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Camping and glamping
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Herbal Glamping Resort

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Location Słowenia, Ljubno ob Savinji
That fantastic feeling that you are merging and blending into the nature. As you're here you've got all of the Slovenian part of Styria within reach. What you're coming here for is the famous white wine and trekking in the Ljubno Mountains, and in nearby Maribor we have the oldest grapevine in the world. They write about it in the Guinness Book. We invite you to a fairy tale-kind of place and just about the best holidays in the world. It smells of herbs here, every tent has its own jacuzzi, in the summer we bathe in the biological pool, and in the winter we do not believe that we are lucky to be here. Feel free to pop in all years round and... have much more than just a holiday. Every little thing is an experience round here. You're going to head home with loads more than just a few snaps.

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Charming Slovenia Herbal Glamping Resort Ljubno
We are a young, intimate glamping, and our goal is to spoil you, our guests. The owner of the resort decided to use his experience in business and transfer it into tourism. He taught us hospitality, attention to detail and creating cozy atmosphere. Come and see yourself!

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About us

We speak these languages: English, German

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10 tents each fits 4 people  in the middle of nowhere in the woods
10 tents each fits 4 people in the middle of nowhere in the woods
no kitchen here, but we make breakfasts and  have a restaurant
no kitchen here, but we make breakfasts and have a restaurant
wellness area and a private sauna all for you
wellness area and a private sauna all for you
herbal garden, herbal shop and  workshops
herbal garden, herbal shop and workshops
perfect spot in Northern Slovenia (Styria)
perfect spot in Northern Slovenia (Styria)
no pets please
no pets please

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Where will I sleep?

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We wanted our place to be so quiet that would seem out of this world, a bit like a fairy tale, a bit like paradise. That is why we chose that spot in the forests of the Northern Slovenia, with a stream and at the foot of the mountains. As you approach the area you will be struck by the unusual aroma of herbs, and then it just gets get better. A round pool with wooden sunbathing terraces, a good-vibe place for a bonfire, and tents - it speaks for itself. There's 10 of them, each one can fit 4 people, and they're sooo spacious. They do, look more like tiny huts. They are two-floor and are equipped with two double beds, a sofa, bathroom, TV, WiFi, air conditioning and heating, a safe, a table with chairs and a terrace with a view that the jaw drops. And do not forget that each tent has its own jacuzzi outside. All you have to do is enter once and by no means noone will ever get you out. In the price of the accommodation we prepare you that tip top breakfast and you can use the sauna in the wellness area too. Don`t trouble your mind about the colder months, let us assure you we are open only from April to October, but in colder days we cover tents with additional material, turn on heating and provide warm blankets for the biggest chilly people.

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What will I eat?

Herbal Glamping Resort - What will I eat?
Herbal Glamping Resort - What will I eat?
Herbal Glamping Resort - What will I eat?

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Now picture this: in the morning you wake up, open one eye, open the other, step on the terrace, and here comes the surprise. In addition to the view, a ready-made breakfast with delicious croissants, fresh bread and local delicacies awaits you. The best part is that you can sit, eat and drink aromatic coffee or homemade herbal tea forever. Or to lunch :) When it comes to lunch, you have two options to choose from. First you come to our restaurant and order something from our menu. We serve local dishes, ecological dishes and whatever we have, so our card changes frequently. For example, if our neighbor catches a delicious fish from the river, you can expect it on the plate. The second option is cooking together on the terrace with our boss. Something for those with a teaser about cooking, people and learning new things. Of course we use our herbs and herbs. We also have lunch and dinner at the restaurant. For romantic souls, we can arrange an intimate dinner by candlelight and bonfire. We recommend two restaurants in the area: -Sport Center Prodnik - don't let the name fool you. Here you will find delicious traditional dumplings with potatoes (zlinkrofi) and local meat and fish. We recommend you to sit on the terrace and watch trouts jumping from a nearby river. - Gostišče Pevc - here also serve traditional dishes, eg: žganci, žlinkrofi, štruklji. It's worth asking about a dish of the day - the chef likes to surprise with a rare dish that you will not find anywhere else.

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Food on-site

Lokalne produkty (cheese, meat and sausages, vegetables, fruits, preserves)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In/at the edge of the forest

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We are the first herbal glamping in Slovenia. We like herbs and we know them, that's why we use them not only for cooking. We run herbal workshops where you can learn something from us and explore the secrets of plants. In our spa, we also use herbs for various treatments. Surrounded by their scent you will feel what magical effects some of them have on the skin and body. For those who prefer to sit on the spot, we have a few more proposals. You can take a picnic on the grass, relax in the pool, sunbathe or just sit on the terrace with a book. We do not complain about the lack of attractions nearby. Choose one of our proposals, give the signal and organization leave us. Our ideas here: -mountain climbing -fishing -aerodynamic tunnel - kayaking, rafting and other water adventures -tennis -golf -paragliding -horse riding -skiing or cross-country skiing -water sports on the lake You can also rent electric bikes on site and take a ride around the area. For views it is worth.

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What’s there for children?

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We like kids very much and we invite children of all ages, but we warn you that our place is not completely adapted to the youngest. When the weather is good, we prepare for them attractions such as: - swimming in the pool - tours on electric bikes - exploring nearby forests - herbal workshops In case of inclement weather, we are armed with board games. So that you can stay a moment alone, we will organize care for your children. If you decide to come with babies, let us know in advance, we will arrange a crib for you.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Ter 42, Ljubno ob Savinji, , Slovenia

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How much will I pay?

Price for 1 night/tent
June - August May + September - October
tent for 4 people 350 € / tent 250 - 280 € / tent
In high season (June - August) for stay for only 1 night we add fee - 40 € / tent. In low season for stay for 2 people - 250 € / night, up to 4 people - 280 € / night.

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PAYMENT With the booking confirmation, we ask you to transfer a deposit representing 40% of the total cost of booking to Charming Slovenia’s account (company’s bank account: IBAN SI56 0254 3025 9777 194 NLB d.d., IJP d.o.o., Loke 33, 3333 Ljubno ob Savinji, SI – Slovenia, Europe). If a deposit is not paid to our account, a tacit cancellation of the reservation can consequently be made. Full prepayment and remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival. Reservations made within 30 days prior to arrival must be prepaid in full at the time of booking. Remainder of the payment is possible upon arrival. There is additional payment of Accommodation and Promotion Tax (2 EUR for adult person per night and 1 EUR for child per night). CANCELLATION Cancellation charges depend on when Charming Slovenia (only written in an email to or by telephone +386 31 663 777 plus also written by email) receives guests’ notice of the cancellation. Minimum cancellation charges are as follows: If notice is received 46+ days prior to arrival: no charge. If notice is received 45 to 31 days prior to arrival: 40 % per accommodation penalty. If notice is received 30 to 0 days prior to arrival: 100% of the purchase price penalty. No-shows: 100% of the purchase price. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS Guests are responsible for furnishing proof of citizenship in the form of a valid passport, and any other documentation necessary for travel. Guests should consult with their travel agent or airline, or appropriate government authorities to ascertain what documentation is necessary. Guests may be refused passage/entry if they do not possess necessary travel documents. Charming Slovenia is not responsible for guests’ failure to obtain and safeguard necessary travel documents. COMPLIANCE WITH LOCAL LAW Guests are responsible for knowing, obeying, and complying with the laws and regulations of their destination, and resort staff is not obligated to inform or warn guests about the destination’s laws and/or regulations. WIAVER OF LIABILITY - pond with infinity edge, wooden paths, tree houses ... Swimming pond in the resort is equipped with an infinity edge. Guests acknowledge and agree to follow all posted safety precautions related to the infinity pond including, but not limited to, the strict prohibition against entering the infinity pond’s overflow channel, resting, sitting, or climbing on the walls and/or edges of the infinity edge. In doing so, guests hereby discharge and holds harmless the resort and/or its staff from all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs, and/or expenses which may arise out of or in any way concern the guests’ use of the pond infinity edge. Guests understand and acknowledge that this waiver includes claims based on negligence and/or the actions or inactions of the resort and/or its staff. Accordingly, advance notification of this requirement is hereby provided. The guests’ tour operator and/or travel agent is required to provide a copy of this Notice (WAIVER OF LIABILITY) to the guests. This also applies to tree houses, tents on piers, all bridges, and accompanying paths. Tree houses have balconies/terraces, where guests can relax in peace and silence. Balconies and paths leading to tree houses have guard rails (like on balconies in hotels). Charming Slovenia is therefore not liable for any actions that are contrary to resort’s rules, e.g. guests sitting on the balcony or path guard rail, or even climbing over the rails.

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