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WoodBox Istebna

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Near the border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the slopes of the Golden Grape, it is sometimes green, sometimes covered with snow, and always wavy Istebna. It begged for a cool idea, in addition in line with us. We found two sea containers that sailed around the world several times. We transported them to the mountains and gave them a new life. Adaptation of a rectangular metal eco house box was a challenge. On the way, everything went uphill, in the Beskids it is a norm. But it was worth it!

We put all our hearts into the Woodbox uprising, to be able to share with you good energy, brilliant skiing conditions, beautiful walking routes, a forest full of mushrooms, murmuring near a stream, coffee on the terrace and downhill on a sledge. See what we were able to create when we boldly combined an unconventional project and ecology.

Ania Morawiec

I take care of Woodbox management and care - Ania. A manual therapist by education, a mother of two children by vocation and a wife of a wonderful, supportive husband. I love healthy organic food and enclose everything I can in jars. I have a lot of ideas in my head that I don't hide in my closet, but I realize step by step. Until now, none of us had to deal with the hotel industry and everything that involves the creation of a new place from scratch. Building Woodboxes was a challenge worthy of a champion. Each day brought new experiences and valuable lessons, so it is today. We are glad that we can hand over our little works to you. We do all this for people who, like us, are looking for innovation. People who value peace, respect nature and are able to appreciate small things. We are waiting for you.
2 slopes in vicinity
fully equipped kitchen and our favourite restaurant nearby
perfect for the quest of Beskidy and exploration of the tree villages
each property comprises of a ski n bike locker
turist tracks nearby


  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside
  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Entire place


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Parking
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Where will I sleep?

At your disposal are two remarkable air-conditioned cottages for 6 people each. Bearing in mind the good of the environment, we created them from recycled marine containers. They are minimalistic, compact, and at the same time functional and modern. In accordance with our beliefs and in the interests... of the planet, we have used nature-friendly technologies.

Woodboxes can accommodate 6 people who can sleep well in fragrant bedding. We assure you that you will not have to pack the entire rack of equipment and gadgets - everything you need for happiness is on the spot.

In Woodboxes you will find:
- a large bed in the form of a capsule with a huge window to the world,
- a couch that, when unfolded, can accommodate two people,
- a large bed magically hidden in the closet, which also creates a table,
- kitchenette, where you will find everything you need to make a tasty breakfast, afternoon tea or a romantic dinner by candlelight,
- a terrace where every coffee tastes better and the book draws more,
- a minimalist bathroom that has been designed so that convenience is a priority. There is no shortage of soft towels, colorful soaps and a hair dryer.
Each house has a lockable ski and bicycle room with a separate entrance.

There will also be:
- free wi-fi
- parking lot,
- tv,
- board games.

Dogs are welcome after prior arrangement.

What will I eat?

Oh my, in the Beskids you have to forget about counting calories and throw yourself into the whores of oscypek, potato cakes, kwaśnica, cabbage, dumplings and roulades. In Woodboxes, there are compact kitchens at your disposal, where you will find everything you need to prepare breakfasts, snacks, dinners... and warming dinners. Cocoa, mulled wine, tea with electricity and coffee with cinnamon are obligatory items in winter Istebna. In the cabinets there are cutlery, chochelki, corkscrews, plates, bowls, pots, mugs, glasses, wine glasses and more, containers filled with aromatic spices, various types of teas, and something sweet for the sweeties.
There are several interesting culinary addresses in the area, and we know how to find them and we will gladly recommend them.

We definitely recommend Homelike Cafe & amp; Taste TRUCK, which is run by two great girls full of passion and open hearts. A climatic place, a wonderful crew, delicious food and this coffee. It could not be better. You will find them at the small slope Istebna Zagroń, so first skis, then hot chocolate and pizza.

Złoty Groń in Istebna is a place worth visiting. At the top of the hill there is a hotel and restaurant with the same name. Right next to the ski lift, so two birds with one stone guaranteed. Everything is nówka art, fresh and tidy.

Bacówka in Koniaków, where from March to June you will buy original sheep's oscypki. They are excellent, fresh and prima sort! You can choose from more and less smoked

How will I be entertained?

In the summer, you can laze on the terrace sipping fragrant coffee, and after that go on a trip to the mountains by the nearby trail. Autumn in this area is breathtaking, the variety and abundance of mushrooms, the variety and availability of herbs and the intensity of colors encourages you to wander... through the woods. In winter, the nearest ski lift can be reached on foot, and there are two more ski resorts nearby.

Watch out for the road to Istebna because it is winding, and dangerously unearthly views are everywhere. It's easy to see. There are not many scenic spots, but get to know the most interesting ones. Ochodzita in Koniaków is a place where in good weather you can even see the Tatras. The second one is Złoty Groń in Istebna, at the top of which an impressive hotel was built. From here you can admire the hills surrounding the whole of the Beskid Trójwieś, and sipping delicious coffee on the hotel's terrace.
Other viewpoints:
- Koczy Castle
- Kubalonka pass
- Stecówka

Tourist attractions to see:
- Regional product center
- The Lace Museum in Koniaków - Maria Gwarek Memorial Chamber
- Regional Museum on the Graphe
- Jan Kawulok's cottage in Istebna
- Memorial Board of Jerzy Kukuczka in Istebna

Hiking trails
- Yellow - from the Rupienka Pass through Koniaków Centrum - Zaolzie - Istebna stop Las - Połom - Przełęcz Szarcula
- Red - from the Kubalonka Pass through the Szarula Pass - to Stecówka
- Green - from Istebna stop Tartak through Prądowiec - Wilcze - Young Mountain on Kiczory
- Green - from Istebna stop Tartak through Zaolzie - Łączyna - Pietraszonkę na Przysłop
- Green - from Jaworzynka Trzycatek on Trójstyk
- Green - from Jaworzynka Trzycatek through Głębokie - Stocks to Jaworzynka Wyrchczadeczki
- Blue - from the Koczego Zamku through the Koniakowska Pass - Karolówkę na Przysłop
- Blue - from Koczego Zamku through the Rupienka Pass to Sołowy Wierch
- Czarny - from Jaworzynka Głęboki to the border crossing Jaworzynka - Hrčava

The Nordic walking park is a new tourist attraction in Istebna. Three routes are already available for lovers of this sport. All routes begin at the "Kempaland" resort in Bukowiec, where you can also rent equipment and find an instructor. You can choose from:
- the GÓRALSKA route (15.2 km)
- BUKOWIECKA route (11.5 km)
- ISTEBNIAŃ route (9.7 km)

Be sure to take skis and boards with you, because the slopes are waiting:
- Giggle 350m
- Złoty Groń 1.1 km
- Zagroń 1.3 km
- Kempaland (CZ) 9 km
- Wisła 18 km
- Ustroń 24 km
- Szczyrk 37km

For walkers we also have walking routes:
- Blue - trail for them Jerzego Kukuczki (Istebna Center - Wilcze - Olecki - Kubalonka)
- Czerwony - Beskidzka Planetary Path (Kubalonka - Olecki - Wilcze - Prądowiec - Jasnowice - Museum on the Graphe - 12 km

What's for children?

The kids have a large clearing for sleds, building huts, a brook for dipping feet. Nature does the work itself and tears the boredom of children's heads.
As soon as the snow falls in the Woodboxes there is no question of boredom. There are wet gloves, cold noses, happiness on faces and snowmen in front...
of the houses. In winter, during the day it is worth taking advantage of the "snow bath" by building an igloo or walking on cross-country skis, and in the evening playing board games and reading books.
Do not forget to involve children in all the activities in which you will participate. Skiing, mushroom picking, mountain walks, and hot chocolate at the shelters.
In the summer, many activities can be organized on the meadow around the houses, play football, fly kites, organize a picnic and catching butterflies.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Tv set
  • Cosmetics

How much will I pay?

cena za dom dla 2 osób 240zł
cena za dom dla 3 osób 270zł
cena za dom dla 4-6 osób 300zł

Możliwość negocjacji cen przy dłuższym okresie wynajmu.
Zwierzaki za dodatkową opłatą po wcześniejszym uzgodnieniu.
Pobyt dzieci do lat 8 jest bezpłatny, podane ceny nie obowiązują w terminach świątecznych, Sylwestra, majówki oraz w dniach wolnych związanych ze świętami.

Place rules

Minimal rental period

Minimalny okres wynajmu to 2 doby, w razie konieczności jednego noclegu doliczamy opłatę w wysokości 50% ceny.

Payment and booking conditions

Zadatek płatny przez system Slowhop wynosi 50% wartości pobytu. 100% wartości zadatku w przypadku rezygnacji zgłoszonej na 14 i więcej dni przed rozpoczęciem pobytu w okresie 15.03 – 15.06 oraz 15.09-15.12 z wyłączeniem świąt i długich weekendów. 100% wartości zadatku w przypadku rezygnacji zgłoszonej na 7 i więcej dni przed planowanym przyjazdem w pozostałych terminach. Zadatek nie podlega zwrotowi w przypadku rezygnacji w terminie krótszym niż podany powyżej.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Zaolzie 1853
  • 43-470 Istebna



Przepiękne miejsce na spokojny odpoczynek wśród pięknych górskich widoków! Domek jest nowoczesny, czysty i wyposażony we wszystko co jest potrzebne :) właścicielka jest sympatyczna i pomocna :) polecam ten obiekt na wypoczynek :)


Niezwykle pomysłowa aranżacja domków, bardzo przyjemny, nowoczesny wystrój. Przyroda wokół i ciekawa okolica. Latem można pływać, jeździć na rowerach, chodzić i odwiedzać miejsca związane z regionem.


Miejsce idealne, aby wypocząć w ciszy, blisko lasu , w cudownie urządzonym domku. Przy porannej kawie na werandzie odwiedza nas spacerująca sarna, a szum lasu i wody nastraja na górskie wędrówki. Po wędrówkach czeka na nas woodbox, który jest ostoją spokoju i komfortu. Zielona trawa przed domkiem zachęca do opalania na leżaku , przeczytania książki lub po prostu rozkoszowania się przyrodą. Polecamy gorąco, my na pewno tam wrócimy!


Świetne domki, bardzo zmyślnie urządzone - jest wszystko czego potrzeba. Do tego cisza i spokój. Bardzo dobry kontakt z właścicielką.


Bardzo spokojne i ciche miejsce, z dala od ludzi. Idealne domki dla osób, które chcą odpocząć od miasta. Wnętrze domków komfortowe i dobrze zaprojektowane. Jak tylko ogarną do końca podwórko to idealnie miejsce z psiakami :)