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Houses and cottages
Icon we have exclusive spaces with a separate entrance for: 6-8 people

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Chatka pod Sosnami

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Location Polska, Kaszuby, Kopalino
The hut is in the rocky, near the forest wall. There is a wood smell all over the place, because it`s all wooden walls, The furniture and a long table for breakfast are wooden too, and even the veranda, as in Louisiana, wooden and staring at the pine forest. We have a super duper place here for a large family or two friends families who like it quietly, ecologically and safe for the kids. They like to take their children for a ride with bikes, then go fishing, they don`t crave any seaside promenade, no stalls, just a crazy need for forest, bicycle paths, peace, sea and their own company. It's here in Kopalino. Come along.

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Ewa i Marcin
We have been spending our free time on family bicycle trips for years. A long time ago we discovered the charms of the coastal paths of Northern Kashubia. To this day, we remember the first entry to Kopalin and the delight with the peace and quiet (and it was in the middle of summer!) Of this seaside village. Kopalino, slightly away from the beaches of the Baltic Sea, has bypassed the hustle and bustle of seaside resorts until today. It is here, in a perfect place for us, that we decided to build a cottage where everyone feels at home, and the children are safe and pampered. Necessarily wooden, with a large veranda and a gate to the forest. Chatka pod Sosnami is our model for the best reset in the world. Welcome :)

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish
Sometimes we are on-site, sometimes we're not

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Eco Alert

We segregate garbage

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We care about you

Private houses/apartments with separate entrance

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for a large family, two friendly families or a group of friends
for a large family, two friendly families or a group of friends
4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
a fully equipped kitchen
a fully equipped kitchen
3.5 km beach (preferably by bike to more distant beaches)
3.5 km beach (preferably by bike to more distant beaches)
pine forest right on the doorstep
pine forest right on the doorstep
unfortunately, we do not host animals
unfortunately, we do not host animals

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Where will I sleep?

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The cottage is located on a small housing estate. The 500 m plot is just what you need - a playground and garden overlooking the veranda and forest. On the 1st floor: - four bedrooms - one of them has a double bed, the other two single (with the option of folding into one double) On the ground floor - living room with a large table, kitchen and a sofa bed, if someone wanted to fall asleep next to the film - two bathrooms with heated floors (including one with a washing machine) - the kitchen is equipped so that everything can be done. The joint time is most often spent on the veranda, with bare feet drinking coffee. Or inside, when there is a temptation to fire the fireplace warm.

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Children's playground

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No Internet/WiFi
Good cell phone reception

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What will I eat?

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The cottage is exclusive and we also do it with the kitchen. It is technically and emotionally prepared for the admission of allergy sufferers and gluten-free people who have to cook on their own. There is everything you normally need. After shopping, welcome to the village store in Kopalino or nearby Lubiatów. For a wider assortment to Choczewo (6 km). For homemade dinners - agro-tourism in Kopalino For daily fish - fryers in Lubiatowo (1.5 km) For a special occasion - "Ewa invites" in Sasino (19 km) For pizza, fish, ice cream and souvenirs - Białogóra (15 km by car or 10 km by bike through the forest)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the sea
Icon In/at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside

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The program of your trip may look like this: - In the morning, barefoot, quietly, so that children do not wake up, we go down the stairs and drink coffee, depending on the weather, on the porch or near the fireplace in the living room. Both options are fantastic as the children are still asleep. - Later breakfast - in the summer it is necessary on the veranda, because when the children eat, they run to the playground. - Then a trip to the beach - from there is 3.5 km, you can ride bicycles. - Beach, sun, sand, water ... Later there are returns, late suppers, children to bed, parents can whisper about their matters. It may also be different: coffee in the morning, then breakfast, and later a trip to the area. There is a lot to see here: - Stilo lighthouse - open in the season from 1maja to the end of September, from its peak you can see Łeba, Sarbsko and Łebsko lakes and an amazing panorama - 22 km - Łeba and Słowiński National Park - 38 km - for children, Sea Park in Sarbsko - 27 km - canoeing on Piaśnica river (to the sea) - 17 km We recommend cycling trips. The routes are easy for children and pleasant for parents.

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For those who want peace

Forest paths
Library and books to read

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What’s there for children?

Chatka pod Sosnami - What’s there for children?
Chatka pod Sosnami - What’s there for children?

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kids: - go crazy at the view of the house in the garden, - they do how they see the sea, - from the excess of fresh air they eat everything as it flies, - and then they sleep well. Parents: - they go crazy at the sight of a house in the garden, because they can drink coffee on the terrace in peace - they squeak when they see the sea, because they can finally relax - they are happy that there are high chairs on the spot - arrange children in available beds on site - they sleep soundly, because there are security gates everywhere. In case of inclement weather :( As a childish hut, rich in books, board games, puzzles, blocks ....

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Jałowcowa 17, Kopalino, Kashubia, Poland

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How much will I pay?

do 6 osób kolejna osoba
Wakacje (min. 7 nocy) 850 zł/doba + 50 zł/doba
Majówka, Boże Ciało, Wielkanoc (min. 4 noce) 850 zł/doba + 50 zł/doba
Boże Narodzenie (min. 5 nocy) 850 zł/doba + 50 zł/doba
do 4 osób kolejna osoba
maj (min. 5 nocy) 550 zł/doba + 50 zł/doba
czerwiec (min. 7 nocy) 650 zł/doba + 50 zł/doba
wrzesień (min 7 nocy) 550 zł/doba + 50 zł/doba
SEZON NISKI - pozostałe terminy (min. 3 noce)
do 2 osób kolejna osoba
400 zł/doba + 50 zł/doba
Domek przeznaczony jest dla max 6 osób dorosłych lub 4 osób dorosłych + 4 dzieci. Cena zawiera: pościel, ręczniki, media, drewno kominkowe i sprzątanie końcowe. Na posesji 2 miejsca parkingowe. 1 dziecko do lat 2 gratis. Na życzenie łóżeczka turystyczne, wysokie krzesełka, wanienka, podest łazienkowy.

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Place rules

Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 8 people

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 3 days
Boże Narodzenie: 2020-12-21 - 2020-12-28, minimum 5 days
VI, VII, VIII, IX: 2021-05-29 - 2021-09-25, from saturday to saturday

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 40%
We do not return prepayments
Remaining amount payable 7 days before your arrival (money transfer)
Additional fees paid on the spot are not included in the price:
Local tourism fee 1.5 PLN person / day

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 16:00
Departure to 10:00

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Icon Other rules
The reservation is confirmed after payment of a 30% deposit by the Slowhop system. In the event of resignation, the down payment is non-returnable. Paid extra: Tourist tax: PLN 1.50 / day / person

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Fantastyczne miejsce! Śliczny dom w którym czuliśmy się jak u siebie, piękne lasy dookoła i dobry dojazd na plażę (płatny parking prowadzony przez Nadleśnictwo, nad samym brzegiem). Dwie identyczne łazienki to fajnie pomyślane rozwiązanie dla dwóch rodzin. Bardzo sympatyczni gospodarze :) Wisienką na torcie był kolbowy ekspres ciśnieniowy i opakowanie kawy specjalnie dla nas.


To nie jest kolejny domek pod wynajem. To miejsce stworzone przez właścicieli dla siebie i to czuć. Niezwykły klimacik i spokój. Cisza, dźwięki natury, pełne wyposażenie. Niczego nam nie brakowało! Miejsca pod dostatkiem. Wrócimy.


To jest takie miejsce, którego wcale nie chciałabym reklamować, tylko zatrzymać wyłącznie dla siebie :-) Okolica i widoki najlepsze, przyroda piękna, trasy rowerowe niezmierzone, plaża pusta i nieskończona, ryba najpyszniejsza, a domek przepiękny, komfortowo wyposażony, czysty, ale przede wszystkim "z duszą". Gospodyni przemiła, zawsze w pobliżu i pomocna w razie potrzeby. Wszystkim, chcącym odpocząć od zgiełku miasta, polecam bardzo serdecznie, ale, proszę, dbajcie o to miejsce, które zostało stworzone z taką pieczołowitością!

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