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Houses and cottages
Icon Max 6 people
Icon 1 house
Icon With some animals
Icon We prepare breakfasts for you

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Jemna 55

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Location Poland, Lower Silesia Province, Sudetes Mountains, Owl Mountains, Kłodzko Valley, Bardzkie Mountains, Jemna
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This place is the key to a different, magical world. Summer lasts the longest here in Poland, autumn has the most beautiful scent of golden leaves and mushrooms, and in winter you get to know the area by cross-country skiing. Over the Chyżym Potokiem, where a narrow valley separates the Bardzkie Mountains from the Sowie Mountains, trolls are said to live. Cellular coverage has not been seen for a long time, although many outstretched arms hunted for this dubious good. We invite you to an extraordinary place where silver was once mined, and gold a bit further away, and we cherish a real treasure - an old house with an interior it wraps around, a kitchen with a tiled stove and a forest behind a fence. In the morning, in baskets, we deliver a breakfast that smells of home-made bread and local delicacies, so that you have the strength to continue your activities: devouring the next pages of books or bicycles. A beret's throw from home, we have several hundred kilometers of routes for both beginners and crazy cyclists. You can also lie in the garden and eat fruit from the old orchard, walk along the stream or play board games. We made sure that everything was as it should be: with comfortable sofas, linen smelling fresh, an armful of books and deer walking up to the windows. Nothing fancy, but ...

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Do you know what it's like to meet a soul mate? We know. On the second date, we agreed that we both wanted to get out of town, and on the fifth date, it was a great idea to start a family, and raising children in the old style is definitely our fairy tale. We dreamed that our kids would run around the yard, knee-deep in the grass, in the mud and be happy. That they would experience the stick war and that weekend bonfires would be our ritual. Two years later, we are here in Jemna, in the Owl Mountains, surrounded by a forest, by a stream. We have Kalina, 10 months old, and two houses. As you can see, the pace of making our dreams come true is fast, but we prefer life very slowly. We left the city behind, but not our passions. On the contrary, it is here that we can fully implement them. When I prepare delicious breakfasts for you, Marcin skips the nearby Enduro routes, checks the routes for you and gathers experience to then advise you where and how you can spend your free time actively, and in the meantime he bakes the best bread in Jemna. We do not miss the sounds and lights of the city, because in return we have the sound of the stream and the starry sky, i.e. the greatest luxuries. We hope you will appreciate them as well. If you decide to come to us, you will write something about yourself when submitting your inquiry, and we will be happy to tell you more about our habitat. We want cool communication that works both ways.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English
We are on-site, we give our guests space and intimacy, but we're always ready to help

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Eco Alert

Do not bring plastic bottles of water, we have treated tap water
To limit our carbon footprint, we do not iron bedding
We use eco-friendly detergents
We have cosmetics in reusable packaging
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Our charms

We don't have televisions
We don't have air conditioning
We have a lot of souvenirs and trinkets
Weak GSM coverage
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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
Private houses / apartments with separate entrance
Breakfast basket / takeaway
Takeaway meals
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1 bedroom + common space (2-6 sleeping places)
1 bedroom + common space (2-6 sleeping places)
no mobile network coverage (but there is WiFi)
no mobile network coverage (but there is WiFi)
Enduro Srebrna Góra route, Sudety MTB Zone just around the corner
Enduro Srebrna Góra route, Sudety MTB Zone just around the corner
very well equipped kitchen with a tiled stove
very well equipped kitchen with a tiled stove
bathtub in the bathroom
bathtub in the bathroom
breakfast baskets made from local produce to order
breakfast baskets made from local produce to order

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 house
Icon for up to 6 people
Icon 80 m²
Icon bathroom: 1
Icon sofa bed: 2
Icon king bed : 1
Icon sofa: 1
Icon We accept small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs

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This is another life of this house. We are lucky that each of them was good, and they did not crawl our mountain cottage for many years. The previous owners looked after him wonderfully, and when he got into our hands, he got new interiors and a lot of tenderness. The house is located on the territory of a small farm, which includes: our house, a huge garden, a fruit orchard, Chyży Potok and peace of mind. We rent the house as a whole, for a maximum of 6 people, but if you want to come as a couple in luxury, of course it is possible. The interior is full of details, natural colors and materials and a lot of attention that we paid to small things. They create the atmosphere of Jemna 55. The house consists of two floors and a mezzanine. Let's start with the top. On the mezzanine: - a sleeping space with a large, most comfortable double bed in the world, which gives the feeling of sleeping under the sky. Main floor: - it's a living space - huge, bright, with huge windows and beautiful views, really comfortable sofas and armchairs, then a wooden table, huge radiators and a larch floor made of wide boards. An old chest of drawers, cushions and blankets make you want to stay here, relax, take a nap and read books, regardless of the season and the weather. Floor below: - a cozy kitchen with a log ceiling, walls made of real bricks and a unique tiled stove, - beautiful, bright bathroom with a cast-iron bathtub, wooden furniture and a small window through which the sun shines. This is where you take your glass of wine, turn on the podcast, and froth the water in the bathtub. And then you are not to the world for a while. There is also a corridor with a brick floor, a red chest of drawers, and our favorite dryers, i.e. memories of summer. From here, you will go straight into a lush, constantly changing garden. In summer, the walls of the house are green with wild wine, the trees are bent with rowan and the one without ...

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Tables in the garden
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Medium speed Internet / WiFi
Poor cell phone reception
We don't have TVs

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
We clean during your stay on request (extra fee)
Towels (changed on request)
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What will I eat?

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For those willing, and believe it, it pays to be willing, we have breakfasts in the slowfood version, served without scams and quick solutions. Every morning at the door there will be a breakfast basket waiting for you, with all the oohs and ahs in it. Fresh bread, homemade sandwich spreads, vegetable pates, cottage cheese, meat baked by us, local meats, cheese from a nearby cheese factory, eggs without a stamp and vegetables. Sometimes in a package, sometimes not all at once. It all depends on what menu we plan for a given day. Let yourself be surprised. In the house, there is also a wonderful kitchen with a real tiled stove, but also respect for modernity (gas stove, oven). It's a cozy place that you don't want to leave. And try to cook something using real fireworks - a fairy tale! You can eat here as well, because there is a dining table by the windows.

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Food on-site

Breakfast basket for an extra fee (40 PLN)
Free coffee
Please inform us about your food preferences before arrival
We mainly cook using local products
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Kitchen access

Private kitchen in homes / rooms
Coffee percolator
Masonry stove
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Łowisko Smażalnia Pstrąga Rudnica (2 km)

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You can buy eco products nearby

Sery Lutomierskie z Gór Sowich (6 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Dino (4 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In / at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside
Icon By the river

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Jemna 55 - Will I not be bored?
Jemna 55 - Will I not be bored?
Jemna 55 - Will I not be bored?
Jemna 55 - Will I not be bored?

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Translated by Google Translate.
When asked if we have any attractions, we answer: we only have a hammock under the tree. There is peace and quiet around, chirping crickets, the forest at your fingertips and the sounds of a stream flowing by the house. You can start chlorophyll therapy in the garden, and then go beyond the fence into the forest and continue to relax in the sounds of nature. After returning from a walk, you can immerse yourself in reading, because you have plenty of books, cut yourself off from reality, because there is no coverage and enter the relaxation mode. In case of bad weather, you can always lie under a warm duvet for half a day and listen to the rain knocking on the windows. Jemna and its surroundings are beautiful walking paths, brilliant bicycle routes and tourist attractions of a European scale - it is located between the Bardzkie and Sowie mountains, about 3 km from Srebrna Góra, which was once known as the "Pearl of the Owl Mountains". If you do not like laziness, you can go on a nearby reconnaissance and see silver and gold mines (in Złoty Stok), mount a stallion from the Stud in Książ, or go on a hike along the Cistercian trail. In addition, the viaducts of the former rack railway, tunnels of the silver mine and Zieleniec Ski Arena, where you can hit winter sports. We have a lot to offer cyclists and cycling amateurs. You have 2 km to the brilliant Enduro routes of Srebrna Góra from Jemna. So you can pack your bikes on the trunk and treat our house as a brilliant base for cycling madness. Enduro Srebrna Góra is constantly developing, but at this point you can try your hand at 9 routes of varying difficulty. From those for kids to those for hardcore. There is also a training ground, bicycle rental and instructors who can introduce you to the world of mountain riding. Enduro Srebrna Góra is part of the Sudety MTB Zone, which is the largest bicycle route system in Poland with a total length of 550 km. In winter, the Orange trail - easy and pleasant, connecting the Silver Pass with the Wolf Pass, turns into a cross-country trail. As if that were not enough, there is also Singletrack Glacensis, i.e. 23 loops of one-way forest routes and one two-way section. We also have in the area: - Srebrna Góra Fortress - the largest mountain fortress in Europe and a place that delights with its architecture, but also has quite a history. From us, a 1.5 hour walk through the forest. - Książ Castle in Wałbrzych, where Princess Daisy resided, and later the Nazis who hid a few things here - 50 km. - Grodno Castle on the beautiful Lake Lubachowskie (40 meters high stone dam) - 40 km from us.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0,2 km)
Mountain trail (0,5 km)
Board games

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For hedonists

Massages (on request)

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For sports enthusiasts

Cross-country ski trail
Cross-country trails
Road bicycle routes
Mountain bike routes
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Our pets


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Twierdza Srebrna Góra (8 km)

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What’s there for children?

Jemna 55 - What’s there for children?

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It is definitely magical and analog here. There are no electronic stimuli and disruptors. Instead, we offer a garden like a beloved grandma's, apples straight from the tree, a rushing stream and board games. Children are fine with us. We also have a swing and a sandbox.

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Attractions for children

Children's toys and books
Sleeping in a tent in the garden
Cool trees for climbing
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Additionally available

Crib for babies
Bath tub for babies
Safety barriers
High chair

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Jemna 55, Jemna, Lower Silesia Province, Sudetes Mountains, Owl Mountains, Kłodzko Valley, Bardzkie Mountains, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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Basic price list
House Long weekends
1-2 people PLN 500 PLN 600
Each subsequent person (max 6) PLN 70
Child up to 4 years old free
Child over 4 years old PLN 50
Pets - one-time cleaning fee PLN 50
Breakfasts per person PLN 40
Holidays, New Year's Eve, 1-2 people (+ PLN 70 next) PLN 600

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Place rules

Icon We accept: small dogs, medium dogs
Icon Maximum number of guests: 6 people
Icon Quiet hours from 22:00 to 06:00

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 4 days
Wakacje: 2022-06-16 - 2022-09-04, minimum 7 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 30%
If you cancel up to 30 days before your arrival, we will refund the prepayment amount
Remaining amount paid on arrival (cash on the spot)
We do not issue invoices

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 15:00 to 22:00
Departure from 09:00 to 11:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Cudowne miejsce i cudowni, przemili Gospodarze. Dziękujemy Kasiu i Marcinie za ten wspaniały czas! Piękny dom, urządzony z wielką dbałością o detale. Naprawdę można tu odpocząć, wyciszyć się i zapomnieć choć na chwilę o codziennym biegu. W domu dostępna jest bogata biblioteczka, gry planszowe, można więc poczytać, pograć albo poleżeć w otulającym hamaku czy rozpalić ognisko. Gospodarze, jeśli jest taka chęć gości, zapewniają lokalne produkty żywnościowe - sery, wędliny, owoce i warzywa, a nawet upieczony przez Kasię chleb - wszystko przepyszne! Dookoła domu zielony busz, wspaniała roślinność i te leśno ogrodowe zapachy - cudo! Dom jest tak wygodny i sprzyjający leniuchowaniu, że aż trudno go opuścić, ale warto to zrobić choć na chwile ponieważ w okolicy jest wiele ciekawych miejsc do zobaczenia - np. twierdza w Srebrnej Górze, kopalnia złota, kopalnia uranu, Szczeliniec, Błędne Skały. Można też zapisać się na warsztaty w serowarni w pobliskiej wsi i własnoręcznie, pod bacznym okiem Pani Stasi, zrobić własny ser. Spędziliśmy tu cudowny tydzień (szkoda, że tak krótko) i gorąco polecamy to wyjątkowe miejsce :)


Miejscówka na slow i na aktywnie. Jeżeli chcesz wypocząć - polecam. Jeżeli szukasz dobrej bazy wypadowej - polecam. Jeżeli chcesz sprawdzic się fizycznie i zmotywować do działania - polecam. Domek i okolica zapewniają komplet niezbędnych atrakcji podczas pogody i kiedy jej zabraknie. Niezależnie od tego co za oknem Jemna działa jak wydajny powerbank skutecznie ładując baterię małych i dużych gości. Polecam odkryć ją osobiście.


W wielu miejscach na świecie czuliśmy się dobrze, w kilku wspaniale, jednak nigdzie tak jak w domu. Wszystko się zmieniło kiedy zamieszkaliśmy w przepięknym domku Kasi i Marcina. Wystrój, czystość, klimat, śniadania - ach co to były za śniadania! Gdybyśmy mogli, dalibyśmy gwiazdkę Michelin ;) Właściciele zadbali o każdy drobny szczegół, jak świece czy kule do kąpieli. A! zapomnielibyśmy o gościach, którzy nas codziennie odwiedzali. Biały i Czarny to dwa cudowne koty, które oprowadzały nas po wiosce i wykorzystywały każdą chwilę aby wpaść na pieszczoty. Z całego serca polecamy odwiedzić ten przybytek spokoju. Jeśli potrzebujecie się wyciszyć i odpocząć od zgiełku miasta to jest to właściwe miejsce ❤ Podrawiamy, Martyna i Kamil

Host: Katarzyna

Bardzo dziękujemy, przemiło była nam Was poznać, życzymy dużo spokoju i tarmosimy psinę <3

5.0 12 opinii