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Chutor Gorajec

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There are a few things you should know about Roztocze. First of all: it is the sunniest region in Poland. Secondly: one of five, where the vineyard grows best and wine tastes delicious. Thirdly: the sun, wine, people and music make you come over.

You will not find bathrobes with an emblem here. Honestly, we do not even have bathrobes without an emblem. We have rooms fitted in an old school, a lot of space for cool people, we Eastern and Western blooded, experienced from many lands and have a lot of love for the one where we live.

Come to us for bicycles, kayaks, learning about the history of the borderland, going for a walk in the woods, meeting lynx and eagles, talking to Zbyszek Zielarz, absorbing the culture and art of the region. Learn to recognize herbs, baking proziaków or folk singing with a white voice in our workshops, because Chutor Gorajec is a real People's University. See the historic Orthodox church, which is filled with music during concerts organized in Gorajc. Come to Folkowisko, one of the most famous festivals of folk culture in Europe, where people have no boundaries. We are waiting for you in a place of living tradition and we will tell you many interesting stories. Here time goes by differently. We do not need a TV, all you need is a pair of binoculars, a camera and it's all around.

Take the children with you - we have a playground full of secrets and freedom: ecotourism, chats and houses on the tree. It is a world where every nook is a new, fascinating adventure.

Marina i Marcin Piotrowscy

Away from the hustle and bustle, close to nature and people, on the proverbial end of the world is a small village Gorajec, and in it unique, full of positive energy and good people Chutor Gorajec. A place of living tradition led by us - Marcin, Marina and our kids.
child-friendly place
home cooking including vege
5 rooms / 26 sleeping places


  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Parking
  • Near the woods
  • Pet friendly
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom

Where will I sleep?

There are Gorajec hotels in the former school for 23 people and something for big boys (18 pheasants).

- Room "Spring Studio" for 6 people. (ideal for a family or group of friends)
- room A; double bed and two single beds
- room B; 2 single beds
- shared bathroom for rooms A and B
- balcony
- access...
to the kitchenette

Room "Autumn" for 3 people
- 3 single beds (two beds can be put together and make a king size bed)
- bathroom in the room
- access to the kitchenette
- balcony

Room "Zapiecek" for 3 people (room on the ground floor)
- 3 single beds
- bathroom in the room
- access to the kitchenette

Room "Summer" for 3 people (room on the ground floor)
- 3 single beds
- bathroom in the room
- access to the kitchenette

- 18 military beds
- bathroom in the hall

And besides:
- Campsite and place for caravanning with adequate sanitary infrastructure
- feast zone with shelters, grill, focal circle, and smoking
- when it pours: barn and granary (perfect places for the organization of weddings, and opposite the beautiful 16th century historic church (currently a Catholic chapel)

What will I eat?

We share our passion for cooking with you. This is where you will try proziacs, Gorajeckich dumplings with cheese-carrot filling, zucchini potato pancakes or beetroot dough. We cook what we like and we are happy to share new flavors with our guests. For guests who prefer to prepare meals on their own,... we have a kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator, gas stove, microwave and kettle.

For culinary adventures we recommend:

1. Kresowa Settlement in Lower Basznia (20 minutes by car) - great cuisine, we especially recommend dumplings with gesina
2. Rubin's Pub in Narol (15 minutes) - Rubin asked if he's making cool dumplings, he replies indignantly that he's not making cool dumplings, he's doing awesome ... dumplings!
3. Guciów Grove (56 minutes by car), an open-air museum with a regional eatery and eco-food.
4. Roztoczańska homestead in Obsza (17 km) - known for visiting Makłowicz and Okrasa. If it tastes good to them, then you probably will.
And remember. This is where groats matter. Dumplings with groats, cubes of groats in broth, buckwheat honey, bread with groats. There is a lot of flour (delicious sourdough bread). Tincture of pine - necessarily. Bless you.

How will I be entertained?

The village itself is a piece of history. We have one of the oldest churches in Poland (at the wooden architecture trail). And we have Folkowisko.

Every year, on the second weekend of July, together with the community of our village (a group of friends, Stowarzyszenie Animacji Kultury Pogranicza Folkowisko...
and the Circle of Country Housewives), we organize the FOLKOWISKO Festival of Culture on the territory of Chutoru Gorajec.
And then we really rock.
- concerts
- workshops
- dances
- children's
- Fair of Miracles
- movie screenings
- canoeing
- trips for kids
- and about a thousand other things.

But if you want to visit Roztocze Wschodnie at another time, we recommend:
- bicycle trips - seriously, the best routes are in Roztocze. 266 km of trails through Landscape Parks, abandoned villages, passing churches and wooden churches. Petard.
- Szumy Reserve over Tanwią, full of microfluidic decks (there are 15 of them). Nice neighborhood.
- villages: Dahany, Monastyr, Moczary, abandoned during the "Wisła" campaign. Amazing places with a difficult history.
- Borek district in Zwierzyniec, where the narrowest street in Poland is
- Szczebrzeszyn, where not only do you take a selfie at the table with the name of the town, but learn about what was once multiculturalism.
- Majdan Sopocki - where you swim during the heat
- Susiec - in this small town begins the Szumów Trail (waterfalls) and therefore hit the Jelen Waterfall.

If you still feel bored - we organize workshops and trips in the area for an ecotourism. We will gladly show you around the area, we will show cemeteries hidden among the forests and abandoned, beautiful churches. It is worth using.

What's for children?

We have so much experience with our kids that we have become experts in children's travel. We know what they need and what they do not need. In Chutor Gorajec kids:

- they are sometimes washed so that their mother does not recognize each other, and the father does not seem to mind
- how they are sitting...
in children's hair, meaning our huge tent, filled with toys
- if it does not pour, they roll in the grass and sometimes they put straws in
- on the trampoline, a residual energy springs out
- they work constructively in the sandbox, they set the art of deconstruction of the grandmothers and tear the tunnels
- they burn on bikes like Czesław Lang
- they play billiards and ping pong
- they climb on the climbing wall
- go on a sledge from the hill
- or buszują in bushes on an adventurous ekoszlaku


  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • No TV set


How much will I pay?

price (without meals)

3-bed room with bathroom 50 PLN / person
children up to 5 years of age gratis


Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

Advance payment payable by the Slowhop system (possibility of card and bank transfer). The rest of the amount paid on the spot.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16:00
  • Check out till:12:00
  • Cieszanów
  • 37-611 Gorajec 14

How to get there?

We are in the Bermuda triangle, between Lviv, Rzeszów and Zamość. Head to Cieszanów and do not mistake Gorajc Zagroble because our Gorajec is one!



Miejsce jest wyjątkowe - klimatyczne, spokojne, sielskie. Gospodarze, ich sąsiedzi, goście - spotkania z nimi zamieniają się w długie wieczory. Okolica sprzyja relaksowi: spacery, namiot, rowery, kąpieliska - co kto lubi.


Przemili gospodarze, cudowny relaks. Dzieci są w swoim żywiole - jest dużo przestrzeni, wolność i masa miejsc, w których można robić bazy ;) a do tego huśtawki, hamaki, trampolina. Rodzice mogą odpocząć, nacieszyć się krajobrazem i posłuchać miejscowych historii - o cerkwi, o wsi, o ziołach. Doskonałe miejsce również na wycieczki piesze i rowerowe.


Jest super! Wspaniali ludzie, wspaniale miejsce, bajkowe klimaty galicyjskiego pogranicza w rodzinnej atmosferze i magia Folkowiska! Polecam wszystkim! Serdeczne gratulacje rodzinie Piotrowski! PS: Uprzedzam, że pozostanie tutaj odrobina waszej duszy i nie da się tego naprawić! Więc, będziecie skazani do powrotu, raz za razem, do końca swego życia! A możliwe, i po zgonu, - duchy, chyba, też potrzebują miejsca uspokojenia i sposobu na zjednoczenie się z naturą i energiami z całego świata, czyli swego zaświatnego Folkowiska!