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Mazurski Folwark

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Where there are more animals than humans, there are as many storks as the pigeons on the Krakow market, and the meadows look like a wallpaper from Windows lies Mazurski Folwark. A place located on the hill of the Old Prussian habitat near the wild Borecka Forest, in which the bison rules and in close proximity to the Romnicka Forest called the Polish taiga. These poetic circumstances of nature attract enthusiasts of contemplating simple life from around the world. There were Koreans, Brazilians, Scandinavians, Scots, and even guests from Kenya and Majorca. Now
Folwark is waiting for you and shares everything that has the best. Stylish rooms and suites with a fireplace, excursions in the saddle, sweet sheep to stroke, sometimes slower and delicious Masurian food. Here you will learn to enchant horses, train your muscles at the giants' zucchini collection, make a picnic by the lake, bake your own bread and feel Demi in "Believe in the Spirit" creating your own pottery.

In Your hands we give a place with a soul in which you will not find a gram of falsehood. There are no polystyrene beams that pretend to be wood or floor panels that pretend to be boards. It is for this lard with cracklings and plums, summer closed in a jar, sleeping until noon and happy children discovering rural charms of creative fun. It's worth being here.

Ewa i Marek LIPSKI

We are an old good marriage. Well, maybe not so old. We have been dealing with tourism for years and we have not yet got bored. On the contrary - we are constantly looking for new impressions and passions. We also look for people with whom we could share them. Ewa can not sit still and constantly sets new goals. At first there were horses - even the course of the conjurer Mounty Roberts. Then there were herbs, tinctures, organic crops, and now laying dogs. Marek is a restless soul, traveler, sailor and sailing instructor, lifestyle coach. On the other hand, he is a homeowner and passionate about good cuisine. He calls himself a discoverer. An explorer of interesting people and wonderful moments. As you can see, we have many interests that we would like to share with you. Come, it's really easy to get to us. As one of our guests said, "Suddenly, in the middle of nothing, just turn left."
9 stylish rooms, in total, we can accommodate 34 people
All pets are welcome for an additional fee
on the spot, horses and pony Frodo - riding lessons and trot among advanced fields
home cooking using local products and own preserves
silence, peace and blissful escapefrom reality
learning how to bake bread and sweets, ceramic workshops and sheep to stroking


  • By the lake
  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast paid extra
  • Access to the kitchen
  • Full board
  • Vegetarian, vegan, for allergics
  • Local products


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Animations for children
  • Horse Riding
  • Animals on site
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bread
  • Preserve
  • Butter
  • Mushrooms
  • Cakes

Where will I sleep?

Do you recall the song that goes "My loving is painted as springtime orchard warmed up and dreamy ..."? That's how we felt when we first came to our farm. Basically, we went there just to make sure we do not want this place. Because they all advised us - ruins, deaths and, in general, love. But when... we got to the hill, we saw THIS view, old trees and the atmosphere of the whole place - we already knew that it is worth all the world's money. Well, we made sure that we want to share it with others. We've done a renovation that respects the past, we've prepared the perfect conditions for rest and gardening. Here, every piece of furniture has its own history, and the interior's character, which results from the incredible history of the habitat. To feel it, you have to spend "a moment" with us. At your disposal are 2 rooms and 7 suites, which will accommodate a total of 34 people.
In everything we do, we try to preserve the spirit of the age. The furniture, which fills the entire Folwark, has been bought for years by nearby neighbors. Some have already been in our house and have stayed here.

At your disposal is a dining room with a fireplace, summer kitchen, 2 terraces

Southern apartment with fireplace (4-person)
room with a double bed, a rest suite and a fireplace,
bathroom with shower,
2-bedded room with 2 single beds.

North apartment with fireplace (2-person)
room with a double bed,
a room with a set of rest and a fireplace,
bathroom with a bathtub.

Southern apartment with fireplace (4-person)
room with a double bed, a rest suite and a fireplace,
bathroom with shower,
room with 2 single beds.

Rural apartment next to stable I (4-seater)

living room with fireplace and kitchenette
two bedrooms - one with a double bed, the other with two single beds,
bathroom with a bathtub.

Rural apartment next to stable II (4-seater)
living room, garden entrance and two bedrooms,
one with a double bed, the second with 2 single beds,
bathroom with a bathtub.

Apartment III coach house (6 beds)
area around 80m2,
a lounge with a fireplace,
three bedrooms,
bathroom with a bathtub,

Apartment IV coach house (6 beds)
area around 80m2,
a lounge with a fireplace,
three bedrooms,
bathroom with a bathtub,

Horse room (2-person)
a cozy room with two separate beds,
bathroom with shower.

Room with green stove (2-person)
an upstairs room with a wonderful green tiled stove,
single beds,
bathroom with shower.

What will I eat?

We have an organic farm certificate and we are happy to prepare meals for you using our own vegetables and fruits and products from local suppliers. We close the summer in jars and use the gifts of nature. We make jams, prepare lard with cracklings, with orange or plum. Ruskie dumplings, in which the... champion is our neighbor and plińce, or potato pancakes with ham, bacon and a spicy garlic sauce. There are pancakes, tomatoes smelling the sun and eggs from happy hens.

For all vegetarians, we cook veggie and vegan. You can also order a second breakfast perfect for a duck.

You can, of course, cook on your own and do not order our meals, because in some apartments there are kitchenettes.

We know the delicious local restaurants and farmers who sell natural delicacies and will gladly share these secrets with you.

How will I be entertained?

Parents of kids will be delighted, because in the end they will be bored. Resting on the porch with coffee and a book (not ambitious, but very addictive), enjoying the silence. In the autumn and winter and early spring it is worth taking: rain boots, raincoats, umbrellas and warm clothes. There is mud... in the village, the wind is like hula in Kielce and it can be cold. Also bring comfort, board games, chess, checkers and cards that will make long cool evenings possible. You can do nothing at all and spend the whole day in a hammock. However, if you can not stay in the place for a long time, we have a whole range of attractive possibilities for you.

Unforgettable impressions in the saddle are provided by our instructors and beloved horses. We provide horse riding lessons for beginners and intermediate skiers. Professionals are invited to travel to the area amidst fields, meadows and forests.

We love to share our passions with you, and ceramics is one of them. With the help of a potter, you create your own unique clay vessels. We work using various techniques:
- turning on a traditional pottery wheel,
l- episodes from clay patches,
- molding with rollers,
- squeezing shapes using plaster molds.
For parents of infants, we offer a souvenir footprint and handles.

In addition, we propose:
- learning how to bake bread,
- canoeing,
- sleigh rides,
- carriage rides,
- night leadership,
- ecological classes.

Exciting competitions will be provided by table football and table tennis available at Folwark.

The area delights and is worth exploring:
- Pyramid in Rapa,
- A swing bridge in Giżycko,
- Boyen Fortress in Giżycko,
- Teutonic castle in Węgorzewo,
- Ruins of the water mill in Miłki,
- Park of Miniatures of Warmia and Mazury in Gierłoż,
- Krutynia kayaking trips,
- Wild animals park in Kadzidłowo,
- Hitler's quarters "Dziki Szaniec",
- Sanctuary in Święta Lipka,
- Stańczyki railway bridges,
- Pier in Giżycko.

What's for children?

Children's imagination has a lot of fun. The stick becomes a revolver and the sheep ... bad bandits kept in jail (stable). Children discover what creative fun and freedom is. They regain the freedom they so often steal from the city. They run, make up fun, eat apples straight from the tree and hide in... the vine growing on the house. Dirty, unconscious, but a happy child appears from time to time, informing that the prisoners are still in prison or have fled (graze in the meadow). Sometimes villains change into bakers and make buns, apple pies, ravioli, breads, cookies and learn flavors with the chef. Joy can be seen at every step, and the biggest smile on children's faces is caused by Frodo - a pony who has a holy patience and teaches respect for animals.

During rain, children are not bored, because they have a playroom, a dry pool with balls and can participate in ceramic workshops. Chad Komando!


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Dryer
  • No TV set
  • Bath


How much will I pay?


liczba osób cena za pokój/doba
pokój z zielonym piecem 2 osoby 120zł/pokój
pokój konny 2 osoby 120zł/pokój


liczba osób cena za apartament/doba
apartament południowy z kominkiem 4 osoby 240zł/apartament
apartament północny z kominkiem 2 osoby 200zł/apartament
apartament południowy z kominkiem 4 osoby 240zł/apartament
apartament wiejski przy stajni I 4 osoby 240 zł/apartament
apartament wiejski przy stajni II 4 osoby 240 zł/apartament
apartament wozownia III 6 osób 300zł/apartament
apartament wozownia IV 6 osób 300zł/apartament

Pies, kot lub inne zwierzę - dopłata 5zł/doba.

- śniadanie - 20 zł
- obiadokolacja (obiad w porze kolacji - 25 zł

Kuchnia regionalna w oparciu o produkty ekologiczne:
- śniadanie - 25 zł
- obiadokolacja - 35 zł

Wyżywienie dzieci
- dzieci do 10 roku życia - 50%
- dzieci do 4 roku życia - bezpłatnie

Place rules

Minimal rental period

1 doba

Payment and booking conditions

Rezerwacji dokonujemy po wpłacie 30% zadatku przez system Slowhop. W przypadku rezygnacji z rezerwacji nie dokonujemy zwrotu zadatku.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
  • 19-520 Lisy 19



Najintensywniejszy odpoczynek w tempie slow jaki mogłam sobie wyobrazić. Powrót na wieś, którą pamiętam z dzieciństwa, i jej smaki, zapachy, widoki. Nie mogliśmy oderwać się od koni. Dzieci pasały się razem z nimi na łąkach od rana do nocy, a w międzyczasie okupowały tyrolkę w ogrodzie. Obserwowaliśmy bocianie rodziny. Piliśmy kawę na ganku. Budziliśmy się wśród świergotu ptaków dobiegającego zza okna. Chcielibyśmy na dłużej.... więc już sprawdzamy kalendarze.


Dopiero co wróciłam z Folwarku i na gorąco chcę przekazać wrażenia. BYŁO CUDOWNIE!!!!! To kwintesencja naszego pobytu. Cisza, widoki, pełen luz i relaks czyli to czego szukaliśmy. Posiłki były pyszne, nie do przejedzenia. Nasz pies, z pewnością, myślał, że to psie niebo, bo miał liczne zwierzęce towarzystwo, ogromne przestrzenie do wybiegania się i nikt mu nic nie zabraniał. Mój mąż miał "święty spokój", a ja cudowną panią Ewę, z którą wymieniałyśmy się różnymi, babskimi informacjami. Polecam każdemu gorąco


Szukałam miejsca na wakacje, gdy dzieciaki powiedziały. że ma być dużo zwierzątek. Trafiliśmy do Folwarku. 3-latki swobodnie bawiły się na całym terenie, a sala zabaw w stodole wciągała ich nie tylko w deszczowe dni. Widok koni za oknem zaraz po przebudzeniu, kot na progu i owce śmiało zaglądające do apartamentów. pies właścicieli, psy sąsiadów, psy innych gości, do tego żaby, bociany, ptactwo . Piękne miejsce, aby odpocząć i dobrze zjeść. Bo karmią naprawdę świetnie! Do tej pory dzieciarnia pamięta imiona koni i pierwsze jazdy w siodle. Na pewno wrócimy!