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Beniaskie! Agroturystyka nad Jeziorem

Poland, Masuria Region, Warmia Region, Western Masuria Region, Bieniasze

Agrotourism 2 apartments

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Who wants a hard reset, a green detox and a good cut off from everyday life, hand up. You should look for us in the historical region of the Oberland, located west of Warmia, east of Pomerania and north-west of Masuria. The foreign name comes from the old days when the area belonged to Prussia and refers to the hilly surroundings. It is enough to go to the highest point of our plot to see the green islands of Warmia. Beniaskie! It could certainly be a great place for landscape painters. Around the wooden house, nothing but fields, forests and pastures full of Hereford cows. On the right, access to the shore of Lake Bieniaskie, from which you can observe the village on the other side of the surface, on the left, Lake Wuksniki - the deepest in Warmia and Masuria. In the center, our area, 2 ha of wilderness and a simple house for simple living. In the left and right wings there are two cozy apartments with a fireplace, named after the nearby villages of Mysłaki and Trokajny. They have separate entrances and give the neighbors a lot of freedom. Your bliss, privacy and chill are our priority, but we never forget the planet. Therefore, almost everything that we used to build our agritourism comes from nature. Certified wood, jute, linseed oil for wood protection, cotton, goose down. Whenever possible, we do not use plastics or chemicals. The bedding is dried in the wind and bright sun of Warmia, neutral in terms of CO² emissions. It is clear that the colors are sometimes not as bright as the super fluid flow to the fabrics, but this is a small price to pay for environmental protection. Thanks to this, nature loves us and almost breaks into the interior of the house, and we do not trim it. The peace and quiet is disturbed only by storks that ignore the prohibition of low and night flights, not to mention the croaking of frogs and the morning call of the crane. If all of this doesn't bother you then welcome to the club! Be sure to come, we are waiting.

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Once upon a time, while looking for a place for weekend and summer trips outside the city, we came across a beautiful plot of land situated among green hills with the shoreline of the charming Lake Beniaskie. At first sight, we fell in love with this place, so different from our everyday urban life, as if it was created for us. Nature at your fingertips, clean air, clean spring water in the tap, peace and quiet, friendly neighbors and beautiful surroundings immediately captivated us and won our hearts forever. Over time, we did not feel like leaving here more and more, we did everything to be able to spend every free moment, every moment in Beniaskie! A dream has sprouted in us that one day we will live here permanently. After many years our dream is just coming true. We are here. From spring to autumn we are awakened by the singing of birds, we fall asleep to the sounds of chirping crickets, and in winter, with a cup of good coffee, we sit by the cheerfully crackling fireplace. We are happy here. The idea was born in us to give the opportunity to experience the beauty of this place for others. And that's how we created Beniaskie! Agritourism by the lake. A place where we share what gives us the greatest pleasure. Peace and greenery.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, German, Japanese
We are on-site, we give our guests space and intimacy, but we're always ready to help

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Eco Alert

We have treated tap water
We mainly use eco-friendly detergents
House made of natural materials (e.g. clay, straw, hemp)
There is a shopping bag or basket in every room
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Our charms

We don't have televisions
Mosquitos on warm days
Creaky floors
Access via the forest/gravel road
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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
Private houses / apartments with separate entrance
We disinfect the rooms between reservations
No-contact handing over of the keys
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Dogs welcome - but we do not have a fence
Dogs welcome - but we do not have a fence
14 ha fields, hills, creeks & forests around - all for you
14 ha fields, hills, creeks & forests around - all for you
300 m shoreline, jetty & boat - Inbetween two lakes
300 m shoreline, jetty & boat - Inbetween two lakes
Eco beef, cheese, bread, honey, fish, cider, and more nearby
Eco beef, cheese, bread, honey, fish, cider, and more nearby
Chaiselongue for two in front of the crackling fire: Hygge!
Chaiselongue for two in front of the crackling fire: Hygge!
Sauna overlooking the lake and Chill-Down-Deck in the lake
Sauna overlooking the lake and Chill-Down-Deck in the lake

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Where will I relax?

Icon 2 apartments

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Welcome in the sticks of old Oberland (Highlands) of Eastern Prussia, the historic and cultural region of the world famous Oberland or -today- Elbląg Canal. Your neighbours will be meadows, two lakes, a forest, many wild animals, and Hereford cattle. On 35 acres of greenery, we have an atmospheric, wooden house with two separate Cottage Apartments "Trokajny" and "Mysłaki" for you. They have private entrances and are separated by a 12-meter "barn" where the bikes and SUPs are kept. Each of our two Cottage Apartments offers you: - 72 square meters on two floors - a light-filled, open lounge with a fully equipped kitchen incl. dishwasher and a dining area for four.... - well as a cast iron fireplace and a comfortable chaiselongue for two in front of it - bathroom with shower and underfloor heating - two cozy bedrooms with a view of nature, one with a double bed and the other with two single beds and a baby bed - you will sleep deeply and comfortably on high-quality box spring mattresses and in pillows and comforters made exclusively from the natural materials cotton and goose down - two private roofed verandas with a grill from where you can watch sunrise and sunset- private campfire If there are several of you: get both Cottage Apartments together and have Beniaskie! only & alone for you - ideal for two couples, two families or a family with grandparents On Beniaskie! you can spend a vacation in any season - even in the stiffest winter it's warm & cozy thanks to the crackling fireplace. Then, of course, there is time for the sauna by the lake, ice bathing, and ice fishing.

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Beach chairs
Barbecue area
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Fast Internet/WiFi
Good cell phone reception
We don't have TVs

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival

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What will I eat?

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On Beniaskie! you can cook or grill your own food. For shopping it is 6 km to small grocery stores, butchery and bakery in Miłakowo. In the area you can buy many products made according to traditional recipes, e.g. cheese (cow and goat), cider and honey (e.g. lavender), or you can harvest fruits & vegetables on Wiola's farm next door. When we go shopping in the morning, we can organize delicious products from the region for your breakfast: real rolls from the baker, country butter cut from the chunk, eggs from chickens that still run in the meadow, honey from bees that collect their nectar in pure nature, freshly roasted coffee ground by you 'à la minute', and much more. And on Sundays we bake our own rolls from organic grain freshly ground on Beniaskie! In winter, in front of a crackling fire, something delicious: Fondue Bourguignonne with fillet of Hereford beef, exclusively grass-fed on the meadows around Beniaskie! and dry-aged for several weeks, so very juicy and a culinary delight. Or cheese fondue with local "Ermländer". And if you don't feel like cooking, just around the corner there's the famous "From-Farm-To-Fork" restaurant Niwa, or the Klekotki Mill, where you can enjoy delicious regional specialties in atmospheric surroundings. Or simply row our boat to the other side of the lake, to the restaurant in Bieniasze Manor House. Don't forget your flashlight when rowing back, because in case of a new moon or thick fog you might land on the wrong shore ;-) Neither cooking nor eating out anywhere? Then order a simple daily menu at MiDano, with delivery on Beniaskie!: e.g. peasant soup, fish fillet, potatoes & salad or horseradish soup, schnitzel, potatoes & salad. Local products and dishes from the Manor House or MiDano are not included in the lodging price.

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Food on-site

Basket with local products extra fee
Possibility to order meals with delivery
We produce our own food
Local products(eggs, cheese, meat and sausages, fish, vegetables, fruits, bread, preserves, honey, butter, mushrooms)

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Kitchen access

Private kitchenettes in homes / rooms
Coffee percolator
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Dworek Bieniasze (0,5 km)
Niwa (7 km)
Dworek Wojciechy (8 km)
Młyn Klekotki (25 km)
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You can buy eco products nearby

Kiedy tylko jest to możliwe, możemy przynieść coś pysznego od naszych sąsiadów lub z rynku, a rano zwykle świeże bułki z tradycyjnej piekarni, również... a na zamówienie Hereford Burgers & Steaks z pól vis-a-vis... / Whenever possible, we may bring something delicious for you from our neighbours or the market, and mornings usually fresh bread rolls from a traditional bakery, too...and on pre-order Hereford Burgers & Steaks from the fields vis-a-vis... (0 km)
U Bogdana - typowy ciężko pracujący oberlandzki rolnik - jego żona piecze na życzenie chleb na zakwasie, a on zaopatruje cię w kurczaka i gęś, które kilka godzin wcześniej szczęśliwie dziobały ziarna i robaki na jego polach... nie może być świeższy / a typical hard working oberlandish farmer - his wife bakes on request sourdough bread, and he provides you with chicken and goose that few hours before were happily pecking grains and worms on his can't be fresher. (1 km)
Lawendowe Siedlisko - nomen est omen: miód lawendowy, olejek lawendowy, worki lawendowe, lawenda ..., ale także syrop z kwiatu bzu czarnego / nomen est omen: lavender honey, lavender oils, lavender bags, lavender ..., but also elderberry blossom syrup (6,4 km)
Kwaśne Jabłko - nagradzany cydr, sok jabłkowy, chleb, dżem, ocet, warzywa, jajka i wyśmienite domowe dania na wynos / award-winning cider, apples juice, bread, jam, vinegar, vegetables, eggs, and finger-licking homemade dishes to take out (7,7 km)
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Grocery stores nearby

Pszczółka - nasz mały, duży supermarket - to, czego tam nie ma, nie jest potrzebne do życia.... / our small big supermarket...what is not there, you do not really need for life... (5,8 km)
Ryneczek u Kurasia - wspaniały wybór świeżych owoców i warzyw / great choice of fresh fruits & veggies (6 km)
Masarnia Kreczkowski - rzeźnik pierwszej klasy z własną masarnią / 1st class butcher with own slaughterhouse  (6,3 km)
Rynek Morąg - typowy lokalny targ, na którym starsze panie sprzedają świeże produkty z lasów i pól / typical local market with older ladies selling fresh picks from forests and fields (21,5 km)
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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the lake
Icon In / at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside
Icon With a shoreline

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Welcome to the outback! Directly at Beniaskie Lake, on a natural meadow with an area of approx. 2 hectares, with its own small deciduous forest, away from the already quiet village of Bieniasze. You will locate us 4 kilometers west of the nature reserve on the Pasłęka River and directly on the border with the Wuksniki Lake Reserve. You will need sturdy, comfortable shoes to walk around the "garden", because our property covers approx. 14 hectares. It is intersected by two small streams with ponds and marshes and is very hilly - from the vantage point there is a fantastic panorama of our Warmia region. On the other side of the plot you will find Lake Wuksniki, which with 68 meters depth is the deepest lake in Warmia and Mazury. It has crystal clear water (perfect for diving!) and a sandy beach. So, you will be in nature, peace, and seclusion. The habitat is bordered on the east by the approx. 300 meters long shoreline of Lake Beniaskie, on the south by forests and arable fields, from the south and west by meadows with a moist biotope and hills. In spring & autumn, it is worth arming yourself with rubber boots, and in summer - with bathing suits. On the shores of Lake Beniaskie there is our pier, where the rowing boat is waiting for you; or jump into the lake and swim over to the Mansion House's pier vis-a-vis. A little further along the shoreline is the Beniaskie! Sauna: privacy tucked away on the timberline, with lakeview & Chill-Down-Deck in the lake. Also, you may fish in the lake: from time to time the municipal championships take place here, and large catfish and pike are regularly found and caught. Or explore Lake Beniaskie with our new SUPs... By our bicycles you can comfortably pedal along field paths or vast forests up to the Pasłęka lowland or Narie Lake. You can also reach the famous Camp Spa -situated outdoor in the middle of fields & forests- in Włodowo in a few biking minutes. In the surrounding woods of Beniaskie! and depending on the season, you can find blueberries, blackberries, wild strawberries, currants, chanterelles, boletus and chestnuts. At night, fascinatingly clear oberlandian skies with countless stars awaits you. You can spend a carefree holiday here, you can both, hike in the endless nature and explore the surrounding area, that has a lot to offer: Olsztyn with its old town, arboretum, planetarium, aqua park, wakeboard lift, and rope park..,or Ostróda with the world-famous Elbląg Canal and of course Gdansk with the Vistula Lagoon. Also many other monuments of Warmia and Masuria can be easily visited during one-day trips. For you, we provide a regularly updated calendar of regional events because we know what's on in the old Oberland: fairs, festivals, sports and cultural events and much more.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0 km)
Beach (0 km)

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For hedonists

Dry Sauna
Winter swimming

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For sports enthusiasts

Horse riding (15 km)
Golf course (39 km)
Kayaks (8 km)
Diving (2 km)
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For those craving art

EtnoWarmia Galeria StodołArt (14 km)
Cegielnia Art (22 km)
Galeria Kawkowo (23 km)
Wood Art (24 km)
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Our pets


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Dworek / Mansion House, Bieniasze / Banners (0,5 km)
Gotycki Kościół / Gothic Church, Miłakowo/ Liebstadt (6 km)
Mlyn / Mill, Miłakowo / Liebstadt (7 km)
Pałac / Palace, Wojciechy / Gartenpungel (8 km)
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What’s there for children?

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There are 14 hectares of meadows, forest, hills, ponds, lakes and streams - that is the best playground. There is always something to arm and concoct here. And if you want to emulate the beavers and build dams, please don't forget your wellies! Additionally, for the little ones we have here: a wooden swing, a climbing net, a rope ladder, a wooden house with a slide, a hammock, climbing trees, a small sandbox.

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Attractions for children

Children's playground
Cool trees for climbing
Rock climbing wall
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Additionally available

Portable / travel bed for children
High chair
Crib for babies

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Attractions for children in the area

Nice Bay Wakepark - wakeboarding na lince / wakeboarding on the rope (41 km)
Leśny Park Linowy - dwa parki linowe, jeden bardziej szalony od drugiego / two rope parks, one more crazy than the other (42 km)
Nauka jazdy konnej w farmie Moniki / Horse riding lessons at Monika's farm (15 km)
Aqua Park Termy Warmińskie - wodna zabawa na niepogodę...świetne zjeżdżalnie i inne atrakcje / water fun for bad weather days...great slides and other attractions (48 km)

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For employees?

Icon For remote solo work

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On Beniaskie! it's actually too nice to work...

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Fast Internet/WiFi
Download: 22 Mb/s
Upload: 7 Mb/s
Mobile LTE/5G Internet
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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Bieniasze, Bieniasze, Masuria Region, Warmia Region, Western Masuria Region, Poland

In Google Maps / Open Street Map / Apple Maps / Here WeGo search for: "Beniaskie! Agroturystyka nad Jeziorem"

See in Google Street View

Get directions on Google Maps

Icon Public transportation

Nearest stops

Bus: Bieniasze, ... (0,4 km)

Hike around the lake, depending on which direction you go, sooner or later you will reach Beniaskie! ;-)

Train: Morąg (<- Gdańsk, Szczecin), Olsztyn Zachodni (<- Warszawa, Kraków), Ostróda (<- Poznań, Berlin) ... (19 km)

...and further from the train station by bus, or by cab if the bus went without you ;-)

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How much will I pay?

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Number of guests
Additional pricing information
Included in the price: - Bills like water, sewage, gas, waste disposal, and WLAN. - Pleasant warmth & hygge ambience thanks to cast iron stove heating. - Wood from Beniaskie! forest for fireplace & bonfire. - Bed linen freshly washed and dried in wind & sun, but please take own towels. - Toddler bed & dining chair. - Household starter kit: dishwasher tablets, eco dishwashing detergent, kitchen paper, garbage bags, natural organic handsoap, recycling toilet paper, matches & organic firestarters, salt & pepper, and organic olive oil & vinegar. - Use of our rowing boats & SUPs on Lake Beniaskie. - Use of our bicycles (MTB cracks rather bring their own). - Beniaskie! Explorer's Handbook with handpicked hints, interesting shopping spots, excellent restaurants and traditional inns, exciting sports and leisure facilities, organic farms, important emergency numbers, etc. - Regularly updated calendar of events - only here you can find out what's going on around: markets, festivals, sports, culture, and much more. - Map of the area for hikers, bikers, and explorers. - Beniaskie! postcard with stamp. - Delicious welcome present in organic quality. NOT included in the price: - Electricity according to consumption, typical cost per night: spring & fall PLN 15, summer PLN 10, and winter PLN 30. - Towels - please take your own. In an emergency, sets available at cost price. - Sauna with lakeview: PLN 150 / 2 hrs. - Local products and dishes from the Manor House and MiDano. - Weekend XL - Late Check-Out until 22:00 (!) on Sundays & Public Holidays until 21.04. 2024 and 03.11.2024 - 20.04.2025: PLN 100.

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Place rules

Icon We accept: small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs
Icon Maximum number of guests: 8 people
Icon Quiet hours from 20:00 to 10:00

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 15:00
Departure to 10:00
We will stick to defined checkin / checkout times

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Icon Other rules
The binding Beniaskie! House Rules can be found at the end of the photo gallery. Please read them carefully before making a binding reservation & payment.

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Cudowny weekend pomimo kwietniowej zimnej aury. Idealne miejsce na reset od miasta. W domku czysto, schludnie i ciepło dzięki klimatycznemu kominkowi. Kuchnia wyposażona we wszystko co niezbędne, mili i pomocni gospodarze szanujący prywatność gości. Polecam prosto z serca 💌

Host: Agnieszka

Cieszymy się bardzo...wygląda na to, że zrobiliście się naprawdę hygge przed kominkiem :-)


Świetne miejsce, by odpocząć od zgiełku i po prostu się wyciszyć. Domek super, wszystko czego potrzeba, kominek tworzy niepowtarzalny klimat. Kontakt z gospodarzami wzorowy :-) Piękne krajobrazy dookoła - oprócz samego jeziora Bieniaskiego niesamowite wrażenie robi pobliskie Wuksniki.

Host: Agnieszka

Miło, że tak bardzo podobała Wam się rozległa przyroda. Dziękujemy za pyszne Babeczki, zachowamy dla Was foremki :-)


Cisza! Spokój! Cisza! Spokój! Świetne miejsce na odpoczynek i oderwanie się od rzeczywistości. Sterylnie czysto, bardzo jasne instrukcje dotyczące dojazdu, apartamentu, okolic, wygodne łóżka. Polecam to miejsce!

Host: Agnieszka

Fajnie, że znaleźliście na Beniaskie! to, czego szukaliście :-) P.S.: Dziękujemy również za konstruktywne sugestie - odezwiemy się w tej sprawie osobno.

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