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Venkovský hotel Ráj na zemi

Czech Republic, Beskydy and Valašsko, Hukvaldy

Hotel / Spa 4 rooms

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Without animals


We prepare breakfasts for you

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Our hotel grew on the foundations that were the support and optimism of the people around us. The timing of this dream project was perhaps the biggest challenge. However, the encouragement that guests from the area and far away give us daily is a confirmation that it was worth it. The two-year extensive reconstruction was completed in the early autumn of 2020. Only after a few days of operation of the new hotel and café came tough measures. The only way to continue was through the dispensing window. But even that did not bother us with the intention to bring beauty and poetics into everyday life. We originally rented this magical place from the village and sold antique ceramics here. The small café was intended only as a supplement to the store, but gradually found itself in the lead role. Later we decided to buy the building and we started working properly from the floor. Although everything had to be taken "together", we kept the original character as faithful as possible. After all, we are already building for adventurous building. We started with a golf course , then added a log house , built on the foundations of a stone barn, and boldly continued to build. The cordial atmosphere that is created under our hands and the beauty of Beskydy nature is a constant motivation.

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"We are a couple who combine two wonderful children, creative passion and love for nature. I love interior and garden design, my husband golf again. And so we gradually built a resort together, where we both realize ourselves and constantly meet new challenges. We spared no effort. Whether it's a characteristic airy style inspired by the countryside and the scent of herbs or a selection of delicacies on the menu of our cafe, we do what we like best and we believe that you will feel these emotions from a distance. . "

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About us

We speak these languages: English, Czech
Sometimes we are on-site, sometimes we're not

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Eco Alert

We have treated tap water
We mainly use eco-friendly detergents
No natural leather, fur or hunting trophies in our interiors
We segregate garbage
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Our charms

We have special events on weekends

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We care about you

First aid kit

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Interior in elegant country style
Interior in elegant country style
Cozy cafe with homemade cakes
Cozy cafe with homemade cakes
Own line of herbal syrups
Own line of herbal syrups
Quiet terrace with views
Quiet terrace with views
Beautiful Beskydy landscape
Beautiful Beskydy landscape
First-class quality of beds and bedding
First-class quality of beds and bedding

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Where will I relax?

Icon 4 rooms

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Paradise relaxation awaits you in one of the 4 hotel rooms, each for up to 4 holidaymakers . They are equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay. You will find a TV, a mini fridge, an electric kettle and glasses. So that you can put your worries behind your head, we also thought a little around the corner and prepared an umbrella, hair dryer, sewing kit and comb for all occasions. And because a beautiful stay includes beautiful clothing, we have provided the wardrobes with a proper mirror so that you can see how it suits you. Natural cosmetics await you in the bathroom, and with a set of beautiful textile toys, we also thought of your children. Everything is crowned by a beautiful view of the landscape of the Beskydy Mountains . We carefully selected both designer furniture and all materials used. The interior smells of meadow flowers , solid wood and caresses you with hand-woven carpets and quality bed linen. Relax in a generous comfortable bed and be pampered by a country idyll. SAFFRON ROOM The largest of our rooms invites a four-poster double bed and a free-standing bath for a romantic bath. Sit in comfortable armchairs, enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. If you go not only with your dear half, up to two roommates can use a comfortable sofa as an extra bed. FORGET ROOM From the double bed you can enjoy the view of the Hukvaldy Church and the gate of the famous castle grounds . All this is framed by forget-me-not blue curtains, which will take care of your peaceful rest in the evening. In addition to the bed, there is also a sofa on the raised stage, which can be used as an extra bed. There is a separate bathroom with shower and a pleasant sitting on armchairs. CHAMOMILE ROOM Under the wooden beams you will breathe romance and gentle nostalgia. The double bed on a raised stage is complemented by a sofa, which will also take on the role of an extra bed. Sit on a bench by the window or in comfortable armchairs and start your favorite book. Even pages that you recite by heart will take on a new uplifting meaning. Of course there is a private bathroom with shower. MINT ROOM The fresh and airy attic space gives the feeling that the sky is within reach. Semicircular windows with a view of the Beskydy hills are a characteristic element that you will fall in love from afar. A comfortable double bed, a spacious sofa as an extra bed and a pleasant seating area await you. End your day with a romantic bath in the free-standing bathtub and indulge in endless relaxation. The total capacity of the hotel is 16 people. For larger families and parties of friends, our complex offers a cozy log cabin for independent rent. It will create perfect privacy for a holiday stay of up to 12 people and can also become the venue for an unforgettable wedding in a circle of loved ones.

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Common space

Living room with couches
Dining room with tables

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Tables in the garden
Corner with garden seats

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Fast Internet/WiFi
Good cell phone reception
TVs in the rooms

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For your comfort

Towels (changed on request)
Hair dryer

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What will I eat?

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Our cafe will delight you with a tempting breakfast, hearty brunch or snacks throughout the day. Look forward to delicious cakes and specialties of home-made country cuisine based on quality ingredients with an emphasis on seasonality and locality . We are preparing selected coffee from the Samay Municipal Roastery in Bratislava. Thanks to the traditional slow roasting, the grains retain their aroma and taste. We also cared about the offer of wines, the taste of teas is underlined by romantically tuned porcelain and our ace up our sleeve are lemonades. We've prepared our own herbal syrups that don't match the names of the rooms, and if you like them, you can take the bottle home with you. We will be happy to help you create a gift set. Here you will also find matching porcelain, for example with chamomile or forget-me-not flowers, so the resulting effect will be perfect. Our mainstay is also Fox syrup from rose hips and cinnamon. You can also rent picnic baskets from the hotel, which we will be happy to fill with goodies. Then it's up to you which of the picturesque places in the area you choose for a romantic sitting in the grass under a sunny sky. If you're hungry, we recommend having a good dinner or lunch at the nearby U Námořníka restaurant . It is regularly ranked among the 100 best companies in the Czech Republic in the Grandrestaurant guide.

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Food on-site

Breakfast included
Small restaurant on-site with short menu
Local products(eggs, cheese, bread, preserves)

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Kitchen access

No access to the kitchen

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We recommend nearby restaurants

U námořníka (0,6 km)

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You can buy eco products nearby

TMR s.r.o. včelí farma (med) (3,5 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Hukvaldská pekárna (0 km)
COOP Beskydy (0,1 km)

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Will I not be bored?

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Enjoy quiet moments over coffee or a gourmet evening with wine and goodies on the terrace . In the company of a good book or your dear half, you will want time to stop for a moment. Whether you want to improve your handicap or golf is just a festive pastime, a walk on the green will do you good for your soul and body. Both the beginner and the seasoned pro will be happy to hit their first ball on our public field. We are also available to players without a green card, because our goal is to bring this sport closer to the general public. You can use the services of a coach to gain insight into the firing technique. More experienced golfers may include one of our regular tournaments in their schedules. You should not miss the ruins of Hukvaldy Castle during your trips. There is a beautiful view of the region from here. The memorial of the local native composer Leoš Janáček is also worth seeing. For beautiful panoramas and a pleasant walk, head to Zvonička Vrchy or the Palkovická hůrka lookout tower. However, not putting on proper footwear and not exploring the beauties of the Beskydy would be almost a sin. As well as leaving behind in this protected landscape area damage to natural resources. Move with respect among the local fauna and flora and you will get unique views. You can also see a lynx, a wolf or a bear. For your safety, of course, we hope only from a distance. If you are an enthusiastic cyclist, the local trails will take you through the most charming bends.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths
Mountain trail

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For sports enthusiasts

Golf course
Mountain bike routes
Bicycles for rent in the area

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For those craving art

Galerie Antonína Kroči (2,1 km)
Galerie Výtvarného centra Chagall (9,9 km)
Galerie u Jakuba (13,3 km)

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Hrad Hukvaldy (1,5 km)
Rodný dům Sigmunda Freuda (7,4 km)
Památník Leoše Janáčka (0,8 km)

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What’s there for children?

Venkovský hotel Ráj na zemi - What’s there for children?

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When arranging, we thought of our youngest guests, so in addition to the necessary equipment for rent, there are also cloth or ancient toys . They make them double happy, because they are also an aesthetic pleasure for adults. The more grown-up naughty people best drop the steam on the Beskydy hills. The local game reserve is also a great success, offering a spectacle and a quiet walk suitable for all ages. Ace in the sleeves of parents is the popular resort Tropic Hukvaldy. There is something for every curious person, from the exhibition of animals, plants to minerals. And if young teenagers leave these attractions cold, talking parrots will definitely get them. The main local star is the loskuták bird, which will always greet you politely.

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Attractions for children

Children's toys and books
Mushroom picking

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Additionally available

Crib for babies
Bath tub for babies
High chair

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Attractions for children in the area

socha Lišky Bystroušky (0,8 km)

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Hukvaldy 110 , Hukvaldy, Beskydy and Valašsko, Czech Republic

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Icon Public transportation

Nearest stops

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Bus: Hukvaldy, hotel

Train: Kopřivnice zastávka (6,9 km)

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Children under 2 years free. Anti-allergic hotel - we do not accommodate dogs. CANCELLATION POLICY We handle all cases with an individual approach, the general rules are as follows: - cancellation of the reservation 4 weeks before the date of stay = we return the paid deposit - cancellation of the reservation 30 - 14 days before the date of the stay = we return 50% of the total amount of the stay - cancellation of the reservation 14 - 0 days before the date of the stay = the total amount of the stay is forfeited

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Place rules

Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 16 people

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 14:00
Departure to 10:00

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Wyjątkowe miejsce. Hotelik butikowy bardzo przyjemny . Miła obsługa . Pyszne śniadania. Hotelik ma świetny ogródek gdzie wieczorem można sobie spokojnie posiedzieć przy lampce wina a rano wypić pyszna kawę , którą serwuje obsługa. Pokój , który mieliśmy z wanną wolnostojącą jest idealny na romantyczny wyjazd we dwoje. Okolica również spokojna z ogromnymi możliwościami, zarówno na spacer jak i rower. W miasteczku 2 super restauracje. Zaskoczeniem były serwowane ślimaki i krewetki :) ( myślałem ,że a takim małym miasteczku około 2000 mieszkańców będą typowo czeskie dania i potrawy) okazało się ,że i ślimaki i krewetki były super zrobione i naprawdę pyszne. Ogólnie jak ktoś planuje krótki wyjazd i chce naprawdę odpocząć od zgiełku miasta i psychicznie i fizycznie to szczerze polecam.


Hotel Ráj na zemi je v prvé řadě pastvou pro oči, pokoje jsou opravdu dechberoucí, kavárna malebná a útulná, nejednou jsme zalitovali, že si pobyt neužíváme na podzim u plápolajícího krbu. Gastronomie je rovněž na vysoké úrovni a personál je velmi milý a ochotný. Moc rádi se vrátíme vyzkoušet kouzlo jiných sezón a pobyt tu můžeme vřele doporučit. Jedinou "výtku" máme k nedostatku úložných prostor v pokoji. Skříň tam sice byla, ale z větší části plná a vybalit se tak nebylo moc kam. Jedna elegantní komoda pod oknem by problém snadno vyřešila.


Ráj na zemi má především DUŠI. Obklopen nádhernou přírodou, oborou se zvěří a nadáním Janáčka... Vkus s jakým jsou zařízené pokoje i kavárna je dechberoucí. Je to místo, kde se SEN stává realitou. SEN o kráse, kultivovanosti a zastavení, který jsme dlouho nenacházeli. A pokud si host dovolí hekticky nespěchat, vnímat okamžik a jen tak být, bude ještě víc očarován. Je to místo NAVŠECHNOČASU. Majitelé a personál umí kouzlit a ten klid a duše a vkus je jejich velká zásluha. Já s pokorou a obdivem vždy vzhlížím k lidem, kteří něco takového dokáží vytvářet. Děkuji.

4.7 3 opinii