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Apartament Wierchy

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Location Polska, Podhale, Zakopane
Apartment Wierchy is a place on Pardałówka with a view of Giewont. Here my grandparents were going to grow old together, but the fate was different, and yes, a year ago, we gave the apartment a highlander character with a touch of modernity with the atmosphere of Scandinavian minimalism. We love mountains and hiking and we appreciate the place as an ideal base, and after returning we enjoy the well-deserved coffee, lounging on the terrace, from which we admire the mountains. We appreciate the place for your peace and comfort. If we get tired of blissfully doing nothing, after 30 minutes walk with children, we reach Krupówki, then happy we go back to Wierchów, because it's like home. ..

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Cecylia Waś
Fate made me live a little here and a little there and I feel good about it. Finally, I settled down with my family and two dogs in Warsaw. We would like to spend 365 days a year traveling around the world. Although we wandered the Italian Dolomites or conquered mountains in Norway, in Zakopane we found our weekend base, where the very view of the mountains causes a faster heartbeat. Zakopane is definitely addictive, so although we often complain about a corked Zakopane girl, we always go there with a smile on our face, because the capital of the Tatra Mountains is finally one and unique.

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Up to 6-strong family friendly
Up to 6-strong family friendly
fully furnished kitchen
fully furnished kitchen
Enjoy your Tatra views
Enjoy your Tatra views
Perfect for walking getaways
Perfect for walking getaways
30m² terrace
30m² terrace

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Where will I sleep?

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Two bedrooms await our guests. One with a marriage bed and large pine trunks that serve as bedside tables and a photo of Kuba Witos, who can perfectly capture the magic of the Tatras, and the second with two single beds and artwork of talented Anna Rudak, who took the mountains in a fairy tale so that the children had even better dreams. Each room has its own TV, but if you end up talking about topics, but I doubt that this situation will happen ;-) If you come with a larger team, a sofa with sleeping function awaits you in the living room. Snow white bedding and a set of towels await you.

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What will I eat?

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The kitchen in the apartment is fully equipped. There is an induction hob, microwave and dishwasher. When the weather pampers, the most pleasant thing is to have breakfast on the terrace, and for lunch and dinner we recommend several places we checked. Villa Toscana - we like the location, on the same Równia Krupowa street Sienkiewicza with a wonderful view. Italian cuisine at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. We especially recommend pizza lovers from the wood-fired oven. For children there is a play corner, as well as climatic interior in the style of a ski chalet. where: ul.Sienkiewicza 10 Zakopane restaurant - we love the place for the kitchen based on natural and simple products and the interior in a typical Zakopane style with a reliable corner for children. where: Jagiellońska 18 STRH Bistro & amp; Cafe - for a small hunger and vegan cake, be sure to join STRH. At the very bottom of Krupówki Street, on the top floor you will find a nice place with climate, because these are what we get the most. where: Krupówki 4a Bąkowo Zohylina Niźnio - a typical highlander's inn, but here in the least fast food edition, at least we have the impression. Kwaśnica, mushroom, ribs, a highlander band and atmosphere like the Tatra Mountains! where: Józef Piłsudski 6 200m next to the apartment there is a first aid grocery store, as we call it, and in the center of Zakopane you will find Lidl ;-)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the mountains

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Zakopane is the theme of the river. An all-year base for those who like more lazily and for those who want adrenaline and for families with children and couples and a bunch of friends. Begin to get to know the area from the Way to Koziniec, and there you will find the Villa under the Jedlami designed by Stanisław Witkiewicz. Typical Zakopane architecture and pleasant walk. For beginners, we recommend Dolina Kościeliska or Strążyska or for the youngest Dolina Filipka. For the more Western Tatras with the Chochołowska Valley and with an entire arm from Grzes, through Rakoń and Wołowiec. Our favorite destination of mountain hiking is definitely Hala Gąsienicowa and Five Ponds. Thermal baths. There are more and more of them. Those in Zakopane have the coldest water, so if you like to bask, go to the pools in Białka Tatrzańska - Bania or to Termy Chochołowskie. The Tatra Museum of the Tatry Chałubiński - here you will spend pleasant rainy days especially with children.

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What’s there for children?

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For the youngest there are as many attractions as for older people, and maybe more ... For the first trips you can take your children to Polana Rusinowa through the Filipka Valley, and then compensate for the hardships of climbing in one of the confectioneries. There is the Tatra Museum with numerous exhibits, which shows animals inhabiting the Tatras. Thermal pools will certainly love your children. All day entertainment guaranteed. The cable railway to Gubałówka or the chairlift to Butorowy Wierch will also provide a lot of entertainment, and in winter the slopes on Nosal and Szymaszkowa, where instructors dedicated to children await. In the winter aura will be the evening sleigh ride sleigh with torches, ending with a joint sausage roasting. Particularly picturesque are those near Chochołowska Valley, where in good weather you can observe the stars in the sky together.

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: ul.Boruty-Spiechowicza 2/1, Zakopane, Podhale, Poland

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sezon jesienny (02.09-20.12.2018r.) min. 2 noclegi
jesienny 250zł
Święta Bożego Narodzenia ( 21.12 - 27.12.2018r.) min. 4 noclegi
świąteczny 499zł
Sylwester ( 28.12.18 - -01.01.19) min. 3noclegów
sylwestrowy 1199zł
Zimowy 1 (02.01.19-06.01.19) min. 4 noclegi
zimowy 1 499zł
Zimowy 2 (07.01.19-17.01.19)
zimowy 2 299zł
Puchar Świata (18-19.19) min.2 noclegi
Puchar Świata 499zł
Ferie zimowe (20.01-23.02.19)
ferie zimowe 449zł
Cena za apartament za dobę. W cenę wliczone jest sprzątanie. Czeka na Was komplet pościeli oraz ręczników oraz w pełni wyposażony apartament.

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Cześć jeśli chodzi o mnie to dawno nie byłem tak mile zaskoczony. Choć krótko bo tylko na jedną noc i rano wypad w góry to powiem szczerze ze chciałbym wrócić na dłużej i pewnie wrócę... Apartament sam w sobie uroczy, bardzo wygodny w użytkowaniu a do tego ogromny taras z widokiem na samego Rycerza, pytanie czy spałem wygodnie mysle ze napewno. Dookoła spokój i cisza. Kuchnia w pełni wyposażona nie zabrakło niczego chociaż nie mogłem doszukać się obieraczki być może źle szukałem i w pośpiechu wystarczył mi nóż. Wygodny duży prysznic nic dodać nic ująć wypas. Do tego self check-in i w miarę blisko do centrum, raczej napewno wrócę w to miejsce. Jeszcze raz bardzo dziękuje i do zobaczenia. Szczerze polecam Paweł


Jak tylko będę odwiedzać Zakopane to zatrzymam się właśnie tu. Byłam z całą rodziną i wszyscy czuliśmy się jak w domu. Apartament wyposażony we wszystko co potrzeba, wystrój cudowny a standard na wysokim poziomie. Cieszę się że zdecydowałam się właśnie na to miejsce :) Polecam!!


Bardzo fajne miejsce, w spokojnej okolicy. Mieszkanie przestronne, ze wszystkimi udogodnieniami. Gorąco polecam!

5.0 3 opinii