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Houses and cottages
Icon Max 6 people
Icon 1 house
Icon With animals
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Icon We prepare breakfasts for you

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Dom na Nizach

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Location Poland, Podlasie Province, Wajków 91
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Wajków is a village at the end of the world, and we are still a bit to the side of that end. In the bend of the Bug river, from which our garden is separated only by a path, we have created an enclave for those who love nature and art. In this place, you can taste life with all your senses and soak up the culture of the borderland. You can discover the surrounding villages with their old wooden houses, listen to the melody of the local dialect, and enjoy the local (or potato cake). In a comfortable, thatched house, decorated by us with passion and tenderness, you will forget about the rest of the world and feel the spirit of the East. There used to be farmland here, and then, for years, fallow land. Until Andrij, my husband, saw our habitat on it through the eyes of his imagination: with a lush garden and houses inspired by folklore. Although we have lived in the Lowlands for years, we are constantly in awe of the history of these lands. We learn about their language, ethnographic and cultural richness. Poetry mixes with the prose of life quite freely here: we either paint and write, or we work in the garden. Both give us great satisfaction. We want to share what we have the best. We will tell you the magical stories of our and neighboring villages. We will show the routes of expeditions through the wilderness of the Bug and Podlasie wilderness. Maybe not? Maybe it's better to get lost here? Give up your plans, develop your curiosity and come to the nice Bug river.

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Anna i Andrij
We were drawn to the Bug river from the time of our student youth. The wild river of extraordinary beauty, the wealth resulting from the meeting of the West and the East - multiculturalism, multi-denominationalism, and sometimes still vivid indigenous traditions aroused sentiments. Not only because our families are rooted in the East. Over time, we made new friendships here. All manifestations of connection with nature and ethnoculture constantly inspired, soothed and nourished our city hearts and minds. We did not cease in awe. Finally, we built a house here with a view of the Bug River, and then a bit smaller - for you. We have been living for years, connecting two worlds - urban and rural, with an emphasis on the latter. We invite. Anna and Andrij.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English
We are on-site, we give our guests space and intimacy, but we're always ready to help

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Eco Alert

Do not bring plastic bottles of water, we have treated tap water
House made of natural materials (clay, straw, hemp, etc.)
We have cosmetics in reusable packaging
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
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Our charms

Mosquitos on warm days
We don't have air conditioning
On cold days, you have to light the fireplace yourself
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We care about you

We are far away from other residences

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comfortable house for up to 6 people in the bend of the Bug
comfortable house for up to 6 people in the bend of the Bug
lovers of interesting interiors will like it
lovers of interesting interiors will like it
we will prepare you a welcome breakfast with local products
we will prepare you a welcome breakfast with local products
we love our region - we will tell you a lot about its history
we love our region - we will tell you a lot about its history
wild nature around: river, pastures, meadows, forests
wild nature around: river, pastures, meadows, forests
welcome with all pets
welcome with all pets

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 house
Icon for up to 6 people
Icon 130 m²
Icon shared bathroom: 2
Icon king bed : 1
Icon queen bed : 1
Icon sofa: 2
Icon single bed : 2
Icon We accept small dogs, cats, medium dogs, big dogs

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We cordially invite you to our House in the Lowlands. It is a real enclave in eastern Poland. Away from people, surrounded by forests, in the bend of the Bug. It will be wonderful here not only for lovers of wild nature, but also amateurs of art and refined interiors. The host, Andrij, my husband, is an artist and painter. He writes icons, designs houses and creates spacious gardens that also provide aesthetic elation and emotion. It constantly smells, blooms, and the lush green has tons of shades. The house is located on our land on the Bug river. Only a path separates the river and the garden. We live next door in our second house. We do not impose ourselves and give you space, but if you would like to listen to the extraordinary stories of my husband, who is a treasury of knowledge about the area, we will definitely find time to talk. We'd love to share our tips on what to see and our love for this place on earth. The house is made of brick and wood and thatched. It can comfortably accommodate 6 people. The distribution is as follows: Ground floor: - a small room with a single bed, - a fully equipped kitchen, - bathroom with toilet, bathtub and washing machine, - a long corridor which is also a bookcase, - a living room with a fireplace connected to the dining room. On the floor: - mezzanine with a double bed, - a bedroom with a double bed connected to a small room with a single bed and a desk, - bathroom with toilet and shower cubicle. Music equipment will be at your disposal. Outside, there is a spacious stone terrace with a large table under a sprawling oak and a piece of grass for lounging. Hedonists will be able to use a sump with live fire and complete the experience with a bath in a pond.

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Common space

Living room with couches
Dining room with tables
Fireplace corner
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Natural bathing pond
Pond in the garden
Beach chairs
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Fast Internet/WiFi
Good cell phone reception
Projector in the common area

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
We clean during your stay on request (extra fee)
Towels (complete set per stay)
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What will I eat?

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We love to cook, and even more to feast. If you are too - you are in the right place. We like a varied cuisine, where possible using natural, local products. Our guests can expect a welcome breakfast (free), with fragrant bread baked by us. If you appreciate our flavors, we can serve you a full and varied meal every day for a good start. However, there is a case: unfortunately, this will not always be possible. We are professionally active and sometimes we go out in the field. We inform you about such situations in advance. Of course, we encourage you to cook on your own. The kitchen is fully adapted and ready to meet the boldest culinary challenges. If you want, you can use the charcoal grill. If you are not in the mood to cook on your own, there are several places to eat something delicious on both sides of the Bug. We have listed them below. Just remember that it is necessary to call in advance and make a reservation, even if it was only a potato cake with a small-salt cucumber and a craft beer near Grabarka. There are many people willing. We can also provide you with a box of vegetables and fruit from your friends' garden (price to be agreed). Similarly with eggs, cheese, asparagus, honey, sękaczami, sweet anthills. Our greengrocer is too small to be enough for everyone, but we are always happy to share the herbs from our herbarium.

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Food on-site

Breakfast for an extra fee (35 PLN)
Dinner-supper for an extra fee (65 PLN)
We do not prepare dishes for special diets
Seasonally, vegetables from our own garden
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Kitchen access

Shared kitchen
Coffee percolator
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Folwark Księżnej Anny (21 km)
Dwór w Zabużu (5 km)
Smak Podlasia - Ostoja Szumiłówka, punk gastronomiczny (18 km)

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You can buy eco products nearby

Bazarek w Mielniku, w soboty (5 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Archelan (6 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the lake
Icon In / at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside
Icon By the river

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We haven't heard anyone getting bored with us yet. Unless that was what he wanted. You can organize your time here beautifully in many ways: by drawing from the nature and cultural richness of the area. We encourage you to: - long walks along the river bank with pastures and meadows and walks in the surrounding forests, - bicycle rides and longer trips through the Bug River wilderness and Podlasie wilderness, - using our sauna (sauna) with live fire and the smell of oils: pine, juniper and others, - swimming in our pond, among irises and water lilies (in autumn and winter it is also a treat for walruses!), - canoeing on the Bug River. From the perspective of the river, you get to know its charm and feel its power differently. Let yourself be carried away by its meanders and celebrate the changeability of the shores. In the evening, we recommend a very nice film called "A real bonfire by the river under a starry sky." Best in combination with dinner. We have a bonfire site on the Bug River, a spacious table and benches. You only hear nature. Sometimes it carries wedding melodies along the Bug River. For those looking for biological renewal, we can order a massage from Mrs. Ludy, who will come to the place. For those looking for more advanced fun, we can recommend the SPA in Dwór Zabuże on the other side of the Bug. What else can you do with us? - Swim in the lake behind the village by the Bug river. You can get there on foot or by bike. - In nearby Siemiatycze, you can swim in a newly built, all-year-round swimming pool or simply in the reservoir in Siemiatycze. - In winter, we have our own safe ice rink on the frozen pond. - In addition, you can collect herbs, wild strawberries, raspberries, mushrooms, make bouquets of wild flowers, chase butterflies, learn to recognize the singing of different species of birds, catch fish from the Bug, and then throw them back. - When it rains, you can start making preserves for the winter. There are no spectacular tourist attractions in our area. We consider this to be its advantage. When staying longer, it is definitely worth setting off by bike or car and getting to know the region. Local villages have largely retained their original character to this day. You will see traditional farm buildings and charming wooden houses with subtle decorations. In almost every village you will come across an Orthodox church characteristic for the region, or at least a chapel. Sometimes you can still hear a completely separate language (especially in older people). Until recently, the nearby Ruthenian (not to be confused with the Russian) community commonly used the language belonging to the Ukrainian dialects. It may be confusing that Poland shares a border with Belarus at this point. National borders are not the same as ethnic borders, however. More than once we have witnessed how newcomers from central and western Poland had the impression that they had come to another country. Eastern Poland is still an unknown land. In addition to such cognitive hikes, during which you can enjoy the unique local atmosphere, we also recommend: Holy Mount Grabarka It is the most important place of religious cult of the Polish Orthodox Church. Its history dates back to 1710, when the local community of Podlasie was decimated by a plague epidemic. According to a revelation by an old man, rescue could be found on Mount Grabarka. Today, her cult and the tradition of drinking water from a holy spring reign there. Białowieża Primeval Forest (the largest virgin forest in Europe) - 80 km from us Getting to know the forest is organized. It takes place on marked paths and at a specific time. Often only with a guide. All this to disrupt the ecosystem in a minimal and the least expansive way. Janów Podlaski, horse farm, May-September: 27 km (by ferry across the Bug), October-April: 61 km The history of the stud in Janów Podlaski dates back to the Napoleonic Wars. The first herd appeared in Janów in 1817. Over time, the stud became an icon of Arabian horse breeding. Watching a herd of dignified "Arabians" trotting on the paddock is always a thrilling experience. We recommend a trip to Janów Podlaski especially from the beginning of May to the end of September. During this time, you can cross the Bug River in Mielnik by ferry, shortening the distance to your destination by more than half. The crossing itself is an adventure. The ferry runs between the two banks, using the power of the river current and the muscles of the masters of the operators. Open-air museum in Ciechanowiec The open-air museum is located in a very picturesque landscape, and it perfectly presents the architecture (along with infrastructure and equipment) from the border of Mazovia and Podlasie. The beautiful and harmonious buildings that our ancestors were able to build have a fabulous charm, regardless of whether it is a residential house, a barn, a blacksmith's shop or a mill. Ziołowy Zakątek in Koryciny - 55 km from us It is a herbal multi-initiative of your English people, owners of the Dary Natury brand. On a dozen or so hectares, they created a place that draws on the herbal tradition of Podlasie. There you can get to know the herbal botanical garden, buy mixtures for various ailments, eat dishes seasoned with your own herbs in the inn, visit the moonshine booth or the whisper's house.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0 km)
Board games

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For hedonists

Massages (on request)
Winter swimming
Beach chairs
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For sports enthusiasts

Cross-country ski trail
Cross-country trails
Road bicycle routes
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Our pets


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św. Góra Grabarka (18 km)
stadnina w Janowie Podlaskim (27 km)
skansen w Ciechanowcu (65 km)

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What’s there for children?

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Children are welcomed with us as nice as possible, but we should warn you that we do not have special attractions for them here. The youngest ones will rather be bored with us. In addition, the bedrooms are upstairs and the stairs are steep - you'll have to keep an eye on the kids. Therefore, we invite you rather with older children: for them you can discover all the richness of the surrounding nature, there is the Bug, wild birds, meadows and forests. There is a large garden where you can romp and a playground in the village.

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Attractions for children

Work with animals
Cool trees for climbing
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Attractions for children in the area

Plac zabaw we wsi

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Mielnik, Wajków 91, Podlasie Province, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
high season: May – September PLN 1200 / day (minimum 3 days)
low season: October-May 1000 PLN / day (minimum 3 days)
Additional pricing information
Rent over 7 days: 10% discount Rent over 14 days: 20% discount Bathtub (sauna): PLN 50 / person (minimum 2 people). The maximum price is 200 PLN for 5-6 people Fireplace: PLN 50 Breakfast: PLN 35 / person Half board: PLN 65 / person We will ask you to pay in cash for the sauna, breakfast and dinner.

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Place rules

Icon Minimum age of guests: 10 years old
Icon We accept: small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, cats
Icon Maximum number of guests: 6 people
Icon Quiet hours from 00:00 to 07:00

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 3 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 30%
If you cancel up to 21 days before your arrival, we will refund the prepayment amount
Remaining amount payable 3 days before your arrival (money transfer)
Additional fees paid on the spot are not included in the price:
Other fees: sauna, fireplace, meals
We do not issue invoices

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 16:00 to 22:00
Departure from 07:00 to 12:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Icon Other rules
in accordance with the regulations of the place

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Dom na Nizach to magiczne miejsce znakomicie wkomponowane w nadbużanski krajobraz. Każdy element tego świata ma tu swoje miejsce i harmonizuje perfekcycjnie z pozostałymi. Wspaniali Gospodarze Ania i Andrij ugoszczą Cię wybornym śniadaniem czy kolacją, jeśli tylko zechcesz. A warto! I w ogóle wprowadzą Cię w podlaskie klimaty tak, że poczujesz się, jakbyś sam tu już od lat mieszkał. Miejsce gdzie czujesz się jak w błogostanie, które opuszczasz nie calkiem dobrowolnie, uwrażliwiony na to, co nas otacza. Atmosfere tego miejsca musisz doświadczyć! Iwona, Jola, Jarek, Jacek


Wspaniałe miejsce stworzone przez ludzi pełnych pasji. Klimatyczny dom o nietuzinkowych wnętrzach, do tego malowniczy i dopieszczony ogród. Przepyszne śniadania, które można zakończyć aromatyczną kawą na pomoście. Właściciele uważni na każdą prośbę, dbają o to aby goście czuli się jak w domu. Chętnie dotrzymają towarzystwa. To idealne miejsce na odpoczynek, oderwanie od miejskiego zgiełku i błogie nicnierobienie. Do tego okolica, w której nie da się nudzić. Polecamy całym sercem! Paula, Patryk, Paulina, Karolina i Michał

5.0 2 opinii