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Posiadłość Basen Przesieka w Karkonoszach

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A few years ago, we created a house in the heart of the Giant Mountains. We opened a hundred-year-old house for people with an interesting history, a house made of wood and stone, fully equipped and pampered in detail. It has a large, atmospheric fireplace, a table for a dozen people, accommodation for 11 people. Without television, but with the Internet, a library for adults and children, a play corner, games, a hammock, a swing, a sandpit, a barbecue, a bridge and over a hectare of land, and a large car park.

People who travel with dogs liked us, because there are conditions especially for dogs, and we do not charge any fees. We have as many fans among families with children. Because people here are with us. They talk. Because this is a magical place. Incredibly energetic. With very clean air. For once Przesieka was called the Luftkurort - a place with air quality equal to that of the Alps. Right next to the house is a natural reservoir with water and bottom with the character of a lake. Baths and people and dogs. Ot a piece of water. And it would not be surprising if it was not for the 3300m2 of water, that is, you have your own private lake!

Would you like to enter the only waterfall in Poland where you can swim? Will your relatives do 100% contact with nature? Do you dream of opening the door and just letting your dogs into the garden sipping coffee in a dressing gown? Or maybe you do not know yet and would like to get to know the richness of the Giant Mountains and the attractions of Lower Silesia? Or maybe you are planning to enter Śnieżka? Chojnik Castle? For each of these questions and many other answers we are MY! Przesieka Swimming Pool - there is time waiting for you ...

Aneta Myśliwiec

I constantly come up with different ideas and put them into practice. I love to organize. I run with the dog, I practice, I enter cold water. I love nature. And books. I like meeting people, making them happy and sharing happiness. That's why I am renting a magical estate in the Giant Mountains. I share with you my energy paradise, an oasis of peace. This is the place where I put all my heart. I am embellishing, renovating, refining so that you feel well cared for. Although I am not greeting you personally, you will find my love and dedication to this unique place in every corner of this house and garden. I give it to you. Peace and quiet, freedom, intimacy, but also space. House, water and hectare. The air smells here. Here is the time for you ...
For a family or two :) For a large group of friends.
Dogs free in any quantity, size and in general :) Because a dog is a guest for us!
Water right next to the house. For adults, for children, for dogs. Pontoon. And water behind the house. Stream. Whose noise soothes the senses.
Full contact with nature. Full breath. Alpine air. A huge area. Beautiful garden. Green. Natural Sciences. Naturally.
Countless routes. At the end of the mountain :) On foot, by bike, on skis. To Snow White. To Szrenica. Where your eyes will carry you. The power of attraction.
accommodation for 11 people


  • By the lake

Type of accommodation

  • Entire place


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • Pool
  • Beach
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue

Where will I sleep?

Our house provides accommodation for up to 11 people. N down a triple room with a bunk bed 2 + 1 ideal for a family with a child or three friends. On the first floor there is an open room with two double beds, so up to 4 people. Then a room with 1 bed for one or two people. And our gem is an extra-paid... apartment with a large comfortable double bed, that is for 2 people separated from the rest of the house by a second smaller kitchen and a second bathroom, having an outside entrance from the terrace. We focus on comfortable mattresses, because only on such we like to sleep. more

What will I eat?

We do not provide food while staying with us, but! :) We have prepared a new comfortable fully equipped kitchen (actually two), in which you will find everything: pots, pans, dishes for 12 people, mugs, cups, various types of glass, all utensils and dishes, blender, corkscrew, garlic squeezer and other... more sophisticated appliances and kitchen utensils. There is an almost maintenance-free coffee machine and all necessary items: coffee, tea, sugar, salt, spices, oil.

Our seasonal or holiday guests always get a free dinner from us in one of the nearby restaurants recommended by us. And we recommend at least 3 in close vicinity. You can jump out even in slippers. Each restaurant recommended by us is different and we are sure that each of our guests will have their favorite among them. They all host people with dogs! In addition, Lower Silesia, and in particular the Giant Mountains, is a lot of tourist attractions and our guests most often are on a trip every day and eat outside of the nearest surroundings. Outside the house you will find garden furniture, a gazebo with a banquet table, and you can also have a romantic breakfast on the platform. A large brick grill satisfies our most demanding Guests. The close neighborhood of Jelenia Góra is also the certainty of absolutely full culinary diversity.

How will I be entertained?

Oh my! There is a typing caracter limit here isn`t there...? Let`s try... Lower Silesia, a treasury of monuments and attractions for at least a month. Old castles, historic ruins, palaces, post-German architecture, water reservoirs (one of them you have 5 steps from the house), trails, trails, bicycle... routes, museums, glassworks, various attractions for children, stud farms, health resorts Cieplice and Świeradów Zdrój and Przesieka itself lies exactly between Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz, only 6 km from the Polish-Czech border.

 For our guests, we have prepared a list of places worth visiting with a description, with information whether these are places for children and / or psi-hair, with our tips and recommendation. If you like spending time actively, you've come to the right place. A multitude of trails and peaks and bicycle routes attracts crowds. If you dream about a week on a sun lounger, you've also come to the right place. We have generously equipped our place with garden furniture. However, we encourage you to taste this part of the Giant Mountains, which is the treasury of history. Podgórna Waterfall, Szklarka Waterfall, Kamieńczyk Waterfall, Śnieżka, Szrenica, Śnieżne Kotły, Wang Temple, Bóbr Valley, Pilchowicka Dam, Czocha Castle, Chojnik Castle, Ruins of the Castle of Prince Henry, Jakuszyce, Czech Harrachov, it is impossible to mention everything. At home you will find maps, books, guides that will guide you through the land of the Mountain Spirit. You can not even move the car going up the trails straight from Przesieka. And in the afternoon relax by the water, the sound of the stream, the magic of Przesieka. You can also relax in a family atmosphere in the nearby Cieplice Thermal Baths, ie indoor and outdoor swimming pools, just a few kilometers from the property. In winter, we recommend downhill and cross-country ski trails, eg in Jakuszyce. In summer, hiking or bicycles. Sailing in the most famous Waterfall in Poland at any time of the year. This is the only waterfall where you can bathe! And it is precisely in Przesieka.

What's for children?

Our property is a family-owned facility. We have prepared toys, children's books, crayons, games, a sandpit, a swing, and the water is loved by children. Also in the form of a small inflatable pool for the little ones. We ask parents to be mindful and look after their children, so if you do not want... to be a guard of your young children throughout the whole period of leave, we would like to inform you that due to the proximity and depth of the pool, it is worth considering holiday with us. However, we do not see a threat in the case of slightly older children of primary school age. Young children have a small table and mini-chair at our place. We do not charge for children under the age of 4. An ideal place for the practice of a small botanist. For older children we have what is most important: wifi :);) more


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • No TV set

How much will I pay?

listopad - marzec

390 490


490 590


590 690

czerwiec - sierpień

740 740


790 790


590 690


490 590

Nasze dwie ceny wynikają z tego, iż posiadamy tańszą ofertę dla dwóch osób przy wynajmie całego domu, a wyższa cena jest dla grup powyżej 3 osób (max do 9 osób). Jeśli grupa liczy więcej niż 9 osób trzeba wynająć apartament którego ceny wahają się w zależności od sezonu od 140zł do 340zł.
Dla grup zorganizowanych warsztatowych lub inaczej mówiąc tematycznych odwiedzających nas w celach realizowanie jakiejś pasji np. joga, plenery malarskie, sport, warsztaty kulinarne, itp. przewidujemy ofertę specjalną tworzoną indywidualnie.
W okresie wakacji i świąt liczba osób nie ma znaczenia dla ceny.
W okresie wysokiego sezonu (wakacje) wynajmujemy dom na okresy tygodniowe.
Apartament można wynająć niezależnie od reszty domu. W tym czasie nikt inny nie przebywa na trenie Posiadłości.
Apartament stanowi tzw. strefę NO PETS dla alergików.
W okresie od października do marca nie ma wody w basenie.

Place rules

Minimal rental period

2 doby. W okresie wakacji 1 tydzień od soboty do soboty. Doba zaczyna się od godziny 15:00, a kończy o godzinie 11:00.

Payment and booking conditions

Potwierdzeniem rezerwacji jest wpłata całości sumy dla pobytów weekendowych i krótszych niż tydzień i 50% kwoty w przypadku pobytów tygodniowych lub dłuższych. Kwota ta jest bezzwrotna.

Jak i druga część wpłaty, na której dokonanie ustalamy indywidualny termin. Konieczna jest również wpłata kaucji wysokości 600zł lub 1000zł. Kaucja nie jest księgowana i jest w przypadku braku znaczących zniszczeń odsyłana do tygodnia po wyjeździe z obiektu. Kaucja jest płatna najpóźniej na 2 dni przed przyjazdem.Każdy rezerwujący wraz z numerem konta do wpłaty otrzymuje do zapoznania się Regulamin Rezerwacyjny i Regulamin Porządkowy będący swoistą instrukcją obsługi domu. Wymagamy skanu podpisanego oświadczenia będącego dowodem zapoznania się w treścią obu Regulaminów. Rezerwujący wypełnia również krótki formularz zgłoszeniowy na naszej stronie internetowej. Wszystko odbywa się zdalnie ponieważ jako Usługodawcy nie przebywamy na miejscu w obiekcie czy jego pobliżu. Wystawiamy paragony przy każdej wpłacie.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
  • Dolina Czerwienia 1A
  • 58-563 Przesieka

How to get there?

Kierunek Jelenia Góra , a następnie Podgórzyn. Ponieważ GPS czasami nie wystarcza by do nas trafić to jesteśmy w dniu przyjazdu Gości dostępni cały czas pod telefonem i w razie potrzeby nawigujemy.