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Buczynowa Dolina

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There are rumors that we live here at the end of the world and there is nothing left behind Buczynska Valley. They say that our bison grass liqueur is a firecracker, and pierogi beats the heads of many grandmothers. We heard that our night is total, we hear nothing and no one within a hundred miles. But in good weather, there are so many stars that there are doubts as to whether they were there to glory to heaven.

Apparently in the scrabble in the Valley of the Valley are the longest words, and if someone falls asleep on a hammock, then he will sleep until morning. And that kids can learn how it is to play in the Indians and disappear for days, and the nature is that National Geographic makes the movies.
As we all know, there is a grain of truth in every rumor, and we welcome you, because these rumors are really worth checking out.

Marta i Paweł Kowalscy

It is thanks to the fact that we dreamed a few years ago that we will return to Poland and find a private paradise here, the Buczynowa Valley was established. Looking for a place, a beautiful winter afternoon, when the light has already mastered the area, we came to see the plot in Wapienna. And that was the moment. We chose it with our hearts rather than with our eyes (not much was visible at that time). And so for several years we have been sharing our piece of our place on Earth with our guests. You're welcome!
real agritourism friendly to children
7 different rooms, including 3-room studio
Breakfast and dinner in the form of a Swedish table / traditional, health
ski and bicycles for rent on site
russian pumpkin and Finnish sauna


  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside
  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments
  • Entire place


  • Breakfast included
  • Full board
  • Vegetarian, vegan, for allergics


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Pet friendly
  • No neighbors
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Sauna, banya
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • No service
  • Skis
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Animations for children
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Meat and sausages
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Wine
  • Bread
  • Preserve

Where will I sleep?

In our house, you choose from 7 different rooms, including 1 studio consisting of 3 rooms and a shared bathroom. Rooms 1 to 6 are located on the first floor, studio No. 7 is located on the ground floor. In each room you will find comfortable beds, a table and chairs, a wardrobe and of course a bathroom.

No. 1 "Chilly Lemon"
1 double bed
2 single beds

Room No. 2 "Soothing Orange"
4 single beds

Room No. 3 "Energetic Red"
1 double bed
1 single bed

Room No. 4 "Relaxing lime"
1 double bed
Cot (optional)

Room No. 5 "Romantic Turquoise"
2 double beds

Room No. 6 "Quiet green"
1 double bed
1 single bed

Studio No. 7
The studio consists of 3 double rooms and a shared large bathroom

We spend common moments in the living room with a fireplace, where on the rocking chairs you can give yourself a nap or read a new Dan Brown, glancing at the fire.

The hotel day lasts from 16.00-11.00, but it is possible to adjust the hours in rooms individually. All you need to do is write to us and we will arrange the right hours for you.

Let me know if a dog comes with you.

What will I eat?

Inviting you to the kitchen table we want to serve you the best we have ...

What we eat, and how we cook it, is of great importance to us. We always eat top quality home made products and products made by our parents and grandparents. Accustomed to home quality, such meals are served to our guests.
cook homemade breads and make homemade sausages, sausages, preserves or tinctures. In the season we make cheese and butter. We also use what gives us the surrounding nature: herbs, blackthorn, elder flower or sea buckthorn. Inspiration for our dishes we draw from various traditions, also local (Lemko cuisine). You can taste both traditional Polish dishes like game roast, as well as more modern kitchens, such as pumpkin soup. We also have our own original recipes, such as game dumplings and bear garlic, which are very popular among our guests. more

How will I be entertained?

Buczynowa Dolina is located in the mantle of the Magura National Park. We have a network of trails leading to the park, including a green trail to the Kornuta rock reserve, one of the MPN's biggest attractions, a black trail leading to the Devil's Stone Reserve and the Magurski Waterfall.
There are maps...
and guides in our library that will not let you down on the trail, and we are glad to help you and we will gladly advise you where to go on a trip.

Our neighborhoods were largely inhabited by Lemkos. The remainder of them are Lemko huts, so called. swims in the village, and beautiful Lemkos churches scattered around the area.

The area of ​​the village is a wildlife park with many protected species of animals and plants. Limestone is a paradise for naturalists, mushroom pickers, wildlife lovers. The area is ideal for practicing all sorts of sports and to organize outdoor activities (eg photo shoots, paintings etc.). What else?

 We recommend to ride on toboggan, apple and whatever you want (the house is ideal for this hill).
In the winter we can arrange a sleigh ride, and in the summer - carriage ride,
- we recommend to use the vital Beechwood to regain strength and acquire resistance,
- You can go skiing (among others we recommend the Magura Ski Station)
- In the spa "Limestone", located very close to our house, in the holiday resort there is an open swimming pool, where you can go all the family,
- We encourage you to go on a trip to the Orthodox Church on the Trail of the Wooden Architecture or take the Oil Trail,
- we recommend to visit the Archaeological Heritage Museum of Carpathian Troy,
- there is a horse stable nearby, so we recommend horse riding for the advanced, but this is a good reason to try horse riding for the first time (Hutsul Stud Farm).

There is also a stream, a Russian pumpkin, an IR sauna and a Japanese barrel ...

What's for children?

We are a friendly place for children and parents of toddlers. Therefore, we prepared:
- cot
-commerce, overlay
- baby car seat (two pieces available in the dining room)
plastic cutlery and saucers on request

And for kids, we have a lot of interesting things to do and all that beautiful...
and unusual, which comes from a bit of rural boredom without a tablet. more


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Dryer
  • Tv set
  • Iron

How much will I pay?

Accommodation per person 110 PLN per night / per person per night plus breakfast plus half board. The minimum price per season for a room of 120 PLN.
Children under 3 years free, as they sleep with their parents, 3-10 half of the price.

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

In order to confirm your reservation we charge 30% of the deposit
 The deposit is non-refundable - it can be postponed to the booking at another time (please advise us for 4 weeks from the date of arrival). Please also make a wise booking, as in case of late arrival or early departure will be charged as a full booking, ie According to the previously declared dates of stay (this applies naturally to the accommodation charge).

  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Wapienne 59
  • 38-307 Sękowa

How to get there?

In the Wapienne spa we turn on the promenade, we pass the spa on the left and the shop on the right and all the time asphalt road to the end (about 2km).



Delicious homemade food, simple, wonderful. A lot of attractions for children and a great option with workshops. No kid will be bored. Peace and quiet, detachment from reality, lack of coverage totally on the plus side. I highly recommend rest in Buczynowa Dolina :)


Peace and quiet, end of the world :) Delicious food, plenty of space for kids to play and crazy, atmospheric home. You can really relax!


A charming place out of reach. You can turn off from everyday running. Very good food served with the heart in quantities not to be eaten. This is a place where you certainly will not be hungry. Wonderfully adapted to children. An additional sauna option for relaxation. Home-made wines. I will order to relax for whole families


A really charming place, quiet, calm, like at the end of the world. Perfect for people who need a bit of calm and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Super prepared for small children who can run safely around the house, and the parent rests, because there are no hazards in the environment. Inside the house there is a play corner for children, table football for older children, and outside slide room, trampoline, goal for ball games, hammocks, deckchairs. There are books and games in the equipment. Delicious hearty home-made food, half-board is a soup, second dish, dessert and compote! An additional attraction for guests is a sauna and a barrel with hot water (additionally paid and heated to order). So boredom will not get anyone there, but there is a chance to calm down. Difficulties with network coverage occur, which, however, can be treated as an advantage (you have peace of mind!). Very nice owners. I recommend if someone wants to forget about the whole world for a moment!


A great place, with atmosphere, beautifully located, perfect for gourmands, because the food in Buczynowa is poetry! For years I have been coming with my husband to Marta and Paweł, I have already taken a lot of people who have also fallen in love with this place, like me ... I recommend that you see for yourself what it means to go to the end of the world;)