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Młyn nad Sarenką

Poland, Mazovia Province, Sarnaki

1 house

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Self catering

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Have you ever wondered how life turns in the Mill? Or maybe you are bothering about what the flowing Roe-deer looks like? Or what is the taste of an anthill, where the Napoleon Bridge hides and what are the gags on? You will find answers to these and many other questions in Bużka, in Młyn nad Sarenką, where each bedroom has a view of the bucolic landscape, and the sound of the river lays down to sleep. Nadbużańskie Podlasie tempts with its exoticism, while the immediate surroundings offer morning coffee on the pier by the pond. The choice is yours. Go on a multicultural journey by ferry to the other side of the Bug River or in galoshes to the nearest forest after a canal. Either way, keep an eye out for fish stealing kingfishers, tree tempering beavers and native ostrich-like cranes. Turn the steering wheel at the roundabout. Spontaneous Decisions and park your holiday right here, at the crossroads of three provinces, in the cozy Mill on the Sarenka river.

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After almost 20 years of working in tourism and traveling around the world, I decided that there is no place more beautiful than the Bug River Podlasie! The mill came into the possession of my family several years ago. He was in a very deplorable condition, but in love with the region, I decided to quit everything and take up this challenge. "Woman in Podlasie" - if I could write books, I think that would be the title of this exotic adventure of several years with a hint of black humor. This adventure continues to this day and although I am already deeply absorbed in this region, I still admire the wildness of nature and the authenticity of the local community. I love it when my guests are also curious to discover these niche places on the map of Poland :)

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, Spanish, Italian
Sometimes we are on-site, sometimes we're not

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Eco Alert

We promote waste segregation among guests
We work with the local community
We plant and care for trees
We segregate garbage
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Our charms

Mosquitos on warm days
We don't walk around the house in shoes
Near the road
We don't have air conditioning
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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
Private houses / apartments with separate entrance
Maintenance break at least 24h between reservations
No-contact handing over of the keys
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old mill in the new edition for 9 people
old mill in the new edition for 9 people
on the Sarenka river and the pond
on the Sarenka river and the pond
only a kilometer from the Bug
only a kilometer from the Bug
the forest is our home - and the mill is not a place for parties
the forest is our home - and the mill is not a place for parties
pets are welcome
pets are welcome
cozy lounge with an open fireplace
cozy lounge with an open fireplace

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Where will I relax?

Icon 1 house
Icon for up to 14 people
Icon 150 m²
Icon bathroom: 3
Icon baby cot: 2
Icon single bed : 3
Icon large king bed : 3
Icon We accept small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs

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In a real mill on the Sarenka River, which is all for you. With a beautiful view from each of the 5 bedrooms, which can accommodate 9 people and in the attic an additional 6 people. With tiled stoves in the rooms, which once heated the building and today serve a decorative function. With two bathrooms (with a bathtub on the first floor and a shower on the ground floor) and a separate toilet. There is also a washing machine, hair dryer and cosmetics, so don't worry if you forget something. With a fully equipped kitchen. With a large living room with an open fireplace. With a table in the living room that can accommodate small and large parties. With a terrace for breakfast with a view, afternoon naps with the sound of the river, evening chats under the canopy of stars. After the last visit of a group of cheerful children, I was inspired to make another small change in the Mill, i.e. covering the steps with rugs, so that the next time they climb the stairs to the bedroom they will be warm for their feet. I'm constantly trying to improve things, so if you have any ideas, let me know. Every tip is extremely valuable.

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Common space

Living room with couches
Dining room with tables
Terrace (100 m2)
Fireplace corner
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Pond in the garden
Barbecue area
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Fast Internet/WiFi
Moderate cell phone reception
TV only in the common area

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
Towels (complete set per stay)
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What will I eat?

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At your disposal is a fully equipped kitchen, where you can cook absolutely anything, and you can buy country eggs for breakfast from your neighbor. Just let me know in advance that you are interested. In addition, here is the whole full-fat and extremely tasty Podlasie. Forget calories and try. Kuchareczka from the neighboring village will cook you deliciously whatever you want and bring it to you at the agreed time! All our guests praise her dishes very much, so I highly recommend it. The photos in the gallery are her dishes.

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Kitchen access

Private kitchen in homes / rooms
Coffee percolator
Masonry stove
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Restauracja Cezar (11 km)
Oberża w Borsukach (20 km)

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You can buy eco products nearby

Zakamarek Klimczyce (7 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Stokrotka (5 km)
Topaz (8 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the lake
Icon In / at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside
Icon By the river

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You don't have to worry about anything and fiercely mark the next attractions on the map. First, take it easy, fill the sun loungers under the apple trees by the pond, expose your white calves to the sun on the pier, drink a quiet coffee on the terrace, watch beavers, cranes, swans, deer or listen to the murmuring Sarenka. Warm up in a tub with a view of the river (tub available upon prior order) and the pond or by the fireplace. After a pause, it's time to explore the area, and I can help you with that. I am happy to suggest what, where, how and why it is worthwhile in Podlasie. Undoubtedly, it is worth it on the Bug. Because it is so close that you would be sorry not to walk (1 km), because it is the last wild river in Europe, because it is the border of Mazovia and Podlasie, because it is really beautiful here. For centuries, the Bug and its valley have been an area where the elements of the East and the West clashed. He was the river that united the nations living on it. In many places, Catholic and Orthodox churches stand side by side. There are many beautiful and historically interesting cycling, canoeing and even horse riding routes. I love this river for the fact that when you walk along the shore, you experience only wild nature. You may not meet a living spirit all day long. It is the perfect place to calm down and recharge your batteries for the next days. And if you don't want to walk, you must go kayaking. I will be happy to tell you where to go for a rafting trip down the Bug. However, for a beautiful view, you can go about 25 km to Gnojno (already Lubelskie Province), and after climbing the escarpment you can see the magnificent landscape of the Bug bend. Only 5 minutes by car from the Mill, you will find a beautiful bridge over the Bug in Fronołów. The construction of the bridge began in 1905 and its history is extremely turbulent. Both Soviet and German troops passed through it. It was possible to get there, for example, to St. Petersburg. Today it is a scenic spot and an outdoor photo session. If you are looking for niche places known only to the locals, you must go to the village of Granne, near Drohiczyn. The low water level in the Bug has discovered a real treasure there - the remains of Napoleon's Bridge! Only 30 minutes from the Mill. Everything here revolves around the Bug, so I put you in my basket of ideas for free time to cross the river by ferry. It sails during the summer season (approximately from mid-May to the end of September). Every day from 8:00 to 17:00 on the Mielnik-Zabura route. What else is worth in the area: - Listen to the forest through a megaphone! Wooden loudspeakers for listening to the sounds of nature have been placed in our neighborhood. On the island, near the Drohiczyn ferry crossing, you will find four, and another one near the beach on the Bug river. - Speaking of Drohiczyn, you must visit the only Canoeing Museum in Poland, which is free of charge. And also to the Motorcycle Museum in Drohiczyn. Only 15 minutes from the Mill, and I can assure you that fans of 2 wheels will tremble their ears. Entry only PLN 5. - Go on a trip to Tykocin, where they recorded "U Pana Boga za Piecem", which has a rich multicultural history and a beautifully renovated castle. - Visit the Chapel of the Icon of the Mother of God "All the Afflicted Joy" in Knorydy. This is one of the magical places in Podlasie that only a few know about. - See the beautiful and blue church in Dubicze Cerkiewne like the Smurfs. - If you are coming to us via Siedlce, it is worth visiting the Museum of Wooden Architecture of the Region on your way. An atmospheric place maintained by an old lady's pension. I recommend. - While in Podlasie, do not forget to visit Grabarka. In August, for example, Orthodox believers celebrate Spasa. Then you can go to the mountain of a thousand crosses and experience something amazing. And if you want to find out what Grabarka has to do with the epidemic, I recommend a trip. It is only 15 minutes from the Mill. - Discover an extremely charming blue church from 1912 in the village of Koterka. Located in a remote area, on the border with Belarus, it is a place where you can calm down and drink water from a spring. A local legend will tell you why it is not worth collecting sorrel on Sunday. Approx. 20 minutes from the Mill. - Get to know the Land of Open Shutters, i.e. 3 extremely charming villages in Podlasie. If you are wondering what to do on the weekend, I highly recommend it! You will encounter beautiful, colorful Orthodox churches, interesting crosses at the crossroads that you will not find anywhere else in Poland, and above all, plenty of wooden huts with beautifully carved gables and shutters! There you can really feel like in another, some magical land! A little over an hour's drive from the Mill, but there are so many interesting places along the way that it will take you a bit more time anyway. As you can see, there is a lot to see here, but don't put any more checklists on your shoulders. Give yourself some peace, take some time to walk on a kite for lunch, watch Whooper Swans or goldfish with little goose balls floating on the pond.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths
Board games

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For hedonists

Winter swimming

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For sports enthusiasts

Horse riding
Cross-country trails
Road bicycle routes
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What’s there for children?

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Holidays in the mill with its own bridge are just a treat. Imagination goes wild, you have an atlas of animals live here, and for a biology lesson, all you have to do is walk out the door. Take your galoshes with you, because when the water in Sarenka has subsided, you can enter the current and see where the old mill turbine is hidden. Apart from that, kayaks, a ferry across the Bug river, a trip to the sękacz and trying a sweet anthill, and a rope park. And it is the largest in Eastern Poland. 4 routes of various difficulty levels, the highest point of which is up to 12 meters. So it is an attraction not only for small, but also medium and quite large. Only 15 minutes from the Mill, in Serpelice. There is also a beach on the Bug river in Serpelice, where you can lay out your towels, cool off in the river current, enjoy the sun. It can get crowded in the summer season. It is also worth going with children to Ziołowy Zakątek in Koryciny. You will not be bored, you will learn about Podlasie culture, you will take part in workshops, and you will also try soup, dumplings or nettle ice cream. From the Mill about 35 minutes. Best to visit during the week. A holiday in Młyn is worth planning for August, when Gaducha, the Bug Theater Festival for Children, takes place in Sarnaki, Serpelice and Mierzwice. Fairy tales, concerts, stories, fairy tales, legends, workshops. Before your arrival, check the dates of the current edition and the schedule of events. We have an off-road cart ready for the wildest expeditions! We also have a gondola for it. You don't have to wonder anymore how to stuff a stroller, a crib and a car chair, because you will find it all there! We accept payment with a Tourist Voucher.

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Attractions for children

Children's corner
Children's toys and books
Large safe running space
Children's books
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Additionally available

Portable / travel bed for children
High chair

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Attractions for children in the area

Park Linowy Relaks (14 km)
Zamek Kasztelik (9 km)

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Franopol 1, Sarnaki, Mazovia Province, Poland

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Right behind the plaque with the name of the village of Bużka.

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Dog - PLN 40/day, Additional basket of wood for the fireplace - PLN 30.

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Icon We accept: small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs
Icon Maximum number of guests: 15 people

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 14:00 to 23:59
Departure to 11:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Icon Other rules
We dedicate this place to lovers of peaceful rest. Due to the proximity of wild nature, please do not organize special events.

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Dom położony w ustronnym miejscu, z widokiem na łąkę i staw. Obok stoi inny dom i jest kilka stanowisk dla kamperów, podczas naszego pobytu były z dwa. Nie jest to więc miejsce na zupełną wyłączność, ale dom oczywiście tak. Przyjechaliśmy w 6 dorosłych osób z jednym malutkim dzieckiem i wyposażenie domu w tym kuchni było dla nas absolutnie wystarczające. Jeżeli ktoś planuje na dłużej - to pralka i suszarka ułatwią pobyt. Pokoje i łóżka całkiem wygodne. Trochę gorzej niestety wypadają łazienki. Jedna z ubikacją i wanną na górze, największa jest ale i tak dość mała. Na dole jest bardzo malutka łazienka wyposażona w prysznic - tak mała że trudno o dobrą wentylację. Oddzielnie na dole jest też toaleta. Więc przy tylu osobach trzeba było zadbać o „logistykę” porannej i wieczorej toalety. Dom wyposażony w wiele udogodnień typu gry, książki, tv smart, zabawki dla dzieci - to na pewno umili pobyt. Ogromną zaletą jest taras z dużym stołem i grillem gdzie można przemiło spędzać czas. Do tego hamaki i leżaki pomogą nie ruszać z tego miejsca. Jeżeli jednak ktoś lubi wycieczki to jest co robić bo w okolicy wszystko czego dusza zapragnie w wakacje. To do czego zachęcamy właścicielkę to do schowania „ducha młynarza” i nie straszenie karami za rzeczy, które normalnym wynajmującym nie mieszczą się w głowie.

Host: Aneta

Dziękuję za opinię i żałuję, że nie byliśmy w stanie sprostać Państwa oczekiwaniom na 5*.


Wspaniałe miejsce, bardzo klimatyczne, blisko natury. Domek po prostu piękny, a taras idealny na relaks bez względu na pogodę. Podobały nam się "smaczki" w każdym pokoju (kolory i nazwy). Czuliśmy się zaopiekowani i bardzo wypoczęliśmy :)

Host: Aneta

Bardzo dziękuję za opinię i zapraszam ponownie o każdej porze roku :)


Piękne miejsce! Magiczny Młyn, szum rzeczki pod tarasem robi wrażenie. Niepowtarzalna atmosfera. Właścicielka miła i pomocna. Niestandardowe rozwiązania i pomysły np. na przedłużenie pobytu w dniu wyjazdu :) W Młynie jest wszystko co potrzeba, do gotowania i spędzania czasu na relaksie :) Mogłoby być więcej gier planszowych. Generalnie super wyposażenie. Jedyny malutki minusik to prysznic na dole, który nie ma progu zatrzymującego wodę, ale da się przeżyć :)

Host: Aneta

Pani Aniu, bardzo dziękuję za opinię, a także cenne sugestie. Próg zatrzymujący wodę pod prysznicem już zamontowany :) Pozdrawiam serdecznie

4.7 3 opinii