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SurfCampers (Hiszpania i Portugalia)

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Location Spain, Andalusia, Malaga
We live to discover, get lost and experience. We do it for history, mischief and magic. Looking for hidden beaches, venturing deep into the forest or moving in time, getting lost in the walls of cities, listening to their stories. Nature is our home. We love the sun and the sea, the feeling of sand between our toes, the sound of the waves. Thanks to salty hair, warm smiles and good energy, we developed new friendships with people who visit us. We connect wild souls together into our ever-growing camper family, to which we invite you. Road trip camping is a feeling of freedom, communing with beautiful nature, discovering and exploring. Let yourself get lost and you will discover something beautiful. The apartment on wheels will allow you to wake up every day in a different place. You decide what you fancy and how you want your time to look like. It can be active, sporty, planned, it can be lazy and spontaneous. The most important thing is to make it just what you need. Wake up with the sound of the sea, make coffee. Warm up in the sun. Walk along the beaches, swim naked in the ocean. Read a book, listen to chill music. Prepare a meal made from local products in the camper kitchen. Arrange a picnic on the beach or a romantic dinner with candles on the cliff. Watch the stars from the bed through the opening glass roof. Discover the culture of this country. Get lost in the narrow streets and taste tapas, try the wine. Follow the voice of the guitars, there you will find people who love life and fun. See how passionate flamenco is. Watch the lives of the locals. Order coffee in Spanish. Smile back. Enjoy sweet freedom.

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Przemek i Magda
We love life and people! We like to host, chat until dawn, watch the stars. To taste good Spanish wines and eat some local food. Pluck your guitar strings and sing out loud! Live on the beach. Stare at the waves. Sleep on the cliffs. Wake up overlooking the ocean. Drink coffee in the morning for a long time. Multiply and share good energy. Camper trips are the best springboard for us from everyday life. That's when we catch our breath, relax the body and mind and come back new, full of good energy. We remember how little we need to be happy. This is the best recipe for us to stop and observe the beautiful world, experience how time moves slowly and you do not need anything. You come back from your camper trip different. Lighter. That's what we love about it!

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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Cook like Makłowicz with an equipped kitchen
Cook like Makłowicz with an equipped kitchen
Wake up with ocean views
Wake up with ocean views
Romantic candlelit dinners with the sound of the waves
Romantic candlelit dinners with the sound of the waves
Sun all year round. The warmest place in winter in Europe.
Sun all year round. The warmest place in winter in Europe.
Private map marked with beautiful places we recommend
Private map marked with beautiful places we recommend
Elegant camper with a comfortable bed for 2 people
Elegant camper with a comfortable bed for 2 people

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In our camper there is a comfortable double bed 140 x 200 with a large space over the head, side reading lamps and an open glass roof. These will be magical nights under a million stars that you can watch while lying in your bed. Every day you can fall asleep in a different place, by a different beach. On a cliff overlooking the ocean. In the city with a view of the castle. Your apartment may be on the first beach line. You wake up with the sound of the waves, put your feet on the sand and run to the ocean. Our camper does not need you to visit campsites. It is electrically independent, so you can enjoy the freedom to travel in the wild and not worry about electricity. We love traveling with a camper and we already have quite a lot of experience in this. We have traveled around Australia and Europe. We want to use our knowledge and prepare a motorhome for you as we prepare it for ourselves for our trip. You will find there additional gas cylinders, cleaning and hygiene products, a fully equipped kitchen. In the camper you will also find many gadgets such as: atmospheric lamps, flashlight, loudspeaker, coffee maker, wine glasses. We do not have any age restrictions. Due to the fact that our camper is very easy to use, travel, park and the rental price is lower than for a standard camper, we are very often visited by people who will go in a road trip camper for the first time. Our guests - this is the age of 19, but also couples aged 55 and 58 - and we are very pleased about that. - girls who go on a girls trip / men who often spend their time actively: surfing, bicycles, wakepark, kitesurfing / Father with son / Mother with daughter / Mother with 5 year old daughter / lonely trips / couple in 8 months of pregnancy - you can also . - often during a trip with our camper vans, travelers organize holidays that are important to them: we have already had an engagement, birthday, honeymoon, wedding anniversary, hen party. We love animals. We stay at the shelter and go for walks with the dogs. But we also know that not everyone can do so for reasons beyond their control. The cleanliness and hygiene of motorhomes is the most important matter of state importance for us. While respecting people who cannot be surrounded by animals due to allergies, animals do not travel in our campers. Ask your friends if they would like to have a cute guest for a few days and you will be surprised how many people will say yes. Traveling by plane is not the most enjoyable experience for animals.

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What will I eat?

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The Campervan has a fully equipped kitchen. Fridge, gas cooker, sink, cooking set, eating set. The kitchen equipment test was carried out when the winner of the Master Chef visited us and confirmed that he is able to prepare more than one dish in the camper's kitchen. We are proud of it and we are waiting for your culinary masterpieces. You will be able to cook overlooking the ocean. Local seafood, vegetables, exotic fruit, fine wines and delicious olive oil - nothing more is needed so that the meal turned out to be one of Michelin Stars. It must not be forgotten that meals can be served in the most beautiful natural circumstances - on the cliffs, on the beach, in the mountains. Besides your own meals, you can taste local cuisine in restaurants. We provide our guests with our private map, on which we have marked local restaurants worth recommending.

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the sea

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A trip camper is an unlimited number of things you can do during the day and night. Close your eyes and think about what you dream about. We have a sea of suggestions for you: ► lying in a hammock ► playing volleyball on the beach ► make a picnic on the beach ► make a romantic dinner on the cliff under a million stars ► royal breakfast overlooking the ocean ► nude bathing in the sea or in the ocean ► a day by the pool on a sun lounger ► find your own private beach and lie on it all day - only you! ► dance to Latin rites in one of the beach bars ► swim on SUPs ► Kayak on the sea admiring cliffs and caves ► snorkel in crystal clear water and observe the underwater world ► deep diving - there are also such dives organized at night ► Surf the waves or take your first surfing lesson ► ride a horse on the beach ► love the wind and recharge your adrenaline by learning / kitesurfing, windsurfing ► Ride mountain / electric or cycling bikes over fabulous terrain ► canyoning - climb waterfalls and rivers ► rafting - rafting along the river ► take part in yoga classes on the beach or yoga classes at SUP ► go wine tasting ► spend an evening with flamenco - feel the hot energy in the dance and in the sounds of the guitar ► visit the Picasso museum in Malaga ► walk the path built on the sides of the gorge at a height of several dozen meters above the bottom of the gorge. National Geografic views - this is one of the most spectacular places in Europe ► travel back in time. Visit the Alhambra Castle in Granada, a masterpiece of Arab architecture in Spain, characterized by an extraordinary richness of interior decoration. ► visit the "white Spanish town" with narrow streets full of flowers, colorful doors, small pubs where you can drink wine and eat tapas ► the region of Andalusia is the best golf courses in Europe. Make your first golf lesson and enjoy the views ► SPA day - massage on the beach or natural SPA and lubrication of the body with clay produced on the cliffs ► visit the local market - full of fruit and vegetables, fish, seafood and many other local snacks ► sail to a nearby island and spend the day living like the locals (from Faro) ► Visit Gibraltar. Explore Africa, see another continent from Europe. Take a picture with the wild monkeys in Gibraltar. ► visit the surf town and experience this chill atmosphere ► visit a rocky place that looks like something out of our planet ► Spend a day in Seville - the heart of Andalusia. Here you will feel the real Spanish ► We can order a photo session for you on the beach or within the walls of a white town Camping, sports and gadgets that you can rent from us for a nominal fee. They will diversify your stay, reduce the size of your luggage or make your time more pleasant. For example, deckchairs, table, hammock, polaroid, sleeping bags, bedding, shower, surf board, SUP, car coffin, surflogic, beach towels and many more.

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What’s there for children?

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A child can travel in our motorhome, but it is only possible in a set: one give birth + a child. Our campervan is for two people. Although the bed is large and you could easily sleep in two adults with a small junior / junior, the camper has two seats with safety belts. Therefore, it is only possible to travel with two people. But mom and baby or dad and baby can go the best. We have already had such a visit with us - a wonderful idea for a special time together. Or don't let it be a moment for you. Knock on the grandparents and ask for a vacation for your kids. Give yourself time off, feel the freedom and adventure, recharge your batteries and come back to your children with good energy and travel stories. We give my grandparents Spanish wine for this service. The energy that you bring after the trip will be the best gift.

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Our address: Av. del Comandante García Morato, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

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Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
Low season: November / December / January / February / March
price for the day
2 people campervan 69 euro
Mid season: April / May / June / October
price for the day
2 people campervan 79 euros
High season: July / August / September
price for the day
2 people campervan 89 euros
Additional pricing information
Additional fees on site, related to the rental of a camper: Preparing a motorhome for the road - 39 euro. What distinguishes us from other motorhome rentals is that you will get an equipped, ready-to-travel camper. The cost of "bringing" / "picking up" the camper Malaga - 29 euros Tarifa - 39 euro (meeting at the selected address) Sevilla - 49 euros Faro - 95 euros Lisbon - 180 euro Additional insurance is NOT compulsory. Basic insurance is included in the rental price, which allows you to travel without crossing the country border. As with every car / camper rental, a deposit / security deposit is required. The amount of the deposit / deposit depends on the chosen insurance 1800/900/700 or 300 euro. The deposit is returned up to 6 days from the return of the collision-free camper.

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To book a motorhome on your chosen date, just make a payment of 40% of the rental amount via the Slowhop system. Cancellation Policy: 36 days before the booking date, you will receive a full refund. Between 35-15 days before booking, we refund 50% of the full rental amount. From 14 days before the booking, the amount for the stay is non-refundable. Camper graphics may vary depending on availability. The layout and equipment of the camper will not change. The remaining amount:

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Zdecydowanie polecamy! To była nasza pierwsza wycieczka campervanem i na pewna nie ostatnia 😀 Zabudowa samochodu jest dobrze przemyślana, jest wyposażony w niezbędne rzeczy a nieduże wymiary auta bardzo ułatwiły parkowanie. Minusem jest bardzo duze i wygodne lozko, które skutecznie utrudnia wczesne wstawanie😜 Sam kontakt z Przemkiem bezproblemowy, w razie wątpliwości zawsze mogliśmy liczyć na jego pomoc. Andaluzja jest bardzo dobrym miejscem do spróbowania tego typu podróżowania i na pewno tam wrocimy!


W vanie od Magdy i Przemka z SurfCampers spędziliśmy tydzień podróżując po Iberyjskim wybrzeżu. Będziemy baaardzo pozytywnie spędzać ten czas i na koniec zrobiło nam się smutno oddając auto. Wszystko jest w nim skrojone na wymiar i hulało bez większych problemów (prócz małych niedogodności). Bardzo przydatna jest udostępniona mapka, która zdecydowanie ułatwia podróż nawet jeśli bieżącą sytuacja jest inna (np. brak dzikich miejsc do kamperowania w Portugalii od tego roku). Cudownie jest budzić się wpatrując w wschód słońca i gotować kolację przy zachodzie. Ogromnym plusem jest kontakt z Przemkiem, który bardzo pozytywnie nas nastroił na początku i mogliśmy w każdej chwili na niego liczyć - gracias amigo!


Jestem świeżo po tygodniu spędzonym w Andaluzji w vanie od Magdy i Przemka. Jestem niesamowicie zadowolona i wciąż pod wrażeniem, jak auto jest dostosowane do wygód, dobrze wyposażone i przemyślane. Magda i Przemek są niesamowicie sympatyczni i kontaktowi i dzięki ich podpowiedziom spędziliśmy jeden z fajniejszych urlopów w życiu. Polecam wszystkim spanie na dziko w Hiszpanii i autko od SurfCampers. Ja na pewno skorzystam z ich oferty ponownie. Simply the best!

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