Leisure is a state of <em>mind</em>.

Leisure is a state of mind.

We help you switch off. Truly.

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Only on Slowhop
Poland, Greater Poland Province
2 houses


Half an hour from Poznań, where the road ends and the forest begins, there is a place where rest is a state of mind. An adults-only oasis with sauna, hot tub and silence.
Poland, Upper Silesia
3 houses

Widokownia Brenna

3 modern houses with an amazing view of the Silesian Beskids. They have 2-level terraces with a private jacuzzi in front of each house and a sauna.
Poland, Gdańsk Pomerania and Kashubia
Cottage for 5 persons

Daleko w Lesie

Hidden in the forest by the lake, a comfortable cottage for 5 people. One of the most secluded locations on Slowhop. The forest clearing between the lake and the river will be yours only.

News at Slowhop

Poland, Sudets and Lower Silesia
2 houses

Polna Zdrój Domki

Slowfood and freestyle weddings, in a restored 18th century habitat in Bobru Valley.
Poland, Mazovia Province
2 houses

Heaven Reset & Spa 

Two xs size houses for duos or singles on the Toczna River in Nadbużański PK, only 110 km from the capital. There are plenty of attractions on site: sauna, steam room, hot tub and possible massages.
Poland, Bieszczady Mountains and Podkarpacie
Cottage for 10 persons

Wioska Kowala

A family or friend's home for an adventure trip. Right next to it there is a forge from 1888, where you can take part in blacksmith workshops. Beautiful area right next to the forest.