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Wesele w Starej Kuźni

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Witek Muszyński

Hi, this is Ewa and Witek!

The tree house was our childhood dream come true. At first, this place was supposed to be just for us, as a place for a family holiday in the bosom of nature. We decided differently that we want to share this place with others, we want to watch how our guests change during their stay, how their condition and well-being change, how their faces become more rested, more joyful, and the spirit becomes more "slow" . In the treetops, a few meters above the ground, we feel completely different, here nature dictates its rhythm and soothes the most troubled thoughts. We have also decided to make our green habitat exclusively available to young couples. If you dream of a wedding surrounded by nature, we have a perfect place for a wedding in folk style, without too much pomposity, at ease and without stress.

Come to us if you are primarily looking for peace, rest from the city and the worries of everyday life. You will not find places associated with tourist resorts screaming...
consumerism here. Rest and plenty of greenery await you here. We are here for you for holidays, weddings, relaxation and escape from the city.

We are waiting for you!



Payment and booking conditions

Place rules

Maximum number of guests: 150 people

Payment and booking conditions

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
  • Pstrągowa Wola
  • 38-121 Pstrągowa Wola