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Icon Max 4 people
Icon 1 house
Icon With animals
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Icon Self catering

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Tłokowo Mikułowo - Domek w stajence

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Location Poland, Warmia Region, Tłokowo
I love freedom and life away from the big city noise, so Warmia was quite an obvious choice to settle down in - a place where no one and nothing limits my creative play after 24 years of travelling around the world. Before I found myself in an old house in the middle of nowhere, I was looking for happiness in France, Africa, Belgium and in the countryside near my native Toruń. However, I took refuge here, in the village of Tłokowo, where, alongside my artistic and design work, for the last 10 years I have been involved in the cultural and social life of the region. These last years have been an intense and creative time, and the people I have met have proven that there is strength in numbers. As the president of the "Revita Warmia" foundation, I co-created the Revita Warmia gallery in Jeziorany, Jeziorański Eko-Targ and countless smaller initiatives, thanks to which we contributed to the revitalization of our unique, but still slightly underappreciated and neglected region. Whoever says that a shoemaker walks without shoes is not mistaken, because my house was not ready for a long time to open up to guests. Until now. I took up the new artistic and tourist life project with verve, which I want to share with you. I created a mixture of independent and dependent rest at the highest possible level of comfort with a bit of personal contact with (I think) a quite interesting host. Everything that is unhurried is waiting for you. Grainfields swaying in the rhythm of the wind, slow life, slow food, an art gallery in the cowshed and an original studio behind the wall, but above all purely hedonistic "dolce vita" and "art de vivre", to which every person should from time to time try. Together with Marta, my life partner and a great lover of animals, and our group of dogs and cats, we live in the "old house", right next to the great former barn, which houses our first apartment for rent to guests. In the near future, we plan to expand our offer with another independent house in our 3-hectare property. We invite to our farm all those looking for peace and complete escape from the overwhelming everyday life. Animal lovers and their pets are welcome with us. We are counting on you, on good and interesting people.

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Rafał i Marta
I am an artist, painter, a bit of a philosopher and poet, furniture and interior designer. An old soul and a fan of discovering Warmia on a motorbike. I have travelled a lot around the world, lived here and there. Finally, I settled in beautiful Warmia, in the village of Tłokowo, near the town of Jeziorany, in the middle of nowhere. It is here that I have created a rural art gallery, my studio and a place for seekers of peace, inspiration and interesting conversations about the world. I invite you to a place where anything can happen, and nothing can happen.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, French
We are on-site, we give our guests space and intimacy, but we're always ready to help

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Eco Alert

To limit our carbon footprint, we do not iron bedding
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We work with the local community
We plant trees
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Our charms

We don't have televisions
Mosquitos on warm days
Access via the forest/gravel road
We have a lot of souvenirs and trinkets
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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
Private houses / apartments with separate entrance
Linens are washed at high temperatures

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Large pond under the house, a lake and a beach nearby
Large pond under the house, a lake and a beach nearby
I will tell you what to see in the area, where to discover old palaces, chapels and paths
I will tell you what to see in the area, where to discover old palaces, chapels and paths
100 m 2-level apartment, furnished in the renovated part of the large barn
100 m 2-level apartment, furnished in the renovated part of the large barn
welcome with pets
welcome with pets
the artistic farm is a place exclusively for adults
the artistic farm is a place exclusively for adults

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 house
Icon for up to 4 people
Icon 100 m²
Icon bathroom: 1
Icon king bed : 1
Icon sofa bed: 2
Icon We accept small dogs, cats, big dogs, medium dogs

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Our "Little House in the stable" is a large space (in total +/- 80m2 + terrace) consisting of a large, fully equipped kitchen with dining area and a "living room" / fireplace corner and a bathroom on the ground floor, and a spacious bedroom with a large corner living room and a work table in the attic. The apartment has central heating, air conditioning, independent internet. In the upper part of the apartment you will find a large bedroom with a large balcony window with a panoramic view of the surrounding hills, fields, forests, a stork's nest on a pole, a vegetable garden and an old backyard orchard. There is a double bed waiting for you with a view of the beautiful Warmian landscape, a work corner and a living room where one of the sofas can be unfolded. A second 2-person bed is created then. Downstairs there is a comfortable bathroom with a threshold shower, underfloor heating and a window to the back of the garden. The largest part of the ground floor is occupied by a spacious kitchen-dining room with a large table in the middle with a seating corner by the fireplace. The kitchen is made for cooking. Fully equipped with a two-burner induction hob, microwave oven with grill, fridge, coffee maker, electric kettle, toaster and everything you need to eat. In front of the cottage, right under the balcony window of the bedroom and one of the windows in the kitchen, there is a large terrace / d, where you can sunbathe, hang out in the evenings, eat meals or just relax. At your disposal are comfortable garden furniture, an umbrella, and a barbecue. The house in the stable has a "loft" character, i.e. it is a space without separate rooms / divisions apart from the bathroom itself. It is a space with high comfort for one couple, with the possibility of an "extra bed" for 1 additional person or a friendly couple. Decorated in an eclectic style, with the atmosphere of a "studio" / attic, a bit "out of time", with a mixture of antiques, works of art, books, combined with elements of modern comfort and the original artistic "smartness" of the host - a painter, traveler, furniture and interior designer. The entire space is approximately 150m2: entrance hall, 2 bedrooms, large living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Guests also have a relaxing terrace from the farm yard and a large part of a fenced old orchard and garden. The rest of the area, the main yard of the farm, a lake and a small private beach constitute the common space for our guests (the entire area of the farm is +/- 3 hectares).

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Common space

Terrace (40 m2)

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Pond in the garden
Barbecue area
Beach chairs
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Medium speed Internet / WiFi
Good cell phone reception
We don't have TVs
Access to Netflix

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
Towels (complete set per stay)
Hair dryer
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What will I eat?

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Both apartments have a well-equipped kitchen. The nearest well-stocked grocery store (mini market) is 2.5 km from the farm by the shortest route. Almost at the same distance (or even a bit shorter distance), in Jeziorany there is the "Retro" restaurant. Quite tastefully decorated in the granary of the old train station. The railway line has been closed for a long time, but the restaurant is very active. The menu is small which is a plus as the food is fresh and tasty. For dessert, you can order a delicious homemade cake. In Jeziorany itself we have Biedronka and many smaller grocery stores, including a very well-stocked shop with organic food and products for allergy sufferers. There is also a restaurant called "Klimat" on the market square in Jeziorany. It has a more canteen atmosphere, but you will eat home-made dinners, pizza and homemade desserts every day. In the vicinity, it is possible to buy cheese, honey, fresh vegetables and fruit and other delicacies from local farmers. In the summer season, every Saturday in the market square in the nearby Jeziorany there is a small, but very charming and authentic Eco Market. It is also worth combining sightseeing trips around the area with lunch "in the field" - we will gladly tell you where to go. There are several good places to eat in the neighboring towns.

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Food on-site

Free coffee

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Kitchen access

Private kitchen in homes / rooms
Coffee percolator
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We recommend nearby restaurants

"Retro" (2 km)

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You can buy eco products nearby

PGR Tłokowo - Proekologiczne Gospodarstwo Rodzinne, w którym zaopatrzysz się w wiejskie jajka, świeże warzywa i owoce oraz kozie sery.  (0,5 km)
Eko Targ  na Rynku w Jezioranach -w każdą sobotę w sezonie maj-wrzesień, od godz. 9.00 do 12.00. Produkty od lokalnych mikro rolników i gospodarzy, świeże warzywa, sery, chleby, soki, przetwory  i domowe wypieki. (4 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Biedronka (5 km)
Rossman (5 km)
3 apteki w Jezioranach (5 km)
Sklepy spożywcze w Jezioranach (5 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside
Icon In / at the edge of the forest
Icon By the lake

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There is a saying that circulates among local hosts: "The greatest attraction of Warmia is that there are no attractions here". This, of course, is not entirely true, but unlike the highly touristic and crowded resorts, Warmia is famous for "the luxury of peace and quiet". As far as the eye can see nature and beautiful landscapes, charming dirt roads on which you can wander endlessly discovering new perspectives. Beautiful and charming villages, old farms, countless roadside shrines, churches in the middle of nowhere. Tłokowo-Mikułowo is located in the middle of the "circle" with a radius of about 30-40 km, at the ends of which there are charming Warmian towns and historical cities, such as Lidzbark Warmiński, Dobre Miasto, Reszel, Bisztynek, Biskupiec, Barczewo and finally Olsztyn itself which can be reached in half an hour by car. There is even more to see and if you want to, you can visit almost the entire Warmia and Masuria region, including Żuławy and Suwałki Region on the basis of one-day trips. In the center of this circle you will find a beautiful, traditional and still relatively unspoiled rural landscape, small historic villages, and in each of them charming churches and pearls of pre-war architecture. Fortunately, we still have a lot of monuments. These areas are asking for cycling, motorbike (I highly recommend), hiking or car trips. I cannot miss the lakes and forests. In the immediate vicinity there are many interesting people, small eco-farmers, artists, cheese makers and beekeepers. The closest, under your nose, there is a very large pond, and a sandy beach with a pier at the "Ring" lake in Tłokowo only 2 km on foot or 5 km by bike or car. Great Luterskie Lake and Blanki Lake a bit further, but also very close. As befits an artistic farm, the pride of the habitat is a small gallery of arts and crafts, where you can buy the works of the host and other local artists and craftsmen. In summer, in the near and a little more distant surroundings, you will find local cultural events. Exhibitions, concerts, festivals - I will certainly let you know what, where and how.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0,1 km)
Beach (0,2 km)

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For hedonists

Bath towels available
Beach chairs
Beach wind screen
Winter swimming

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For sports enthusiasts

Horse riding (10 km)
Cross-country trails (0,1 km)
Road bicycle routes (2 km)
Cross bicycle routes (0,1 km)
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For those craving art

Galeria autorska Rafała Mikułowskiego (0,1 km)
Galeria "Vita Warmia" w Jezioranach (5 km)
Oranżeria Kultury w Lidzbarku Warmińskim (20 km)
Muzeum Warmii i Mazur w Lidzbarku Warmińskim (20 km)

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Our pets


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Kościółek Św.Rocha (1,5 km)
Kościół w Tłokowie (2 km)
Kościół w Jezioranach (5 km)
Zamek w Lidzbarku Warmińskim (20 km)
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What’s there for children?

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Tłokowo Mikułowo is an agritourism strictly for adults looking for a real rest away from the noise and hustle and bustle. Perhaps you want to work intellectually, artistically in a beautiful and peaceful place that is extremely favorable for this, maybe you want to get to know the wilderness of Warmia and discover places forgotten by man. By settling down in the countryside, off the beaten track and close to nature, as an artist I was looking for a refuge where I would have the proverbial "peace of mind" and ideal conditions for creative work. It is this luxury of peace and tranquility that I would like to share with you. I want Tłokowo Mikułowo to be a place of creative boredom, inspiring conversations, brilliant relationships and an open house. It is a habitat for artist couples, academics, nature and culture lovers. People who want to really relax and disconnect for shorter or longer from their everyday life. And there are a lot of typical family and festive places to relax, also in Warmia itself, and each has its own profile and character.

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Tłokowo 45, Tłokowo, Warmia Region, Poland

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Icon Public transportation

Nearest stops

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Bus: Jeziorany (5 km)

Train: Wipsowo (15 km)

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How much will I pay?

Notification icon
Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
"Low season" from 09/16/2021 to 04/29/2022 (except calendar holidays)
price per night / apartment price for each additional person
House in Stajenka 1 - 2 people 500 PLN/apartment 130 PLN/apartment
"High season" from 30/04/2021 to 15/09/2022 and on calendar holidays
price per night / apartment price for each additional person
Apartment 1 - 2 people 550 PLN/apartment 150 PLN/apartment
Additional pricing information
The apartment - "house" in the cowshed can accommodate from 1 (super luxury) - 2 (very high luxury) up to a maximum of 4 people (a comfortable fold-out sofa). The apartment - "Dom pod Lipą" can host 2 people (super luxury) or two couples or a family with teenage children (comfortable) The prices are the same for one or two people. The prices include: • Accommodation • Final cleaning • Water and electricity consumption - air conditioning, central heating • Use of bed linen and towels • A guarded parking space on the premises • Wi-Fi (unlimited internet access) • Use of the entire infrastructure (garden, pond, grill, bicycles, garden furniture, boat) • Use of a roofed recreation and relaxation shelter with a terrace • Welcome bottle of wine The price does not include: • Using the fireplace PLN 100 for one stand of wood and a basket of kindling wood. • Charcoal for the grill (on your own) • Using a heating "mushroom" on the terrace of a recreational shelter - PLN 100 for one gas cylinder. • A package of wood for a garden hearth and fire - PLN 100 / stand • PLN 100 for cleaning paid on the spot when pets are present

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Place rules

Icon Minimum age of guests: 14 years old
Icon We accept: small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, cats
Icon Maximum number of guests: 4 people
Icon Quiet hours from 23:00 to 07:00

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 2 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 50%
We do not return prepayments
Remaining amount paid on arrival (cash on the spot)
Additional fees paid on the spot are not included in the price:
Other fees: PLN 150 for cleaning paid on the spot when there are pets
We do not issue invoices

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 15:00 to 21:00
Departure from 09:00 to 11:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Icon Other rules
The condition for accepting the reservation is a deposit of 40% of the value of accommodation via the Slowhop system. The remaining amount:

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Zawsze szukamy oazy spokoju, miejsca gdzie będzie można odetchnąć pełną parą i nabrać sił na dalsze dni, pozachwycać się prostymi rzeczami, zwolnić. I tak było tutaj w Tłokowie Mikułowie. Fantastyczne miejsce, super położone z doskonałym zapleczem, którego uzupełnieniem są prace autorskie jednego z Gospodarzy. Gospodarze bardzo mile nas powitali, w razie potrzeby pomocni i otwarci. Dwa w jednym natura i sztuka.

Host: Rafał i Marta

Bardzo dziękujemy za tak pozytywny komentarz , no i oczywiście zapraszamy serdecznie ponownie ! :)


5 gwiazdek to zdecydowanie za mało! Wspaniałe odludzie, absolutny zew natury, totalny reset. Coś pięknego! Domek w stajence jest otoczony niesamowitymi widokami. Można zatracić się w dzikiej naturze na wiele godzin - bezkresne pola, łąki i lasy i praktycznie żadnych ludzi dookoła, prywatny staw z malutką plażą, klangor żurawi o poranku. Spacerowy raj dla psów! Sam Domek jest ciekawie urządzony i bardzo dobrze wyposażony. Niczego nie brakuje. Aż żal wyjeżdżać. Wrócimy tu na pewno! Dziękujemy i pozdrawiamy! :)

Host: Rafał i Marta

Dziękujemy pięknie za tak miłą opinię i cieszymy się bardzo że nasze miejsce tak się spodobało :) No i oczywiście zapraszamy serdecznie ponownie ! Pozdrawiamy również ! Marta i Rafał M.


Cudowne miejsce zlokalizowane w przepięknej okolicy. Spędziliśmy tam w dwójkę razem z psiakiem cztery dni po których aż żal było wracać. Budzenie się codziennie do klekotu bocianów albo rechotania żab to miód dla uszu. Lokal wyposażony we wszystko czego dusza może zapragnąć i wykończony bardzo gustowny w rustykalnym stylu. Polecamy z całego serca, zwłaszcza dla posiadaczy czworonogów.

4.9 13 opinii