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Icon 1 house
Icon 3 rooms
Icon Without animals
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Dom nad Stawem Domatowo

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Location Poland, Kashubia Region, Gdańsk Pomerania, Domatowo
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We invite you to Kashubia, right on the shore. On the shore of the pond, to the village of Domatowo, on the edge of the Darżlubska Forest. Our home was built here. From dreams of living by the water, from passion for fishing, interior design and photography. From old furniture found at flea markets, from blues, whites and the warmth of natural wood. Although we live by the road and in the middle of the village, the lush garden separates us from reality. Thanks to this, there is an eternal vacation in the pond house. Inside, you can feel like you are in a Sopot villa (despite the fact that the nearest beach is about 15 km away, and 50 km to Sopot), and outside, like in a Kashubian wilderness. In summer, the neighbor's mower or a tractor driving across a homely meadow will remind you of the world behind the fence. Here life goes on with a soft, like afternoon sun, rhythm. The morning mists are the time to cast your fishing line and prey quickly. The landing net can land grass carp, bream, silver carp, tench, carp or trout, and also crayfish and clams winter in the water. Later, a trip to the beach, the quietest one in Błota Karwienskie Drugie, return for dinner cooked in the home kitchen, relaxing by the fireplace in winter, by the fire in summer. At this time, the kids organize family life in a treehouse, build frog locks and a dam on the river flowing through the plot and cycle around the area (we have one on site, so you have to share). We invite you to the house where we put a lot of heart and tenderness. We want you to relax here perfectly, sleep as befits a gopher, canoe on Piaśnica, sail around the Bay of Puck and explore the surrounding forest paths. Make yourself at home here.

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I am an artist-photographer, with my head in the clouds, he is an IT specialist, with both feet on the ground. We both love rural life, water and forest. We combined our dreams and passionately built a house by the pond. We put a lot of heart and our own work into it, and now we are thinking about more!

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English
We are not on-site, but you can always contact us

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Eco Alert

Do not bring plastic bottles of water, we have treated tap water
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We promote waste segregation by guests
There are no natural skins and furs in our interiors

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Our charms

Near the road
In the middle of the village (there are neighbours)
We don't have air conditioning

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We care about you

Private houses / apartments with separate entrance

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exclusive family house for 7 people
exclusive family house for 7 people
our pond is full of fish and fishing equipment is on site
our pond is full of fish and fishing equipment is on site
there is a fireplace by the pond, with a grate and wood
there is a fireplace by the pond, with a grate and wood
4 large bikes + 1 for a child are at your disposal
4 large bikes + 1 for a child are at your disposal
we are surrounded by water - there is a pond, close to the lake and the sea
we are surrounded by water - there is a pond, close to the lake and the sea
a tub in the garden
a tub in the garden

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 house
Icon for up to 7 people
Icon 75 m²
Icon bathroom: 1
Icon shared bathroom: 1
Icon large king bed : 1
Icon single bed : 1
Icon king bed : 1
Icon sofa bed: 1
Icon Without pets

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In the house by the pond, which is unique because it is ours. We carefully selected every tile, curtain and the smallest detail. We wanted it to be like this, i.e. bright, sunny, natural, in blue, beige and wood. The furniture is old, well-worn, renovated and with a soul, as well as country style. But one in the convention of Sopot villas, not grandma's huts. On 74 square meters of space, we have conjured up a comfortable and spacious living room with a fireplace, a study full of fish, a blue kitchen, a cozy bathroom and bedrooms where we can comfortably accommodate 7 people. It is up to you which bed will suit you best, and you have a lot to choose from. We have for you: - 1 closed, comfortable bedroom with a large double bed and a beautiful old wardrobe, - a closed office with a wide, double convertible sofa, a writing desk, a desk and a view of the pond and - spacious room on the mezzanine with 1 single and 1 double bed, on very comfortable mattresses. We recommend the mezzanine especially for children, if only because of the TV with Netflix. We also have a travel cot for a toddler with bedding. After tapping the bed, it's time to relax in the living room. Its windows face south, east and west, so beautiful light inside is provided. The link between the living room and the bright kitchen is the table for family meals. From the ground floor you can go out to the terrace, to the garden full of flowers and finally to the pond. You can also stay here and warm up by the fireplace, read, play board games and chat. Unfortunately, there is only one bathroom with a shower, so make a bath schedule. Unfortunately, due to our son's allergy, your pets must stay at home.

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Common space

Living room with couches
Dining room with tables
Fireplace corner
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Pond in the garden
Barbecue area
Beach chairs
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Fast Internet/WiFi
Good cell phone reception
Access to Netflix

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What will I eat?

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Just like the whole house, the kitchen is at your disposal. We try not to enter your sweet holiday parade, so we have equipped this large and unique kitchen with almost everything you need for cooking. There is a stylish oven with a hood, a large Smeg fridge, a wide ceramic sink, a wooden worktop and plenty of space to cook together. In the cupboards you will find porcelain tableware for the whole family, lots of glass, pots, cutlery, an overflow coffee machine and a kettle. If you like to cook outside, it's great. There is a barbecue on the terrace and a fireplace with a grill by the pond. Just watch out for guitar singing, because we are in the middle of the village and the neighbors may not approve of "Szładieweczka" at 3am. If cooking is not your melody or you will get bored of holiday cooking, we will recommend some great restaurants in the area. We have our favorites.

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Kitchen access

Shared kitchen
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Tawerna Strand (14 km)
Kaszubski Młyn (23 km)
Willa Puck (14 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Dido (1 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside

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First and foremost, the house by the pond is located in Kashubia, but not by the sea. We are about 15 km to the beautiful beaches. So you can be bored in the sand, you can by the pond, and you can not be bored at all. When it comes to fish, they wear slippers, because grass carp, carp, bream and ropes swim in our pond, and you will find fishing equipment on site. Get up at dawn or wait until evening and drop your hook. And then just gutting, a fire and roasted fish. In the vicinity of us, there are beautiful, wild beaches with white velvety sand, which can be traversed across and along, and the most beautiful and favorite is the one in Karwienskie Błota Drugie. You go to the sea through the seaside forest, and the beach itself is vast and wide (wider than the Karwia beach) and, most importantly, empty. Of course, it is most beautiful after the season, when on the sand of a living soul, when the screens do not cover the horizon, when you can walk with the wind in your hair. Our definitely favorite attraction is the rafting down to the sea on the shallow Piaśnica River. The level of difficulty of the canoeing trip is family run and runs through the Piaśnickie Łąki reserve. If you have enough salty and, let's be honest, cold water, we recommend Lake Dobre. It's just 5 km from us, driving through the forest, and the lake is clean, quiet and as the name suggests good. There is a beautiful peninsula here, a small island, and on the shore there are benches, a pier and a small camping site. You can get here by traversing the trails of the Darżlubska Forest or just come by car. For the ghosts of the forest, pond hunters and cyclists, we recommend the surrounding forests full of footpaths and two-wheeled paths, heathers, berries, mushrooms and boletes. On site, we have bikes for you and proven, marked paths, even to the sea. The great advantage of our location is that we are close to the Bay of Puck. In Puck, in addition to walking on the pier, you can rent water equipment and eat in a good restaurant. We also recommend you an unforgettable walk along the Rzucewo Cliff and a visit to the castle located by the water. If you have never sailed a fishing boat, you must try it. GOSK leaves the port of Puck all the way to Jastarnia every day at 10:00, returning at 16:00. It is perfect to see what is happening on the Hel Peninsula, take advantage of the sunbathing, eat lunch and come back. There are two lighthouses in the area, and each one is worth seeing. And if you dream of yoga at sunset on the beach, that's fine. We know a qualified instructor and a quiet, wild place. Just let us know.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths
Beach (15 km)
Yoga classes (book in advance)

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For hedonists

Beach chairs
Beach wind screen

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For sports enthusiasts

Kayaks (20 km)
Bicycles for rent

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For those craving art

Huta Szkła artystycznego (14 km)

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Our pets


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Zamek Jan III Sobieski (14 km)
Fara Puck (14 km)
Latarnia Morska w Rozewiu (15 km)

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What’s there for children?

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As for a family vacation, it's ours. For kids, we have a securely fenced, large area with a pond, there is a house with a sandbox, a bridge, there are hammocks, there is fun. At home, a comfortable room with a TV, lots of games and puzzles. For trips around the area and trips to the seaside, we have prepared a children's bicycle and a bicycle chair, and for fun on a badminton racket. For the smallest bubbles, we have a bathtub, a high chair and a travel cot with bedding. There are plenty of activities for kids in the area, the most fun being Evolution Park and the cornfield maze. In winter, we recommend the nearby Aquapark.

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Attractions for children

Children's playground
Children's toys and books
Picking vegetables and fruits
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Additionally available

Crib for babies
Bath tub for babies
High chair
Portable / travel bed for children

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Attractions for children in the area

Park Ewolucji Sławutówko (16,6 km)
Labirynt w polu kukurydzy Swarzewo (17 km)
Aquapark Reda (25 km)
Plaża Puck (15 km)
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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Topolowa 13, Domatowo, Kashubia Region, Gdańsk Pomerania, Poland

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It's best to come by car. Domatowo is a Kashubian village located in the Darżlubska Primeval Forest and on Lake Bielawa. This town is located between Puck, Wejherowo and Karwia.

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How much will I pay?

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from November 1 to March 15, except winter holidays min. 4 days
2 people PLN 450
3 persons 510 PLN
4 people PLN 570
5 people PLN 630
6 people PLN 690
7 people PLN 750
16.03 - 30.04 and 01.10 - 31.10 and during the winter holidays min. 4 days
2 people PLN 500
3 persons PLN 560
4 people 620 PLN
5 people 680 PLN
6 people PLN 740
7 people PLN 800
04.05 - 30.06 and 01.09 - 30.09 min. 4 days
2 people 600 PLN
3 persons PLN 660
4 people PLN 720
5 people PLN 780
6 people PLN 840
7 people PLN 900
Very tall
01.07 - 31.08 and the periods: Easter, May weekend, Corpus Christi, Christmas, New Year's Eve in summer, min. 5 days
2 people PLN 800
3 persons PLN 860
4 people PLN 920
5 people PLN 980
6 people PLN 1040
7 people 1100 PLN
Additional pricing information
All attractions and equipment are at your disposal for free, except sucks. Bania additional PLN 250 for the entire stay. Free in high season. Children up to 3 years old free of charge. We have a travel cot with bedding.

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Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 7 people

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 4 days
Wakacje: 2021-07-01 - 2021-08-31, minimum 5 days

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Prepayment charged: 30%
If you cancel up to 30 days before your arrival, we will refund the prepayment amount
Remaining amount paid before arrival (cash on the spot)
Additional fees paid on the spot are not included in the price:
Other fees: Children up to 3 years free.

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 16:00
Departure to 11:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Icon Other rules
Advance payment of 30% of the amount payable by the Slowhop system. The remaining amount is payable in cash on arrival. The deposit is refundable only in the case of cancellation of the arrival at least 30 days before arrival.

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Wspaniałe miejsce, zapewniające pełen komfort całej rodzinie. Dom jest przepiękny, świetnie wyposażony, pozwalający na pełen relaks i korzystanie z wszystkiego, co oferują Kaszuby i Pomorze. Serdeczne dzięki dla Pani Agnieszki za cenne wskazówki dot. miejsc, tras, knajpek - korzystaliśmy i doświadczaliśmy całymi sobą widoków, smaków, zapachów. Ogród, taras i hamak zapewniały miłe chwile w coraz cieplejszych promieniach słońca. I świetnie się jeździło na rowerach. Dziękujemy i pozdrawiamy :-)


Wspaniałe miejsce na odpoczynek. Właściciele stworzyli istnie sielankowy raj, w którym można odpocząć od codzienności. Wspaniale urządzony dom z dbałością o detale, spokojna okolica i piękne miejsca w pobliżu spełniają wszelkie oczekiwania. Kontakt z właścicielami bezproblemowy. Czuć ich pasję jaką wkładają w to miejsce. Miejsce do którego chętnie będzie się wracać i w którym można czuć sie jak u siebie. Jedyny minus pobytu w Domu nad stawem to depresyjny nastrój w dniu wyjazdu i natrętne myśli o budowie podobnego miejsca tylko dla siebie. Dziękujemy i polecamy wszystkim.


Piękny domek, urządzony ze smakiem. Bardzo wygodny, świetnie wyposażony, z licznymi udogodnieniami. Można karmić zmysły w nieskończoność. W pobliżu las obfitujący w grzyby i jeżyny. W niedalekiej odległości najpiękniejsza plaża w Białogórze. Minusik to położenie w środku wsi, tuż przy drodze. Dla mieszczuchów i tak będzie cicho i spokojnie, ale jeśli ktoś jest przyzwyczajony do ciszy, zauważy różnicę. To jednak szczegół wśród samych zalet miejsca.

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