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Icon Max 15 people
Icon 5 rooms
Icon With some animals
Icon We cook for you

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Agroturystyka Mirabelka

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Location Poland, Kashubia Region, Kopalino
At first glance, the house looks like a mountain cottage, at the second one too. It was supposed to be like that, with a fondness for memories and the past in Tyrol. We now have cats instead of marmots and a beach in Kopalin instead of snow-capped peaks. We have our original kitchen - one that allows you to eat vigorously, forgetting about the whole world and remembering your home. In a quiet and a bit lazy village for the Baltic Sea, we have a house for you that draws you in like a good sensational novel. We open the wooden doors, show you around five cosy rooms, a seaside asylum for fifteen people. You can expect a quiet night, morning coffee in a hammock, a walk on a quiet beach, dinner which ends with dessert, relaxation with a book, and a bonfire in the evening with Mirabelle plum liqueur as the main attraction. We invite you to a place where calories do not count, life-long friendships are born, and holidays are a combination of a sea breeze with highlander temperament. The only thing that's missing is you!

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Małgosia i Jarek
Gosia (cooking enthusiast) and Jarek (specialises in tinctures). We have been going through life together for many years and we make dreams come true. Mirabelka in Kopalin is the next stage that has come our way, which started with an announcement about the sale of a house by the sea. In this wooden house, we feel like we're in the Alps, so the cuisine is Mediterranean-Tyrolean, so you won't find pork chops and fried flounder. There are Mirabelle plum tinctures, dumplings with apricot, conversations by the fire and new acquaintances. It's just as we dreamed it. Your stay will be good and tasty, welcome.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, German, Italian
We are on-site, we give our guests space and intimacy, but we're always ready to help

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Eco Alert

We use eco-friendly detergents
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We promote waste segregation by guests
We segregate garbage

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Our charms

Creaky floors
We don't walk around the house in shoes
Near the road
We don't have air conditioning

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We care about you

We keep distance between tables in dinning room
We disinfect the rooms between reservations

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Brilliant Mediterranean-Tyrolean cuisine
Brilliant Mediterranean-Tyrolean cuisine
Come with your pets
Come with your pets
Integrative bonfire with sausages and Mirabelle plum liqueur
Integrative bonfire with sausages and Mirabelle plum liqueur
2.5 km from the sea and the beautiful beach
2.5 km from the sea and the beautiful beach
We will host a maximum of 15 people
We will host a maximum of 15 people
Coastal bicycle routes
Coastal bicycle routes

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 5 rooms

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Mirabelka is atmospheric and cozy, and the fence is overgrown with wild wine, creating a natural, green wall separating the garden from reality. The house always smells of wood, warm coffee in the morning and delicious dinner in the afternoon. In the summer season, Mirabelka is open to other culinary guests, so keep in mind that you will not be alone at lunchtime. It may be that we will accept a traveler who comes to us only for flavors. We will accommodate up to 15 people in 5 carefully furnished 2-3-4-person rooms. This place is our child, so each room has been decorated with attention to detail so that you can disconnect from reality and fully rest. In each of them there is a TV set, a fridge, a table with chairs, a wardrobe and bedside tables. Of course, you will also find beautifully made beds with pillows made by Gosia and a set of towels. 1. The intimate “Wrzos” room is a comfortable place for two people to relax. It has a double bed, a south-facing balcony and its own bathroom with a shower opposite the room. 2. The 3-bed "Lavender" room is large, bright and spacious. It has a single bed and a large double bed, its own south-west balcony and a bathroom with shower. 3. The "Melisa" family room for 4 people is warm and has plenty of space that your family will need to spend their dream vacation. It has a double bed, a single bed and a sofa bed, as well as a private bathroom with a bathtub. 4. 2-level "Kaszubski" room with an independent entrance. It is the only one on the ground floor and is ideal for 3 people. It has one single bed and one double bed on the mezzanine and a bathroom with shower. 5. The "Mięta" room is our intimate, ground-floor room, very cozy, with a double bed, its own bathroom and a terrace. Your pets are welcome with us! Remember, however, that we have 2 dogs and 2 cats, so your pet must like company.

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Common space


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Beach chairs
Tables in the garden

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Fast Internet/WiFi
Moderate cell phone reception

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
Towels (complete set per stay)
Hair dryer

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What will I eat?

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We specialize in a rather unusual mix of Mediterranean and Tyrolean cuisine. We lived most of our life in the Alps and it was this period that had a strong impact on mirabelle dishes. We cook healthy and tasty, we do not use flavor enhancers or preservatives in our kitchen. We love to "stand by the pots", which is why we prepare different dishes of the day every day. During the season, we give you a choice between 2 soups, 2 main courses and 2 desserts. In the off-season, we prepare a 3-course menu, then we are open to your suggestions. Breakfasts are included in the price of the rooms, while in high season dinners and desserts are priced “a la carte”. In low season we have a fixed price for the 3-course menu. Here's what you can expect in our kitchen: - chanterelle dumplings with parmesan cheese, hot butter and chives, - pappardelle with salmon in a cream sauce with mascarpone and spinach, - gnocchi with tomatoes, sage and salad, - ossobuco a 'la milanese, - duck broth with a pancake, - Tyrolean spinach dumplings, - sirloin tagliats with arugula and parmesan cheese - baked clams, - apricot dumplings with hot butter and cinnamon, - fruit cake with chestnuts, - affogato. This is just the beginning of a culinary trip and the top of the iceberg. We serve water, homemade juices and compotes and the famous Jarkowe liqueurs. The best is of course mirabelle, but there is also cherry or limoncello.

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Food on-site

Dinner-supper for an extra fee (75 PLN)
Breakfast included
Please inform us about your food preferences before arrival
We prepare dishes for special diets with prior notice
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Kitchen access

No access to the kitchen

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We recommend nearby restaurants

Ewa zaprasza (18 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Melan Supermarket (8 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the sea
Icon In the countryside

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The recipe for relaxing in Mirabelka is simple. Deckchair + garden + book, Hammock + terrace + tiramisu, Empty beach + velvet sand + towel, Bicycles + beautiful weather + interesting surroundings, Bonfire + good company + mirabelle tincture, All of these sums give you the maximum rest score. We want you to feel at ease with us, as with good friends, that's why we care about relationships and integration. Once a week, on Tuesdays, we organize a campfire in the garden, where really interesting conversations and laugh-chicks take place, and we make new friends. We cannot miss our liqueurs, sausages and meeting strangers. After a delicious meal, it would be nice to get off your deckchair and leave a few calories behind. Brand new bikes are waiting for you at a nearby rental shop, so that you can use your muscle strength and test 3 beautiful bike routes in the Choczewo commune. If you like horses and horse riding and can "keep" in the saddle, you can "jump out" from a nearby stud for an evening sunset on the horse On cold autumn and even winter evenings, we will warm up an external Finnish sauna for you. We will not forget that it is a stone's throw to the sea and you can see it from the windows, because to get to the beach you have to prepare for a 30-minute walk. Of course, cycling and car will be much faster. You will be compensated for this mini-trip by velvety, white sand, an almost deserted beach and the smell of the sea. It is best to organize a healing air treatment in autumn, winter or spring, because this is when it contains the most iodine. We invite you to intimate New Year's Eve parties, home Christmas, Easter and relaxed May parties. We have special offers then, so write and ask, and you will not go astray. When you get bored with eating, resting, reading, petting cats and playing with Brownie dog, take advantage of the benefits of the mirabelle area. Take the direction to: - open-air museum in Nadole, - Stilo lantern, - horse stud, seasonally during the holidays in Kopalin and Lubiatów or all year round in Choczewo. - the nature reserve "Choczewskie cisy", - dunes in the Słowiński National Park, - fishing on the Choczewskie and Kopaliński lakes, - windsurfing and kite on Lake Sarbskie, - The barrow in Szklana Huta, i.e. a cemetery from the period when the area was inhabited by the pre-Slavic population of Pomeranian culture, - manors and palaces of the Northern Kashubia in the vicinity of: Ciekocinko, Sasino, Salino, Krokowa, Lisewo are the closest ones, - Gdańsk and its monuments are 80 km away.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0,5 km)
Beach (2,5 km)
Board games

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For hedonists

Dry Sauna
Winter swimming

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Our pets


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What’s there for children?

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Children have freedom and unlimited freedom here. They eat their ears tremble, forget about the existence of telephones and run around the yard with our Labrador Brownie and the mongrel Fifi. There are also cats to be petted: Filip and Lucek. There is a playground in the garden, dunes on the beach and the largest sandbox they have ever seen, and there is a Dinosaur Park in Łeba. The most important thing about vacation is not where, but with whom. That is why kids appreciate the time spent with their parents the most. After a day full of emotions, they fall asleep at the speed of light and can't wait for the next day full of excitement.

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Attractions for children

Children's playground
Children's board games

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Additionally available

Crib for babies
Bath tub for babies
High chair

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Attractions for children in the area

Sea Park Sarbsk (28 km)

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Dzierzby 2, Kopalino, Kashubia Region, Poland

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How much will I pay?

Notification icon
Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
Low season
number of people price with breakfast
Melissa's room 4-person 450 PLN/room
Heather room 2-person 290 PLN/room
Lavender room 3-person 380 PLN/room
Kashubian room 3-person 380 PLN/room
Mint room 2-person 290 PLN/room
High season
Number of people Price
Melissa's room 4 people 500 PLN/room
Heather room 2 people 320 PLN/room
Lavender room 3 persons 420 PLN/room
Kashubian room 3 persons 420 PLN/room
Mint room 2 people 320 PLN/room
Additional pricing information
In the case of a New Year's Eve or Christmas stay, we have package prices, per person for the entire stay. Pets payable additionally: PLN 50 / day. For arriving with an undeclared pet, we charge a double fee: PLN 100 / day.

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Place rules

Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 15 people

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 2 days
Sezon wysoki: 2022-04-22 - 2022-10-02, minimum 6 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
(cash on the spot, money transfer)

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 15:00 to 21:00
Departure from 09:00 to 10:00
We will stick to defined checkin / checkout times

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Icon Other rules
We charge a deposit of 30% of a week's stay and 50% when the stay is 2 weeks or longer. We add a fee of 15% to the price for a stay shorter than 3 days. Please consider your decision, because in the event of resignation, the down payment is not refundable. The hotel day starts at 3 p.m. and ends at 10 a.m.

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Gosiu i Jarku! Dziękujemy za wspaniałe wakacje na luzie, prawdziwie slow, w uroczym, nietypowym dla Kaszub domu gościnnym pieczołowicie urządzonym przez Gosię, która jest dobrym "duszkiem" tego miejsca. Wspólnie stworzyliście klimatyczne miejsce, w którym spotykają się ludzie o podobnej wrażliwości, ceniący sobie spokój i kameralność. Do tego pyszna, oryginalna kuchnia Gosi i takież nalewki Jarka. Piękna okolica, do morza akurat tyle, by nie było tłumów, chociaż w tym roku więcej osób wpadło na pomysł przyjazdu tutaj. Polecamy z całego serca Agroturystykę Mirabelka jako oazę dobrego wypoczynku. Pozdrawiamy gorąco! Basia i Zbyszek.


Przepiękny, zadbany dom z duszą. Jedzenie bardzo dobre. Właściciele: Gosia i Jarek, bardzo serdeczni i przyjacielscy. Okolica oferuje dużo atrakcji: piękne niezatłoczone plaże, wydmy, ścieżki rowerowe, jazdę konną po plaży, kajaki i wiele innych. Podczas pobytu czuliśmy się bardzo swobodnie. Wspólne śniadania na tarasie czy wieczorne winko sprzyjało nawiązywaniu znajomości i ciekawym rozmowom. Pobyt w Mirabelce polecamy z całego serca, a Gosi i Jarkowi gratulujemy takiego miejsca i serdecznie pozdrawiamy. Ewa i Damian :)


Jak nad polskie morze to tylko tutaj, super atmosfera, jedzenie, zwierzaki! Okolica również ciekawa, idealna na rowery. Najlepsze śniadania jakie kiedykolwiek jadłam, lepsze niż w 5* hotelach.

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