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Wesele w Stodole, Folwark Hawaje

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Every bride has a vision of her dream wedding in her mind. It can be in an elegant room with round tables and glamor style decor. Maybe a modest dinner in a favorite restaurant only for loved ones, or maybe just that. Inspiration features wooden walls, flowers, cool green leaves, jute accessories and birch trunks. A rustic barn is a hit among wedding trends, and Brides are increasingly changing meringue princesses to boho dresses.

Right here, where fallow deer and deer have their green space, in Hawaii Farm we focus on love, outdoor weddings and weddings with a bit of hay. It will definitely be delicious, because we know cooking and game as hardly anyone. It's beautiful already. Only you and the bustle of the party are missing.

Ewa i Norbert

We are nature lovers and people who live in full symbiosis with the forest and its inhabitants. One of us chats and talks about the area and the animals. The other takes care of the house, kitchen and smells. In the ancient times of the 1980s, we bought a 30-hectare, old farm in Stara Wiśniewka near Złotów and created a currant and spruce farm here. After the plantation, it was time for the wild Farm. There was a renovation, and an idea to breed deer, fallow deer and mouflons. The name was already there. Everyone knew our farm under the colloquial name Hawaii, so Folwark Hawaii came naturally. We have always wanted good, healthy food, which is why we pay great attention to what ends up on Hawaiian plates, we look into every pot and try every dish before serving. We invite.

ślub w ogrodzie i wesele w stodole jak z bajki
na weselnych stołach króluje słynna hawajska dziczyzna
folwark dysponuje 50 miejscami noclegowymi
Nasze otoczenie to National Geographic w naturze, które możecie obserwować bez przerwy.
ślub i wesele do 130 osób
pomożemy w doborze dekoracji i kwiatów


  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Full board


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Meat and sausages
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bread
  • Preserve


Weddings and weddings are the most important event in the life of every bride and groom that should match them like a bride's wedding dress. It is worth planning this day so that not only married couples, but also invited guests will remember for a long time. Hawaii wedding? Here you are!

Every detail...
is important on this day, but the most important thing is to choose the right place. Open air Folwark Hawaii is a perfect place for a wedding ceremony in the bosom of nature, an idyllic wedding and a unique photo session. More and more couples are choosing a rustic wedding. A wedding in Stodola is a dream come true for an elegant party in an unpretentious atmosphere.

We will help you choose decorations and flowers, provide an original and delicious menu, and advise on music. Stodola organizes events up to 130 people.

Where will I sleep?

The farm has 50 beds. Fallow deer and deer sleep here in the wild.

The rooms were arranged with a heart to reflect the spirit of the Farm. We filled them with memories, paintings and small souvenirs collected over the years. Bedrooms were helped by arranging friendly artists who annually give us their...
works to decorate the apartments with them. Over the years, it has turned into a gallery with 500 paintings.

We have double, dorm rooms and single rooms. They all have single beds, but can be combined into one large bed. Each of the rooms also has an equipped bathroom. In the rooms there is a possibility of an additional paid extra bed.

Our surroundings are National Geographic in nature, which you can observe without a break. The rooms have no TVs, one receiver is in the dining room. You don't have to fight for the remote - you simply forget about the existence of electronics. On the other hand, the Internet is blowing like a wind in the field.

Jesienią serwujemy Wam mocno nagłośnione koncerty. Nasze jelenie na rykowisku dają niezły popis sił i miłosnych zapędów. Jeśli lubicie niczym niezmąconą ciszę zapraszamy do nas w innych porach roku.

What will I eat?

Get ready for traditional family recipes. In the main role game, gifts of the forest and our garden. There will be fallow tartare, pheasant pate served with blueberry and horseradish, roast deer in porcini mushrooms, deer saddle with garlic and rosemary, pheasant broth with homemade noodles, mushrooms... from Złotów forests, wild boar ribs.

Homemade desserts with seasonal fruit for dessert, and breads baked on site for a snack.

We love to cook seasonally and take advantage of the gifts of nature. Autumn tastes like apples, mushrooms, pumpkin and blueberry dumplings. In winter, we use home-made preserves, smoke meat, open jars with marinated mushrooms and cook warming cereal. In summer and spring, your vegetable garden and delicious compotes land on your plates.

We smoke the meat ourselves in the smokehouse. Smoke from fruit trees gives them a unique aroma and a unique taste. It's not a legend that lucky chickens exist. They also have Hawaii with us. And we have good eggs and poultry.

What's for children?

We invite wild children or those who want to experience wildness. We will give them:

- knowledge about how deer roar in the rut, how little baby girls look and why Jan Brzechwa wrote a poem about wild boar with sharp fangs. We really like educating children and we are constantly developing to create...
a legitimate educational farm - it will be soon!

- the experience of turning sticks into sabers and the backyard pond into the ocean.


  • Towels
  • Bedding



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Payment and booking conditions

Marzysz o ślubie w magicznej stodole? Skontaktuj się z nami: adres e-mail:, telefon: +48 604 131 895 lub +48 608 699 797

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

Marzysz o ślubie w magicznej stodole? Skontaktuj się z nami: adres e-mail:, telefon: +48 604 131 895 lub +48 608 699 797

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
  • Stara Wiśniewka 101
  • 77-411 Stara Wiśniewka

How to get here?

Pytajcie o Hawaje. Wszyscy w okolicy wiedzą o co chodzi i gdzie się znajdujemy.