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We all know what most wedding halls in the city look like. These are usually prestigious, glamorous hotels, restaurants, where other guests or wedding houses come to, who remember the times of the Polish People's Republic with led lights, glowing tablecloths and slippery floors. If you want a more atmospheric place, in a retro or boho style, you have to look outside the city, where you need to organize joint transport, accommodation, and still a lot of people may not come because it is too far.

And here we enter the action. After our own wedding, we noticed that there are no such places in Warsaw that combine the possibility of a climatic wedding in the city center. This is how Half the Half came into being, which is housed in the renovated ruins of the Tsar's fort in the heart of Mokotów and is surrounded by a unique green area. You will organize here an unforgettable wedding reception and outdoor wedding as well as other events. It will be intimate, climatic, without inflating and just as you dream.

We invite you to us, where with delicious, fresh coffee from a local roaster, sweetened with honey from the fort apiary, we will discuss the idea for your party.

Ania i Andrzej

First of all, we have great pleasure in organizing parties and participating in important events in the lives of our clients. We do not come from the event industry ourselves, although in the past we happened to organize celebrations for one of the former Polish presidents :) We like to work with business, where the requirements are very precise, and to implement crazy ideas at private events - each event is a separate adventure for us . We have learned this by organizing many events over the last five years, and we also had a wedding in two weeks.
In Half and Half, we found our place in the world ... you can discover it with us!
160 m2 divided into 2 twin rooms, where we can accommodate up to 120 people
we will help in organizing the whole event from the scratch in 2 twin rooms, where we can accommodate up to 120 people
at the back we have a magical meadow perfect for an outdoor wedding
cozy and green climate in Warsaw
you will organize a wedding, party, mini concert or workshop with us
original interiors of a former powder magazine and a covered terrace


  • In the city


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Animations for children


Half Fields is 160m2, which we divided into two twin rooms, we added sanitary and catering facilities to them and we found a pretty cool place where you can organize various events. In addition, we have here a fast, symmetrical internet connection, sound system, projector, screen and conference infrastructure,... so you will organize here not only a wedding, but also family events, intimate company meetings, workshops, concert or exhibition.

Our rooms are simply decorated and in bright colors, mainly white, without unnecessary additions, which allows any arrangement of space to suit your idea and the nature of the event. If you want to have a sitting ceremony - we can accommodate up to 120 people, and if you prefer a modern wedding in the style of a cocktail - invite up to 150 people.

The plan is that we sit down together over coffee, you present us with your vision and all in all your work ends here. We will roll up our sleeves and start realizing this vision. We will deal with catering, lighting, sound system, photo / video support and everything you need. We are not afraid of ambitious and custom challenges.

Where will I sleep?

We are in Mokotów, in Warsaw, so after the party everyone can quickly and easily return to their home and sleep off the night. You do not have to worry about organizing joint transport or renting rooms in hotels. However, if you invite relatives from Lubuskie or Podkarpacie, 3 km from us is the nearest... hotel - Sound Garden Hotel, where they will be able to sleep before returning. more

What will I eat?

Here everything depends on you. It can be home-made, modern, molecular, Italian, Asian cuisine or the one that you can think of. The menu is arranged with the couple or the organizer and we choose the appropriate catering ourselves.

What will I do?

Since it`s about party, there is rather no place for boredom. You can talk at the table, dance to the music played by the DJ, order a drink or go outside and relax in the garden or eat something on the grill.

What's for children?

The kids will love the animations we can organize for them. They can also always go to our garden and perform skimming there.


  • Air conditioning


Studio Pół na Pół 6000 zł netto
Łąka 1500 zł netto
Studio Jedna/Trzecia 3000 zł netto

Payment and booking conditions

Marzysz o ślubie lub imprezie w dawnej prochowni XIX-wiecznego carskiego fortu? Napisz do nas: lub​ albo zadzwoń: +48 602 519 135 lub +48 608 527 944.

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Payment and booking conditions

Marzysz o ślubie lub imprezie w dawnej prochowni XIX-wiecznego carskiego fortu? Napisz do nas: lub​ albo zadzwoń: +48 602 519 135 lub +48 608 527 944.

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