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Camping and glamping

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Baza Baranówka

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Location Polska, Mazowsze, Łosia Wólka
Basically, where we are is where the campfire is burning and the forests are roaring. Little boys look for tropes, and the team take care of the camp and fish for the meal. All this is 30 km from Warsaw in Łosie Wólka. Right here at the pond, by the beach you will find 10 luxurious tents that Indiana Jones would sleep if he really existed. With the whole family, if he had one. There are beds with fresh linen, electricity, heating, terrace, hammocks and plenty of space for camping. No canned meals, pate from Podlasie, paprikas and sardines in a can, but with full home catering served directly. There is a gym for those addicted to training, a common room for small and large, a kitchen with a dining room, a beach soccer field and the close vicinity of Kampinos. This is how we imagine a modern 21st century campsite. Not that we do not like Masuria, but with us you can also have a great rest, swim and spend a wonderful time in the bosom of nature with a compass in hand and with a song on the mouth by the fire.

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Irena, Konrad i tata Krzysztof Mańkowscy
We are a harmonious team going in one direction. Irena - former scout and sporting spirit, mother of 3 kids, personal trainer, wife of Konrad. Konrad is a business man, organization master and Safari tent specialist. There is also Krzysztof - Konrad's dad, a born kaowiec, without whom it would not make sense. The area where the Base stands is owned by a family with a great-grandfather, but for decades there was no idea for its development. Inspiration came on vacation in Croatia, where we stayed in a luxury tent and immediately wanted to put one in Augustówek. It ended with 12 copies and extensive infrastructure, which we are constantly working on and we have a lot of fun in this respect. Forest, campfire, pond, tents and total freedom - only you are missing.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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10 comfortable Safari tents for a total of 68 people
10 comfortable Safari tents for a total of 68 people
private pond with a sandy beach, canoes, beach volleyball
private pond with a sandy beach, canoes, beach volleyball
fire circle, field sports hall, common room with children's play area
fire circle, field sports hall, common room with children's play area
comfortable campsite open from May to the end of October
comfortable campsite open from May to the end of October
fully equipped shared kitchen and dining room
fully equipped shared kitchen and dining room
new camping showers and bathrooms
new camping showers and bathrooms

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Where will I sleep?

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The base is part of the adventure we are happy to serve. Pack backpacks, comfortable shoes, a compass, towels and make yourself comfortable in one of a kind luxury Safari tents. They are all-year-round and fully equipped with electricity, contacts, lamps, cabinets, beds with bedding, and large benches on the terrace. In the case of very cold nights in tents, we start the stoves. We have 10 tents for a total of 68 people on 4.5 ha. There are 6 and 8 - person versions with bunk beds and single beds that can be combined into a double bed. - 6 - passenger family tents have 2 bedrooms separated by a wall made of canvas, which can be rolled up if necessary. There are bunk beds and matrimonial beds. - 8 - person tents are unicameral and have 4 bunk beds. Bathrooms (toilets, showers, sinks) are located in two modern buildings for ladies and gentlemen. There is a lot of art, cleanly with warm water and hygiene for a flash. In addition to tents with class, everything that is inside the resort is at your disposal, ie a common room with a focal circle, a tent with a kitchenette and a canteen, and the whole sports and recreation complex, thanks to which boredom is not allowed here: - swimming pool with beach and jetty, - boats and kayaks, - gym with equipment, - beach ball court, - volleyball court, - football pitch, - monkey grove, - ping pong table, table football, - SUP boards.

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What will I eat?

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As for a campsite at the highest level, you can cook and meet not only in opening canned and picking up condensed milk from the tube, although we admit that it has its own charm. In the large (120m2) tent of all the starving people there is a fully equipped kitchenette, which does not differ from the home kitchens. There is everything you need to prepare, heat and feast. There is also a canteen where you can eat a meal together and meet other campers. On the camping site of the 21st century, there can not be a classic barbecue and bonfire. There is everything you need to bake potatoes in foil, sausages, grilled pork, vegetables and bananas with chocolate. From the machine you will remember the scout songs from the old songbook and throw a hawk stunner. Cooking on holiday may not be to your taste and it is completely understandable. The friendly restaurant / bar "Domowe revelacje" will provide delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners for both carnivores and vegetarians. You can choose dishes of the day or those from the menu. The price for full board is given in the price list.

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In/at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside

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Boredom is not with us, it is in a different direction. In Baranówce Base we have created perfect conditions for active rest, swimming, swinging, lifting barbells, dancing, singing, focusing, playing football and sunbathing. On 4.5 hectares of land really fit everything you need for camping at the highest level. There is a pond with a sandy beach, a gentle descent to the water and swimming lanes. Two beach volleyball courts and one beach soccer pitch. Inter-family tournaments and friendly matches are even indicated. If you work on sculpture, physical vigor and fitness, you do not have to take a holiday from training. At your disposal is a professional field sports hall. As graduates of AWF, we know how to set up a gym, and this one was equipped for crossfit and fitness classes. Space is also great for playing ping pong and gymnastics. As if that was not enough boredom can be expelled in the public campsite, in front of which there is a large focal circle. In addition to baking potatoes overnight, singing and lively conversations in the common room, you can play board games, grab interesting books from the shelf, view a movie projected from the projector and organize a show or concert. One of the walls of the common room is made of canvas, which can be rolled up, and then the common room and terrace create a scene of various artistic forms. At your disposal are 4 kayaks (ones), 2 boats and boards with a paddle (stand up paddle). On the water body, 4 swimming lanes of 50 m have been separated which can be used to organize activities and competitions. Baranówka is located on the border of Kampinos, on the bicycle trail leading to the forest. Pack your bikes and take advantage of kilometers of green nature trails, look for elks, find Wilcza Struga, drive up to the village with the graceful name Strawberry, where there is a horse farm or the Museum of the Second World War in Palmiry. Among the trees squeak small little monkeys, we have a great monkey grove with ropes, ladders, obstacle courses and a whole lot of fun. When camping weary you can go to the Modlin Fortress and be sure to catch up with Pomiechówek, where you canoe with Wkra.

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What’s there for children?

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If you want to treat your children the most stinging holiday of life, then welcome. Pack binoculars for moose watching, magnifying glass for insects, diving tubes, mosquito spray and good moods. From the excess of attractions, it can get lost in your head, and two or three days can be too short to test all the entertainment. Surely, you will not hear the slogan "Mom, I'm bored", because at that time Dad will teach how to light a bonfire without matches and build a hut from the branch. Sleeping in tents is already fun in itself. Goodnight stories can be told about scout camps, or read "In the desert and the wilderness" and imagine what it would be like to fight a lion, make friends with an elephant and live in the African desert. All attractions in Baranówce are designed for children. Beach with soft sand, leg pitch, swing on the branch, hammocks, boats, kayaks, rowing board with hands and table football. Then in the tent they listen for crickets and can not wait for tomorrow.

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Attractions for children

Sleeping in a tent in the garden
Cool trees for climbing
Large safe running space
Mushroom picking
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How do I get there?

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Our address: Słoneczna, Łosia Wólka, Masovia, Poland

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How much will I pay?

#1 Dzienny pobyt Jeżeli macie tzw. rzut beretem to nie musicie zostawać na noc aby skorzystać z atrakcji. Pobyt dzienny funkcjonuje w godzinach 9.00 - 19.00. Cena za osobę dorosłą to 25 zł, za dziecko poniżej 15 roku życia 15 zł. Gastronomia

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Super miejsce na wypoczynek z rodziną i... psem! Dzieci pokochały jezioro, ja hamak, mąż świetlicę z książkami, a nasza sunia doceniała uroki swobodnego biegania. Wieczorne ognisko ma super urok! Idealne miejsce na biwak z dziećmi. Polecamy i na pewno wrócimy do Bazy!!!


Wspaniałe miejsce na relaks pod Warszawą. Świetnie wyposażone, luksusowe namioty, przemili gospodarze, kajaczki, króliki na wyspie i przepiękne łąki dookoła. Będziemy wracać!


Jednodniowy pobyt w bazie oceniamy bardzo dobrze! Co prawda nie jest to miejsce na spokojny i cichy wypoczynek - raczej pobyt z dziećmi - ale my byliśmy zadowoleni. Nocleg w namiocie nad samą wodą dla odważnych, którym komary niestraszne :) Warunki sanitarne oceniamy bardzo wysoko - jest wszystko czego potrzeba.

4.6 14 opinii