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Icon Max 12 people
Icon 1 house
Icon 3 apartments
Icon 2 rooms
Icon Without animals
Icon for guests over the age of 16
Icon We prepare breakfasts for you

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Beskid Masala IndoChata

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Location Poland, Beskid Mountains, Low Beskid Mountains, Ropki
The clocks at Masala do not have hands. Thus, the question "what time is it?" is changed by the Indo-translator to "what time is it not?". So here you can, actually, you must, practice PoPo, that is: sleep as much as you like, take a dip or rest around fireplaces, take a break and talk... with each other. We make sure that this "slow" is not only a marker of inactivity but also a nutritional break to distance ourselves from civilization. In addition, ChataKlimata encourages the senses to check whether it is possible not to follow the midday sun, but to have what serves sweet laziness on the spot, in an exotic climate. Sometimes a bold thought comes to mind that maybe Beskid Masala is such a boutique viaduct, or maybe a homely Marigold with a pinch of ambition to be in artistic disarray?

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Hey, it's Jacek. Like you, I live in a wonderful time of CHANGE. Masala helps a lot in this because I constantly give us the energy of life. It started with setting off on the Way ... to ourselves and the land where we and our animals will find a lost rhythm heard from the forest ... We were welcomed by the Ropka Valley in the Indian Beskids. This is where the system loses coverage. Beskid Masala - ChataKlimata, was created out of longing for the Orient. She is as uncontrollable as a free creature, a bit frivolous, a bit playful and stylishly messy. In short, a bastard, but with class. It is seasoned a bit in the Beskid style, a bit in Indian, so it has two climates of one cottage. It is a cozy and discreet place to wait out the monsoons, get creative and enjoy being together. Because it is a House of Creative Holidays for all children from 16 years old :) Rest - always in good, creative company.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English
We are on-site, we give our guests space and intimacy, but we're always ready to help

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Eco Alert

We have treated tap water
House made of natural materials (e.g. clay, straw, hemp)
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We promote waste segregation among guests
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Our charms

We don't have televisions
Access via the forest/gravel road
We don't walk around the house in shoes
We don't have air conditioning
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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
Private houses / apartments with separate entrance
Linens are washed at high temperatures
First aid kit

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Fire masala, in fireplaces, candles and in AkuKuchni
Fire masala, in fireplaces, candles and in AkuKuchni
Bombay atmosphere of private unrest + salayogi and Lemkino
Bombay atmosphere of private unrest + salayogi and Lemkino
Our two streams flow downwards instead of to Lackowa
Our two streams flow downwards instead of to Lackowa
We fly on low-mountain expeditions and to the land of first
We fly on low-mountain expeditions and to the land of first
BezKids - for adults who want to be carefree like children
BezKids - for adults who want to be carefree like children
the birth of Venus in Beskid? why not?
the birth of Venus in Beskid? why not?

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 3 apartments
Icon 2 rooms

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We have five endorsement bedrooms of various standards, which is expressed in the price range: from PLN 130 / person with breakfast, to PLN 190. Stays from Sunday to Thursday are cheaper. Our guests say that Masala's endorsement bedrooms are oases of dreams. And if only it was about sleeping ... Each one spins the thread of one of the ethereal places that aroused our senses in India. They are all of two names, which also signify their presence in the Beskid Mountains. They are hand-made and pampered. They do not compete with each other for the priority fir, because each one is distinctive and exotically charming. One might even say that they are the first of their kind, like the cashmere shawl in the scarf family. Four are waiting at home, and the fifth is on the floor of the neighboring house and has a separate entrance from the garden, which makes it more independent for Masalowiczs who need undisturbed privacy and for pets with their guardians. Indo bedrooms are equipped with refrigerators, with the exception of Chyża Rabari (in this case, we provide a corner in the kitchen refrigerator), and in addition: coffee, herbs and tea machine available 24/7 in the dining room a hair dryer, tea / coffee dishes, cutlery, etc. utensils, Bziany Munnar also has a kitchenette with a single-burner induction plate, sink, etc. for microbrewing, kettle, teas, sugars, etc., a supply of candles and sacks, in two (Jata, Bziany) there are fireplaces with free wood supply.

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Common space

Living room with couches (30 m2)
Dining room with tables
Terrace (12 m2)
Yoga room (40 m2)
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Beach chairs
Tables in the garden
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Medium speed Internet / WiFi
No cell phone reception
We don't have TVs
We organise film screenings
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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
Towels (complete set per stay)
Hair dryer

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What will I eat?

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Translated by Google Translate.
Masala offers the provision of B & amp; B. Not earlier than 9 am we set the table with breakfast "as you please", according to the principle, when you eat in the morning, this is how you will spend the whole day. So in Masala richly and slowly. We feed VEGANtarian, or Vegan + Which means that you can order butter, egg for "GREEN GROUND" ... On Sunday we usually serve Indian breakfasts hot and colorful; ~) Warm dinners from the menu of Indian and Carpathian cuisine in the style of "oriental ethnodiners", we cook ONLY FOR ORGANIZED GROUPS. We direct Masalowiczes for dinners to nearby, friendly kitchens, with which we have a culinary line. For health, we use the promptings of folk recipes, including Ayurveda. The pantry of our AKuKuchnia gathers: herbs from meadows, gifts from the forest, filigree apples from Lemko apple trees, mushrooms, local honey, home-made ingredients and colonial spices. And we bake our own bread.

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Food on-site

Breakfast included
Free coffee
We do not prepare dishes for special diets
We mainly cook vegetarian dishes
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Kitchen access

No access to the kitchen
Espresso machine
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Hutor Grzegorza/gruzińska (7 km)
Gościnna Chata/ łemkowska/karpacka (5,3 km)
Pstrągi z Łosia/nie tylko ryby (20 km)
Stary Dom Zdrojowy/karpacka/żydowska (6 km)
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You can buy eco products nearby

Sery kozie, owcze w Ropkach (1 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Delikatesy Centrum Wysowa-Zdr. (5 km)
Hitpol Wysowa-Zdr. (5 km)
Delikatesy Centrum Uście Gorlickie (10 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In / at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside
Icon In the mountains
Icon By the river

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Translated by Google Translate.
You will not be. There is no boredom in the Indian Beskids!

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0,2 km)
Mountain trail (0,1 km)
Yoga room
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For hedonists

Massages (on request)
Winter swimming
Beach chairs
Beach wind screen

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For sports enthusiasts

Cross-country ski trail (0,1 km)
Horse riding (1,5 km)
Kayaks (10 km)
Cross-country trails (0,1 km)
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For those craving art

cerkwie/ikony/Kwiatoń UNESCO (8,6 km)
cerkwie/ikony/Brunary UNESCO (13 km)
Rotunda/cmentarz I WŚ./unikat skala EU (11 km)
skansen Nowy Sącz (45 km)
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Our pets


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What’s there for children?

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Our Indochata works in the 2xB & amp; B formula, which can be understood not only as Bed & amp; Breakfast, but also ... Childless Bumbling. We are on the vacation menu under the heading BEZKIDS, which in Masala's language means freestyle, mountain tourism without children up to 16 years of age. we run a mountain nursery for parents. It's nice to sleep until noon from time to time, or not to get up at all. Oh no?

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Ropki 19, Ropki, Beskid Mountains, Low Beskid Mountains, Poland

Translated by Google Translate.

From the north (Warsaw and others), take the A4. There are two interchanges to choose from leading to the Beskids: Brzesko or Tarnów - Mościce. We recommend the latter. Access from Kraków or Rzeszów, i.e. on the east-west line by highway No. 4, at the Tarnów Mościce junction, exit towards south to Grybów / Krynica, via: Wojnicz, Zakliczyn, Gromnik, Ciężkowice. In Grybów, turn to Krynica. In the village of Florynka, exit left for Brunary, Śnietnica, Stawisza. From the end of Stawisza, follow the asphalt road through the forest to the signpost for Ropki (right). ATTENTION. From A4 height, Google often directs to seemingly shorter routes through Pogórze (Carpathian foothills). We advise against it, because it is narrow, in winter it is slippery and dark. At night brrr. We recommend sticking to the description.

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Icon Public transportation

Nearest stops

Translated by Google Translate.

Bus: Hańczowa (2,5 km)

There is no such thing as TAXI in the Low Beskids. If you inform us in advance when booking and make an appointment, we will come after you. If you prefer a walk, from the Hańczowa / Kościół stop, a road through the former state-owned farm, initially asphalt, then dirt along the river. You come to the road to Ropki and turn left. On the way, first buildings on the right (horses, Siwejka guesthouse), in a moment a pool / beaver site (on the left). From here it is only less than a kilometer to the concrete bridge. On the left is Masala. If you are here for the first time or you have no orientation in the field, we do not recommend night hikes from the Hańczowa stop to us. The nearest GOPR is in Krynica (1 hour by car). Better make an appointment with us.

Train: Grybów (32 km)

TAXI and Uber in Grybów is a mirage. There are no buses from the station, because they are not here. In the center of Grybów (from the train station, about 1 km), a bus station. You catch a bus in the direction of Gorlice. You get off in the village of Ropa. You cross the road, there is a bus stop for routes from Gorlice to Wysowa Zdrój. On the way to Hańczowa, 4 km before Wysowa. You get off - see "Directions from the bus stop".

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How much will I pay?

Notification icon
Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
B&B prices: weekend and weekdays
Monday - Thursday weekends and period 1.06 - 30.09
Jata Rani's indo bedroom - 10% 180 PLN / 1 person B&B
Bziana Munnar's indo-bedroom - 10% 150 PLN / 1 person B&B
indo bedroom by Krasiata Kochin - 10% 150 PLN / 1 person B&B
Hala Momo's indo bedroom - 10% 130 PLN / 1 person B&B
indo bedroom Chyża Rabari - 10% 130 PLN / 1 person B&B
whole house B&B rental
New Year's Eve and long weekends the remaining
10-12 places in 5 bed and breakfast indo bedrooms 2000 PLN per day 1700 PLN a day
Additional pricing information
Ask for prices on long weekends, public holidays and around New Year's Eve. The price includes the spa tax (Ropki is within the reach of Wysowa-Zdrój). One person stay - only in the rooms: Chyża Rabari and Hala Momo - 170 PLN / day with breakfast Firewood for a bonfire - free in the forest, PLN 20-40 from the woodshed. Parking - we have on the property - cars rest free of charge

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Place rules

Icon Minimum age of guests: 16 years old
Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 12 people

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 2 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
(cash on the spot)

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 15:00 to 21:00
Departure from 11:00 to 11:00
We will stick to defined checkin / checkout times

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Icon Other rules
WE INVITE YOU FOR A MINIMUM OF TWO NIGHTS. DURING THE PERIOD: JUNE 1 TO SEPTEMBER 30 AND ON LONG WEEKENDS - MINIMUM FOUR BOOKINGS FOR ONE NIGHT POSSIBLE ONLY IN THE LAST MINUTE SYSTEM - with us it is 1 day ahead of schedule and WHEN SOMEONE WALKS FROM THE MOUNTAINS WITH A BACKPACK AND IS "ON THE TRAIL". Reservations through Slowhop, get ready to pay a 30% deposit (by Slowhop you can pay by credit card and immediate transfer). Time to pay - 2 days. We refund the down payment in full when: - force majeure (pandemic - an administratively announced lockdown, natural disaster, etc.), will make it impossible to stay in the Valley - we will not be able to accept guests as a result of a serious technical failure in Masala (we will offer the possibility of changing the date with a discount) IN THE EVENT OF CANCELLATION OF THE ARRIVAL OR NON-FULFILLMENT OF THE ORDERED B&B SERVICE, THE DEPOSIT WILL BE FORCED. ALL RANDOM EVENTS ON THE GUEST'S SIDE ARE HIS RISK. MASALA SUGGESTS SLOWHOPOWICZ CHANGE THE DATE - WHEN AVAILABLE, BUT ONLY UNTIL THE END OF THE CURRENT CALENDAR YEAR. Please indicate in the booking form which type of breakfast you prefer: vege or vegan. Masalowiczów who lead an individual diet, please stock up individually with the preferred ingredients. After signaling the diet, we will make every effort to ensure that our menu provides you with the complementary calories necessary for a pleasant rest.

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Cudowne miejsce, przepyszne śniadania, świetny klimat. Nie ma co się rozpisywać, trzeba odwiedzić :) Na pewno wrócę.


Lubię spędzać czas daleko od zgiełku miast i tłumów ludzi. Zgodnie z naturą. Tam gdzie ludzie mają szacunek dla tego co rodzi się wokół nas. Jak pisał Adam Mickiewicz "Śród fali łąk szumiących, śród kwiatów powodzi Omijam koralowe ostrowy burzanu",. Omijam, ale uwielbiam zapach niczym nieskażonego burzanu. Prawdziwy, inaczej pachnący po deszczu a inaczej w rozgrzanym słońcu. Tym razem także szukałam miejsca wyjątkowego i znalazłam. Dom pośród gór i łąk i szumu zarośniętego strumienia. Stworzony przez człowieka kochającego naturę i zafascynowanego kulturą Indii. Dach kryty drewnianym gontem i glinie ściany. Kolorowe, wyjątkowo urządzone wnętrze, pachnące egzotycznymi zapachami i bardzo wygodne materace. Drewniany mostek, gliniane dzbany na drewnianym płocie. Wiele możliwości spędzenia czasu. Można leniuchować w hamaku, można wyjść w góry, można kontemplować w sali jogi. Można okryć się ciepłym pledem podczas chłodniejszej nocy i podziwiać gwiazdy na niebie. I być tu i teraz w środku tego pięknego Beskidu Niskiego. Można się zakochać w tej Polskiej, jeszcze naturalnej Krainie. A Gospodarz jest również wyjątkowy. Może towarzyszyć Ci w rozmowie rano podczas śniadania, które często sam przygotowuje lub podczas nocnych spotkań przy ognisku. Jak chcesz jest, a jak nie chcesz to nie przeszkadza w spędzaniu czasu tak jak pragniesz. Do śniadania Jacek przywiązuje wielka wagę, ponieważ twierdzi, że jest to najważniejszy posiłek w ciągu dnia. Posiłkisą wegetariańskie bardzo urozmaicone z wykorzystaniem prawdziwych indyjskich ziół i przypraw. Szukałam miejsca wyjątkowego i znalazłam. Indo Chata - Chata Klimata to miejsce fantastyczne. Dom z duszą i mogłabym przytoczyć jeszcze wiele temu podobnych określeń. Tu można liczyć na mnóstwo miłych niespodzianek.

Host: Jacek

Dzień dobry z wielkim NAMASTE! Dziekuję. Gdybym miał napisać pakiecik pokazowy (nie chę używac słowa na "r" bez którego dzisiejszy świat nie istnieje), to napisałbym do Ciebie o zgodę na kopiowanie. Jakie to od pieknego serca napisane! Wszechświat potrafi wynagrodzić. jeszcze raz dziekuję i może... do zobaczenia? Jacek


IndoChata przywitała nas szmerem potoków, zapachem czarnego bzu i nagrzanych słońcem poziomek. :) Cisza, spokój, świergot ptaków i mrugające wieczorami świetliki. To miejsce to prawdziwa magia, ukryta gdzieś na końcu świata (aka szutrowej drogi, gdzie ludzie już chyba mieszkać nie mogą ;) i gdzie czas chyba płynie faktycznie wolniej. Godzinami można siedzieć w hamaku lub leżaku przed domem, popijać kawę, moczyć nogi w potoku lub pobiegać z cudownymi Owczarkami. A śniadania, którymi nas rano uraczono to po prostu zasługują na osobny elaborat! Różnorodność, feria barw i smaków - coś wspaniałego! :) Jacku, dziękujemy za gościnę, rozmowy o podróżach i pożyczoną mapę. Mam nadzieję, że "do zobaczenia" niedługo!

Host: Jacek

Magdo, dzień dobry. Masala się cieszy, a ja wraz z Nią. Czasami (szczerze mówiąc -nielicznymi), coś tam chodzi po głowie, a możeby coś zmienić, przerobić, (dodać zawsze warto), żeby jakieś ala Goa COŚ urządzić. Ale potem czyta się takie cudowne opinie i już się chce tylko Masalę pogłaskać i wypolerowac i nieco tylko świeżości nadać, skosić trawe i jeszcze jeden hamaczek i jeszcze jakiś nowy przepisik ;~) Na świetliki i poziomki można zawsze liczyć. Dziękujemy Wam z całego serca i zapraszamy dyskretnie i niezobowiązująco. Niech się Wam darzy Drodzy Goście, Ja i Masala

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