty, pyszne jedzenie i nieziemskie widoki 😍 niczego więcej do szczęścia nie potrzeba. Na pewno tam wrócimy.


Miejsce, w którym można odetchnąć pełną piersią - dosłownie i w przenośni - a zwykłe spoglądanie przez okno może zmienić się w ciekawą rozrywkę. Ostatecznie nie codziennie mamy możliwość leżeć w łóżku z lampką wina, jednocześnie obserwując cień chmur, przesuwających się po górach i dolinach. Do tego zupełnie przyzwoite śniadania, kawa, herbata i woda dostępne całą dobę, podwieczorek w postaci sezonowego ciasta, nieograniczony dostęp do kolejki gondolowej, coś do poczytania czy pooglądania na wypadek deszczu oraz oczywiście spinająca wszystko w całość znakomita obsługa - i jesteśmy w raju. Miejsce magiczne, do którego chciałam wrócić od razu po wyjeździe.


This apartment was awesome! You should take a lift (open till 7.30 pm) to arrive literally at the top of the mountain. The rooms are new and trendy. There is a huge terrace with an awesome view. The service is excellent and everybody very helpful. The most impressive was this silent after 7.30 pm when all the people cant come up anymore to the mountain. The food is also great (closing at 7 pm). Really recommended!


Że jest tu cudownie, to jakby nic nie powiedzieć. Absolutnie magiczne miejsce. Bliskość szlaków, niesamowite widoki z tarasów, pyszne jedzenie, cudowny personel, wnętrza wykończone ze smakiem - prawdziwa perła Świeradowa. W dniu wyjazdu już zaczęliśmy planować powrót :)


Wspaniałe miejsce, wspaniały personel. Widok magnetyzujący, szlaki zapierające dech. Ciężko rozstać się z tym miejscem :)


Obłędnie! Pod każdym względem. Cisza o jaką w dzisiejszych czasach trudno. Widoki przepiękne. Personel najlepszy z najlepszych. I.