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Górska Legenda

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Location Polska, Beskid Śląski, Szczyrk
The area here is that people involuntarily look through the eyes of Ronja, the robber's daughter, or somewhere in case she`d be running somewhere in the woods. We didn`t see Ronja around, but there`s a lot of small guests coming in and feeling at home. At this time we are giving a cup of coffee to five parents and we invite you for a long breakfast in the Scandinavian interiors. Come to the Mountain Legends, where the story of the small robbers are writing themselves, and the parents manage to finish all conversations with wine and to sleep. Waiting for hot coffee ...

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Barbara Trala
Jesteśmy niepoprawnymi turystycznymi optymistami z pociągiem do przygody. Długimi skokami od morza do gór zbudowaliśmy swój tryb życia, bo trudno nam usiedzieć na miejscu. A nasze życie, zmiany i potrzeby zbudowały Górską Legendę - miejsce przyjazne dzieciom i rodzicom, które wciąż zmienia się na lepsze.

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For children and families
For children and families
Beskid Sport Arena 400 m (with kindergarten)
Beskid Sport Arena 400 m (with kindergarten)
Good kitchen ladies kitchen ...
Good kitchen ladies kitchen ...
... but you can also cook yourself in the annex
... but you can also cook yourself in the annex
BioDesign pool with beach
BioDesign pool with beach
We do not accept pets
We do not accept pets

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In the mountain legend our comfortable apartments and bungalows are of Scandinavian style. Our specialty is minimalist interiors and climatic climate warmers in detail. We invite you to apartments or cottages. APARTMENTS will accommodate from 3 to 6 people. They include lovely shabby chic bedrooms, living rooms combined with fully equipped kitchenette and bathroom. The cottages are like 6 people from a small Swedish town. Upstairs comfortable bedrooms. On the pater, there is a living room with a kitchenette and a dining room with a large family table and a bathroom. The terrace is usually the perfect place to spend summer evenings. In our gardens we will invite you for an evening barbecue and relax in the heated swimming pool in the mountains of the mountains.

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What will I eat?

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We do not intend to slim down, and we ourselves enjoy the compliments of guests and dumplings. Fragrances floating in the kitchen are to stimulate the nostrils, while the breakfast-style composition of grilled oscypek with added fragrant cranberries and coffees transforms the senses and gives a kick of positive energy. Our special weapon, Mrs Krysia, is a culinary pistol, which should receive gold badges for every domestic dumplings that will come out of her hand. In turn, Mrs. Bożenka is ruthless and every time she makes her own triumphs on the face and does not make any protest. Donuts by Mrs. Eli - a real masterpiece! All three ladies are like sirens attracting sailors on the sea, only they are attracted by the smell of hot dough and then heated with cloves of mulled wine. For the winter we have armed our legendary sideboard with homemade jams and tinctures dignified from behind the site.

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Will I not be bored?

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We have children, so we are parents and we know from experience what we need and both. We give children a cool space, and parents pamper, because who do not we? - there is a warm pool filtered with Himalayan salt, open from May to September - There are massages and treatments - there is coffee. A lot of coffee - ski slopes right next door - some sightseeing: 18th century wooden church in Szczyrk, chairlift to Skrzyczne (the highest peak of the Silesian Beskid). From the top on a nice day you can see the Tatras. In the nearby Vistula you can see the waterfalls of Biała Wisełka, which leads to the picturesque gorge - It is worth to go to the Trinity, ie Istebna, Jaworzynka and Koniaków (lace exhibition). - For the active: rope parks in Ustroń, Czantoria and Równica and Totem Climbing Center. But if you prefer to stay there - we have some adventures to choose from. Forested mountain trails will take you on a lazy stroll, showing the roadside historic shrines. Come back to the pool ...

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What’s there for children?

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High demands require many creative solutions. So we have:  - Outdoor playground (on safe ground)  - Fairyland in the middle, and workshops and games with the babysitter.  - Mini-mini channel  - baby cot  - a fabulous four-poster bed   - highchair   - extra pillows and blankets   - contact security   - Seat for easy bathing in the shower  - baby bath tub   - Anti-slip mat in the shower or in the bathtub   - potty, toilet seat cover, grade   - plastic bowl for washing   - current contact with the nearest pharmacy, doctor Where can you take kids? TatraBob toboggan run - fun for the whole family EnergyLandia and ZatorLand are the favorite amusement parks of these small and large ones The Jurassic Park invites Dinolandia Small cowboys are invited to the TwinPigs western saloon Forest Park of Surprises in Ustron ... we can not bet, it's a surprise :)

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Our address: Górska 62, Szczyrk, Silesian Beskid, Poland

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Spring in the mountains - longer cheaper .. 08.04 - 23/06/2018
number of people Price
Classic Garden Suite 2-4 from 180 PLN / day min 2 nights
Classic View Apartment 2-4 from 200 PLN / day, min 2 nights
Apartment Mezzanine 2-3 from 200 PLN / day, min 2 nights
Family Suite 2-5 from PLN 250 / night, min. 2 nights
Royal Suite 2-4 from PLN 250 / night, min. 2 nights
Scandinavian house 2-6 from 410 PLN / day min 2 nights
Holidays with animation (7 or 14 nights) 23.06 - 02/09/2018
number of people Price
Classic Garden Suite 2-4 from PLN 350 / day
Classic View Apartment 2-4 from PLN 390 / day
Apartment Mezzanine 2-3 from PLN 400 / day
Family Suite 2-5 from PLN 380 / day
Royal Suite 2-4 from PLN 420 / day
Scandinavian house 2-6 from 590 PLN / day
Liczba osób Cena
Apartament Classic Garden 2-4 od 550 zł/doba
Domek Skandynawski 2-6 osoby (max. 4 osoby dorosłe) od 1200 zł/doba
SYLWESTER W GÓRACH (7 nocy) 27.12.2020 - 03.01.2021
Liczba osób Cena
Apartament 2-4 od 490 zł/doba
Domek Skandynawski 2-6 (max. 4 osoby dorosłe) od 1290 zł/doba
STYCZEŃ Z MINIPRZEDSZKOLEM (min. 5 nocy) 3 - 16.01.2021
Liczba osób Cena
Apartament 2-4 od 390 zł/doba
Domek Skandynawski 2-6 (max. 4 osoby dorosłe) od 590 zł/doba
FERIE Z ANIMACJAMI ( 7, 14, 21 nocy) 16.01 - 28.02.2021
Liczba osób Cena
Apartament 2-4 od 420 zł/doba
Domek Skandynawski 2-6 (max. 4 osoby dorosłe) od 650 zł/doba
Additionally in the summer season 23.06 - 02/09/2018: - Homemade cake and coffee by 5 changes - Sunday 18:00 - Homemade Dumplings of Mrs. Krysia - Tuesday 14: 00-16: 00 (portion PLN 14) - Animations for children with an animator Monday-Friday (16:00 - 19:00 children aged 3-12, take place with at least 3 people) - Sauna (screening 1h only for you)

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Icon Quiet hours from 22:00 to 06:00

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Standard minimum stay: 2 days

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Prepayment charged: 40%
If you cancel up to 40 days before your arrival, we will refund the prepayment amount
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Arrival from 16:00 to 22:00
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Cancellations can be made without charge until 30 days prior to arrival, in which case the prepayment will be refunded within 7 days of the cancellation. If canceled later or in case of no show, the total price of the reservation will be charged. 30% prepayment is required for the indicated bank account or credit card details.

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Górska Legenda jest miejscem, do którego się wraca. Przemiła obsługa, czuliśmy się zaopiekowani i bezpieczni podróżując z malutkim dzieckiem. Bardzo czysto, dbałość o szczegóły (dostaliśmy śliczne malutkie łóżeczko, na którym czekał pluszak i małe poduszeczki), a do tego bardzo dobra lokalizacja. Rzut beretem od szlaków, blisko do centrum miasta, piękny widok na góry i duży ogród z basenem, który w innej porze roku musi być nie lada gratką dla rodzin podróżujących z dziećmi. Naprawdę chętnie zatrzymamy się tam ponownie.


Wszystko nam się podobało: i wystrój, i komfort, i strefa zabaw dla dzieci, i śniadania. Miejsce bardzo ładne, z przyjemnym widokiem z balkonów z obu stron, zadbane, czyste. Miła obsługa, nie brakowało nam niczego. Apartament był bardzo duży, z dobrze wyposażoną kuchnią, sypialnia z wygodnym, dużym łóżkiem. Śniadania warte swojej ceny, duże, z dużą ilością produktów, a przy tym codziennie znaleźć było można coś innego, poza tym cieplutkie pieczywo i świeżo wyciskany sok. Sala zabaw dla dzieci to super opcja w niepogodę, albo sposób na marudziaki. Chętnie odwiedzimy to miejsce o innej porze roku. Śmiało polecamy każdemu.


Cudne miejsce! Pomysł z dostarczaniem śniadań do pokoju - rewelacja! Taras z widokiem na góry - bajeczny! Pewnie wrócimy jeszcze raz!

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