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Osada Beskidzka

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Who has not heard about Zawoja this time. This longest and largest village in Poland lies at the foot of the Babia Góra firs decorated with green robes, and only 70 km from Krakow and Zakopane. Do not expect cows, combine harvesters and crowds. Instead, it is a lively resort with brilliant ski slopes, singletracks for fans of two wheels and taverns with high-calorie food. There are also confused postmen, because although Zawoja is a huge and extensive village, there are no street names, and house numbers are broadcast in the order of building, so you have guaranteed misz.

On the hill away from the center of events, you will find two chalets as painted, one large and the other small. Houses smell of wood and meadow, and terraces such that the mulled man pours himself and brings, just to take a look at the surroundings. The stinging impression is made of bouquets covered with tiles, in winter snow on the armpits, and in the summer glades dotted with flowers.

This is a place for sports crazy and just right for an interesting thriller while warming your back by the fireplace. Walks, skis, sledges, bicycles and mountain trips, regional inns and tea "sprondem", evening sauna and jacuzzi. There is nothing short of your presence.

Grażyna Długosz

A physiotherapist by profession, entirely devoted to three great children: Beni, age 15, Marysia, age 12, and Bruno, age 7. We created the Beskid settlement with common forces and with hearts put in every corner. Paweł's husband, from the design to making every detail, made the settlement with his own hands, so he deserves to be grateful. In addition to hosting, we take care of all kinds of sports. We love mountains, skis, bicycles. Enjoy the views of the medal, delicious food, trips to the tops and downhill climbs on the claws.
2 cottages on a mountain glade. Bigger for 6 and smaller for 4 people.
come without pets
in the larger house sauna and jacuzzi on the terrace
a few minutes by car to the brilliant ski slopes
a base for visiting the Beskids with a view of Babia Góra
the possibility of renting bikes and ski equipment


  • In the countryside
  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Entire place


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Close to attractions
  • No pets
  • No neighbors
  • Bicycles
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Sauna, banya
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Skis
  • Jacuzzi
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Cheese
  • Fish
  • Sheep cheese

Where will I sleep?

In the longest and largest village in the whole of Poland, which is simply the one more beautiful than any other... on the hill overlooking the Beskids, forests and fields there stand two wooden houses full of coziness.

The larger, detached house (100 m2) has 2 floors, is designed for 6 people and captivates...
with a décor inspired by local folklore. On the sunlit ground floor through the glazed living room rays penetrate inside, which warm the room even on cold winter days. After skiing and sledding fun, your red noses and cold hands will get warmer by the unusual-shaped fireplace stove, combined with a tiled kitchen and a fireplace in the corridor. A take-your-time coffee and a captivating book is on the sofa bed next to it. Therefore, you can also spend hours looking at Babia Góra at any time of the year. At the window with a view of the world, you can rest at a table on two comfortable armchairs. On the ground floor there is also a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area for 6 people. Of course, there is a large bathroom with a shower cabin. The biggest unbeatable advantage is the roofed observation deck, where there are garden furniture and a jacuzzi (open from May to January) standing next to it. On the first floor there are three separate bedrooms, equipped with double beds and a sauna
- wood for the fireplace,
- for children: high chair, baby bath, staircase, cot
- barbecue in the garden with a wooden bench,
- jacuzzi in the garden gazebo (open from May to January),

In a smaller 50m2 cottage for up to 4 people there is some magic and heat coming from the fireplace. Living is on the ground floor and the green tiled stove is the center of all home events. In the warmth of a living fire lies a sofa bed, which provides one pair of an extremely atmospheric place of sleep. The living room has a fully equipped open kitchen with a dining area for 4 people. Lunch can be eaten with windows spread out on the panorama of Babia Góra or on a large wooden terrace. On the ground floor there is also a bathroom with shower. Upstairs, unpack your suitcases in a spacious bedroom with two panoramic windows and one double bed. There is a possibility of adding a baby cot for babies.
- wood for the fireplace,
- TV with internet access,
- for children: high chair, baby bath, staircase, cot
- barbecue with a wooden bench,
- jacuzzi garden gazebo

You can rent bikes and ski equipment.

What will I eat?

We know very well that you can not eat at all, but you can not eat badly, therefore the heart of every house is the kitchen. Fully equipped with all the appliances needed for pajcenia in kitchen and tableware. In the kitchen you will find a fridge-freezer, an induction hob, a microwave, a kettle, a coffee... machine with a mill, a toaster, a tiled wood stove.

You can really eat in the area:

Dzika Chata is a place that got new life after the revolutions of Magda Gessler. The restaurant mainly deals with venison, you can eat very good wild boar stew with dumplings, wild boar cutlet and brioche pancakes. The soup is also recommended - garlic and sourdough.

Known for the whole of Zawoja and further surroundings, the Tabakowy Chodnik Inn. Of course, mountain trout in the repertoire. Served here are substantial portions, and in the menu, the couscous slips, garlic soup for 5+, very tasty dumplings with meat, delicious mulled wine, bowel baked with cabbage and desserts that will complement the calories lost on the slopes.

Karczma Zbójnicka is an atmospheric restaurant with a really beautiful interior. The food satisfies every hungry skier, cyclist and walker. A check is waiting for a good day, and in the card a delicious potato pancake, a specific soup, sensational cauldrons.

On the way to Babia Góra, you can have a meal at the PTTK Markowe Szczawiny. There is a good apple pie and horseradish soup, baked beans, cold beer and warm tea, which is everything you need half way to top.

How will I be entertained?

It is a pity to sit at home or rest in a chair, there will always be time for that. It is better to go outside and open up to the captivating view of Babia Góra, which is beautiful at any time of the year, cycling routes that will spoil cyclists, walking trails for medal, ski slopes for winter madmen,... open-air museums, wooden churches and surrounding villages and towns worth exploring .

Zawoja can boast of several ski slopes, including one really bouncy, quite steep and for rather advanced riders - Mosorny Gron. From this mighty mountain stretches fantastic views of Babia Góra, and with good visibility also to the Tatras. For beginners and intermediate skiers there is a slope of Wojtek and Baca, where you can hire an instructor and learn to ride without excessive stress.

After skiing, sledding, going uphill or downhill on a bicycle, there is a jacuzzi in the gazebo and a sauna in the larger house waiting for you.

When the snow melts, and crocuses and snowdrops appear on the surface, it is worth going to the top of Babia Góra with a lonely island of Alpine halls.

If, just like us, you love sports in any form, we have a real treat for you. "Babia GóraTrails" is a network of over 20 kilometers of mountain bike routes called singletracków. On the Polish side, there are kilometers of uphill and downhill routes around Mosorny Groń, with varying degrees of difficulty. Take kids, protectors and helmets, and rent bikes with us.

Where to stay, what to see:

- Multimedia Center of the Mountain Crown of the Earth - arcy an interesting museum of mountains and himalaizmu.
- The Babiogórska Jesień festival held in September in Zawoja is a celebration of the tradition and heritage of Babia Góra Highlanders. During the celebration, you will be able to "touch" and "taste" Babia Góra culture and get to know the highlander customs of other parts of the Carpathians.
- PTTK Open-air Museum Zawoja Markowe - presents traditional Babiogórce construction.
- Museum - Orava Ethnographic Park in Zubrzyca Górna - open-air museum opened in 1955 presenting the history, architecture and culture of the Upper Orava region. It was filmed here, among others Janosik, and Fire and Sword.
- Open-air Museum Bystra - Sidzina, where the exhibition "Easter Palm" takes place in the spring.
- Museum - Nadwiślański Ethnographic Park in Wygiełzów and Lipowiec Castle, whose history dates back to the Middle Ages.
- Wooden Architecture Route in Małopolska, that is 255 of the most valuable and most interesting historic wooden objects.
- Stable near Babia Góra "Dyzma" - for fans of holidays in the saddle.
- Lanckorona, where you can easily move back and imagine what Poland used to be.
- Kalwaria Zebrzydowska - just an hour by bicycle from the village of Osada is Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, a charming landscape and a special place for Lesser Poland, where John Paul II repeatedly made pilgrimages here. While in Calvary, try the delicious ice cream on the knobs.
- Just an hour drive from Zawoja

What's for children?

Looking at our children, we know that children in the Beskids just do not get bored. In the winter, when the snow on the armpits stick to the snowmen, they have an appetite for skiing and sledging, and later for a whole bunch of vegetables. In summer, they win smaller and larger peaks, discover the charms... of cycling on hills, learn about Babia Góra folklore and culture, eat sheep cheese and bathe in the Orava lake. They look for the wind in the field and stars in the sky, and read good stories about Janosik and Rumcajs. more


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Dryer
  • Tv set


How much will I pay?

Dom większy

cena za dobę
do 2 osób 500zł
do 4 osób 600zł
do 6 osób 800zł

Dom mniejszy

cena za dobę w sezonie grzewczym
do 2 osób 300zł 350zł
do 4 osób 400zł --

Dzieci do 1 roku gratis

Informujemy, iż pobieramy wadium w wysokości 500zł zwrotne w dniu wyjazdu

Place rules

Minimal rental period

minimum 2 noce

Payment and booking conditions

Zadatek w wysokości 50% ceny pobytu płatny przez system Slowhop. W przypadku rezygnacji z pobytu zadatek nie podlega zwrotowi. W wyjątkowych losowych sytuacjach możliwe jest porozumienie co do zmiany rezerwacji objętej zadatkiem. W przypadku skrócenia pobytu objętego rezerwacją należność za niewykorzystane dni nie podlega zwrotowi.

Opłata za pobyt, pozostała do zapłaty po uwzględnieniu kwoty zadatku, dokonywana jest gotówką w dniu przyjazdu.

  • Cash on the spot
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:17:00
  • Check out till:12:00
  • Przysłop
  • 34-220 Zawoja

How to get there?

Obierając szosę do Zawoi można zrobić malowniczą trasę do Zakopanego przez przełęcz Krowiarki i skanseny w Zubrzycy i Chochołowie... coś pięknego