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We pulled out the Boomerang by willpower straight from the PRL. We were pulling really firmly, because the view and customs were not from our world. There was a pretty cool story, full of Donald chewing gums dyed with a pencil crayon, Coke cans, playing in caps, waffles, throwing cones into a tree trunk and lots of sticks doing something completely different. Such a story deserves to be continued.

So we stopped what's best. The smell of pines, pancakes with strawberries, children's guerrilla running constantly between houses, morning trips to the sea with parents and sister, lost and found buckets and salty taste of the sea and returns to lunch and dinner. However, we have added something new. Bumerang is twelve cozy houses and one really luxurious, called "Big House" caressingly. The interiors are from a completely different age, and outside, just a family vacation by the sea, the kitchen willingly accepts hungry children and feeds them with a pure good.

We invite you to Kąty Rybackie. You can forget the buckets and blades. Something will definitely be with us ...

Anna Dominiak

14 lat temu pracowałam w restauracji przy Sydney Opera House w Australii, gdy zadzwonił do mnie podekscytowany tata zachęcając do powrotu do Polski. Znalazł miejsce „z potencjałem”, z którego można zrobić „perełkę turystyczną”.
Uwierzyłam, chociaż wiedziałam, że "Tateusz" zawsze widzi świat przez różowe okulary. Te były wyjątkowo różowe.

Spotkani po drodze fantastyczni ludzie , wizja, pasja i w końcu miłość do tego miejsca dały energię by stworzyć obiekt, który w niczym nie przypomina już komunistycznego ośrodka kolonijnego.

Wraz z Basią, moją siostrą, prowadzimy “Bumerang” kreując motto Chmielewskiej: “ są miejsca gdzie dobre myśli szybciej odnajdują człowieka". Goście mówią, że nasze Kąty to właściwe „kąty”. Zapraszamy!
a great place for families with children
beach 20 minutes walk through the forest (1.5 km)
full board, but also access to own annexes
it`s a dog-loving place
bonfire under the wind / grill
wifi in many zones


  • By the sea

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments
  • Entire place


  • Breakfast paid extra
  • Full board
  • Vegetarian, vegan, for allergics
  • Local products


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Pet friendly
  • Beach
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Sauna, banya
  • Private bathroom
  • Playground
  • Animals on site
  • Volleyball court
  • Bed for a child

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Meat and sausages
  • Vegetables
  • Bread

Where will I sleep?

What you need to know about Boomerang before arrival: during the week in May, June and September, we accept green schools and groups of children in the main building. In July and August, this building is reserved for exceptional camp groups. The quiet at night from 10:00 pm is respected and respected.
you to choose in Boomerang, there are two things available throughout the year:

1. A large house for a group of friends (12-18 people) or 3 families
2. One of 12 cozy cabins for 4-6 people

Big Cottage
- there is a spacious living room with 2 tables and 3 sofas, a rocking chair and a mini library for the little ones.
- a brilliantly equipped kitchen, where you can prepare something between meals in the main building or take on all the cooking
- on the first floor there are three large rooms, where it can accommodate up to 18 people. Each of them has its own bathroom.
- the first apartment has a double bed, a sofa with sleeping function and a mezzanine for 4 people,
- in the second one a marriage bed, a sofa with sleeping function and a mezzanine for 2 people,
- without a mezzanine, but full of sunshine, for 4 people.
In each apartment there is a TV, bed linen, towels, a kettle, and on the first floor you will find a dry SAUNA with a view of the forest.

Small houses:
- each of them will accommodate from 4 to 6 people.
- in each kitchenette with rich equipment, dining room and living room with TV for evening sessions.
- bathroom with shower on the ground floor
- two bedrooms upstairs

The aroma of coffee mixed with the aromas of pines can be absorbed on the terrace when all the children are still asleep. Or in the afternoons on the hammock, when the children run with others.

What will I eat?

They say we give good food. And that was the plan - do not take shortcuts. We have real food here and we can talk about it for hours.

From breakfast, through dinners, dinners to exceptional tasting dinners. We are especially prepared for the visits of small neighbors. They are a challenge for us. Many...
of them at the end of the trip freely put in baked aubergines.

There is a kitchenette in each cottage. At your request, we will greet you with a full refrigerator of celebrities - freshly baked sourdough bread, delicious cheese, fresh vegetables and smoked trout from the organic farm "Zielenica". For other specialties we will be happy to direct you to nearby stores. If you want to get to know local flavors during nearby trips, we know some interesting addresses and we will gladly recommend places that perfectly fit into the culinary journey.

There is also a barbecue for an afternoon BBQ and a place for a bonfire at which you can sit for hours.

How will I be entertained?

There is no big-city noise, but there is fresh air and coastal sound effects. You can lie on the grass and listen to the sounds of the forest, you can sit with a book or go for long walks. There is a sandy volleyball court, a barbecue grill, a place for a bonfire and a playground for the youngest tourists.... After booking in advance, we will organize paintball, rope games and a climbing wall.

For these hungry adventures and learning about our neighborhood, we have prepared several proposals:
- we will organize a walk to the cormorant reserve and gray heron with Mr. Jasia, he will also tell everything he knows about ambers,
- we'll show you how to put a wicker basket,
- Martyna will gladly come with horses and arrange a walk on the beach,
- we'll talk to the local fisherman,
- we will show you how to get to the Stutthof museum in Sztutowo,
- we will sail with you on a boat cruise on the Vistula Lagoon,
- ... and everything you want, let me know!

We also have beaches right under our noses (1.5 km), over which you will be led by forest paths, ideal for walkers, runners and lovers of Nordic Walking.

For day trips, you can go to:
- Krynica Morska (15 km)
- Elbląg (45km)
- Malbork (40km)
- Gdańsk (55 km), Sopot, Gdynia
- Frombork (70km)

What's for children?

All! We are simply a place for children. Therefore, from May to September we accept green schools and camp groups - the kids live in the main building then. But our childishness is also manifested in other things:

- there is a lot of safe place to play outside
- we have a wooden playground, where you...
can have fun in pirates and modern for climbing and winding
- we have a volleyball court,
- we have wifi :) in specific zones
- we organize cooking workshops for groups of children (upon prior reservation)
- we take into account the needs of small guests in everything we do.

And for the parents' convenience, we have equipped the houses with safety devices for the youngest, and the travel beds and baby chairs are available for free (just say).


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Tv set

How much will I pay?

from September 1 to June 23, without holidays and long weekends

house for 4 people 330 PLN / day
house for 4 people PLN 250 / day
a cottage for 5-6 people PLN 250 / day
Big cottage max 18 people 1200zł / day

from June 23 to August 31

house for 4 people 330 PLN / house
a cottage for 5-6 people 360 PLN / house
Big cottage max 18 people 1500 PLN / house

* the price is valid for renting a cottage for a minimum of 2 nights

During the holidays, every day we serve breakfast and dinner in the form of a Swedish buffet and two-course dinners. The cost of full board from a person over 10 years old is PLN 50, children aged 4-10: PLN 30.

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

30% prepayment payable by Slowhop. The remaining amount on arrival by cash or by bank transfer.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Wczasowa 8
  • 82-110 Kąty Rybackie



Fantastic atmosphere created by the owners together with employees and lab laborer Brownie: D can be felt at every step! A beautiful, large, secure facility (it was very important to us because we were with an annual daughter). A large house in which we had the opportunity to spend a few days decorated with the utmost attention to detail, clean, practically planned. There was nothing missing that could be useful on vacation. A 20-minute walk to the beach through the forest is just a pleasure. We highly recommend :)


The Boomerang was quiet, peaceful, perfect for a trip with an infant. The big house where we slept is very nicely furnished, with attention to detail - a clean and comfortable room, a kitchen equipped with everything you need, and even more. Thank you for the freshly baked bread. We will be coming back.


My favorite holiday resort on the Baltic Sea! I've been several times and will definitely be back. What distinguishes Bumerang? - modern, well-equipped and very clean interior - a large area - ideal for children and friendly pets - great food (swedish table for breakfasts and dinners, delicious dinners) - location on the edge of the forest, 20 minutes from the sea (<5 minutes by car) - convenient parking - very nice and efficient service - a great atmosphere conducive to relaxation


Great place, we were in a big house during the Easter period - The owners have thought about everything that a man on vacation with his family might need. A well-equipped kitchen, tasteful apartments with interesting additions, a sauna with a view of the forest. The sound system in the living room makes an impression, and the home atmosphere makes people feel familiar. A festive treat from the owners, consisting of local delights, made our Easter delicacies go away :). I am convinced that we will be back!


A great place to relax. great atmosphere, great food. The resort is well-suited to stay with children. beautiful surroundings. to the sea, about 20 minutes walk but through a beautiful forest. This is the place you want to go back to. We were several times and certainly not once will visit (even for the taste and smell of this bread every day freshly baked for breakfast) :)


Exceptional, at a very high level, a place to rest at Katach Rybackie. A resort well-kept and clean. A delightful proprietress, who puts a lot of heart into Osrodek. I was in a big house. Exclusive and spacious decorated with taste. The area is quiet and peaceful. Russian dumplings championship of the world :) The perfect place to load batteries;) I heartily recommend!


A beautiful place with a climate, the one you want to come back to !!! I recommend both rooms and cottages, especially a luxurious big house that can accommodate a larger group. Delicious food and a friendly staff will only make your stay more pleasant.


Wonderful place!! The new house looks beautiful, but the others match it. The rooms are also very cozy and tastefully decorated. A large canteen and delicious food - everyone will find something for themselves through the diversity of the Swedish table. All products are fresh and you can see and feel that they are prepared on site. I did not know that I would find such a glamorous, modern place in Poland!