How does default sort work?

We are constantly experimenting and changing the default sort criteria in our catalogue. Several factors influence the position of each site in the directory:

  • When a given place joined Slowhop - we want to help new places to be discovered and found by the first guests

  • Is a given place booked and liked by you - we promote places that you choose after viewing and where you like to go. And those that you give good ratings

  • Does a given place still have a lot of available dates in the near future - places already booked do not need our promotion as much

  • Does the place have reliable price plans well ahead (then the prices will be calculated automatically) and reliable availability calendar - thanks to this we ensure that you can trust information about prices and availability at Slowhop

  • Country - places in the country corresponding to the language version of Slowhop you are on will always be higher - we encourage you to travel close, because they have the smallest carbon footprint

  • A bit of luck and randomness - from time to time places that don't meet all of the above criteria jump up to give them a chance to be noticed easier :)