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Biały Domek Zawady 4

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Location Polska, Mazowsze, Zawady
Portugal or the south of Italy could well be here. A man wants to put his body in a hammock and hang over his head until someone tells him that it's time for dinner in the garden. With a momentum: in the light of an old candlestick on an old wood table, with wine, cheese and real tomatoes, which smelt for a mile. White Cottage comes out of the map and depending on the mood can be everywhere, especially in the middle are souvenirs of long-distance travel, even bare feet walk on the terracotta of Ibiza. And only in the morning, with eggs from our eggs, the man comes to the conclusion that it is probably Mazovia, because such apple apples are not anywhere in the world and winter morning anywhere else does not smell so. White Cottage was love at first sight. From this infatuation came the decision to create a peace enclave, a place of artistic initiative and artistic meeting of souls. Of course things had to change. In the cowshed instead of the croissant, there is a carpentry workshop with a composition of unique old wood, where one can realize the innermost artistic and craftsmanship fantasies. A barn instead of hay parquet on wild dances, cheerful kinderbale, workshops, or eg yoga exercises. We invite you here outside the map, 25 kilometers from Warsaw. It will be good for you.

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Szymon and Joanna. The siblings, who in their artistic search traveled half of the world, to finally knock on the door of the White House. It turned out that peace, beauty and harmony are at your fingertips. It was enough to bring out and emphasize the authenticity of this charming farm in the heart of Mazovia. They gladly took it: Joanna - a designer and Szymon, who divides the time between oldwood design and the ecological farm he runs.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, German, Russian, Spanish

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Two 2-bed rooms, or with extra beds.
Two 2-bed rooms, or with extra beds.
Self-cooking. Fully equipped kitchen.
Self-cooking. Fully equipped kitchen.
Ecological farm, where you can order vegetables, fruits.
Ecological farm, where you can order vegetables, fruits.
The dog-dog
The dog-dog
Zalew Zegrzyński 12 km, Bug 8 km
Zalew Zegrzyński 12 km, Bug 8 km
For larger and smaller events
For larger and smaller events

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Where will I sleep?

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At your disposal we offer: - the first room on the ground floor with a hundred years old piano and stylish couch, which decomposes into a comfortable double bed. This room is used as a living room and can also be used as a workshop. In focus, a soothing view of the vegetable garden and the vastness of the fields behind him help. And for cooler times is an old tiled stove for charcoal, or wood. It gives a nice warmth, which can not match any radiator.  -the second room on the ground floor, all in white. There are two large, comfortable, restored beds. There is also a smaller cape that can be used as a baby bed. The whole is complete with a huge, spacious wardrobe. - Large kitchen, which is also a dining room, a meeting place, talks, laughs and discussions. Her heart is a long, restored carbonic kitchen. It is good and ready to use, and the dishes have an unmatched taste. More modest, faster meals can be prepared on a double electric cooker. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, mixer, Nespresso coffee machine and many other facilities. Of course, a set of dishes, cutlery and kitchen utensils.In the season, harvested straight from the garden vegetables and fruits, they taste delicious. - Bathroom with bath and shower, finished with old wood - a veranda under the roof, with a big wooden table. From the first rays of spring, to the golden Polish autumn, the porch is the heart of the house. It's life here. Veranda is shared meals, pen work, or a laptop in the shade and pleasant cold on a hot summer day, evening talks with candlelight and oil lamps. - extensive fenced area around which you can walk, run, bake. With barbecue area and fireplace surrounded by benches - after the concert we can also make a huge barbecue where the fun continues regardless of the whimsical weather

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What will I eat?

Biały Domek Zawady 4 - What will I eat?
Biały Domek Zawady 4 - What will I eat?

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At your disposal is a fully equipped kitchen. The vegetable garden in front of the house and the greenhouse, as well as my organic farm, which is next to it, is an inspiration and inspiration. We will also be happy to help you with tips for local stores. But if you do not like cooking, it is possible to order meals. Please let us know in advance.

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Food on-site

Lokalne produkty (eggs, cheese, meat and sausages, vegetables, fruits, wine, bread, preserves)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside

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On the big fenced area before and after the house you can lie on the grass and watch the clouds, play ball or badminton, practice yoga, meditate, grill, sing at the fire, run, play and laugh. At your disposal are bicycles; Very stylish and very old, but carefully restored and fully functional. White Cottage is surrounded by a meandering Mazovian fields and meadows. Trails of romantic expeditions lead with copper and dirt roads. The asphalt route leads over the Bug River backwaters. A little further, at a distance of about 7km, is Zalew Zegrzyński. There are also more intimate water attractions, which is a narrow but lovely River of the Rule, which flows near the farm. They are organized several hours of kayaking.

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What’s there for children?

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Wide area - safe, because fenced and closed on each side. Bikes, balls, badminton racquets, table football. Right next to the house (in the sight of the parent resting on the veranda) is a wooden children's cottage, full of toys, with a swing and a hammock. In summer the attraction for the youngest is also feeding the cock, the duck and the duck.

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Our address: Zawady 4, Zawady, Masovia, Poland

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Bardzo fajne miejsce na weekend ze znajomymi. Można rzeczywiście poczuć się jak na wsi i wypocząć. Jest ogromne podwórko do dyspozycji,gąski,kury i super taras! Dużym minusem domku na dłuższy okres wynajmu jest jednak cena, bo sypialnie są 2 Wiec dla 4 os. Owszem można spać w 1 sypialni w 4 os i na poddaszu w jednym pokoju zmieści się kolejne 4-6,tylko to jest rozwiązanie na weekend przy 1 łazience. Łóżko w 1 sypialni jest tez dosyć stare i nieładnie pachnie;) Posiłki byly przepyszne, ale czasami porcje troszkę małe za cenę 35 pln (obiad)


Wszystko super, gdyby nie to, że nie było żadnego kąpieliska w pobliżu, tak jak zostałam poinformowana w wiadomościach, że jest stawik, w którym ktoś się kąpie a okazał się zieloną plamą wody. Zegrze w odległości 13 km nie wchodziło w grę, ponieważ bez samochodu nie da się tam dotrzeć, a cena za taksówkę wiadomo, że wysoka. Ale samo miejsce obłędne, klimat niesamowity. Miło spędzony czas, polecam!

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