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Houses and cottages
Icon Max 8 people
Icon 2 houses
Icon Without animals
Icon for guests over the age of 18
Icon Self catering

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Location Poland, Greater Poland Province, Mieściska
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When was the last time you were offline? But for real. Disconnected from scrolling, checking catastrophic news from the world, watching what is happening with friends, controlling the number of steps taken and refreshing the email. If you're still considering the answer, it's a sign that it's time for a moment without stimulus. That's why we created OFFLINE glamping. So that you can let the phone drain without spiking. That you would take a deep breath of nature, not be able to tear yourself away from the book, lay in the bathtub for hours, watching the stars and not making plans for the evening. Although our range is quite good, because it is a moment from Poznań, we will do our best to convince you to disconnect the cable from the socket. For us, it is the key to truly relax and hear what we really need. In the sauna, in the tub, in a hammock, on a bike ride or on a walk in the woods. Leave your laptop at work and leave your children to their grandparents for the weekend. Put on your favorite tracksuit and take the book that has been on the shelf for months. Turn off your phone and choose the freedom to be offline.

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Ewa i Nour
If someone had told me this story a year ago, I wouldn't believe it. Fortunately, this is my story, so I can sum it up and guarantee you that it's true. I love to travel, it carried me around the world. I walked the Santiago de Compostela trail, I was in Central America, and recently landed in Peru. For three months I lived in the jungle, in an Ayahuasca center run by Poles. Instead of getting to know Peru, I got to know myself. I began to respect, love, appreciate. I got rid of complexes, and at the same time I was inspired to create glamping. This trip opened my eyes and changed my life. On the way back to Polish, on a stopover in the Netherlands, I met Everything. Nour is the completion of this story, proof that you must first love yourself before you find true love. Although we are from completely different worlds, like fire and water, we effectively reconcile these two elements and we cannot live without each other. We both realise that we run all our lives, but we do not know why and where. Now we built glamping together. Me flying above the ground, often on another planet, Nour firmly on the ground, direct, concrete. So I pull him out into the clouds, and he pulls me back to reality. I believe that there are no coincidences. It was thanks to the desire to travel and log out of life that I met the love with which we created a place for you. A hiding place to get to know yourself.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, Spanish, Dutch
Sometimes we are on-site, sometimes we're not

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Eco Alert

To limit our carbon footprint, we do not iron bedding
We promote waste segregation among guests
We work with the local community
We plant and care for trees
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Our charms

We don't have televisions
Mosquitos on warm days
Access via the forest/gravel road
We don't walk around the house in shoes

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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
Private houses / apartments with separate entrance

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2 houses each for 4 people (tents will be added at any moment)
2 houses each for 4 people (tents will be added at any moment)
it's an adults only place
it's an adults only place
sauna and tub for your relaxation
sauna and tub for your relaxation
we recommend turning off the phones and going offline
we recommend turning off the phones and going offline
boredom is nurtured in a hammock, swing, or on a walk in the forest
boredom is nurtured in a hammock, swing, or on a walk in the forest
You will meet Koka there - the favorite companion of guests and guardian
You will meet Koka there - the favorite companion of guests and guardian

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 2 houses

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Forest on one side, fields on the other. Between the grove (6,000 square meters) where we have hidden our houses, which will be joined by tents at any moment. While building glamping, I was accompanied by reflections on my journey through the jungle in Peru. I want 7 places (houses and tents) associated with 7 chakras to be built in our grove. There is a hammock, a place for a bonfire, a sauna, a tub, a swing, a signpost for a walk in the forest to rest and surround yourself in silence. Only this and so much. There are two cabins, each for 4 people. There is air conditioning in the cabins - when it is cold it will warm up, when too hot it will cool down. The House of Fire is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which corresponds to productivity, activity, and creation. That's why there's a place to work here - an office where great things can be created. Maybe you will come across a workation here, maybe you will get bored enough that you will find a brilliant professional idea, maybe you will be inspired to change your life. The dark brown wooden walls of the cottage camouflage like tins on a branch, they simply blend in with the surroundings. Inside is a bedroom with a double bed and a view of the forest. A living room with a comfortable fold-out sofa is connected to the kitchenette. The aforementioned office and a bathroom with a shower. The cottage also has two terraces for basking on them like a cat, large on the south and smaller than the north. The Water House was inspired by the cross chakra. It is simply made to feel. Peace of mind, heartbeat, gratitude, security, balance. That is why the center of the cottage has become a bathing room, with a free-standing bathtub, with candles, with a panoramic view of the forest. You can take a bath by the window open to the terrace, you can go out to the other terrace after taking a bath and, with hot herbs in a cup, contemplate mindfulness. The double bedroom also has a large window to gaze out at the swaying tree branches. The cottage has a bright living room connected to a kitchenette. It also has a set of off-line attractions - books, board games, chess. Hence, it is the closest to a sauna and a tub.

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Common space

Hot tub

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Private forest

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No Internet/WiFi
Moderate cell phone reception
We don't have TVs

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For your comfort

Towels (complete set per stay)
Hair dryer
Air conditioning

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What will I eat?

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We have equipped both houses with kitchens, where you can safely cook lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. If you are missing something - we will try to arrange it quickly and deliver it. As for feasting by the fire, we have one rule. A cold beer, a glass of wine - it is known to be a pleasant addition to the evening. On the other hand, loud discussions and feasting singing at one in the morning are something we would prefer to avoid. Our guests come here to take a breath from civilization, and we dream that everyone will feel good and at ease with us. Not forgetting that they are neighbors with other peace-seekers.

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Food on-site

Free coffee
Free fruit compote, water

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Kitchen access

Private kitchenettes in homes / rooms
Coffee percolator
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Country Park (7 km)
Wichrowe Wzgórze (4 km)

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You can buy eco products nearby

Mleko i sery (2 km)
Jabłka (Winkowski Sadownictwo) (4 km)
Jajka od Pani Basi (2 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

DINO (4 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In / at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside

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We can tell you about the attractions of Wielkopolska, advertise the surrounding lakes or the cultural offer of Poznań, but we will be honest with you. This place attracts you like a good series, you will binge watching it, that is, absorb it compulsively and there is a chance that you will not move from our grove on a step. This is what we mean. Boredom is the most desirable state in Mieściska, which you can enter while taking a nap in a hammock, reading on a swing, basking in a sauna, walking in the woods, playing chess or doing nothing at all. We don't have TV sets, we don't have wifi, and it's best to put the phones in a suitcase and forget about them for the whole stay. It's just time to take a break for stimuli, from other people's lives, from ads, from news. Instead of a constant gallop of news, we have a telescope for you to look at the stars in Dom Ogień and a bathtub for a private SPA in Dom Woda. We also have: - sauna for cold people, - a tub for watermen, - hammock for nappers, - a swing for readers, - a place for a bonfire to sit in a circle, - chess for fans of Queen's Gambit. We also have two bikes. These are not mountain swallows, but proven Dutch, for slow ride enthusiasts. We don't really know where those handheld horses will take you! But maybe to: - Huby Grzebieniskie Nature Reserve, - Nature Reserve Brzęki Przy Stara Gajówka, - to Lake Bytyńskie, - on the recreational and educational paths of the Sama Valley.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0 km)
Board games

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For hedonists

Outdoor hot tub
Dry Sauna
Bath towels available
Bathrobes for guests

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For sports enthusiasts

Bicycles for rent
Nordic walking sticks

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Our pets


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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Spokojna, Mieściska , Greater Poland Province, Poland

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How much will I pay?

Notification icon
Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
night of the week (Mon-Fri) weekend night (Fri-Mon)
ground tent PLN 250 PLN 400
fire cottage PLN 350 PLN 500
water cottage PLN 450 600 PLN
week (-15%) month (-50%)
ground tent PLN 1700 PLN 4,350
fire cottage PLN 2700 PLN 6600
water cottage PLN 2,900 PLN 7,350
Additional pricing information
The prices are for renting for 2 people Additional person +100 PLN / night One-time cleaning fee PLN 150 Chill out zone Use of the sauna - as part of your stay Using the tub - PLN 100 The minimum stay during the Christmas and New Year period is 5 days. Weekend rates apply during this period.

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Place rules

Icon Minimum age of guests: 18 years old
Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 8 people
Icon Quiet hours from 22:00 to 07:00

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 2 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 50%
We do not refund prepayments, but we can transfer them to another date
Remaining amount payable 3 days before your arrival (money transfer)
Deposit amount: 500 PLN (cash on the spot)
Additional fees paid on the spot are not included in the price:
One-time cleaning fee 150 PLN

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 15:00 to 20:00
Departure from 10:00 to 11:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Wspaniałe miejsce, mieliśmy zarezerwowany domek WODA, ponieważ ujęła mnie wanna wolnostojąca i przepiękny taras, z widokiem na las. Domki znajdują się na bardzo atrakcyjnym i dużym terenie, piękna natura wokół ( drzewa różne gatunki, piękne kompozycje, a miłą niespodzianką jest paw, którego można podziwiać z balii :) ). Blisko stąd to Rezerwatów Przyrody, gdzie każdego dnia biegaliśmy na trening :) Domek Woda, bardzo nowocześnie urządzony, dostępna klimatyzacja, z funkcją grzania, nowoczesny czajnik, zmywarka, płyta indukcyjna i najważniejsze dla kawoszy - ekspres do kawy :) Łazienka z wanną wolnostojącą to obłęd dla wszystkich zmysłów! Można urządzić sobie długą kąpiel relaksacyjną, z winem, drinkiem, kadzidełkami, wolą do kąpieli. Po prostu magia. Bardzo mile wspominamy również korzystanie ze strefy chillout- listopadowe, chłodne dni - aż ciągneło do rozgrzanej do czerwoności sauny czy balii. Niesamowite o każdej porze dnia -szczególnie, gdy nastawał wieczór, mieniły się wokół podświetlenia. Spędziliśmy tu 4dni / 3 noce, idealnie by naładować akumulatorki, odprężyć się, pobyć razem, spędzić czas na długich rozmowach w balii, w wannie, czy nadrobić zaległości z książką. Z całą pewnością wrócimy bo już stęskniliśmy się za Koką, która towarzyszyła nam w trakcie pobytu, nie mogłam ze śmiechu, gdy otworzyłam oczy, balkon, by delektować się rześkim, listopadowym powietrzem, pijąc kawę, a Koka już czekała na nas na tarasie ;) Bardzo grzeczna, lubi się bawić ;)


Szukaliśmy odpoczynku i bycia tylko ze sobą. Planowaliśmy góry a stanęło na oddalonym od nas niecałą godzinę GLAMPINGU i cholercia No… nie mogło być lepiej 💛 była cisza, spokój, totalny chill i relaks. Po tym pierwszym razie następne krótkie i długie też! wolne będziemy chcieli wykorzystać na łonie natury! Nie małym wyzwaniem okazało się rąbanie drewna do bali czy sauny ale i tutaj znalazła się pomocna dłoń 🌷 niczego nam nie brakowało- nie mówiąc o dobrociach z pobliskich upraw 🤤 Dzięki Gospodarze za stworzenie takiego miejsca!🍀 Wracać będziemy napewno- już się nie mogę doczekać! Ciekawe jak to miejsce wygląda zimą ❄️☃️

Host: Ewa i Nour

Dziękujemy bardzo za Waszą opinię. Cieszymy się bardzo, że znaleźliście w OFFLINE przestrzeń do odpoczynku i czas by być tylko ze sobą. O to chodzi! Dlatego stworzyliśmy to miejsce <3 Wasze wrażenia i energia mega motywują! To my dziękujemy, że wybraliście nasz glamping i jeśli będziecie spragnieni ciszy i spokoju oczywiście zapraszamy ponownie :-) Pozdrowienia!


Bardzo miłe miejsce na uboczu. Działka, na której znajdują się domki, jest urocza i przytulna, można się odciąć i odetchnąć od świata zewnętrznego. Domek Woda świetnie wyposażony (ekspres do kawy <3), pomieszczenie z wanną i sama wanna jeszcze lepsze, niż wygląda to na zdjęciach. Do tego Koka, która codziennie nas odwiedzała i czasem pilnowała nas, wylegiwując się na ganku. Super miejsce : )

Host: Ewa i Nour

Ojej! Dziękujemy z całego serducha za opinię! Koka jest bez dwóch zdań gwiazdą tego miejsca - nie ma opinii bez wzmianki o niej :-) Cieszymy się, że miejsce Wam się podobało i mamy nadzieję do szybkiego zobaczenia ;-) Pozdrawiamy!

5.0 36 opinii