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REC.ON project Spain

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Location Spain, Murcia, Velez Rubio
Andalusia is a sorceress, a land situated somewhere in between - not quite in Europe, and not yet in Africa. She is like a woman dancing flamenco in "tablao", beautiful, energetic and mysterious. Everyday life here tastes like tapas and wine, and the harsh mountains border the Atlantic Ocean and the Strait of Gibraltar. It is here, in the Sierra de Maria-Los-Velez mountain valley, 3 km from the charming 18th-century town of Velez-Rubio, that is the Polish refuge of life in the slow version. We have entered the dream come true mode and we are trying to inspire our guests to do so too. In the tiny settlement of Bolaimi near Velez Rubio, at the foot of the Sierra Maria los velez mountains, we bought a 200-year-old farm, where we wanted to create an ideal place for ourselves, which will also be a quiet (friendly) haven for others. Here, surrounded by mountains and trees, you will be able to regenerate your mind and body. We try to convince you that dreams are an integral part of our lives that cannot be given up. Are you a wanderer, travelling by motorhome, hitchhiking or by plane? We are happy to spend the night for you and provide a space according to your needs. You will have a unique chance to feel the atmosphere of the Andalusian countryside from years ago. There is a 'casa rural', but also places for campers and tents. Everyone will find something here - provided that they do not expect a hotel, but a very individual vision of "slow" holidays. For us, it means waiting for guests, chatting with those willing to listen, distance for those who do not want our presence, let everything flow naturally. Our place is still being created, new ideas and nooks spring up every day, so we will not describe what we have here for you. There may just be a lot more when you arrive. We are waiting for help! If there are new hands for work with your arrival - let us know that you are ready, we will take it into account in the calculation of your stay! We invite you to the house where not only objects are polished, but also thoughts, it is an hour away to a deserted beach, and the mountains are breathtaking. Pack your bags and get ready for a large dose of vitamin D.

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Paulina i Bartek
Once residents of dynamic Warsaw, today we feel part of the local community in the small town of Velez Rubio in picturesque Andalusia. We moved out of Poland two years ago with our two sons: Stas and Józef. This decision changed our lives by180 degrees. We sold everything we had and set off to make our dreams come true. The vision cleared up gradually. We knew we wanted to live close to nature and in accordance with its rhythm. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but not in a completely remote area, because we are social individuals. That is why Spain seemed to be an ideal place. We found a less touristic corner in the Sierra Maria de los Velez mountain range and settled here. While still living in Warsaw, we founded the REC.ON brand, under which we created upcycling design. Then the idea of ​​SLOW LIFE became closer to us and we implemented it with increasing conviction. And with each new step, we wanted more ...

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, Spanish, Russian

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Eco Alert

Do not bring plastic bottles of water, we have treated tap water
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We limit plastic bags, there’s a shopping bag/basket in every room
We promote waste segregation by guests
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Our charms

We don't have televisions
Creaky floors
Near the road
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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
Private houses/apartments with separate entrance
Breakfast basket/takeaway
Maintenance break at least 24h between reservations
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Rooms and a campsite in the Sierra de María-Los Vélez valley
Rooms and a campsite in the Sierra de María-Los Vélez valley
Sleep in the old house or park your camper or put up a tent
Sleep in the old house or park your camper or put up a tent
4 bedrooms in total, 3 for 2 people, 1 for 4 people
4 bedrooms in total, 3 for 2 people, 1 for 4 people
Cooking on your own (though we can help :))
Cooking on your own (though we can help :))
To the nearest town - Velez Rubio 10 km
To the nearest town - Velez Rubio 10 km
An hour by car to the sea
An hour by car to the sea

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 apartment
Icon 1 tent

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There is an over 100-year-old farm here, which we have adapted to our needs. We have several sleeping options for our guests. From the things you should know from the beginning: you need a car to get to us, and the last section leads through winding but narrow roads with beautiful views of our mountains! It is not a smooth asphalt and although even small cars reach us without any problems - you should know what it is like. Second thing: we are in the Andalusian countryside, we have flies here. Third thing: don't expect professional hoteliers and room service. Be open to people and fun experiences. 1. In a brick house there are 3 double bedrooms, 1 4-person bedroom upstairs, a shared kitchen, bathroom and living room. You can come with a team and take everything, you can also separately - we will make sure that you do not have to share the space with anyone, if you do not wish to do so. The interiors are minimalistic, but we wanted comfortable beds and good bedding. Many elements in the house got their second life from us. Your attention will surely be drawn to REC.ON lamps made of car parts, an old health and safety wardrobe, which can now bask in the Spanish sun. Classic, simple furniture contrasts with the modern, recycled design. Air conditioning is not our style, it does not fit the philosophy of words. Professional windmills and thick walls of an Andalusian house will protect you from the heat. 2. We provide you with a place for your campers with all connections. You can also rent our motorhome. Then we will pick you up from the airport in Alicante, teach you how to drive a slightly larger car, and then we will show you the beaches where you can go and spend the night on them in a motorhome. 3. There are also areas for tents for you. And with them access to a shower and toilet. It is possible to rent tents. For all those who prefer to spend time in options 2 and 3 - there are Artistic Installations in the ECO design mission: there is a summer kitchen made of upcycling, ecological water tubs, beds under the stars, chill zones, a tree house, eco shower with a view a paradise view of the mountains. If your pets (small and medium-sized dogs) also need a vacation, be sure to take them with you.

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Common space

Dining room
Club corner
Washing machine available for guests

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Natural bathing pond
Place for a bonfire
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Fast Internet/WiFi
Poor cell phone reception
We organise film screenings
Access to Netflix

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What will I eat?

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We cook to order - if you want to try, we'll talk on the spot. There is a kitchen for guests of the house, and a summer kitchen for all other guests, where you can enchant Spanish delicacies. We will gladly take you to the shop and market in the town. The area is full of juicy oranges, delicious olives, fresh fish and seafood, sun-filled tomatoes and delicious tapas. Throw yourself into the tasting vortex and visit: - Restaurants in the market in Velez Rubio. You will find there about 70 cafes and bars. - The restaurant ASADOR ESPADIN, known for 20 years, serves natural Spanish steaks to die for. - Restaurant "Piza" in the Natural Park with captivating mountain views in the town of Maria. Typical Spanish delicacies at their best. - "Palacil" restaurant in Velez Blanco specializing in great meats and tapas. For local delicacies, go to the market with fruit, vegetables and local meat (Spanish sausages, jamon, chorizo) held every Saturday in Velez Rubio, and on Wednesdays in Velez Blanco.

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Food on-site

Breakfast for an extra fee (5 EUR)
Dinner for an extra fee (15 EUR)
Supper for an extra fee (10 EUR)
Free fruit compote, water
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Kitchen access

Private kitchen in homes/rooms
Coffee percolator
Dishes and cutlery
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Espadin (10 km)
Martos (10 km)

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You can buy eco products nearby

Warzywa i owoce w naszym ogrodzie (0 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Velez Rubio (10 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside
Icon In the mountains

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There are only mountains around. A mountain path leads from the house, which is an ideal scenic cycle route. From the two wheels you will enjoy the image of the surrounding almond, pepper and olive plantations at the same time with a breathtaking landscape in the background. There are also paths from the house for hiking and conquering the nearby mountain peaks. We rent bikes for a symbolic amount of EUR 5 per day. We tell our guests about the art of upcycling and the creative use of rubbish and permaculture. In the first one, we are quite professional. In the latter, slowly too. Our spaces give the opportunity to develop creativity, rest in a treehouse or relax while gardening. In addition, there is a chillout zone in the area, overlooking the surrounding mountain peaks, a bicycle track for enthusiasts of activity. The garden provides us with organic food, the sun gives us and our equipment the energy we need, and we draw water from the well. We offer cyclical / holiday workshops: - visiting and using the "Living" Upcykling Gallery - artistic installations made of waste and natural materials - meditation on being here and now - meditation with chickens (we have our own henhouse) - gardening workshops - molding from natural clay - tasting our ecological - local products, min. almonds, olive oil, wine, fruit and vegetables - learning camping, - basics of building with clay and babmbuses A mountain road leads to the charming and historic town of Velez - Rubio, which you can overcome in 10 minutes by car. The Sierra de Maria mountains are made for climbing, cycling and hiking routes. You are about 65 minutes by car from the sea and beaches. Our whole family loves to discover the closer and further areas, so we will be happy to recommend you sightseeing directions and the most interesting points on the map. We advise on how to plan trips around the area. Here's what needs to be on your map: - Cuevas de Los Letreros, a cave with paintings from 200,000 years. - Beautifully restored 18th century town of Velez Rubio. - Renaissance "white" town of Velez Blanco with its castle. From its vicinity there are routes to the mountains and to a cave with paintings, - the town of Maria located in the National Park, - The charming town of Chirivel located in a Natural Park with a beautiful view of the mountains, - The city of Lorca with a historic castle. Around this beautiful, formerly border town, there are tiny villages and towns with monuments of Renaissance and Baroque architecture. The vast majority of monuments, buildings and churches in Lorca come from the 16th century and later. - You can get to the sea in 1 hour. We recommend the town of Mojacar. If you like peace, quiet and intimate contact with the sea, we have our secret, deserted beaches where it is very slow. The ruta de Andalucia, or the beginning of Andalusia, begins with us. Granada, the pearls of Andalusia with the historic Alhambra, i.e. palaces and gardens from Arab times, is 160 km away from Granada, but it's worth it!

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths
Mountain trail
Library and books to read

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For hedonists

Outdoor hot tub
Bath towels available
Beach chairs

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For sports enthusiasts

Cross-country trails (0 km)
Road bicycle routes (0 km)
Cross bicycle routes
Mountain bike routes (0 km)
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For those craving art

Parki naturalne Sierra Maria los Velez (10 km)
Galeria sztuki użytkowej z upcyklingu REC.ON (0 km)
Muzeum w Velez Rubio (10 km)
Barokowy kościół w Velez Rubio (10 km)
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Our pets


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Zabytkowe miasto Velez Rubio (10 km)
Renesansowy zamek w Velez Blanco (15 km)
Białe miasteczko u podóża gór i zamku - Velez Blanco (15 km)
Ruisny zmaku arabaksiego z XV w (15 km)
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What’s there for children?

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Children are very welcome with us. We are the creators of two ourselves: Stach is 15 years old, and Józio 11. Fun in nature and with nature without compromise and telephones is our main principle. We provide: a vegetable garden, creative boredom, a tree house, stalking, a bicycle track for young people (and not only). If this is not enough, you can build bamboo huts, arrange painting of large stones, or explore mountain areas with your parents, see how almonds, figs, oranges and olives grow.

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Attractions for children

Children's corner
Children's toys
Sleeping in a tent in the garden
Cool trees for climbing
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Additionally available

Crib for babies
Portable/travel bed for children
High chair

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Attractions for children in the area

NATURA (0 km)

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: La Mata de Bolaimi , Velez Rubio, Murcia, Spain

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Icon Public transportation
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Bus: (10 km)

We provide pickup from the pueblo at Velez Rubio stop to our eco farm.

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How much will I pay?

Notification icon
Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
July, August, Easter, Christmas, Polish May weekend
price with fresh bread + coffee from the machine number of people
7-day stay 700 € / apartment 4 people
other dates
price number of people
7-day stay without breakfast 560 € / apartment 4 people
2-day stay without breakfast 160 € / apartment 4 people
2-day stay without breakfast 80 € / room 2 people
price without breakfast number of people
double room (shared lounge and kitchen € 50/1 night 2 people
Tent in a campsite with equipment € 40/1 night 2 people
Parking in your camper or van € 10/1 night 1 person
Bicycle rental - 5 EUR / day Breakfast - 5 EUR / 1 person

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Place rules

Icon We do not accept pets

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 2 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 30%
We do not return prepayments
(cash on the spot)
Additional fees paid on the spot are not included in the price:
Other fees: Bicycle rental - 5 EUR / day, Scooter rental - 15 EUR / day

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Icon Other rules
Non-returnable deposit of 30%

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Właśnie wróciliśmy z drugich ! już wakacji w Qautro. Pokochaliśmy to miejsce za wyjątkową kameralność, ciszę zmąconą jedynie przez koncerty cykad a przede wszyatkim za niezwykłą atmosferę, tworzoną przez niezwykłych ludzi, Paulinę i Bartka oraz ich synów. To oni sprawiają, że letnicy zamiast wyjeżdżać o świcie by eksplorować Andaluzje, siedzą w kuchni przy wielkim stole i zatapiaja sie w kolejne dyskusje. Można zarazić sie od gospodarzy spokojem, milościa do życia i filozofią slow life. Gdy dopada mnie chandra, zamykam oczy i przywołuję widok wychodzącego słońca nad górami, ktory mnie wital każdego poranka...pomaga! Poza tym można sie uzależnić od pysznych śniadań, w tym do moiv hitow należą konfitury z papryki czy serek z lokalnymi daktylami. Poza tym super wyposażone i oryginalnie urzadzone przestronne wnętrza. Jedyny minus...konieczność powortu do domu. Nasz synek czeka już na kllejnw lato...a moze by tak wrócić wisna kiedy kwitną gaje migdałowe?


Spędziliśmy u Bartka i Pauliny fantastyczne wakacje. Bardzo polecamy miejsce, a przede wszystkim wspaniałą atmosferę. Jak chcecie zobaczyć i poczuć prawdziwą Andaluzję, odwiedzić kilka białych miasteczek w okolicy, spróbować prawdziwych churro na lokalnym targu w Velez Rubio albo wyskoczyć na dzikie plaże - jedźcie do REC.ON! Przy okazji - miejsce bardzo przyjazne rodzinom i rodzicom :)


Spędziliśmy tu cudowne wakacje. Pięknie położony dom, warunki komfortowe, bardzo gościnni gospodarze, rodzinna atmosfera. Świetna baza wypadowa, żeby poznać Andaluzję, choć na miejscu też jest co robić. Wszelkich przydatnych informacji udzielają gospodarze. Nas przyjazd zachęcił, żeby tu wrócić i dalej odkrywać ten przepiękny region Hiszpanii. Było tak ekstra, że chciałoby się więcej.

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