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Rojst - Borowinowy Las (Azyl dla dorosłych)

Poland, Warmia Region, Krawczyki


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With some animals

We accept small dogs, medium dogs


for guests over the age of 15


We cook for you

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Pssst! Pssst! Adults! We have a great place for you where you can hide and rest from any problems. In the mud spa located in the heart of Old East Prussia, they will not only massage, look after, beautify, but also feed! And not just anyhow. We do not have loud music or flashing neon lights, and the noise of the big city passes us in a wide arc - idyllic views of fields, forests and pastures all around. You will find us in the north, among the wilderness of Warmia, on the former amber route. It is here that we have created a unique asylum for adults. Come, throw your cell phones in the corner, grab a glass of red wine and relax with a massage or in the sauna. Baths full of mud baths are already waiting for you!

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Greetings from the very end of north-eastern Poland, we have prepared an asylum for adults who want to get away from everyday duties and relax like never before in life. We have mud baths, massages, a sauna and a favorable climate for you. Leave your problems behind and come to distant Warmia! We are waiting for you!

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, Russian
We are on-site, we want to get to know our guests better (always ready to talk and participate)

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Eco Alert

We have treated tap water
We mainly use eco-friendly detergents
We have cosmetics and cleaning products in reusable packaging
There is a shopping bag or basket in every room
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Our charms

Mosquitos on warm days
Access via the forest/gravel road
We don't walk around the house in shoes
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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
Private houses / apartments with separate entrance
Breakfast basket / takeaway
Takeaway meals
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5 rooms in the guesthouse and two cottages - each for 6 people
5 rooms in the guesthouse and two cottages - each for 6 people
we have created a place of rest with adults in mind
we have created a place of rest with adults in mind
we feed all day so that you can lick your fingers!
we feed all day so that you can lick your fingers!
we invite you to mud treatments (baths and wraps)
we invite you to mud treatments (baths and wraps)
massages for relaxation
massages for relaxation
We have bicycles at our guests' disposal
We have bicycles at our guests' disposal

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 5 rooms

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We have prepared for you 5 comfortable rooms in the guesthouse, and each of them offers a minimalist and tasteful atmosphere of a private country estate. We tried not to take away the spirit of past eras and created furniture from old Prussian barns. Four rooms are double, one single. Each of the rooms is equipped with a double bed or two single beds and anti-allergic bedding. The rooms have a bathroom with a shower cabin and offer views of our rural landscapes. Each room has a TV, internet, safe, bath cosmetics, bathrobes and towels. A free morning newspaper is also available on request. In the house, apart from the rooms, there is a living room with sofas, a fireplace and a TV, as well as a dining room. We provide a yoga room for those who wish. The spa part includes a bathing room (mud baths). A Finnish sauna made of pine logs and a tub with cold water guarantee epic relaxation. In our area, apart from the Rojst guest house, two houses have recently been built - Aki and Benson.

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Common space

Living room with couches (40 m2)
Dining room with tables (80 m2)
Terrace (50 m2)
Yoga room (80 m2)
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Pond in the garden
Barbecue area
Beach chairs
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Fast Internet/WiFi
Good cell phone reception
TVs in the rooms
We organise film screenings
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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
We clean during your stay on request (extra fee)
Towels (complete set per stay)
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What will I eat?

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We prepare for you filling breakfasts in the form of a Swedish table and dinners, which we serve to the table. We serve soup during the day for lunch. We try to prepare meals from local products, and in the season use vegetables from our own garden. We rely on supplies from our friendly breeders and local farmers.  Vegetarian meals only. If you suffer from any food intolerance (gluten, lactose) - let us know, no diet is scary for us. We will prepare meals with your health and well-being in mind. We offer wines and regional beers from the Kormoran stable, as well as delicious liqueurs of various ointments - raspberry, cherry, sosnówka, dandelion, quince, PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR ALCOHOL TO THE ROJST GUEST HOUSE. Guests of the guest house can count on breakfast included in the price of accommodation, lunch in the form of soup and dinner, coffee service, cakes, fruit and water. We give the guests of the Aki and Benson houses a free hand in the choice - to eat or prepare it yourself. Therefore, you can buy breakfast and dinner for an additional fee. Food price list for guests staying in cottages: Breakfast - PLN 55 Dinner, lunch in the form of soup, coffee service, tea, cakes, fruit, water - PLN 95 Meal times at Pension Rojst: -Breakfast at- 10:00 -Lunch in the form of soup at -13.00-14.00 - Dinner at -18.00.

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Food on-site

Breakfast included
Dinner-supper included
Full board included
Free cake
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Kitchen access

No access to the kitchen
Espresso machine

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We recommend nearby restaurants

Kraftowy Bartoszyce (9 km)
Tatarak Bartoszyce (9 km)
Pierogi Warmińskie Bartoszyce (9 km)

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You can buy eco products nearby

U Karoliny -sery (2 km)
U Zbyszka-wędliny (0,1 km)
U Agnieszki - chleb (0 km)
U Zbyszka-jaja (0,1 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Groszek (1 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In / at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside

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You can organize your rest with us in two ways: sporty or totally relaxed. Athletes will be happy to know that the Green Velo Eastern Bicycle Trail passes right next to our house, so get on your bikes (we have 10 of them here and they are at your disposal) and go into the unknown! The Łyna flowing nearby, called Alne by the Prussians who once lived in Warmia, is the longest river of Warmia and Mazury. It has retained its beautiful unspoilt character and is perfect for kayaking. We especially recommend two routes: from Kotowo Power Plant to Bartoszyce and from Bartoszyce to Stopki - what's more, we have 10 kayaks, so you can rent them for shorter and longer rowing. Łyna is also an attractive reservoir for fishing enthusiasts. We also have a cruise for you in a converted lifeboat into a comfortable, tourist motor boat. The cruise starts in Sępopol and we call back at the very border with Russia. The captain of the boat will prepare a hot grill for us and the catering will be provided by the Circle of Country Housewives in Sępopol. It is worth going to the nearby Bartoszyce, and seeing the Old Town, the Gothic Lidzbarska Gate and the amazing Stone Baby (Prussian baby). At the foot of Góra Zamkowa there is Elizabeth Park, where it is worth seeing a heart-shaped pond and taking a walk along well-maintained alleys. We encourage you to visit the Horse Stud in Liski, Bisztynek with beautiful tenement houses and the historic Górowo Iławeckie with the Gas Museum (sounds boring? Nothing more wrong!). Right next to Górowo there is Żywkowo - the most famous stork village in Poland. Storks also liked the village of Szczurkowo, which is located on the "Warmia-Masurian Stork Trail". Enthusiasts of history, manor houses and castles will be happy to visit the Galiny Palace, the Palace in Łojdy, the Palace in Tolko and in Łabędnik. If you dream of resting in a horizontal position, we invite you to our spa: for mud bath sessions and mud wraps. For treatments, we use a unique type of mud peat, derived from natural deposits located near our house (tested in accredited laboratories) - you can be sure that it is not ordinary mud!). Baths, which are the basis of biological regeneration and rehabilitation, lead to better oxygenation and nutrition of tissues, as well as acceleration of metabolism. Mud is used in the treatment of gynecological diseases and in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. We also offer a package of therapeutic and relaxing massages and cosmetic treatments for the face and body, as well as sessions in the Finnish sauna, which is recommended for people with muscle problems and bronchial asthma. The sauna is a phenomenon because we built it in accordance with the Finnish art of wooden logs. Sessions in the sauna are enriched with aromatherapy, which will contribute to improving the condition and provide additional impressions during relaxation. In case of a sudden attack of boredom, we have prepared books and board games that will make the evening more pleasant. If you dream of a small rivalry - we invite you to the pool table.  June weekend in Rojst The June weekend is a great time to spend it with loved ones, as well as rest from everyday duties. If you want to spend this time away from crowds of tourists and don't want to worry about anything, you've come to the right place. Rojst is a place in the very center of nature, away from people and cities. About the weekend (07-11.06) We have a lot planned, but in accordance with the "nothing by force" principle, we will offer you a minimalist program (sleeping, eating delicacies) and one for the ambitious with walks and a billiard tournament ​ We invite you to our SPA: for sessions of mud baths and mud wraps, as well as massages, face and body cosmetic treatments. And if that wasn't enough, in their free time (if it comes), the hosts will be happy to sit down and play cards and board games with you. What anyone prefers. ​ The nearby Łyna River is perfect for active canoeing. Its gentle course will allow you to enjoy the silence and surroundings of beautiful nature. We especially recommend two routes from the Kotowo Power Plant to Bartoszyce and from Bartoszyce to Stopki. During your stay, we offer you: 4 nights in cozy rooms​​​ 4 breakfasts 4 dinners Soup at lunchtime Coffee service, cold drinks, fruit and cake Session in the Finnish sauna Fishing (the pond is located in the mud deposits, wild fish) PS5 console A small bookcase Board games Billiards and table football WiFi Free parking At guests' request: SPA zone Green Velo ride bikes Kayaks (rally on the Łyna) Price: PLN 1560 / person Last Minute price (-20%): PLN 1240 / person Four-legged friends are welcome: PLN 50/day

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0,1 km)
Yoga classes (book in advance)
Board games

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For hedonists

Massages (on request)
Dry Sauna
SPA salon / relaxation zone
Beauty treatments
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For sports enthusiasts

Cross-country ski trail (0,1 km)
Kayaks (8 km)
Cross-country trails (0,1 km)
Road bicycle routes
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Our pets


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What’s there for children?

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ROJST was created with adults in mind. We set out to create an asylum where adults will be able to escape from the hustle and bustle and responsibilities, focus on themselves and relax. Therefore, leave the children under your protection and come to rest completely.

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For employees?

Icon For remote solo work, For working groups and workshops

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In the dining room, which does not differ from restaurant standards in terms of comfort, we have four comfortable work tables. However, we would like to point out that here and on the terrace it can be noisy at times, because it is a common space that can be used by all guests without restrictions. After a moment of silence, we recommend going to one of the sun loungers in the garden or taking a nap in a hammock. In the room, above our SPA, there is a single work desk where you can catch up on all the e-mails that came during your bath in mud. The billiard room has two tables and four poufs. There are four-person tables in the cottages, so you will also be able to work off your shift there. Compared to some of the crazy speeds of optical fiber, it may not be the best here and the gentlemen of the IT department would shake their noses, but our guests have not complained so far. - loudspeaker

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Fast Internet/WiFi
Download: 20 Mb/s
Upload: 7 Mb/s
Radio internet
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Common workspace
Work space in rooms
Additional room for quiet work
Common work table
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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Krawczyki 14A, Krawczyki, Warmia Region, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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In the periods: Easter Picnic June long weekend Weekend beginning of November November long weekend Christmas holidays New Year's Eve We sell stays as part of packages or high season prices. At guests' request: Finnish sauna 70 PLN/3 hours/person Rafting on the Łyna in a double kayak: - Kotowo-Bartoszyce 17km/3.5h/70 PLN/person -Kotowo-Sępopol 38 km 7h/ Bartoszyce-Stopki 32km/6h/70 PLN/person SPA offer (massages): Full body classic massage 180 PLN/45 min Partial classic massage 150 PLN/30 min Lymphatic drainage PLN 150/50 min Deep tissue massage 180 PLN/45 min Relaxing massage 180 PLN/45 min Therapeutic massage 180 PLN/45 min Relaxing therapeutic massage 290 PLN/90 min Face, neck and cleavage massage 100 PLN/40 min Anti-cellulite massage 250 PLN/60 min Massage with herbal stamps 250 PLN/70 min Hot candle massage 150 PLN/30 min Author's massage - herbal awakening 189 PLN/80 min Author's massage - magic of touch 100 PLN/40 min SPA offer (facial treatments): Aqua Performance PLN 250/60-80 min Rose Solution Line 180 PLN/60 min Pure Destiny Line 250 PLN/60-80min Slow Age PLN 250/80 min 2-layer Signature Facelift-Vitamin C treatment PLN 250/40 min 4-layer Signature Facelift-Vitamin C treatment PLN 300/60 min Banquet treatment PLN 230/60 min Cavitation peeling PLN 90/60 min Sonophoresis + ampoule PLN 100/60 min Dermapen (with a cocktail) face PLN 500/60 min Dermapen (with a cocktail) face + neck 600 PLN/60 min Vital C antioxidant treatment PLN 200/45 min Express treatment for the eye area - vit C shot 180 PLN/25 min Refreshing moisturizing treatment with sheet mask 240 PLN/45 min BE CLEAR treatment PLN 100/45 min SPA offer (body treatments): Hammam ceremony PLN 250/60 min Milk renewal PLN 260/80 min Luxurious rejuvenation PLN 270/120 min Coffee boost PLN 260/80 min Floral wrapping 240 PLN/70 min Radio wave treatment PLN 100-150/40-50min Microdermabrasion PLN 120-160/40 min Blue Moon PLN 270/70 min Spicy therapy PLN 260/100 min Mud treatments: Mud wrap PLN 70/30 min Body peeling + mud wrap 160 PLN / 40-50 min Body peeling+peat wrap+back massage 290 PLN/110 min Mud bath 70 PLN/20-30min

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Place rules

Icon Minimum age of guests: 15 years old
Icon We accept: small dogs, medium dogs
Icon Maximum number of guests: 9 people
Icon Quiet hours from 22 to 6

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 30%
We do not refund prepayments, but we can transfer them to another date
Remaining amount paid on arrival (cash on the spot, card on the spot, money transfer)
We issue VAT invoices

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 16 to 20
Departure from 9 to 11
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Icon Other rules
If you need a VAT invoice, please inform us with the details BEFORE making the advance payment. After receiving the deposit and without prior information, it will not be possible to receive a VAT invoice Animals in ROJST Borowinowy Las The ROJST Borowinowy Las guest house welcomes guests with their pets - for an additional fee indicated in the price list. We have a fenced property, your pets can run freely on the grass and you don't have to worry. When booking your stay, please inform us about your arrival with a dog or cat. We oblige our guests to comply with our regulations. Regulations for the stay of animals at the ROJST Borowinowy Las guest house 1. Only pets are allowed in the guesthouse (only non-aggressive dogs). 2. The cost of each animal's stay at the hotel is PLN 50 per night. 3. Pets should be kept in the owners' rooms. 4. Dogs must be walked on a leash, under the care of the owner or an authorized person (muzzled if necessary). 5. Animal owners are obliged to clean up the waste left by them. 6. None of the animals should be left alone in the room if it disturbs the peace of other guests at that time. 7. All damages to the guesthouse or property of other guests caused by animals will be valued by the owners of the guesthouse, and the owners will be charged with their costs. 8. Cat owners must have a litter box with sand and empty it into a plastic bag, which they will then throw into the container indicated by the employee of the guesthouse. 9. The owner declares that he has read the regulations for the stay of animals in ROJST Borowinowy Las and accepts its provisions.

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Było cudownie, cicho, pysznie i przyjemnie. Wspaniali właściciele , życzliwi i uprzejmi. Aga pysznie gotuje i wszystko jest elegancko podane. Pokoje czyściutkie, pachnące świeżymi kwiatami. Okolica cicha, pusta -wokół tylko zieleń. Nic , tylko oddychać , upajać się widokami , masować , jeść i pachnieć.


I am originally from the USA I have been living in Poland for about 6 months, I just finished a wonderful weekend here. I came for a relaxing Solo getaway for my birthday. Piotr and his family were absolutely wonderful! They spoke decent English and helped me feel very much relaxed and at home. I enjoyed 3 nights with a mud bath, sauna, bike riding, and a massage. It was obvious they took pride and care in their home for visitors. I recommend for anyone of all ages, you will be well taken care of and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the property!


Miejsce bardzo miłe dla gości, spokojne, z dala od zgiełku, wspaniali Właściciele! Spędziliśmy tam tylko kilka dni w poszukiwaniu chwili wytchnienia i tak też się stało. Wyborne potrawy Agnieszki, wspaniałe napoje Piotra ;), relaks w SPA, zimowe „saunowanie”, rodzinna, miła atmosfera, spacery w okolicy - wszystko to sprawiło, że te kilka dni niesamowicie naładowały nam baterie …i brzuchy ;) Aga wyczynia cuda w kuchni a lepszej chałki na śniadanie nigdzie nie znajdziecie, a moja żona wie co mówi bo ma świra na tym punkcie :) Było cudnie więc polecamy bez zająknięcia i mimo, że minął już miesiąc od naszego pobytu my nadal tęsknimy.

5.0 44 opinii