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Icon 1 house
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Icon 3 rooms
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Posiadłość Basen Przesieka

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Location Poland, Lower Silesia Province, Karkonosze Mountains, Przesieka
A few years ago, we created a house in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains. We have rescued a hundred-year-old building with an extremely interesting post-German history. Then we gave it to you with all our heart and love for this place. A house made of wood and stone, fully equipped and pampered in detail. Warm and cosy. Family-friendly. Renovated where it needs to be. Left as we found it, where it needs to be. Thanks to this, you move to another dimension here, staying in touch with the world, if you want. If you are looking for seclusion, and at the same time a place that provides space and freedom, then you will be satisfied here with us. We are sure of it. Without TV, but with the Internet, a library for adults and children, a hammock, a pier, a gazebo, with over a hectare of natural green terrain, not disturbed by human hands. A real treat in this area! Jacuzzi for "Flinstons", our original project OKO MORSA. It is a natural stone mini-pool fed with water from a stream, where you can cool down in summer and take a dip in the winter. Because we are walruses and we infect whomever we can with our love for the cold and cold water. Once Przesieka was known as the Luftkurort. It was a place with air quality equal to that of the Alps, and it still is today. Right next to the house there is a natural reservoir called the old pool. It is powered by the forces of nature, that is, water from the mountains. In the past, "for the Germans" it was a swimming pool, and the entire facility was recreational. Today, the good old pool is more like a pond. With a natural bottom and characteristic flora and fauna for swimming ponds. So newts, tadpoles, fish swim with you, and dragonflies fly over the surface of the water. And what is in the pool is a manifestation of our favourite kind of freedom: both people and dogs bathe in it. Oh, a piece of water 10 cm to 3.5 meters deep! So you have your own last post-German swimming pool of this type in Poland at your disposal. Przesieka swimming pool invites you, we invite you.

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I keep coming up with ideas and putting them into practice. I love to organize. I run in the woods with my dogs, read, write, go into the cold water. I love nature. And books. I like getting to know people, making them happy and sharing my knowledge, energy, happiness and a smile. That is why I am giving you the magical estate in the Karkonosze Mountains. I am sharing with you our home, an energetic paradise, an oasis of peace. It is a place where we put in our hearts and the strength of our hands with our family. We beautify, renovate, build, pamper so that you feel good, well-groomed and relaxed. Although we do not greet you personally, you will find traces of our love and devotion to this piece of land and water in every corner of the house and garden. We give you peace, tranquillity, freedom, intimacy, privacy, space and time. Time is waiting for you here ...

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English
We are not on-site, but you can always contact us

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Eco Alert

To limit our carbon footprint, we do not iron bedding
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We promote waste segregation by guests
There are no natural skins and furs in our interiors
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Our charms

We don't have televisions
Steep stairs
Near the road
In the middle of the village (there are neighbours)
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We care about you

Sauna/SPA is temporarily unavailable
No-contact handing over of the keys
We are far away from other residences

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For a family or even two
For a family or even two
Dog stay for free :) Because a dog is a Guest for us!
Dog stay for free :) Because a dog is a Guest for us!
Water right next to the house. For adults, children, dogs
Water right next to the house. For adults, children, dogs
Full contact with nature. Alpine air. Beautiful garden.
Full contact with nature. Alpine air. Beautiful garden.
Countless routes. Finally, the mountains :) On foot, by bike, on skis. To Śnieżka. To Szrenica.
Countless routes. Finally, the mountains :) On foot, by bike, on skis. To Śnieżka. To Szrenica.
Places for artistic and development workshops, a place for zen, flow and slow :)
Places for artistic and development workshops, a place for zen, flow and slow :)

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 house
Icon for up to 8 people
Icon 115 m²
Icon bathroom: 2
Icon single bed : 3
Icon king bed : 2
Icon queen bed : 1
Icon We accept big dogs, medium dogs, small dogs

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Our house provides accommodation for up to 10 people, but the optimal number of people is 6 (main part of the house) + 2 (studio). It is a simple house, for people who appreciate SLOW mode with a minimum of electrical appliances (no dishwasher, washing machine or iron). The house is heated by a fireplace. Downstairs, a triple room with a 2 + 1 bunk bed, ideal for a family with a child or three friends. Upstairs, there is a room with two double beds, so up to 4 people. Then a room with 1 bed for one or two people. And our pearl, additionally paid studio with a large comfortable double bed for 2 people, separated from the rest of the house with a second smaller kitchen and a second bathroom, with an entrance from the outside from the terrace, but, if necessary, connecting with the rest of the house through a room with one bed. We focus on comfortable mattresses, because they are the only ones we like to sleep on.

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Common space

Living room with couches (15 m2)
Terrace (20 m2)
Fireplace corner
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Natural bathing pond
Place for a bonfire
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Medium speed Internet / WiFi
Moderate cell phone reception
We don't have TVs

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
Towels (complete set per stay)
Hair dryer

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What will I eat?

Posiadłość Basen Przesieka - What will I eat?
Posiadłość Basen Przesieka - What will I eat?

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We do not provide meals during your stay with us, but! :) We have prepared a new, comfortable, fully equipped kitchen (actually two), where you will find everything: pots, pans, tableware for 12 people, cups, cups, various types of glass, all utensils and dishes, blender, corkscrew, garlic squeezer and other more sophisticated appliances and kitchen aids. There is an almost maintenance-free coffee machine and all the necessities: coffee, tea, sugar, salt, spices, oil. Our seasonal, or holiday guests, always get a free dinner in one of the nearby restaurants recommended by us. And we recommend at least 3 in close proximity. You can even jump out in slippers. Each of the restaurants we recommend is different and we are sure that each of our guests will have a favorite among them. They all host people with dogs! In addition, Lower Silesia, and in particular the Karkonosze Mountains, are a lot of tourist attractions and our guests usually go on a trip every day and eat outside the immediate vicinity. Outside our house there is garden furniture, a gazebo with a banquet table, you can also enjoy a romantic breakfast on the pier. A large brick grill satisfies our most demanding guests. The close vicinity of Jelenia Góra is also a guarantee of absolutely full culinary diversity.

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Food on-site

Free coffee

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Kitchen access

Shared kitchen
Capsule coffee maker
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Górska Chata (1 km)
Aquakultura (5 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Biedronka (4 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the lake

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Oh! There is not enough space! Lower Silesia is a treasury of monuments and attractions for at least a month. Old castles, historical ruins, palaces, post-German architecture, water reservoirs (one of them is 5 steps away from the house), trails, trails, trails, bicycle routes, museums, glassworks, various attractions for children, studs, Cieplice and Świeradów Zdrój health resorts , and Przesieka itself lies exactly between Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz, only 6 km from the Polish-Czech border. For our guests, we have prepared a list of places worth visiting with a description, with information whether they are places for children and / or dog lovers, with our tips and recommendations. If you like spending time actively, you've come to the right place. The multitude of trails, peaks and bicycle routes attracts crowds. If you dream of a week on a sun lounger, you've come to the right place. We have generously equipped our place with garden furniture. However, we encourage you to taste this part of the Karkonosze, which is a treasury of history. Podgórna Waterfall, Szklarka Waterfall, Kamieńczyk Waterfall, Śnieżka, Szrenica, Śnieżne Kotły, Wang Temple, Bóbr Valley, Pilchowice Dam, Czocha Castle, Chojnik Castle, Ruins of Prince Henry's Castle, Jakuszyce, Czech Harrachov, it is impossible to mention everything. At home you will find maps, books and guides that will lead you through the Land of the Mountain Spirit. You can not even move your car while going up the mountain along the trails straight from Przesieka. And in the afternoon, relax by the water, the sound of the stream, the magic of Przesieka. You can also relax with your family in the nearby Cieplice Thermal Baths, i.e. outdoor and indoor pools, just a few kilometers from the property. In winter, we recommend downhill and cross-country ski runs, e.g. in Jakuszyce. In summer, hiking or bikes. Sea at any time of the year in the most famous waterfall in Poland. This is the only waterfall you can swim in! And it is in Przesieka.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths
Mountain trail
Library and books to read

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For hedonists

Winter swimming
Beach chairs

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For sports enthusiasts

Ski lift
Cross-country ski trail
Cross-country trails
Road bicycle routes
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What’s there for children?

Posiadłość Basen Przesieka - What’s there for children?
Posiadłość Basen Przesieka - What’s there for children?
Posiadłość Basen Przesieka - What’s there for children?

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Our house is a family facility. We have prepared toys, books for children, crayons, games, a sandbox, a swing, and children love water so much. Also in the form of a small inflatable pool for the little ones. We ask parents to be careful and watch over their children, so if you do not want to be the guardian of your young children throughout the holiday period, we would like to inform you that due to the proximity and depth of water in the pool, it is worth considering a holiday with us. However, we see no danger in the case of slightly older children of primary school age. Small children have their own table and mini-chairs. We do not charge for children under 4 years of age. The perfect place to practice a small botanist. For older children, we have what is most important: wifi :);)

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Attractions for children

Children's toys
Sleeping in a tent in the garden
Bridge jumping into water
Mushroom picking

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Dolina Czerwienia 1A, Przesieka, Lower Silesia Province, Karkonosze Mountains, Poland

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How much will I pay?

Notification icon
Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
High season, i.e. holidays and, more broadly, summer, May 1 - September 30, weekly stays, Saturday-Saturday
House for up to 10 people (including studio, 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms in total)
8260 PLN
October 1 - April 30 (weekend day: Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun)
House for 8 people (optimally 6/7 people) STUDIO for 2 people + second bathroom + kitchenette
PLN 1180 240 PLN
October 1 - April 30 (working days: from Sun-Mon to Thu-Fri)
House for 8 people (optimally 6/7 people) STUDIO for 2 people + second bathroom + kitchenette
PLN 640 240 PLN
Holidays, "red cards" and adjacent weekends
House for 8 people (optimally 6/7 people) STUDIO for 2 people + second bathroom + kitchenette
PLN 1280 240 PLN
long-term rental for a house for up to 8 people (optimally 6/7 people), without a studio
3920 14 days
5460 PLN/house 21 days
6720 PLN/house 28 days
7700 PLN/house for 35 days
Day from 4 p.m. to 10 a.m. The following should be added to each rental: 220 PLN - house cleaning deducted from the deposit 1500 PLN - refundable deposit For groups larger than 10 people, the price will be determined individually for a given group. We do not hand over the facility to the organization of special events. Our studio is a NO PETS zone and serves, among others, allergy sufferers, but also serves people who simply do not have pets and want to use our facility at the lowest price. If you want to come to us as two (or 3 people) and without dogs → ASK FOR A SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU, i.e. a STUDIO with a bathroom and a kitchenette. MAY 1 - SEPTEMBER 30: Weekly stays from Saturday to Saturday. CHRISTMAS, "RED CARDS" AND NEIGHBORING WEEKENDS: Christmas, New Year's Eve, Epiphany, Valentine's Day, Easter, May Weekend, Corpus Christi (the price also applies to weekends adjacent to holidays). SPECIAL DATES, such as holidays or picnic, and others, may be covered by a special non-price offer.

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Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 10 people
Icon Quiet hours from 22:00 to 07:00

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 2 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 50%
We do not return prepayments
Remaining amount paid before arrival (money transfer)
Deposit amount: 1500 PLN (money transfer)
Additional fees paid on the spot are not included in the price:
One-time cleaning fee 220 PLN
Other fees: Extra fee for more than 2-3 dogs.
We do not issue VAT invoices

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 16:00 to 20:00
Departure from 08:00 to 10:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Icon Other rules
Confirmation of the reservation is the payment of half or the entire amount for the stay. These amounts are non-refundable. Just like the second part of the payment, for which we set an individual date. It is also necessary to pay a deposit of PLN 1,500. The deposit is not booked and in the absence of significant damage or damage, it is sent back up to one week after leaving the facility. The deposit is payable at least 2 days before arrival. Each booking, along with the account number to be paid, receives the BOOKING REGULATIONS and Order Regulations, which are a kind of house operating instructions. We require a scan of the signed STATEMENT which is proof that you have read the content of both Regulations. The person who makes the reservation also fills out a short APPLICATION FORM on our website. Everything is done remotely because, as Service Providers, we are not on site or in the vicinity. We issue receipts for each payment.

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Spędziliśmy w tym miejscu 7 dni w grupie 9 osób. Koszt to 7740 zł (ze sprzątaniem). Poniższą opinię uzgodniliśmy wspólnie. Naszą ocenę odnieśliśmy do kosztów i jakości pobytu w innych domach, które wynajmowaliśmy w Polsce i Europie w ciągu ostatnich 9 lat. Uwzględniliśmy przy tym zmieniającą się w tym okresie sytuację, także cenową, na rynku domu wakacyjnych. Bardzo dobry i szybki kontakt z właścicielką – p. Anetą oraz opiekunkami nieruchomości. Terminowy zwrot kaucji. OGRÓD ***** Ogród jest naprawdę spektakularny i wygląda o wiele lepiej niż na zdjęciach. To olbrzymia przestrzeń, gdzie zachowana jest dzika zieleń, a ingerencja w teren jest niewielka, głównie w bezpośrednim otoczeniu samego domku. Piękny zabytkowy basen zasilany wodą z potoku. Woda w basenie nie jest zimna, zapewne dlatego, że wymiana następuje stosunkowo powoli i woda zdąży się nagrzać. DOMEK ** Tutaj mamy kilka uwag krytycznych. Przede wszystkim nie jest to dom dla 10 dorosłych osób (zgodnie z opisem ze strony). W błąd też wprowadza nazwa “Posiadłość” (synonim rezydencji, odsyłam do definicji w Wiki). W domku są dwie sypialnie – jedna z łóżkiem piętrowym, druga bardzo przyzwoita z dużym łóżkiem dwuosobowym. Jako sypialnia trzyosobowa funkcjonuje pokoik, gdzie połączono ze sobą pojedynczy i niewielki podwójny materac. W przejściu sypialnia jednoosobowa. Plus materac – spanie kątem gdzieś na parterze. Komfortowo można spędzić tu czas w 7 osób w układzie (2 pary + 3 singli) lub 6 osób (1 para + 5 singli). Na pewno nie w 8, 9 ani nie 10, jak podano na stronie. Sporym problemem było połączenie internetowe – planowaliśmy oglądać filmy w streamingu, w tym celu zabraliśmy duży ekran i projektor, o czym nawet informowaliśmy p. Anetę. Niestety internet działał tak wolno, że nawet sprawdzenie FB graniczyło z cudem. Problem zgłosiliśmy, ale został rozwiązany dopiero po naszym wyjeździe. Pokrzyżowało nam to sporo wieczornych filmowych planów. W opłacie (7740 zł ze sprzątaniem) jest jeden komplet ręczników na osobę na cały pobyt. Powszechnie przyjętym standardem jest możliwość bezpłatnej wymiany ręczników w trakcie pobytu. Ponadto otrzymaliśmy jedynie 4 koce, chociaż było nas 9.

Host: Aneta

Panie Samuelu, bardzo dziękujemy za szczerą opinię. Między innymi po Państwa wizycie zmieniliśmy zasady przyjmowania Gości w naszym obiekcie i bardzo wyraźnie akcentujemy warunki bytowe oraz internetowe, tak by właśnie nie doszło ponownie do jakichkolwiek nieporozumień. Używamy słowa "posiadłość" ponieważ mało które miejsce gwarantuje tak duży teren wokół domu jak my czyli hektar działki wraz zbiornikiem wodnym, a za równo na zdjęciach jak i w opisie jest dokładnie przedstawiony nasz obiekt. Rozumiem, że nie spełniliśmy Państwa oczekiwań i jest mi bardzo przykro z tego powodu, na pewno wzięliśmy sobie do serca wszystkie uwagi i staramy się jeszcze bardziej, aby nasi Goście wyjeżdżali zawsze zadowoleni. Co do przyjętego standardu bezpłatnej wymiany ręczników w trakcie pobytu to owszem, może jest to standard dla hoteli, my jednak jesteśmy małym obiektem, prowadzonym w zgodzie z nurtem slow.


Miejsce jedyne w swoim rodzaju, z niesamowitą energią, umożliwiające relaks, wyciszenie, kontemplację natury. Rzeczywiście psiolubne - nasz pies miał wakacje życia. Dom jest dobrze zorganizowany i bardzo przemyślany, czysty, schludny - czuliśmy się jak u siebie, docenialiśmy, że sporo rzeczy jest na miejscu np. pełna szafa kaw, przypraw, olejów w kuchni, miski dla psów, środki czystości itp. Mimo najzimniejszego maja od 30 lat w domu było ciepło. Poza tym, zawsze mogliśmy liczyć na na pomoc Pani Właścicielki. Na pewno będziemy wracać - już nam brakuje niesamowitego widoku tafli wody i szumu potoku. Sama wieś Przesieka jest chyba najbardziej malowniczą miejscowością, jaką widzieliśmy w Polsce, a do tego oferuje nie lada atrakcje! Polecamy z całego serca!

Host: Aneta

Ślicznie dziękujemy za docenienie naszych starań, na takie słowa czeka się czasem chwilę, ale ten pierwszy głos dodaje nam jeszcze więcej siły i energii do tego, by czynić to miejsce jeszcze bardziej ciepłym, przytulnym, wygodnym, komfortowym i psiolubnym. Bardzo pięknie dziękujemy!

4.0 2 opinii