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Werstok - Dom Dobry ze słomy i gliny

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The climate pickets and appeals for the smart use of resources are not a whine and an environmentalists picky wish, but that you probably already know. Our way of life is to return to simple pleasures, mindfulness and actions in harmony with the ecosystem. It is here, in Podlasie, in the buffer zone of the Białowieża Forest, near the blue church, that we created the Dom Dobry - Good House out of hay and clay. Here the asphalt ends and peace and freedom from civilization unpleasantness begin.

The House of Creative Sloth, as we like to call it, does not overburden the environment: We have a ground heat pump, thanks to which we do not smoke, and a home soil and plant sewage treatment plant supplying our orchard with clean water. We do not mow grass, we like spiders, we do not iron bedding, and we hang it to dry it with the wind. We compost as much as possible. We take care of our land, introducing permaculture principles, we grow chem free vegetables, we go vegetarian, eco and source locally if possible.

A typical dinner at the Good House is eggplant rolls with sunflower paste in tomato sauce, pasta with bear's garlic pesto; rhubarb tart for dessert. On hot days we focus on colorful dinners, and in spring we eat nettles. In the summer we run barefoot and organize painting workshops.

You can relax in a hammock, arrange a bonfire, ride a rented bike, go canoeing on the Narewka River or hunt wild animals. Bison, deer, elk, roe deer, lynx, foxes and the truest wolves in the world honor us with their presence. You can watch deer, roe deer and bison from the windows of the house. Our winter night record (during the full moon) is 52 deer and over 20 bison in sight. Take your binoculars and come and spend your time creatively. open air and meetings with topics close to us

Marysia i Kamil

Four years ago we moved the whole family out of a big city to lead a better and healthier life. When we were looking for a place for ourselves, Something led us to the vicinity of the Białowieża Forest. We got involved in the affairs of the region and its inhabitants, we met many wonderful people and it seems to us that we have lived here for a long time. I, Marysia, am a painter, and since the establishment of the House of Good - also a full-time avid cook and gardener. Kamil is still working in the city (partly remotely) and collects further badges in work around the house: electrician, carpenter, carpenter, plumber, locksmith.
in an eco hay-made house we have three rooms: 3- and 4-bed
we go vegetarian and grow vegetables as per the principles
we have bikes for you along with landscape routes in the area
pets welcome
we organize artistic workshops, open-air workshops and meetings
jesteśmy miejscem antyłowieckim, bardzo nie lubimy myśliwych


  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside


  • Breakfast paid extra
  • Access to the kitchen
  • Full board
  • Vegetarian, vegan, for allergics
  • Local products


  • Parking
  • Internet

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bread
  • Preserve
  • Goat cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • Cakes

Where will I sleep?

We built our ecological dream house in the gentle cover of meadows, in the vicinity of bisons, roaring deer and blowing wind. We made sure that it has a pleasant, healthy microclimate and does not interfere too much with the surrounding environment. The outer walls are filled with straw and covered with... clay plasters and wood. The walls have a thickness of up to 60 cm. The house built in strawbale technology, is friendly to allergy sufferers and all those who value being surrounded by natural materials. You will not find here great luxuries, golden door handles and marble countertops. It is modest and homey.

The Good House is also not ironed. Not only today, but from the beginning. You will always find clean, fragrant wind and ecologically non-ironed bedding.

Common space is a living room kitchen that is used for holders, integration, cooking and resting.

The comfortable, fully equipped kitchen has:
- stove with hob and oven;
- large fridge;
- dishwasher.

In the dining room at your disposal is a fold-out table, a fold-out sofa and armchair, as well as a reading and entertainment corner with a rich library of book and board titles. There will be something interesting for everyone.

We have three rooms for you on the first floor. Two are three-bed and one is four-bed.

Room 1
3-bed, with a large window and balcony, and a private bathroom with shower. It features:
- one double bed, which can be split into two single beds;
- one single.

Room 2
3-bed, with a large window and balcony, and a private bathroom with shower. It features:
- one double bed;
- one single.

Room 3
4-bed, with private bathroom with shower. It features:
- one double bed;
- two single (one in the sleeping niche, raised).

Additional options:

Children's chairs can be rented.
It is possible to rent a travel cot.
The possibility of using a washing machine.
You can rent a hair dryer and iron.
Possibility to rent tools.
It is possible to order organic, local products.
Possibility to rent bicycles.

There is also a place for a bonfire, hammocks and a large covered terrace included.

What will I eat?

Wege rulez! We run delicious, vegetarian, colorful seasonal cuisine. Meals are served in hay baskets of local produce, and the products we use to prepare dishes are of local origin. We buy eggs and cheese from our neighbors, we make preparations at home, most vegetables and herbs are from our garden,... but we also support the market in Hajnówka.

Each breakfast and dinner look different and depend on the season and the fantasy of the cook. The morning feast can consist of black lentil pate, hard-boiled eggs, blackcurrant jam and bread from a small Hajnowska bakery.

The spring is wild garlic pesto, asparagus soup made of white and green asparagus. In the summer - dumplings with blueberries, tomatoes in a delicious combination with sunflower fake, capers and camelina oil, pickled young beets, radish salsa, goat's cottage cheese from goats in the neighborhood.

When it gets colder, you can enjoy hot soup. We have a sunny yellow zucchini soup with red lentils, baked pumpkin accompanied by sage chips, pasta with buttermilk and marinated beetroot with goat cheese. In May we eat nettles and use homemade flavored vinegars throughout the year.

The guest kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances, so you can meet your own culinary delights.

You can buy or order organic, tasty products from friendly farms (cheese, eggs, oils, honey, etc.).

What will I do?

As a proper House of Creative Sloth, we cherish passive rest, creative ways of boring and blissful inaction. Sometimes, when we get tired of lying in a hammock, we transform the Good House into a Creative House and organize workshops, painting workshops and meetings with interesting people.

In Werstok...
we live with wild animals for your brother. You can see bison, deer, roe deer, elk, foxes, hoopoes and shrimp through the windows of the house and on walks. With any luck - you can also meet wolves and lynxes.

Our commune is in the top three Polish communes with the highest percentage of national minorities. Over 80% of inhabitants declare Belarusian nationality.

In the Verkhovian blue Orthodox church from 1768, the oldest icons come from the second half of the 18th century. The church's Gospel and the Apostle with a handwritten record of the founder Józef Wilczewski, a hussar knight, are also historic.

We also recommend trips.

The Białowieża Forest is about 12,000 years old and is the only natural object in Poland on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Pssst, we can recommend to you friendly and proven forest guides. In Białowieża - in addition to the nature and forest museum and the palace park - we recommend the friendly cafe "Bike Cafe" - a place that combines the advantages of the cafe with bike and cross-country rental. In the summer season it's worth visiting the Przystań na Lato - rent a canoe and sail along the Narewka River to the border with Belarus.

From the House of Good you can jump - without a visa - to Belarus. We are neighboring with the visa-free zone "Brest - Grodno". Closest to us is the so-called Kamieniecki District - with a 30-meter defensive Kamieniecka Tower built in the 13th century and with a number of monuments (castle ruins, Baroque and Classicist palaces and temples) in the former ancestral estates of Sapieha, Potocki and Puzynów.

Hajnówka is the largest city in our area - with large chain stores, impressive churches and a market known in the area, where you can buy healthy food on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The route of the Narrow-Gauge Forest Railway begins in Hajnówka, which you can traverse the forests of the Białowieża Forest from May to September.

Those interested in the history of Polish Jews recommend a trip to nearby Orla. The majestic synagogue was built around 1754. The interior was covered with beautiful frescoes with floral and animal motifs, the remains of which have survived to this day.

Green Velo East Bicycle Trail. It's over 2,000 km of specially marked route. The trail leads through five voivodships of eastern Poland. There is nothing like going on a bike in the morning and breathing the balsamic air ...

For lovers of relaxation by the standing water we recommend the Bachmaty reservoir and the Repczyce reservoir. There are bathing beaches with a seasonal lifeguard, children's playground and water equipment rental.

Near Werstok, at Jakubowo 3, you can experience forest goodness.

What's for children?

Werstok breaks out of Podlasie statistics and is full of children: locals and visitors. In the summer, life goes on a village road, and bicycles, scooters and roller skates flash back and forth. We have everything that kids need - free space and natural toys: stones, sticks, straw, sometimes puddles.... There is a children's menu with healthy, sugar-free, vegetarian delicacies.

To meet your needs, we decided to divide the holiday time into the one devoted entirely to children for the kids to feel free. The first two weeks of August are intended for adults without small children. Of course, we love children, but we also know that on vacation sometimes an adult must be without them, otherwise they will suffocate. At the beginning of August we invite individuals from 11 years up. On other holiday dates, we cordially invite families with children. Then you can expect our playmates - and peace of conscience: no one will be disturbed by joyful fun from 7 am.

How much will I pay?

Stay (price per night)

adults and children aged 7+ children up to 7
2-4 nights
5 or more

Meal - vegetarian, organic - nest quality

breakfast 25 zł

Bike rent

per day


dog, cat
half of that goes to the local shelter

Infants (up to 3) sleeping with their parents or in the cot - 30zł per night
One off charge for the blanket in the cot - 30zł

Place rules

Accepted animals:

small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, cats
Payment and booking conditions

The advance payment of the price for one day stay is payable via the Slowhop system. It is refundable in the event of cancellation up to a week prior.

The balance:

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16:00
  • Check out till:12:00
  • Werstok 30D
  • 17-204 Werstok

How to get here?

Można skorzystać z transportu publicznego. Stacja PKP jest w Witowie, 4 km od Domu Dobrego. Zapewniamy bezpłatny dowóz z i na stację.



Spędziliśmy z mężem i naszym psem tydzień chyba w najmniej turystycznym okresie. Pusto, cicho, na szlakach turystycznych żywej duszy. W domu warunki komfortowe, wygodne łózko z super lampkami nad głową umozliwiającymi długie wieczorne czytanie w łóżku. Swietnie wyposażona kuchnia z jadalnią. Jedzenie vege rewelacyjne w ogromnych ilościach. Nasz wegetariański pies też był wdzięczny za nadmiary. My jesteśmy dodatkowo wdzięczni za świetne książki w biblioteczce Gospodarzy. Bardzo dziękujemy za stworzenie niezwykle komfortowych warunków do odpoczynku i oderwania się od codzienności. Polecamy Dom Dobry gorąco!


Byliśmy z mężem na weekend-cudowności! Po pierwsze śniadania mimo, że wegetariańskie to wcinaliśmy jak młode zające. Prawdziwy i jak u babci biały ser, pyszny miód, placuszki z cukinii, genialne omlety-mogłabym tak wymieniać do wieczora! Po drugie to cisza, brak zasięgu i domowa, przepiękna atmosfera. Wyciszenie, relaks i totalne zalanie się błogością. Idealne dla szukających oddechu i spokoju! Po trzecie to właściciele, którzy wkładają całe serducho w Dom. Jest swojsko, pachnie lasem, przy dużym stole można pić gorącą herbatę i całymi godzinami grać w planszówki. Pani Marysia z mężem stworzyli tam przepiękna i pyszną atmosferę-Dziękujemy ;-)


Bardzo przyjemne miejsce na odludziu. Z drugiej strony, Białowieża całkiem blisko. Pyszne vege jedzenie. Polecam mocno!