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Wesele w Siedlisku Polanka

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Joanna Dróżdż

For the last 10 years we have been running a restaurant together in Warsaw, but we have long dreamed of our piece of land where we could live and receive guests. A place where from the very first moments you feel that you are resting and breathing with full breasts - close to nature, filled with forest magic and soothing singing of birds.

Kamil was planning agritourism, and I wanted to organize romantic weddings in a charming barn. Together we dreamed of two daughters. The first one - Pola is already 5 years old and it is impossible not to notice her, and the second - Ania is still waiting.

A year ago, we found this unusual habitat in a clearing in the middle of the forest. We immediately felt that this is the place where everyone will be able to relax, rest and which we will call Siedlisko Polanka.

Come meet us, our daughter and the unruly cats.



Payment and booking conditions

Place rules

Accepted animals:

small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, cats

Maximum number of guests: 200 people

Standard minimum period: 1 days

Payment and booking conditions

  • Cash on the spot
  • Wola Polska 56
  • 05-306 Jakubów