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Osiedlisko nad Soną

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Anyone tired of city noise, smog and traffic jams, not only during rush hours will be pleased to hear that an hour from Warsaw is located in a wonderfully hidden among the fields a wonderful agritourism farm. Under the Spądoszyn sky, you will find a settlement on the Sona River, where the "Children of Bulerbyn" action could take place, but instead a peaceful life here is dominated by delicious sweet rolls, breads and croissants, Jola closing the gifts of nature and Helenka, who will sap every straying around the puppy and jump into every puddle. In addition, there is a whole host of cats and dogs waiting for you, three, and four rooms for up to 9 people, tomatoes "straight from the bush", silence, peace and a house on the prairie overlooking the fields.

In the spring, when the water flows from the banks of the channel, Osiedlisko changes into Dom nad Rozlewiskiem, and Sona from a shapely river transforms into a sumo player and takes off in the highest weight category. In the summer, the area smells of harvest and straw drying in the sun. In winter, sledges are the main means of transport, cabbage is kissed in the pot, and the jars of ajwarem are moving. You can do anything you want, or you can devote yourself to nothing. We would like to share with you this simple life without rush and competition. We are on site and we wait, welcome.

Dominik i Jola Kucia

This story tells about moving out of the estate to a housing estate. After several years of searching, we found our dream place on the milk and honey of the flowing Mazovian village in the Sony valley. There were waiting for us here: peace, silence, passing storks, screaming cranes and a view of the green space interspersed with willows. We run a house full of natural cuisine, seasonal food, evening talks and long walks. The way we think is close to us, which makes us think twice before something that seems unnecessary, lands in the garbage bin. It is cheaper, without producing unnecessary waste while respecting the Earth. We are also very friendly animals - we take in, raise and look for new homes. Our goal is to share the beauty of a simple life with you - seekers of breath and springboard.
Avg response time is less than 6 h
4 rooms for up to 12 people in a building made according to the principles of natural building
we have dogs and cats, but we will welcome your social pets with pleasure
vegetables and fruits from the backyard garden and homemade preserves
we cook naturally, seasonally and at home, we make our own bread
The area with the Sona river encourages walking, and the forest full of mushrooms attracts fans of scrambled eggs with chanterelles
no neighbors around and that means silence, peace and relaxation


  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast included
  • Access to the kitchen
  • Local products


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Pet friendly
  • No neighbors
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Children's corner
  • Animals on site

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Meat and sausages
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bread
  • Preserve
  • Honey
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Mushrooms
  • Cakes

Where will I sleep?

In a house made according to the rules of natural building (clay and lime plasters, natural insulation materials, demolition brick and tile, field stone), where twelve people will find a place in four rooms. Each room smells new, resin and has a bathroom with shower. The furniture that you will find... in the Settlement got a second life from us. In the bathrooms, the floors are arranged from demolition roof tiles, the basins were made of flower pots, sinks for the washbasins from the steps of demolition stairs, and the table and benches in the dining room are made of beams from our old truss. We try to live less waste and less commercially, if you feel like it, you will feel at home.
On the ground floor you will find a common space - a kitchen with a dining room. We have decorated it in a rustic style, ideally suited to the surroundings of fields and meadows. There were plenty of wood, bright colors, bouquets of wild flowers, swing-hammock, which is ideal for reading books and a view of the yard. There is also a children's corner with games, toys and a drawing table. The common space is annexed for lazing, playing board games and drinking coffee on rainy days.

We help you stop the time, so you will not find TV sets here, but the cows often walk around the windows, so you can count on natural Animal Planet.

Pets are, of course, welcome. We have dogs, our shouters - but we can always isolate them as if they were really loud. Cats go their own ways, or occupy couches and radiators. In any case, they do not bother other household members.

What will I eat?

We`re gonna be feeding you with goodies from your own pantry: baked bread, homemade preserves, tomatoes from the garden of long-forgotten taste of townspeople, eggs from really happy cock and our culinary experiments, which we love to share. We celebrate the breakfasts in a proper way, we like to drag... the mornings forever. We serve seasonally, healthily, colorfully and socially. In the winter you can expect tea from the lime tree collected in the summer, throughout the whole year of warm and crispy homemade bread, which of course tastes best with a fresh butter. On the table can be landed millet pancaces with nuts and plums from the garden, fresh strawberries straight from the bed, blackberries, home-made ajwar, pancakes, dumplings with stuffing millet-cottage cheese. All that we just have at home, and in the kitchen we feel like fish in the water.

At your disposal is also a shared kitchen, which allows you to prepare meals, snacking during laziness and preparing dinner by candlelight. In the summer there will also be long evenings at the bonfire and fresh fruit cut on the terrace.

In the area we recommend delicious, fresh ice cream shot on the spot from the Kanka ice cream parlor. For them it is worth turning from "seven" to Płońsk, traveling somewhere north or back. In addition to the great ice cream in winter, try the waffles on a stick, hot chocolate and cream tubes. For them it is worth to sin.

How will I be entertained?

The settlement is used for resting from the city, breathing fresh air, observing animals in the natural environment, practicing yoga under a cloud, eating fruits and vegetables straight from the bush and walking where they will carry their feet. In autumn, we love going to a nearby forest for mushrooms.... Quick breakfast and immerse yourself in the mist, swimming towards the forest. On the spot it smells of fallen leaves, mushrooms, moss, resin and some unnamed magic. Of course, we hope you will want to join the mushroom picking. Because regardless of whether we come back with baskets full of mushrooms, or just with a few specimens just for a sauce for dinner, it always brings us joy and a happy calmness in our heads. In the evenings, we like to stare at the flame of the fire, go towards the setting sun and walk along the Sony.

We urge you also to the applied bouquet, just go outside the house, bend down to the grass and conjure up the most beautiful field bouquet under the sun.

In the immediate area you can use:

- horse riding in the western town of Western Land (Sarnowa Góra).
- New Town Lagoon with a sandy beach in the New Town with water attractions and a great place for fishing.
- Wkra River, where you can take advantage of year-round canoeing trips. For many years, the saying goes that you can only go canoeing in the summer and skiing in the winter. We convince you that you can also go canoeing in autumn, winter and spring.
- Rest in numerous corners of our over half hectare garden.
- Bike tours around the beautiful neighborhood.

What's for children?

Children have endless freedom, and once rain stops falling they take off their shoes and jump into puddles. They are accompanied by a large milky audience in the form of neighbor cows. They walk with cats between the beds, look at puppies and create bouquets of wild flowers. Eat blackberries straight... from the bush and cut the tomatoes like apples - whole! During the rain they play board games, play at home in the play corner, draw the surrounding landscapes and wait for the rainbow. They look for the treasure at the other end of the river, help in the preparation of a bonfire, and in the evening, with an excess of emotions, they fall asleep with dirty feet. After all, a dirty child is a happy child. more


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • No TV set
  • Iron

How much will I pay?

cena za osobę za dobę cena za dziecko (2-12 lat)
80zł 40zł

W cenie pobytu śniadanie.
Dzieci do 2 lat pobyt bezpłatny.

Place rules

Minimal rental period

1 doba.

Payment and booking conditions

Zaliczka wynosi 30% całego kosztu pobytu i płatna jest przez system Slowhop, w przypadku rezygnacji do 7 dni od przybycia zaliczka jest zwracana.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:12:00
  • 06-440 Spądoszyn 11

How to get there?

Dojazd z Warszawy samochodem zajmuje ok 1-1,5h (80km). Z Ciechanowa ok 20 min (25km). Z Warszawy możliwy jest również dojazd pociągiem - Kolejami Mazowieckim. Czas przejazdu z Dworca Gdańskiego ok 1h. Z przystanku odbieramy gości samochodem, nieodpłatnie.



Warm atmosphere, delicious food and a house in the heart of Mazowiecka Lowland. Dominik and Jola made every effort to keep our time nice, and thanks to the bikes rented by the hosts together with my friend, we could actively spend time and discover the area. The perfect place to find peace and quiet.


A wonderful place, peace and quiet, a great rest. The house is beautiful, impresses with its simplicity and comfort. Hosts extremely nice and very accommodating, fanastic food. I highly recommend!


It is wonderful, delicious, calm, blissful. We came back wonderfully relaxed after the weekend at Jola, Dominik and Helena. Great people creating, amazing atmosphere. River next to it, a forest full of animals, green meadows and willows. We will definitely be back.


The perfect place to escape from the city and calm down. Around the field and a lot of space (such views from every window). You can go for a walk to the river, read books and drink tea in a hammock. A big plus for a delicious and hearty breakfast (carrot cake - the best!). It is a pity that we did not have the opportunity to try other meals by the hosts ... but next time :) It's great to come to the weekend with a larger group, because there is a lot of space to spend time together.


Przesympatyczni hosts, climatic and clean interiors, delicious food, nice surroundings, we recommend! The perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, calm down ... because the picturesque fields and willows, open spaces are conducive to reflection :) worth it!


The world championship is not enough :) This is a climatic home full of hospitality. Jola and Dominik made us wonderful and it was hard to stop the evening talks (hmmmm ... morning too;)). The food was prepared from fresh regional products - a fairy tale! The breakfast awaited us, among others: sourdough bread baked by Dominik (heaven in my mouth!), Hot croissants, homemade jams, carrot cake, cheese and cottage cheese and many other delights. Tea was enriched with nun and lemon, and you could add fresh milk to the coffee :-) P.S. If you are thinking about dinner, I will help you in your decision - be sure to say "yes" and make yourself an evening feast for the palate :-) Jolu, Dominik, thank you again for this lovely weekend. We will definitely come back to you soon :-)


If you're looking for a place for a short weekend getaway, you've come to the right place. Peace and quiet and very nice hosts. The afternoon spent on the first floor with a good book and coffee would not end. For a separate medal he cries for food - everything is delicious and fresh - the fragrant bread resembles flavors of childhood and the quality of meals can easily compete with good restaurants. A very nice escape from everyday life


Beautiful place, extremely friendly hosts. A perfect place to relax from the city noise. The house is beautiful and I can confidently say that it has "souls". Decorated with a heart and sense of aesthetics, I am delighted with the décor and atmosphere prevailing there. Dominik and Jola are definitely people with passion, openness and kindness. Jola cooks great, lunch and dinner and the next day the breakfast was delicious - I would like to try it with all my heart! take such delicacies that you will not want to get up from the table. Home-made curd, bread baked by the hosts, own meats and preserves and a delicious confiture of strawberries and oranges is just a taste of what awaits you on the spot! I definitely recommend this magical place! I will definitely come back here in spring! :)


Beautiful place, picturesque surroundings, very nice hosts, great access from Warsaw. With a clear conscience I highly recommend it, we will definitely be back!


Near Warsaw, great access by the Mazowsze Railway, the possibility of picking up a car from the station by Dominik allowed for a trouble-free planning of a fast weekend trip for the city for us ie non-motorized people and in need of quick weekend regeneration. Next it was only better - delicious home-made food (you do not have to worry about shopping on the way because you can order the hosts other meals apart from breakfast), great relaxation, clean, beautiful, everything in wood, silence. You can lie all day in bed or go for a long walk. Dominik from time to time in an absolutely non-invasive and full class made sure that we did not miss anything. Generally, 100% perfect trip and I recommend it to everyone hot. Dominik and Jola have a lot of warmth, which they share with the guests and with this approach and soul as soon as it gets warm, the place will surely burst at the seams, so book your stay today ❤️


The cottage is actually even more beautiful than in the pictures, a lot of space that invites you to feel good: hammocks, fireplace, windows with wide horizons. Lack of unnecessary "attractions" and stalls allows you to hear what everyone is playing in your soul and rest under her dictation: actively, passively, creatively etc. If you are wondering whether to order dinner - do not hesitate and order :-)