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Dworek Makoszka

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Location Poland, Lublin Province, Makoszka
Before we took care of Makoszka, even before my mother Iwona bought this land years ago, documented in Polish history took place here in the Parczewskie Forests. In the 19th century, in this royal village, a tsarist forester lived in a beautiful manor house, and in his stables were pure-bred horses. The manor house still stands here, right next to the forest, next to the Królowa Droga reserve in the Lublin region. The name with the crown in the title is not accidental, it is a memento of the times when Jagiełło, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, used to travel this way to the regional councils in Parczew. The word Makoszka, according to the legend, comes from the Slavic goddess of fertility Mokosz. Another, more popular, version says that the settlement was founded by Makosz - a beekeeper who settled by the springs of Konotopa. Among the royal forests, the settlement was inhabited by honey hunters, growers, undergrowth harvesters and people who burned ash. People who lived close to nature, just like us and our guests. The wooden manor house resisted the turmoil of history for a long time until my mum Iwona came here and took care of the house and the stud. During the renovation of the house, she found broken Russian porcelain under the floor, an Uhlan army drafting card, and even a rusty saber. What must have gone on here all these years! In the yard, she discovered an old wooden door that became an icon for everyone in the manor house. She made sure that the wooden parquet floors creaked properly, that the knitted napkins found their way to the round tables, and there were also horses. In the stables, on the horse track, but also in paintings and sculptures inside. When mum said that's enough and hid in the kitchen, where she now charms guests with her delicacies, we - Kasia and Tomek - took over. With verve, love for horses and people, and three little trouble makers. In the winter we plunge into our pond, in the summer we fish and swim, in the autumn we pick mushrooms, and all year round we go horse riding, jump over obstacles and organize horse riding camps for children and teenagers. As parents, we also make sure that the kids feel like they're in a real village - they feed the animals, run barefoot on the grass, play as much as possible, all while parents freely recharge their batteries. Horses have always been our passion and love, it was thanks to them that we met, it was because of them that my mother bought a manor house with a 19th-century log stable. In the beginning, there were supposed to be two, but it became the whole stable and a way of life. We have an army of ponies, elegant steeds, mares, and old ladies who are enjoying their happy retirement here. People are as happy in Makoszka as they are with horses. A house with the atmosphere of a forester's lodge, cosy rooms, a common living room with a fireplace, a dining room and a terrace where books are absorbed await you. Evenings by the fireplace, mornings on bicycles and hours of lessons in the saddle. We have Iwona's homemade cooking, Szerlok and Fado - pets and a friendly atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you. Let yourself be known.

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Kasia i Tomek
We are Kasia and Tomek Romaniuk and, as is usually the case, it was passion that made us cross paths. We met thanks to the horses, and then it was a wedding, three children, Nikodem, Filip and Blanka, and a herd of horses. We continue and develop the work of Iwona's mother, affectionately known as the "Foundress Mother", who bought a completely ruined manor house years ago and took it under her wing, giving it a second life. Today she reigns in the kitchen, passionately pampering the palates of our guests. Since then, we were crazy about saving old buildings - to Makoszka we transported two houses (one of them is Czelejówka), a few granaries and a barn, which are waiting for renovations. We really want our guests to feel as comfortable as possible here, so we try to create a homely and family atmosphere. We invite horse riders and more.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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Eco Alert

We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We promote waste segregation by guests
We segregate garbage

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Our charms

We don't have televisions
Mosquitos on warm days
Creaky floors
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We care about you

We disinfect the rooms between reservations

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Come to us for horses in the Lublin region
Come to us for horses in the Lublin region
Place created by a family for families
Place created by a family for families
7 cosy rooms for you in the manor
7 cosy rooms for you in the manor
We serve homemade breakfasts and dinners
We serve homemade breakfasts and dinners
Friendly pets are welcome - our dogs & cats are in the yard
Friendly pets are welcome - our dogs & cats are in the yard

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Where will I sleep?

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On the farm, which years ago was the seat of the tsarist forest inspectorate. On the edge of the village, surrounded by fields and forests, in the West Polesie Biosphere Reserve, in the Lublin region. In a house that remembers the days of the lancers, with a view of the stables, pastures, paddocks and lilac flowers blooming in spring. In summer it happens that crickets, frogs and nightingales do not let you sleep, but when you fall asleep, it is a stone dream. Then you always get up with your right foot, because if there is already breakfast waiting on the table, it can't be wrong. In a wooden manor house, 7 cozy rooms, for a total of 24 people, are waiting for you. Most rooms are equipped with bathrooms, each with internet, none with a TV. On the ground floor of the house there is a large living room with a fireplace, sofas, an armful of books and a place where you can make coffee or tea. Adjacent to the living room is a playroom for children, where children are not bored not only when it rains. Rooms: - "Early Spring" is the only room on the ground floor. Quadruple with a double bed, a single bed that can be converted into a double bed, with a bathroom and a view of the stable. - The "window to the yard" is an upstairs room with four separate beds and a bathroom. - The “room with a view” is small, for one or two people. It has a double Art Nouveau bed and a bathroom. The room overlooks the orchard and the pastures. - “Noce i Dnie” is our apartment for 4 - 5 people. It consists of two connected rooms. One has a double bed, the other has two separate beds for children. A cot for a baby will also fit here. The room has a bathroom and the window overlooks the orchard and pastures. - "Secret Garden" is our guests' favorite room. Atmospheric, with a double bed and an additional couch for a child. With a bathroom and a view of the stable and the yard. - "Miś" is a tiny room adjacent to the Secret Garden. It has two single beds. There is no bathroom. This one is next to the room in the corridor. - "Ponies conspiracy" is just the name! There is a 4-person room with a double bed and a folding IKEA couch underneath it, with a bathroom in the corridor. For families, we provide a cot with bedding, a bathtub, a changing table free of charge, platforms in the bathrooms, overlays for a toilet seat, non-slip mats, high chairs, plastic cutlery.

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Common space

Living room with couches (50 m2)
Fireplace corner
Playroom / children's corner
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Pond in the garden
Children's playground
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Medium speed Internet / WiFi
Good cell phone reception
We don't have TVs

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
Towels (complete set per stay)

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What will I eat?

Dworek Makoszka - What will I eat?
Dworek Makoszka - What will I eat?

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There are rumors that in our home even a dry roll tastes like a delicacy, but don't worry, dry bread is not even eaten by our horses. They have a special herbal feed. And we will feed you to everything we have the best. Delicious, healthy, home cooking. In the morning, we will welcome you with breakfast, during the day we will invite you for soup, and in the evening we will cover you for dinner. In summer, outbreaks are part of the habitat's constant repertoire. Smoked, smoked cheese, fish, meat, sausages, cold cuts and even eggs will land on the table. Only natural products gurgling in the pots. Vegetables from nearby farms, fruit from nearby orchards, gifts from the forest. We make preserves ourselves, we have honey straight from our friendly apiary. Game is our specialty. But for veg fans there will also be delicacies. Apparently, our hoofs are mentioned until the next visit.

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Food on-site

Dinner-supper for an extra fee (50 PLN)
Breakfast included
Free coffee
Local products(eggs, meat and sausages, mushrooms, cakes, tinctures)

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Kitchen access

No access to the kitchen
Dishes and cutlery

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In / at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside

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Instead of horns, you will listen to crickets, nightingales, the snorting of horses, hoofbeats and the clatter of storks. Rural silence interwoven with the natural sounds of life, this is how it is with us. Time is mainly spent in the saddle, in the stable, feeding the ponies, fishing, walking and having quality time together. Often at the table or at the fire. Makoszka is located in the Natura 2000 area and the "Polesie Zachodnie" biosphere reserve, on the edge of the Parczewskie Forests complex. We have nature reserves, protected landscape areas, landscape parks, nature paths and the possibility of really close contact with nature. In the nearby forests you can meet elks, deer, roe deer, wild boar, raccoon dogs and even wolves. Now you know where to look for us, but probably not all of you know what a great place for active tourism is Polesie Lubelskie. When it's hot, you can go to the lake to swim, bike to the forest - tens of kilometers of forest paths are waiting just behind the fence. A kayak trip with friends - no problem, you can too. Horseback riding - there is. Great forests for lovers of running and Nordic walking - on site. In winter, you can go skiing. From general to detail, because the fact that you will not be bored is certain. Now we will tell you what to expect on the spot and in the vicinity. Our farm is home to horses, ponies, cats and dogs. All animals are very friendly to the world, they can be petted, cuddled and kissed, which we do often and with great pleasure. We run a riding school for children and adults on the farm. Even if you are not attracted to horseback riding, we invite you to ride in a carriage through the surrounding forests. And sometimes it is enough to just watch them graze in the meadow, how they gallop, how their coat glistens in the sun. We invite you to visit us with bikes, because the conditions are just perfect. The Parczewskie Forests are full of forest scenic routes, ideal for cycling. There are interesting tourist places in the forest: - nature paths, such as Lake Obradowskie or Bobrówka, - historical sites - reconstructed partisan dugouts, memorials. Next to the manor house there is a 42 km bicycle route called the Wild Nature Trail, leading from the village of Parczew, through Pohulanka, Obradowskie Lake, the Królowej Droga reserve where we live, partisan monuments, the village of Białka, Libiszów, to Sosnowica. We look for water in summer, you know. The towns of Białka and Jedlanka, and then Zagłębocze, with lakes ideal for summer baths, are located about 15 km away. For fishing enthusiasts, we prepare a pond with the possibility of fishing, in which we also sometimes sea. We have fish: carp, crucian carp and grass carp, and 15 km from us there is a great Fishing Under Sosnami open all year round. In winter, you can indulge in sweet laziness in front of the fireplace, but also go cross-country skiing.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0,2 km)
Board games

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For hedonists

Winter swimming

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For sports enthusiasts

Horse riding (0 km)
Bicycles for rent

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For those craving art

Kozłówka (52 km)
Romanów - Muzeum Kraszewskiego (47 km)

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Our pets


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What’s there for children?

Dworek Makoszka - What’s there for children?
Dworek Makoszka - What’s there for children?

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Holidays in the countryside in full swing! Here, life revolves around a stable, a pond, a kitchen, a pasture, a fire and again horses. We are the parents of three children ourselves and we cannot imagine the Manor without our kids. Therefore, we create a place friendly to families with children, one where both of them feel at ease. We have a nice group of little riders all year round, because we organize horseback riding holidays, horse riding holidays and riding lessons in our school. In Makoszka, the youngest will see what life in the countryside looks like, they will take part in feeding the horses, they will be your brother with nature and animals. There will be plenty of rolling in the hay, running barefoot on the grass, wading in the mud and snowball fights. In case of bad weather, hurricane or blizzard, you can always have fun at home. On the ground floor there is a playroom adjacent to the living room with toys, books and coloring books. Otherwise: - hay, straw, - ponies - balls, goals and a court for hitting - joint - the possibility of fishing

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Attractions for children

Children's corner
Horse riding
Work with animals
Feeding of rural animals
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Additionally available

Crib for babies
Bath tub for babies
High chair
Children's crockery and cutlery

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Makoszka 2B, Makoszka, Lublin Province, Poland

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Icon Public transportation

Nearest stops

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Train: Parczew (8 km)

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How much will I pay?

Notification icon
Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
MANOR HOUSE - price list valid in 2022 *
minimum two nights
Price per person PLN 120
- the given price with breakfast per person - it is possible to buy an additional dinner on site for PLN 50 / per person - discounts for children - children up to 3 years old - free of charge with a parent in bed, children from 3 to 6 years - 50% of the price Coffee / tea from the coffee machine, fridge, dishes available throughout the day. We do not have access to the kitchen, for people who want to cook on their own, we recommend Czelejówka :) NOTE: we cook meat and vegetarian, we do not cook vegan dishes * The price list does not apply to long weekends, such as May weekend, Corpus Christi weekend, as well as Christmas and New Year's Eve. We prepare stay packages for these circumstances. STABLE Horse Riding: 1 hour of substitute riding at the riding school - PLN 60 1 hour of individual driving with an instructor - PLN 80 1 hour of riding in the field (only with an instructor for well-driven people) - PLN 80 Learning to ride a lunge / improving sitting on a lunge - 60 PLN / 30 min Pony tours for children - PLN 20/10 minutes, a walk in hand to the pond - PLN 30

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Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 24 people

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 2 days
Wakacje : 2020-07-01 - 2020-08-30, minimum 5 days

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Klimatyczne miejsce z pysznym jedzeniem i ogromną przestrzenią. Jesteśmy pod wrażeniem dbałości o detale wystroju, buraczków na ciepło i sielskiej atmosfery mimo jesiennej pogody.


Idealnie spędzony czas. Cisz, spokój i wieczory przy kominku. Do tego bardzo duże, smaczne i urozmaicone posiłki, żal nam było cokolwiek zostawiać, a racuchy do kawy to już mistrzostwo. Będziemy wracać bo warto wspierać takich gospodarzy i ich miejsca.


Pyszne jedzenie, słoneczna jesień na wsi, mili gospodarze, zapach koni, trawy, jabłek i liście leniwie spadające z drzew

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