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BreatheMama Weekend Retreat bez dzieci: 22 - 24.10

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Karolina Kaczmarska

My name is Karolina and I invite you to my BreatheMama project. Every day I am a mother of two little boys, Felek and Romek, and a happy wife, and for many years I have been professionally associated with non-governmental organizations where I gain sponsors for good things in the world.

I like traveling, good food, places with good feng shui :), motherhood and many other beautiful things on this planet. I am interested in a holistic approach to life and techniques that help to better manage life energy, maintain peace of mind and achieve daily well-being so as not to fly away from the ground.

My motherhood, like that of other mothers, was not always easy. The break I gave myself after years of intense and chaotic lifestyle helped me come back to life in harmony with myself with a new quality. I was looking for a place where I would be able to come with my children to take care of myself on many levels and also spend quality time with children. I didn't find it, so I created BreatheMama....
I invite you to such a stay in the world of reatreat to Thailand, Poland and I also dream about other destinations.

I hope you will come back transformed and full of energy.


Payment and booking conditions

Place rules

Guest minimum age: 18 year(s)

Standard minimum period: 2 days

Payment and booking conditions

  • Online transfer
  • Worliny 35
  • 14-105 Worliny