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Houses and cottages
Icon 3 houses
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Szklane Domki

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Location Poland, Kashubia Region, Gdańsk Pomerania, Kopalino
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Slogan: a Baltic town in high season. You probably see crowds, stalls, kebab sauce dripping down the hands of passers-by and somewhere behind it all - the sea. We saw it too, so when we remembered Kopalino, we felt like Archimedes. I mean, we shouted “eureka” and went to action. We have built three houses, right here in the quietest and most charming seaside town we know. Although we both come from the city, thanks to our grandparents we have memories of the whole days spent in the field games, far from the chaos of cities. Now we want to give such fun to our children, and maybe also yours. And show you why Kopalino can awaken a deeply hidden Archimedes in a person.

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Anna i Mateusz
We love to travel along the beaten track, meet interesting people and their stories, great places and discover views that are very memorable. However, we cannot always afford it (work, home, children - you probably know it ;-)). We know that we are not alone in this urgent need to break free from the crowded city, the noise of the streets and the monotony of gray buildings. Although we love our city madly, we get in the car as soon as possible and rush to Kopalin - a seaside village surrounded by forests. We are lucky to have found a piece of paradise on earth. Cranes are our closest neighbors, and our children can play outdoors all day long. Time is just carefree here. We want to share this place, wonderful views and good energy with others. It's good to have somewhere to recharge your batteries. We have built houses with large glazing in order not to separate ourselves from the surrounding nature and to be able to absorb it all the time. We have arranged the houses in various styles, so that everyone can find something for themselves. We hope that our visiting guests will bring back a lot of wonderful memories and, like us, they will fall in love with Kopalin - the most beautiful end of the world that we have so far discovered.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English
Sometimes we are on-site, sometimes we're not

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Eco Alert

We plant trees
We segregate garbage
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We promote waste segregation by guests

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Our charms

Mosquitos on warm days
Steep stairs
Weak GSM coverage
You light the fireplace
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We care about you

Private houses/apartments with separate entrance
Linens are washed at high temperatures

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three cottages - each for a maximum of 6 people
three cottages - each for a maximum of 6 people
sea or lake? To the Baltic Sea and the lake 3 km
sea or lake? To the Baltic Sea and the lake 3 km
playground with a trampoline
playground with a trampoline
welcome without pets
welcome without pets
great bike routes + rentals in the area
great bike routes + rentals in the area
sauna on site
sauna on site

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 3 houses

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Our three twin houses are located in Kopalin - a small seaside town, approximately 2-3 kilometers from the shoreline. It is quieter here than in larger towns right on the Baltic Sea, and everything you need is within walking distance: the sea, the lake, a shop and a few good pubs. The bungalows are twins from the outside, but inside each one has its own atmosphere. In "Misty morning" we have a bright space with blue elements. In the house "High noon", boho accents reign, and white intertwines with black. The third, "Evening time", was arranged with simple elegance: there are details in the color of old gold and floral wallpaper on the wall. This house is the only one with a bathtub in the bathroom. All three are great for family holidays, and if you want to come only for two, we recommend you stay in the last of the three. Each of the houses has two bedrooms located on the first floor: one with a double bed and the other with two single beds, and a fold-out sofa that can accommodate two people. The first bedroom can be fitted with a cot if required. There is a living room and a kitchen on the ground floor, and a terrace in front of the cottage. The space around the houses is shared - children can use the playground and trampoline, and adults can use the hammocks and a sauna located in a separate building.

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Common space

Terrace (16 m2)
Washing machine available for guests

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Children's playground

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Medium speed Internet / WiFi
Poor cell phone reception
TV only in the common area

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
Towels (complete set per stay)
Hair dryer
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What will I eat?

Szklane Domki - What will I eat?
Szklane Domki - What will I eat?
Szklane Domki - What will I eat?
Szklane Domki - What will I eat?

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Each cottage has a kitchen with an abundance of utensils and dishes. You can also grill and eat on the terrace. And if you don't want to cook at all, we have very good news - there are so many good eateries in the area that you can choose from. Below we present you a few checked addresses, with different cuisines and for different hungers. We especially recommend Agritourism Mirabelka, Bar Nina by the beach and Ewa invites you - you will definitely eat there.

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Kitchen access

Private kitchenettes in homes/rooms
Coffee percolator
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Mirabelka (0,3 km)
Smażalnia Złota Rybka (1,2 km)
Bar Nina (przy plaży) (3,1 km)
Bałtycka 6 (1,2 km)
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Grocery stores nearby

Sklep Melan (dobrze zaopatrzony market) (7 km)
Sklep ogólnospożywczy (0,8 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside
Icon By the sea

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There is a lot to do in Kopalin and its surroundings, so before you stay in the hammock for good, check what you want to choose from the local repertoire. The beach is about 3 kilometers away. We know that the maps say something else - maps do not know shortcuts and our path through the forest. We will tell you to get to the sea as soon as possible. The beaches here are known for their fine white sand and wide shores that are rarely seen by crowds for screening. There is also a lake (Kopalińskie) nearby - we recommend going fishing there (more specifically pike, perch, bream, carp, roach, crucian carp, tench and eels). In summer you can rent a boat. In the season there is also a swimming pool and water equipment rental. Kopalino is a great place for lovers of two wheels: you can choose between longer and shorter bicycle routes (we recommend, for example, the one leading to the Stilo lighthouse, open from June to August). Bicycles can be rented a few hundred meters from the chalets. We also have two horse studs nearby, a kayak rental shop that organizes kayaking trips to the sea, and there is a paragliding club in Choczewo. For those who like long walks, we recommend going to the Wydma Lubiatowska. On site, however, you can grill the fish on the terrace or put a blanket on the grass and indulge in sweet laziness.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (1 km)
Beach (3 km)
Library and books to read
Board games

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For hedonists

Winter swimming
Dry sauna

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For sports enthusiasts

Horse riding (1 km)
Cross bicycle routes (0 km)
Cross-country trails (0,5 km)
Football pitch
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Latarnia Stilo (8 km)

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What’s there for children?

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Take your kids with you, they won't be bored. First, there is a safe, fenced yard. Secondly, a playground and a real energy squeezer, i.e. a trampoline. We don't even mention the sea or the lake - it is known that for most children, sand + water is pure happiness. We also have something for the eventuality of rain, so we hope that the fun will be four fireplaces regardless of the weather conditions.

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Attractions for children

Children's playground
Children's toys
Large safe running space
Children's books
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Additionally available

Portable/travel bed for children
High chair
Children's crockery and cutlery
Fireplace covers
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Attractions for children in the area

Stadnina koni (1 km)
Ogólnodostępny plac zabaw z siłownią na świeżym powietrzu - za płotem (0 km)

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Rajska 18, Kopalino, Kashubia Region, Gdańsk Pomerania, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
Low season (October-March) minimum 2 days
Price per night
Up to 4 people 350 PLN/house
5 people 400 PLN/house
6 people 450 PLN/house
Average season (April, May, 1-19 June, 4-30 September) minimum 4 days
Price per night
Up to 4 people 500 PLN/house
5 people 550 PLN/house
6 people 600 PLN/house
High season (19.06-4.09) weekly stays, from Saturday to Saturday
Price per night
Up to 4 people 700 PLN/house
5 people 750 PLN/house
6 people 800 PLN/house
Christmas (24/26/12) Easter (15/04-18/04) 3 days; May weekend (April 28 - May 3) 3 days
Price per night
Up to 4 people 650 PLN/house
5 people 700 PLN/house
6 people 750 PLN/house
New Year's Eve (minimum 3 days)
Price per night
Up to 6 people 800 PLN/house
The price does not include the local tax - PLN 1.50 per day / person, payable on the spot. Children up to 2 years of age stay with us free of charge. Price includes: - linen - towels - wood for the fireplace - final cleaning Additionally, the possibility of free rental: - a travel cot - high chairs for feeding (Please inform us when booking)

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Place rules

Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Quiet hours from 22:00 to 07:00

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 2 days
Sezon niski: 2021-02-12 - 2021-03-31, minimum 2 days
Sezon średni: 2021-09-04 - 2021-09-30, minimum 4 days
Sezon niski: 2021-10-01 - 2022-03-31, minimum 2 days
Boże Narodzenie: 2021-12-23 - 2021-12-26, minimum 3 days
Sylwester: 2021-12-30 - 2022-01-02, minimum 3 days
Wielkanoc: 2022-04-15 - 2022-04-18, minimum 3 days
Sezon średni: 2022-04-01 - 2022-06-17, minimum 4 days
Sezon wysoki: 2022-06-18 - 2022-09-03, from saturday to saturday

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 30%
If you cancel up to 30 days before your arrival, we will refund the prepayment amount
Remaining amount payable 2 days before your arrival (money transfer, polish tourism voucher)
Deposit amount: 500 PLN (cash on the spot)
Additional fees paid on the spot are not included in the price:
Local tourism fee 1.5 PLN person / day
We issue VAT invoices on request

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 17:00 to 20:00
Departure from 09:00 to 10:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Bardzo wygodne domki oraz pięknie utrzymany teren dookoła. Miejsce idealne zarówno na wypad rodzinny z dzieciakami, jak i samotną ucieczkę z dala od miasta. Domki usytuowane w sporej odległości od morza, ale w idealnej na wycieczki rowerowe lub długi spacer. Dokładnie takiego miejsca szukaliśmy - daleko od zgiełku miejsc z bezpośredniego sąsiedztwa morza. Super urządzone domki we wszystko co niezbędne na urlop. Przejmująca cisza dookoła pozwala usłyszeć odgłosy natury i własne myśli - idealnie na urlop. Jeśli ktoś ma ochotę na ruch - tereny dookoła idealnie się do tego nadają. Jeśli błogie lenistwo - są i hamaki i sauna, planszówki, książki i tylko wyobraźnia nas ogranicza. A do tego właściciele bardzo mili, komunikatywni i otwarci. Bardzo polecam!

Host: Anna i Mateusz

Pani Joanno dziękujemy serdecznie za bardzo szczegółową opinię i miłe słowa. Pozdrawiamy serdecznie i zapraszamy ponownie, Ania i Mateusz


Cudne miejsce na krótki odpoczynek i reset. My akurat przyjechaliśmy odpocząć aktywnie rowerowo. W okolicy piekne, malownicze trasy rowerowe i zróżnicowany krajobraz, lasy, jeziorka, morze. Szklane domki mieszczą się na skraju miejscowości z dala od ulicy z dużą przestrzenią wokół i pięknym zadbanym ogrodem. Posiada romantyczna sypialnię i z gustem urzadzona przestrzeń całego domku. Hustawka w salonie i hamak przy tarasie dodatkowo pozwala się zrelaksować. Wieczorami graliśmy w dostępne planszowki i czytaliśmy książki, które staly na półce. Generalnie to byl pięknie spędzony czas. Dziękujemy gospodarzom i polecamy serdecznie to miejsce 🙂

Host: Anna i Mateusz

Dziękujemy bardzo Pani Ewo za przemiłe słowa i serdeczność. Zapraszamy ponownie, może już nie rowerowo, bo chyba już wszystko udało się Państwu zjeździć, a na spływy kajakami do morza. Będzie nam bardzo miło Państwa ponownie gościć. 🙂


Zdecydowanie polecamy to miejsce na odpoczynek w ciszy, z przyrodą w tle.Domek W samo południe świetnie wyposażony, a i pięknie urządzony.Hustawka w salonie skradła nam serca. Do tego książki,planszówki, hamak na trawie, talerz owoców, który czekał na nas, dużo słońca na zewnątrz i wewnątrz to wszystko dopełniało nasz wypoczynek. Na górze dwie sypialnie z toaletą -fajnie bo nie trzeba było biegać na dół do łazienki. Plaża 10 min rowerkiem, 5min samochodem lub 40 min spacerkiem. Szeroka plaża z białym piaskiem, Dookoła świetne ścieżki rowerowe ,które intensywnie explorowaliśmy. Polecamy, my na pewno wrócimy😁

Host: Anna i Mateusz

Będzie nam niezmiernie miło móc Państwa ponownie ugościć. Dziękujemy za opinię i miłe słowa, które są dla nas spiritus movens. Do zobaczenia! 🙂

5.0 5 opinii