Leisure is a state of <em>mind</em>.

Leisure is a state of mind.

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Poland, West Pomerania Province
25 houses

GRAND HT Houseboats - domki na wodzie

An unusual 5-star hotel drifting on Lake Jamno. It is close to luxury here, close to fresh water and the salty Baltic Sea. Close to the beach, to the private terrace for sunbathing and sauna, to the hot tub overlooking the water. You can with your fiancé, you can with your dog, you can with kids and friends.
Poland, Upper Silesia
3 houses

Widokownia Brenna

3 modern houses with an amazing view of the Silesian Beskids. They have 2-level terraces with a private jacuzzi in front of each house and a sauna.
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Poland, Warmia and Masuria
3 houses

Domy na Jeziorze

Floating houses on Lake Rajgrodzkie - unforgettable moments away from civilization

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Hungary, Nothern Transdanubia
Cottage up to 2 persons

Wine & View Country Homes: Kubo Country Home

Self-sustaining tiny house for couple in the middle of the Badacsony vineyards, with unparalleled sunsets. Panoramic roof terrace with huge lounge area.
Poland, Beskid Mountains
2 houses

PLENER Istebna

In two wooden houses in Istebna you will relax in aesthetic and harmonious interiors, soak in the tub on the terrace and from here you will be able to go straight to the trails.
Poland, Sudets and Lower Silesia

U Lokusza

A guest house in the Kłodzko Valley, full of tenderness for people and animals. I invite people who ride horses, gourmets of vegetarian cuisine and those seeking aesthetic experiences.