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Siedlisko Konradówka

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We created our personal zadupie with a significant share of history and historical objects and a crazy passion for flying. First, our habitat is old Prussian history. Second - we have a penchant for old things. It is also third - we are paragliders and we have our own airport here. And fourthly - we do not eat anything, especially eggs, that's why chickens have their personal arcade in Konradowka, and we happily use their happiness. And fifth: we have ponds here, there are fish in the ponds, and cool anglers come in.

We invite you to the apartments in the old stable, bring your rods with you, the mood for joint feasts, because you can laugh aloud, taste home-made honey and talk for hours.

Konrad Radzewicz

We are a family from the area, from the Mazur region. We know every corner here, we know where to find the best flavors and we know where the bees are going to make honey. Years ago, we bought a lot of land here and fell in love with this land. We have our own place here and despite traveling all over the world - this is where we return most willingly. We invite you to our corner.
apartments for 4 people in the former stable
equipped kitchenettes and local products on site
fish ponds on site
a small moment to the lake
traditional banya
brick pool (best for children)

Where will I sleep?

Where once stood a stable with arabians - now we have guest rooms. They are new, slightly loft, in the summer there is a pleasant coolness in them, and when the weather is cold - the fireplace is burning.

The apartments look like:

ground floor
- a living room with a sofa bed and a TV
- kitchenette
bathroom with shower
- fireplace
- a spacious bedroom with a double bed and a fold-out armchair for a child
- TV

In front of each apartment there is a place to relax and barbecue. You can integrate easily with your neighbors or discretely separate them with a sliding wall.

Our guests usually feast at the shelter near the pond and this is the best place for a lively watching of the team's match. Piping and patriotic and sports chants are forgiven here.

Right next to the barbecue shelter there is a traditional, wooden and right-wing pumpkin. Sucks can jump into a cold tub or continue heating in a hot tub - also wooden.

Right next to it is a stone pool - used regularly by children and you can splash here on power, no one has a grudge.

What will I eat?

We do not cook guests, but you can use our local specialties. we have:
- honey from the area, golden and healthy
- eggs from the happy surroundings of hens
- home winkie (to try)
- excellent cakes in the summer, because no calories count in the holidays
- local mushrooms and cucumbers.

Our grill is...
recommended for afternoons, and we recommend a good source:
- meat
- bread
- Masurian specialties from the area

We also have several restaurant addresses, proven, tasty and without bloating.

How will I be entertained?

Our guests mostly:
- ride bicycles (excellent areas of Mazury Garbate, which improve the appearance of each calf)
- fly paraglider (under our supervision and guidance)
- canoeing with us by the Augustów Canal, rivers of the Suwalki region (Czarna Hańcza, Rospuda, Marycha)
- they play volleyball (we have...
a pitch)
- fish (two stocked ponds)
- collect mushrooms (we even have our own)
- go with poles (is where)
- they swim in the lake (several hundred meters walk)
- visit the surroundings, and even some of Lithuania (we organize trips to Vilnius, Trakai and Druskininkai)
- they fly with a balloon (you can also ...)

Visit the ...
- Wigry National Park
- Suwalki Landscape Park
- Wigry Museum in Stary Folwark
- Camaldolese monastery in Wigry
- The Castle Hill in Szurpiłach and the Jaćwing Cemetery in Switzerland near Suwałki
- Stanczyki, one of the highest viaducts in Poland
- Old Believers' Molenna in Wodzki
- Complex of bunkers in Bakałarzewo
-Głazowiska: Bachanowo and Rutka, relics of the glacier's operation and viewpoints in Smolniki, Gulbieniszki, Rutka

- Chlewogaleria of Piotr Malczewski in Buda Ruska and the Literary Festival
- Ski lift on Dąbrówka near Suwałki
- Ski Resort WOSiR near Lake Szelment on the Góra Jesionowa

What's for children?

The kids run straight to the hens right away. Then they enter the pool (really safe) and do not leave until they see the buoyant membrane between their toes.

They also like:
- sitting in bed with parents
- fun at the playground
- we take the older ones to the paraglider


How much will I pay?

price for the apartment

apartment with 2 adults PLN 200
children under 3 years gratis
children from 7-12 years of age 50%

paragliding flights

price flight length
200 PLN / person 20 minutes

  • Kukowo
  • 19-400 Olecko



Fantastic place, perfect to relax from the city and spend some time outdoors. Wonderful owners, open and very helpful, who are at the guests' disposal all the time. The area is exceptionally picturesque, there is total peace and quiet around. The place allows you to move into a completely different world in which no one is in a hurry and time flies slowly. The property is furnished with taste, the apartments are large, comfortable and modern. The place definitely deserves the best reviews! I am very happy that I could be your guest. It was wonderful and I would recommend this place to everyone