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Willa Giewontka

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Location Poland, Tatra Mountains, Witów
Willa Giewontka is located in a clearing with a view of Giewont and Czerwone Wierchy that it makes your jaw drop. It gets even better. Three streams converge here: Kirowa Woda, Lejowy Potok and Chochołowski Potok and in a spectacularly noisy way give rise to the Czarny Dunajec river. All this takes place in the picturesque Roztoki, the village of Witów-Roztoki, bordering Kościelisko, 7 km from the centre of Zakopane. It is certain that this is where it all begins: clearings, forests, a river, the smell of the mountains and their taste - cool, spicy and majestic. This is where your Tatras begin and here the mountains look different every day. Come to us for a view outside the window, for fragrant buns in the morning, for coffee slowly sipped on the terrace, for the sound of the stream, the silence and our music. We are waiting for you here.

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We are highlanders, we uphold the traditions of our ancestors in the field of culture, Podhale art and architecture. Our common passion is native highlander music, which we try to pass on to our children. We have put a lot of work and love into the creation of this place and we hope that if we live here well, our dear guests will also feel good here. Come to us here, where we ourselves have found our place on Earth.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish

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Intimate, friendly place for everyone
Intimate, friendly place for everyone
Starting point for skiers in Poland & Slovakia -3 km WitówSK
Starting point for skiers in Poland & Slovakia -3 km WitówSK
Rooms for 2, 3 and 4 guests
Rooms for 2, 3 and 4 guests
Fully-equipped kitchen
Fully-equipped kitchen
We do not accept dogs
We do not accept dogs

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You will live in a wooden Zakopane-style house with characteristic ornaments and covered with shingle. Various types of wood (larch, spruce, oak, ash, sycamore) and natural stone were used in the finish. The rooms are comfortably and comfortably furnished, tradition combined with modernity in an elegant style. We have rooms for 2, 3 and 4 people with bathrooms. The rooms on the first floor have balconies and beautiful views of the Western Tatras. They are equipped with TV, free WiFi, large and comfortable beds, tables, wardrobes, chairs, bedside lamps, towels. The bathrooms in the rooms are nicely furnished, underfloor heating, hair dryer, toiletries. The rooms on the second floor have large windows overlooking the mountains. There are also: iron, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, shoe cabinets, grill, bathroom accessories for small children. The entire facility is strictly non-smoking. There is a special place for smokers. Hotel day from 15:00 to 11:00 Unfortunately, we do not accept pets.

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What will I eat?

Willa Giewontka - What will I eat?
Willa Giewontka - What will I eat?

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We do not prepare meals, but we did not leave our guests without a well-equipped shared kitchen. There you will find refrigerators, an induction hob, a microwave, a kettle, a coffee machine, a dishwasher, dishes, cutlery, everything you need to prepare your own meals and a happy company to cook together. You also don't have to worry about coffee, tea or sugar. Guests receive mineral water in the rooms. To make it easier for our guests to prepare breakfast, every morning we deliver delicious fresh bread from a local bakery (free of charge). We also recommend home-made meals prepared in the Ziębówka Restaurant (500 m), the Leśniczówka u Zięby (600 m) and the Full Chata Restaurant (3 km).

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Will I not be bored?

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We have methods for boredom, easy and quick access to numerous activities and attractions in the vicinity. We will start with the mountains, Tatra trails and the Tatra National Park. Willa Giewontka is located at the foot of the Western Tatras, so the Chochołowska Valley (crocuses in spring) and Kościeliska are very close, which are the basis for going out to the higher parts of the mountains (we can recommend a passionate guide to you). Walking towards the valleys you will meet several shepherds' huts, where you can buy fresh oscypek, bundz and sheep cheese from Podhale shepherds. Tired (but happy!) With mountain hiking, they can relax by the river or in the nearby Chochołowskie Termy, the most modern thermal complex in Podhale with a saunarium, spa and numerous attractions for children (discount vouchers for thermal tickets for our guests). For lovers of white madness, we offer the WitówSKI Ski Station (1000 m long cable car, 120 m T-bar lift, ski school and rental). Cyclists have a large selection of routes on paved and forest roads, and if you cannot take your own bike on a trip - you can rent it from us at no extra charge. In addition, there is a rope park nearby, dog sledding, the possibility of trips to Slovakia, walks in the woods, grilling in the garden. And of course Zakopane (restaurants, museums, galleries, Krupówki). Or maybe you just want to get a little bored? Reading a book in the garden on a swing or sunbathing on a sun lounger?

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What’s there for children?

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An attraction for small and large children will be the garden, where you can run out, play hide and seek, swing on a swing (large and small), go crazy on a slide or play in a wooden house, sit on a "stump". At a distance of 200 meters from the house there is a river where you can take your kids and light a fire, have a great time releasing the "ducks" on the water and bathing on sunny days. The confluence of three mountain streams: Kirowa Woda, Lejowy Potok and Chochołowski Potok is a favorite place for grilling and sunbathing. Nearby, there is the Chochołowskie Termy thermal complex with an extensive attractions zone for children and the Tatra Adventure Chochołów Rope Park. At home, there is a corner with books and board games.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: 294E, Witów, Tatra Mountains, Poland

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2 or 3-bed room with a balcony PLN 220 PLN 310
3 or 4-bed room with a balcony 260 PLN PLN 350
Economy double or triple room PLN 135 PLN 210
Economy triple or quad room 215 PLN PLN 295
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Szczerze mogę polecić nocleg w Willi Giewontka. Bardzo dobra lokalizacja, szybka możliwość dostania się na szlaki piesze w TPN. Pokój oraz kuchnia bardzo zadbane i czyste, codzienne świeże pieczywo było wielkim atutem pobytu, tym bardziej po paru dniach chodzenia po wysokich partiach gór. Bardzo chętnie jeszcze raz wybiorę się w to miejsce :)


Miejsce absolutnie warte odwiedzenia! Dobra lokalizacja - kilka minut od wejść na szlaki Tatr Zachodnich. Czysty i przestronny pokój z piękym widokiem na góry z dala od zgiełku. Bardzo sprawny kontakt z Panią Agnieszką, zarówno przed przyjazdem jak i w trakcie pobytu. Polecam! 🙂

Host: Agnieszka

Dziękujemy za dobre słowo. Zawsze mobilizuje do pracy. Pozdrawiamy serdecznie, Willa Giewontka


Bardzo przyjemne miejsce z dobrą lokalizacją. Zarówno pod względem dostępności do szlaków jak i odległości od tłumów, i to z perspektywy osób niezmotoryzowanych. Wszędzie czysto, z balkonów piękne widoki, codziennie rano świeże pieczywo. Z chęcią wrócimy:)

Host: Agnieszka

Dziękujemy bardzo za rekomendację i wysoką notę. Zapraszamy ponownie, Willa Giewontka

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