Leisure is a state of <em>mind</em>.

Leisure is a state of mind.

We help you switch off. Truly.

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Popular places

Hungary, Southern Transdanubia

Almalomb Apartment House

Beautifully renovated traditional Hungarian peasant house from the early 19th century - 6 apartments for 16 guests. We follow the principles of sustainability - join us! :)
Poland, Kuyavian-Pomeranian
Glamping / camping

Siedlisko Rogówko: Glamp Podróżnika i Marzyciela

Forest hideout for couples, 200 m from the neighbors. In the morning we will drop local baskets, during the day we will rent bicycles and SUP, in the evening we will invite you to the tub under the stars. It's romantic here.
Poland, Upper Silesia
3 houses

Widokownia Brenna

3 modern houses with an amazing view of the Silesian Beskids. They have 2-level terraces with a private jacuzzi in front of each house and a sauna.

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Poland, Tatras and Podhale
Cottage for 18 persons

Chata Groń

A comfortable house with a fabulous view of the Tatra Mountains. We welcome large groups who want to relax in comfort. We have 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a dry sauna and a beautiful space around.
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Poland, Suwalszczyzna
Cottage up to 4 persons

Oplątani jeziorami 

A rustic cottage that will please all romantics. It is located only 200 m from the transparent Serwy Lake in the Augustowska Forest. Bicycles are available for rent in the area.
Poland, Mazovia Province
Cottage up to 8 persons


90 km from the capital, on the Narew River, there is a house that likes stays in various family configurations. It has one of the bedrooms dedicated to children, a playground and a large garden, and behind the fence is the Narew River.