Leisure is a state of <em>mind</em>.

Leisure is a state of mind.

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Poland, Podlasie Province
Cottage for 8 persons

Dwór Podlaski

We are giving you our family Manor from 1863. We have dormitories for 8 people, a tiled stove, starched bedding, cows in the pasture and 30 hectares of land around. It will be idyllic, Podlasie, rural and wonderful.
Poland, Mazovia Province
Cottage up to 6 persons

Czerwony Domek

In the past, the Red House belonged to an equerry, and today it is an oasis of peace for those tired of the bustle of the city. The building is part of the Kuflew estate and is adjacent to the historic manor house.
Poland, Upper Silesia
3 houses

Widokownia Brenna

3 modern houses with an insane view of the Silesian Beskids. They have 2-level terraces with a private Jacuzzi in front of each cottage and a sauna.

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Poland, Beskid Mountains
Glamping / camping

Jurty Na Polanie: Karol&Franek

2 comfortably equipped yurts in a forest clearing in the Low Beskids. Here you will only be surrounded by nature. We have a sauna among the trees and a swimming pool in summer,
Poland, Warmia and Masuria
Cottage for 10 persons

Kamień na Mazurach

A house with its own coastline in the Masurian Landscape Park. From your bedroom windows and terrace you will see Lake Bełdany every day. You will relax in the sauna and hot tub.
Poland, Lesser Poland Province
Cottage for 8 persons

Legenda Lasu

Just a 5-minute walk from the Kotelnica ski station, our mountain house is surrounded by trees. For 6-8 people, it has 3 bedrooms, a tub and a sleigh hill in the garden. Around the trail.