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Łabapa 1 - dom z widokiem na jeziora

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There is a French tale from the 1970s "Barbapapa", whose name refers to cotton candy (barbe à papa). Łabapa has so much in common that it is like in a fairy tale, children feel at ease and do not want to leave this natural session, and adults stay with sensitive and sweet memories for many years. The name can also be associated with French cotton candy, and here it is reminded of whirling cumulus suspended above the surface of the lake. Besides, everything is different.

You will find us in the Masurian triangle between Radziejami, Stawiski and Sztynort on the Trail of the Great Masurian Lakes. From the windows of the house, a landscape spills out, which could easily be found on Turner's impressionist works. The English painter never had the opportunity to rest and take inspiration from Lake Łabap, so you have an advantage. If you are wondering what you can do here in addition to arranging painting plein airs, then we are in a hurry with the answer. Look for hours at the hypnotizing lake without having to analyze it and it's called relaxation. Sail and discover the surrounding islands, which hide the treasures of nature, after the storm warm up at the blazing campfire flames, decorate the climbing wall from the heap of hay and in the afternoon time brew a melissa broken straight from the garden.

Come to the house, which for many years was our private holiday place, and now it is open to 6 people who want to relax and calm down. There is a lake waiting for you, in which not only people swim, but the baths also have a moose here, and the sunrise is a small picnic. Because in Łabapa, moonrises are amazing, which are reflected in the water mirror. We already know that it's divine here, now it's time for you.

Monika Wasilewska

Łabapa is my family holiday home, which is associated with many memories, emotions and feelings. This love is the effect of youthful memories and the charm of Warmia and Mazury that I love. Here I rest, I stare at the lake for hours and I load energy, spend my minutes, hours, evenings and mornings on a hammock, swim at sunset and spend a leisurely time with my family. The time has come for you. I am happy to share our paradise on earth, hoping you will love this place with a strange sounding name, just like me.
blissful sunsets and moon rises
Łabap lake right be the window
room for your pet
mammock and mint plant in the garden
all watersports at your willing
cozy 6 people house


  • By the lake
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Entire place


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Pet friendly
  • Bicycles
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Kayaks
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Playground
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Fish
  • Mushrooms

Where will I sleep?

We offer you a whole house with a fireplace for up to 8 people decorated with a big heart. Green here knocks on the door, and looking through the windows you will see the most beautiful landscape painted by nature. In the large garden that surrounds the house you will find sun loungers, a barbeque, a... barbecue with a smokehouse, or an external gym made by us.

Directly from the plot, you can go down to the lake and find a very old jetty. It's in poor condition, so beautiful pictures will come out, but we do not advise you to enter it. There are two very nice beaches nearby.

We offer you a house in which there is:

- bedroom with two single beds (possibility of an extra cot),
- a bedroom with two single beds and a fold-out large double bed
- a living room with a fireplace, two comfortable sofas and an armchair
- mezzanine with two double beds
- a fully equipped kitchen with a dining room, forming a common part of the living room,
- toilet with shower

All this to your sole disposal. I will be good here.

What will I eat?

In our kitchen you will find everything to prepare and serve meals. After cleaning, the dishwasher will be helpful. In addition, it may be useful: Cafissimo Tchibo capsule coffee maker, blender, mixer, toaster or toaster.

Although in the kitchen you will be able to cook well, try Masurian cuisine.
next to Łabapa, in Sztynort you will eat delicious fresh fish at the daughter of Rybka, delicious regional kartacz is served by the Bar Młyn in Bania Masuria, and many other traditional regional dishes are served by Gospoda pod Czarnym Łabędziem in Rydzewo. more

What will I do?

Relaxation and rest are our motto. Therefore, the best way to spend time with us will be to relax on sun loungers or hammock and enjoy the nature. For those in need of activity, there is an outdoor gym, where you can do sunrise training to charge positive energy for the day. In addition, we give you... bicycles, canoe and boat. Nearby you will find many attractive places that are worth visiting. For many years it was our holiday home, so we will help you plan your holiday, advise on where to go on a trip or eat well.

At your disposal is:
- a roofed place for common garden sitting or admiring the lakes,
- an external gym,
- barbecue with a smokehouse,
- sun loungers
- hammock
- mini playground
- bikes,
- kayak
- motor boat (for an additional fee to be agreed).

By offering you another attraction, we have chosen a great bike trail. "Blue Ribbon of the Lakes" is a proposal of a nearly 80-kilometer bicycle trip in the middle part of the land of the Great Masurian Lakes, around the lakes Dargin, Dobskie and Kisajno. The trail is well marked and run mainly on fairly good, dirt roads. It runs through many old Masurian villages and settlements, passing old cemeteries, historic palaces and churches. The great advantage of the trail are beautiful views of the vast depths of the Masurian lakes, with a viewpoint on the villages of Dargin, Dobskie and Kisajno in Łabapa 1.

Another suggestion is a bike trip through a beautiful oak alley to the Lehndorff chapel. It's a very charming, short route, about 3.5 km one way:
- the beginning of the road along the lake,
- then a beautiful oak alley,
- reaching the goal,
- return, or perhaps a walk to Sztynort.

A campfire overlooking the lake is almost a mystical experience. With him you can warm up after the storm, because a well-lit bonfire will not go out even in the biggest rain.

There is no bad weather in Łabapa. We live in harmony with nature, close to nature. To better know the richness of Masuria and fall in love with these areas we recommend:

- yacht charter from Port Sztynort and a cruise on the lake,
- a short canoeing trip to a nearby canal, you can get there in 20 minutes by the shore of the lake.
- walk to Sztynort Port
- visit the Stallion of Kętrzyn,
- launch a boat and explore the surrounding islands, and when you get tired of swimming in a boat, you can follow her,
- gallop at the Anula Riding Center,
- a trip to raspberries, plums and other fruits that you will find in the area,
- getting a pile of hay, because this climbing does not require security and specialized walls,
- the sweetest bicycle route for ice cream to Sztynort Port.

What's for children?

In Łabapa, children can taste raspberries straight from the bush, carefree holiness and live on a tree. In nearby Melnik Agritourism will see horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs and many other animals. They will also get to know and try many species of fish.

In addition, do not exclude them from their...
activities, children will also feel the wind in sails, flowers in the hair and the reins in the hands.

From morning to night they can go crazy on a mini playground or trampoline. They will not have time to boredom discovering the beauty of the surrounding nature.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Tv set

How much will I pay?

cena / noc
Wakacje (sobota - sobota) od 1000 zł / dom
Majówka, Boże Ciało, Święta (min. 4 doby) od 1100 zł / dom
Sylwester (min. 4 doby) od 1300 zł/ dom
Poza sezonem i świętami (min. 5 dób ) od 900 zł/ dom
Zwierzęta - opłata jednorazowa 150 zł
Końcowe sprzątanie 150 zł

Cena zawiera pobyt 6 osób, każda kolejna osoba opłata dodatkowa od 100 zł / doba.
Dzieci do lat 2 pobyt darmowy.
Zwierzęta dodatkowo płatne 150zł za pobyt.
Dodatkowo obowiązuje jednorazowa płatność za końcowe sprzątanie domu 150zł.
Minimalna ilość dób może ulec zmianie, ustalamy indywidualnie i uzależniamy od naszego kalendarza.

Place rules

Accepted animals:

small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, cats

Maximum number of guests: 10 people

Standard minimum period: 5 days

2020-05-01 - 2020-06-27
Minimum 6 days
2020-09-16 - 2020-10-04
Minimum 5 days
Payment and booking conditions

Warunki rezerwacji:

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Warunki rezygnacji:

Anuluj 48 godzin od dokonania rezerwacji i 14 dni przed zameldowaniem, żeby uzyskać pełny zwrot.

Anuluj najpóźniej 7 dni przed zameldowaniem i uzyskaj 50% zwrotu kosztów.

Anuluj w ciągu 7 dni przed przyjazdem, a koszt całej rezerwacji nie będzie podlegał zwrotowi.

Pozostała kwota do zapłaty:

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:17:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • 11-600 Łabapa



Wspaniałe miejsce, polecam z całego serca! Domek jest super wyposażony, niczego nam nie brakowało, również kontakt z Właścicielami bardzo dobry. Lokalizacja przepiękna, malownicze widoki - jesteśmy zachwyceni, spędziliśmy naprawdę cudowny tydzień w tym przeuroczym miejscu :)


Wspaniałe, klimatyczne miejsce ! Dom jest piękny, z zadbanym ogrodem i cudownym widokiem na jezioro. Rewelacyjna lokalizacja - bardzo blisko portu ( chwilka rowerkiem ), ale wystarczająco daleko, żeby cieszyć się ciszą i spokojem miejsca. Domek bardzo dobrze wyposażony, niczego nam nie brakowało. Kontakt smsowo/telefoniczny z Gospodarzami był fantastyczny i bardzo serdeczny. Mogliśmy liczyć na pomoc w każdej sprawie i czuliśmy się nadzwyczaj zaopiekowani. Spędziliśmy wspaniały tydzień wakacyjny tydzień :))) Mamy nadzieje tam kiedyś powrócić - naprawdę WARTO !!!


To był nasz pierwszy wyjazd na Mazury, a wiem ze tam wrócimy. Cudowne i czyste miejsce , a domek w pełni wyposażony Mili i przyjaźnie nastawieni do gości właściciele Cisza i spokój, a wokół ciebie mnóstwo zieleni Do tego czyste powietrze , o które w miescie trudno. Drewniany domek dla najmłodszych Piękny widok Mogłabym rozpisywać się w samych plusach , ale najlepiej jest pojechać i zobaczyć na własne oczy.