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Willa Hamry

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Not far from here, about 200 meters, a man stands before the crossover and the necessity of a decision. You can choose between Murzasichle, Białka Tatrzańska and Bukowina, and Małe Małe. We recommend staying in Poronin. Firstly because the painters Jan Matejko and Leon Wyczółkowski lived here, and who, if not they, will be the best ambassadors? Well, unless you are poets, and here were Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer, Jan Kasprowicz, Leopold Staff and Władysław Orkan. At the beginning of the 20th century, Włodzimierz Ilyich Lenin even rented the house in the nearby Biały Dunajec, but we will not write about it.

We will write about a guesthouse near the forest, safely away from busy roads. The fact that children feel good here and that their parents are resting. That there is at least a social atmosphere in the fireplace room. That in the evening you can put the children and go down quietly in front of the fireplace, talk, eat something good. That then it is worth getting up for breakfast and you do not have to hurry. That there is a lot to do and a lot to do. And that it is independent of the weather. We invite you therefore. We are waiting for you.

Kasia i Damian Adamiec

We are a married couple who have been running Villa Hamra for 10 years. Always our goal was to create a place that will not be like all the other, we directed our offer to the minority, but also to those who appreciate our efforts :)
great for families with children
nice, wooden playground
Skiing in the basement, to the slopes about 2-4 kilometers
Baths of Bukowina 4km
7 rooms for 3-4 persons and a studio
you can come with your pet


  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast included
  • Access to the kitchen


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Pet friendly
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Skis
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Where will I sleep?

In Villa Hamry we have several nice rooms on 3 floors, each with its own bathroom, as well as a family 2-room studio with bathroom. The room layout is as follows:

- 2/3-bed rooms on the ground floor,
- on the first floor, 2 double / triple rooms with a balcony and a 4/5-bed room,
- on the second floor...
(attic) 1 four-bed room and a 6-person studio consisting of one 4-person room and a 2-person room. The rooms in the studio have a shared bathroom and toilet. Each of them has an individual entrance and closing.

In all rooms there is a wardrobe with hangers, shelves, a table, chairs, double beds and single beds, tables and night lamps, a clothes drying rack. An iron and an ironing board are also available. In the rooms you can additionally place a wooden cot with bedding for the youngest children along with a changing table. In all rooms there is also a last resort board in the form of a flat TV with a built-in DVD, JPEG and MP3 / AUDIO CD player. You can bring your favorite movies or music and play in the rooms.

Our guests usually spend time together in front of the fireplace in the fireplace room. It is a large space comfortably equipped with five sofas and a home cinema, as well as a fireplace. There are nice social events here, initiated by guests and small guests.

What will I eat?

Because in recent times, what a small (and large) Guest, it's a specialized diet, we decided to give you a really well-equipped kitchen. Guests can prepare lunches and dinners there according to their preferences and requirements.

Breakfast is served only in winter holidays, holidays and, in other periods,...
on request for groups. During holidays, stays are full-board and with additional attractions such as a sleigh ride or the performance of a highlander band. Breakfast is served in the dining room, in the fireplace room. On long tables that meet our social function. We distribute simple but honest local food to eat, which should not be missing.

Dinners are made to order, and during special stays (holidays), we prepare them for you every day.

How will I be entertained?

Our personal top 10 looks like this:
1. Skis - ski stations are everywhere around, from 2 kilometers and further.
2. Water - Bukovina thermal baths in situations of significant heat and too much cold
3. Mountains - hiking trails start here under every house. Also ours. For parents of small children we...
have even a mountain sledge for a toddler up to 18 kg.
4. Playground - wooden, decent, enabling parents ....
5. ... reading books with a view of running children.
6. Gastrofas - Zakopane is only 6 kilometers away, and there are some good culinary addresses
7. Bicycles - just order them with us and go to the mountains.
8. Grilling - we have here a noble spruce corner with a view of the Tatras, where you can hear the sound of a brook. And a barbecue and a bonfire place. By the bonfire, on request of the customers, a highlander band can play, which, apart from the music itself, is also famous for its many highlanders' stories.
9. Culture - we have plenty of it, we will tell you everything on the spot
10. Home theater, fireplace, wine and tea. It's good too,

What's for children?

We are really childish. For smaller and larger kids we have prepared:
- outdoor playground (appreciated by children and their parents who can finally drink hot coffee and have a toddler under the eye)
- a lot of books and toys inside the guesthouse
- all these chairs, beds and bathtubs, so as not to...
clog them with the trunk of the car
- sledge
- thick walls, so that the parents in front of the fireplace do not wake sleeping kids in the rooms.

Apart from Willa Hamra, you can take children, for example, here:
 Złota Grań Rope Park Zakopane - Gubałówka
Gu-Gu Rope Park Zakopane
Stary Bór - Rope Park Poronin Murzasichle
Baths of Bukovina - swimming pools


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Tv set

How much will I pay?

Poza sezonem bez śniadań:

pokój deluxe 50 PLN / person
pokój superior z balkonem 60 PLN / person
studio 2-pokojowe (6 osobowe) 60zł / os. (min. 4 os. dorosłe) 50 zł / os. (powyżej 4 osób)

Lato ze śniadaniami

pokój deluxe 80 PLN / person
pokój superior z balkonem 90 PLN / person
studio 2-pokojowe (6 osobowe) 90 zł / os. (min. 4 os. dorosłe) 80 zł / os. (powyżej 4 osób)

Zima ze śniadaniami

pokój deluxe 90 PLN / person
pokój superior z balkonem 100 PLN / person
studio 2-pokojowe (6 osobowe) 90 zł / os. (min. 4 os. dorosłe) 80 zł / os. (powyżej 4 osób)

Święta, Sylwester tylko w pakietach
Majówki, długie weekendy w okresie bez śniadań +10zł/os.

Zniżki dla dzieci:

2-5lat - 50%
6-9lat - 20%

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

W przypadku rezerwacji na jedną noc obowiązuje dopłata 20zł od osoby, a całość jest płatna przelewem.

Opłata klimatyczna wynosi 1,5zł od osoby na dobę i należy ją uiścić w dniu przyjazdu podczas rozliczenia za całość pobytu.

Zastrzegamy sobie możliwość zmiany cennika. W przypadku wpłacenia zadatku lub innych opłat związanych z pobytem proszę pamiętać, że nie podlegają one zwrotowi. Pozostałą kwotę należy uregulować w dniu przyjazdu.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16.00
  • Check out till:11.00
  • Kośne Hamry 7b
  • 34-520 Poronin



Wróciliśmy właśnie z 2 tygodniowych wakacji z wyjątkowego miejsca na ziemi jakim jest willa Hamry. Z całego serca dziękujemy właścicielom za stworzenie cudownej, rodzinnej atmosfery. Każdy dzień rozpoczynał się od sytego śniadania, stół uginał się od wielości wędlin oraz serów, do tego dżemy i miody. Każdy znalazł coś pysznego dla siebie :) Sam pensjonat, pięknie urządzony z zachowaniem stylu i elegancji z dbałością o najdrobniejszy szczegół. Piękne ręcznie wykonane dekoracje, wielość ramek ze zdjęciami przybliżające góry i ich otoczenie. Wszystko pięknie współgrało. Dodatkowo po dniu na mieście, można było się zrelaksować z pięknym ogrodzie. Dzieciaki szalały po placu zabaw lub na trampolinie :) Warto dodać, że wokół Poronina znajduje się wiele atrakcji oraz szlaków górskich więc każdy znajdzie sposób na aktywny odpoczynek według własnych potrzeb. My wrócimy na pewno w to miejsce jeszcze nie raz. Pozdrawiamy właścicieli :) dziękujemy za wszytko :)