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KWIECI – butikowy dom gościnny w Górach Izerskich

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What should you know? That we are in Izer. In May, you come here for photos in the expansively spreading rape fields. In the summer - eat cherries or pears from our bio-orchard. In winter, you come to cross-country skiing, and at night you do not go to sleep. We have one of the three European Dark Sky Parks here, which means you can see the entire Milky Way and some 2,000 stars. No telescope. Seriously.

In the 1930s, Kwieciszowice was a fashionable resort, to which visitors of Dresden or Berlin were eager to come because of the crystal clear air. We live in a former 106-year-old evangelical school and open the doors in June 2019. The renovation is still taking place, which is why the pictures of the interiors you are currently viewing are visualizations. For now, we are mainly visited by deer, hoopoe or woodpecker, because our house is located in a protected Natura 2000 area. It seems that if you want to be one of our first guests, you must trust us and listen to the story of your dream come true.

So it will be beautiful. It will be tasty and honest. Children will find their nooks and crannies in the enchanted wicker in the garden. Dogs will lie on the porch. Adults will talk, snacking on local jams and cheeses. We will tell you that every old tree has its symbolism and why chestnuts guard the entrance. We'll be glad if you ask where this lamp and that chair come from. We have beautiful stories about how design connects to the old school and its new history. We are waiting for you from June. It will be good here ...

Łukasz i Piotrek

We are a little stuntmen. We like adventures and twists. We've changed the rush of a big city into a 100-year-old town of Kwieciszowice, where Starbucks is not there, but honest people. We settled where there are still many old houses and unmanaged paths. We bought an old evangelical school from 1913 in the Jizera Mountains in Halloween 2017, which could have aroused a thrill, but for us - only positive. We can not wait for the guests, because we have a lot to show them and tell them. We invite you to discover your Izer. Let #Ceals! Łukasz, Piotrek, cat Rosiczka.
3 przestronne pokoje i dwupokojowy apartament
slowfood od śniadania po kolację
jesteśmy naprawdę psio- i kociolubni
dom gościnny dla estetów (z wyjątkowym designem)
super baza do wycieczek: blisko do Pragi i Drezna
1 ha terenu z widokiem na Góry Kaczawskie i rzadkimi gatunkami ptaków i motyli


  • In the countryside
  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast included


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Fireplace
  • Skis
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Wine
  • Preserve
  • Groats
  • Cakes

Where will I sleep?

The house is a building with a soul from 1913. We use many authentic elements in interiors: oak floor boards, which we discovered in the former classroom, wooden beams, stone stairs and many more. We love Polish design and native designers, that's why we introduced, among others, chandeliers from Mrs.... Jurek, chairs designed by Nikodem Szpunar or graphics of contemporary illustrators.

In 450 square meters there are (for now) three rooms. It's a boutique guest house, so we want to offer everyone as much space as they want. Clamp and plugs are every day in a big city. So we have a total of 13 beds.

Peony Room (35m2)
For a couple or a family with one child. We have here:
2-person bed (180 cm); 1-person bed (90 cm)
A large wardrobe
Sitting area with table and chairs
A place to spread the cot
Small fridge
Spacious bathroom with shower
View of the part of the orchard

Cornflower room (50 m2)
The most interesting, because the two-level, and the bed on the mezzanine is as much as 3.60 meters. It will fit 5 people. We have here:
Downstairs: 2-person bed (180 cm)
On the mezzanine: 1 big bed (400 cm)
A large wardrobe
In the seating area: a table with chairs
A place to spread the cot
Small fridge
Spacious bathroom with shower
View of the entire plot and the starry sky

Forest room (60 m2)
This is our largest room. It will even accommodate a family with three children. In it there is:
2-person bed (180 cm); three single beds (90 cm); sofa
A large wardrobe 5 sq m.
Sitting area: sofa, table with chairs
A place to spread the cot
Small fridge
A large bathroom with a shower
The most beautiful sunsets and the possibility of observing roe deer

That's all for a good night's sleep. And for a good stay and shared chatting we suggest:
- a corner where parents can keep an eye on children and at the same time enjoy the book and good coffee
- dining room, where our culinary and meeting universe is located
- bio-orchard and a garden with flowers and cozy asylums for rest.

There is where to be. Here we put the lowest gears. It's best to throw loose.

What will I eat?

The idea is simple: it has to be locally, from the best local products, from reliable suppliers and from friendly hosts. A bit traditional, sometimes vegan. The offer is supplemented with specialties from our Neighbors - organic buckwheat groats provided by Sławek and Renata from Kaszarnia, Iwona - pickled... radishes or zucchini and gooseberry jam, there will be goats or sheep cheeses, and in the season of fruit from our orchard - apples, pears, cherries, grapes.

Menu helps us to develop a friendly chef (soul man) - Mr. Tasak, Polish cuisine is overwhelmed by our invaluable Gosia, and we add a small twist to it.

Welcome to slow-breakfasts, summer soup in the middle of the day, and in the evening - for long dinners and small things a bit :)

How will I be entertained?

Around the guest house there are activities for recreation, nature, monuments, as well as healthy food.

- Right at the doorstep of the house, the mountain trail and numerous bicycle paths.
- KWIECI is located in the center of the mountains, close to the Świeradów Zdrój, Szklarska Poręba, Karpacz ski...
slopes, and Jakuszyce is a paradise for cross-country skiing fans.
- You can popple and warm in Cieplice Thermal Baths all year long.
- Nature lovers will appreciate the Crocus Reserve in Górzyniec, the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park or the Izerski Park
Dark Heaven.
- Regional and handicraft markets (Siedlęcin, Persian Izerski) are held in the area, and the famous Starotia Market in Jelenia Góra (Cieplice).
- We are surrounded by the Valley of Palaces and Gardens and numerous castles (including Czocha, Książ).
- Nearby are: Julia Glassworks (Ceramics Factory in Bolesławiec and Browar Miedzianka).
- In approx. 2 hours. You can get to the renaissance. Goerlitz, Czech Prague or Dresden.

What's for children?

For the kids, we've got what we're all up to. And these are:
- enchanted garden in a wicker (what will happen here!)
- a house in trees
- a wooden sandpit
- in the future: old games center (to cover such hits as zośka or classes)
- at home, we give children the entire mezzanine, dividing it into levels....
This lower one is for complete babies. Soft mats and a few suitable attractions are enough. The above - for advanced: there is a play station in it, designer poufs and peace of mind from parents.

Parents have their own place, or an observation point (which, however, does not reach those older).

We do not have a TV, but LTE is here. Board games and a library full of books.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • No TV set

How much will I pay?

Cały rok

cena ze śniadaniem (za 1 lub 2 osoby) dodatkowa osoba w pokoju
Peoniowy (do 3 osób) 320 PLN / room 50 PLN / room
Chabrowy (do 6 osób) 340 PLN / room 50 PLN / room
Leśny (do 5 osób) 390 PLN / room 50 PLN / room
Malinowy (do 2 osób) 240 PLN / room
Agrestowy (do 2 osób) 240 PLN / room

Dzieci do lat 3 – bezpłatnie

Place rules

Minimal rental period

Poza sezonem wakacyjnym 2 noce. Wakacje i ferie – minimum tydzień.

Payment and booking conditions

Podczas rezerwacji pokoju pobieramy zaliczkę w wysokości 40% wartości całego pobytu przez system Slowhop. Do rezerwacji przez Slowhop dodajemy słoiczek lokalnych eko-przetworów.

Zaliczka przepada, jeżeli rezygnujecie z pobytu na mniej niż 30 dni przed zarezerwowanym terminem przyjazdu. Alternatywnie – istnieje możliwość uzgodnienia innego dogodnego terminu pobytu dla obu stron – w takim przypadku zaliczka nie przepada.

Wcześniejszy wyjazd nie uprawnia do zwrotu pieniędzy za niewykorzystane doby.

  • Cash on the spot
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Kwieciszowice 22a
  • 59-630 Kwieciszowice



Rewelacyjne miejsce, piękny dom, pięknie urządzony apartament, pyszna kuchnia, cudowne podwórko i plac zabaw, przemili właściciele :-) 2,5 latek zachwycony podwórkiem i ukrytym placem zabaw, rodzice zachwyceni ciszą, spokojem i kuchnią. Do tego wszystkiego mieliśmy piękną , słoneczną pogodę :-)


Wbrew naszym planom nie zwiedziliśmy gruntownie Dolnego Śląska, ponieważ wybraliśmy zbyt atrakcyjny pensjonat. Zamiast odwiedzać zamki, pałace i chodzić po górach - spędzaliśmy całe popołudnia w ogrodzie, w ukrytym placu zabaw, a w razie niepogody i chłodnych wieczorów w przestronnej i niezagraconej bawialni. Wygodne hamaki skłaniały nas do czytania, a nie wędrowania po (licznych) muzeach. Dodatkowo, wcale tego nie pragnąc, zakochaliśmy się w kaszy gryczanej i granoli, którą gospodarze z niej robią. Niemniej jednak polecamy :)


Cudowne, kameralne miejsce, dobre jedzenie, kącik dla dzieci zrobił furorę, doskonałe miejsce wypadowe.


Wspaniałe i przyjazne miejsce. Zwłaszcza dla dzieci, które mogą w nim odkryć wiele ciekawych zakątków, ale też korzystać z dużej, specjalnie dla nich zaaranżowanej przestrzeni. Gospodarze i osoby, które tam pracują są bardzo przyjaźni i pomocni. Jedzenie pyszne, zwłaszcza omlet na kiszonej kapuście. Lokalizacja Kwieci idealna - daleko od tłumów ludzi, jest cisza, spokój i natura, ale szybko można dotrzeć do większych lub bardziej znanych miejsc jak np. Jelenia Góra, czy Szklarska Poręba. Zdecydowanie polecam!


Jesteśmy z mężem i córką zachwyceni tym miejscem - wnętrzami, udogodnieniami, pięknym ogrodem, pyszną kuchnią ale przede wszystkim jesteśmy zachwyceni gospodarzami Łukaszem i Piotrem, ich gościnnością, dbałością o każdy szczegół, otwartością i pasją:) Gór nie trzeba reklamować ale myślę że warto wspomnieć że lokalizacja KWIECI jest doskonała - blisko gór, blisko natury, daleko od tłumów ludzi:) bardzo dziękujemy za gościnę i na pewno wrócimy:) Patrycja + Sławek + Milla