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Lato Leśnych Ludzi. Warsztaty dla ojców i synów.

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Once again, we run towards the adventure on the edge of Borecka Forest and leave everyday life behind. We will become part of nature, experience the adventure and free our emotions. We will face tasks that will require cooperation between fathers and sons, group work, courage and fitness. Enriched by new experiences, emotions, friendly relations, we also improve contact with ourselves. Run along with us in search of an adventure.

Maciej Kozakiewicz

I am the organizer of Summer and Winter Vital Festivals, summer forest camps for fathers and sons, instructor and propagator of slow jogging - a form of vital vital jog. I am happy to use every opportunity to teach this method of movement.
wyparawa father + son
12 places in the house / sleeping under the tent
creative workshops
near the nature
common vegetarian cooking


We organize activities and activities for you at home, in the woods, in the fields, on the lakes and canoeing on the river. There will also be horses, cows, goats. In the early morning, you will meet wild boars and deer in the same windows, and in the wilderness you can find bison and wolves.

will also be time for reflection and creating good relationships, but above all an adventure! During the day we have prepared a whole lot of individual and group classes, and in the evening we will immerse ourselves in the consciousness as a father and enrich the values ​​of the day spent with the sons.

We will share tasks and learn how to interact. We will be divided into teams on duty that will prepare meals, clean up, wake up the group with a loud shout and take care of preparation for tasks.

We spend time in men's group, so we invite fathers and sons in school age.

Where will I sleep?

We will live in an ecological house made of straw, wood and clay. 100-year-old planks saved from an old mill, tile floor and aged furniture create a warm atmosphere. The aroma of wood and smoke from the brick kiln create a unique aura, and the harsh climate is conducive to male meetings. The house stands... right on the edge of the Borecka forest, and around it, lakes, forests and fields stretch. Peace and quiet is an inseparable element of this place.

Several rooms can be found on the first floor, can accommodate up to 12 people, and we will eat and work at the bottom and around the house. Take your sleeping bags! You can also sleep in a tent in the field, under tree branches, on a hill or near a wild pond. Take your own tent or let us know, we have a collective tent in store. There are bathrooms in the house, but you can also use the water from the gym and take a bath outside :)

What will I eat?

We will eat what we prepare ourselves, vegetarian. The meatless diet is based on our philosophy of development and care for siebia and nature. We will go to local farmers for vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs or fruit and we will draw water from the well. There will also be time for a bonfire.

How will I be entertained?

We give our best, we work at all hours of the day and night and we scream, hey adventure! What are we going to do:

- build and stick with clay,
- solve puzzles,
- to train fitness and strength,
- to cover wildness and find yourself in space,
- make warrior masks,
- run down the river through a wild...
- chop wood and burn the fire at the top of the characters,
- play drums and dance,
- chase, search and discover yourself,
- Cook,
- to wake others from a dream with a shout,
- talk about emotions, values, ecology and the place of man in the world,
- to build a community of men.

What's for children?

Take young explorers and show them the world from a completely different side.


Price for two people (father + son)

until March 31 - PLN 1750 (down payment PLN 550)
from 1 April - 1890 PLN (advance 650 PLN)

Confirmation of participation is the advance payment made by the SlowHop system.

Payment and booking conditions

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

  • Cash on the spot
  • Gajrowskie

How to get there?

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