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Cisowe Wzgórze

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Location Polska, Suwalszczyzna podregion, Rutka-Tartak
In the Suwałki Region, the earth spins slower, the sun shines stronger, and nature murmurs, sighs and smells amazing. In the orchard maze we lost our heads. We fell in love with lakes, and the atmosphere was drawn in like a novel by Mroz. Has become. We are adding another chapter to the history of Cisowy Wzgórze. The farm in Suwałki has received a second life, and we learn with pleasure how to bake the best bread on this side of the Vistula. Come to us, take the children, neighbors and the dog. Our dog Harry is looking forward to it!
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Ania i Paweł
We have always dreamed of our own place on Earth ... with a wonderful view of our beautiful mountains. Such a place we have discovered in Rajcza and we want to share with you the calm, the smell of the forest and the views you will not forget

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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family-friendly place
family-friendly place
we invite you with pets
we invite you with pets
lakes, lakes and more lakes beyond the turn
lakes, lakes and more lakes beyond the turn
great base for bike tours
great base for bike tours
..and really great bread
..and really great bread

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The farm has 2 charming houses and 2 apartments, in total for up to 20 people. Apartment in the morning light - the perfect place for families. Upstairs a four-bed bedroom. From the threshold, a cozy room with a fireplace, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Enjoy a spring breakfast on the terrace with a green view. In the Apartment of restless shutters you will sleep peacefully. Attic bedroom prepared for 4 people. On the ground floor there is a kitchenette and a living room with a fireplace with a fragrant summer wood. On the porch, sit comfortably with a book and a compote of fresh apples. The Long Evenings House by the fireplace will surround you on the coldest days. Two bedrooms for a total of 6 people rock you to sleep. You will find a kitchenette adjacent to the living room and a bathroom on the ground floor. In order not to lose a single ray of sunshine, the house has two terraces. The House of Misty Mornings exudes its charm with blue shutters. Two spacious four-person bedrooms in the attic will sweep even the most persistent ones off their feet. A heated living room and a large terrace created for feasts with friends. We encourage you to barbecue and evening bonfires under the starry sky. Use every centimeter of our green, vast areas. Taking a nap with your nose in the grass seems like a perfect idea.
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What will I eat?

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We decided to wake up with the smell of baked bread. It always works. We add a composition of fresh cheeses and preserves. Vitamins are pouring out of wicker baskets, and wooden tables are decorated with wild flowers. Locally, healthy, with a massive amount of micronutrients and endorphins. For hungry borderland delicacies, we will prepare something special. Hand-made noodles, fragrant pies and fresh fish caught in the morning. Treat yourself to red raspberries and the variety of things that grows in the orchard. For dessert, we will treat you to hot apple pie. Crossfit only after returning ...
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Food on-site

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Icon In/at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside

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We burn on bikes and we know where to. Bicycle routes wrap around the Suwałki Region like a spider's web. Someone has planned it well. In winter, you will not find an excuse, because the trails turn into silver serpentines for cross-country skiers. We have more such attractions in store: -Hańcza Lake is a real challenge for every diver, because it is the deepest lake in Poland. -To the village of Smolniki, we invite you to sunbathe and meet the spirit of Pan Tadeusz. It was there that Wajda shot the first scenes of the national epic. - We have great news for anglers. You will not find lakes such as in the Suwałki region anywhere, and we will throw in a boat with full happiness. -In Puńsk you will learn more about Lithuanian cuisine. Lithuania itself is also not far away, and there you will taste unusual herbal tinctures. -Have you ever visited the highest Polish viaduct? About time. Head towards the closed railway line in Stańczyki. Don't forget to visit the Camaldolese Monastery on the peninsula of Lake Wigry. -Mushroom pickers will come out with admiration at the sight of the variety of undergrowth, because every tree is a mushroom, as if they were chasing us! In the meantime, a small stop for a strawberry lunch. -Volleyball matches in the sun you can organize on the pitch just 3 steps from the houses -Winter likes to surprise but we are ready for anything. Just like the ski lift, 20 minutes from Cisowy Wzgórze. -For rainy days, we have prepared a cozy common room with a library and board games. Family screenings on request. And so we can endlessly. We are throwing attractions like from a hat, but come and see for yourself.
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What’s there for children?

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Our deviant family member is waiting for kids willing to play among the trees all day long. What else have we prepared for the youngest family members? - playground created for rogues - a wooden rocking horse for the youngest - bright on days unsuitable for external use - film screenings and board games for the whole family - raspberry feasts straight from the bush Take your kids to the lake, show the attractions of our surroundings. The narrow-gauge forest railway is a favorite destination for small tourists.
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How do I get there?

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Our address: Rowele 34, Rutka-Tartak, suwalszczyzna, Poland

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The apartment of restless shutters 4 PLN/house PLN 250
House of Long Evenings 6 PLN/house PLN 350
Apartment of the Morning Dawn 4 PLN/house PLN 250
House of Misty Mornings 6 PLN/house PLN 350
BREAKFAST PLN 30 / adult. PLN 15 / child up to 7 years free / child up to 3 years old DINNER from 70 PLN / adult. PLN 35 / child up to 7 years free / child up to 3 years old During the holiday season, the houses are rented for weekly periods, from Saturday to Saturday.

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We issue VAT invoices. The settlement takes place on the first day of stay. Possibility to use bicycles, boats. (Free for guests of the habitat). We accept pets by prior arrangement. Advance payment of 40% of the rental price is not refundable.

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Spędziliśmy tam z rodziną wspaniały tydzień . W naszym domku/mieszkaniu czuliśmy się bardzo komfortowo. Pomimo iż byliśmy w lipcu pogoda nas nie rozpieszczała ale w sypialni na piętrze zawsze panowało przyjemne ciepło. Nasz dwuletni synek chętnie bawił się na placu zabaw i biegał po terenie zajadając się porzeczkami. Chętnie spacerowaliśmy do lasu na poziomki, wszędzie cisza, spokój i bociany. No i oczywiście jedzenie, po prostu cud miód. Jeszcze nigdy nie spotkałam się z tak obfitymi i pysznymi śniadaniami, polecam gorąco! a ten chleb..mmmm :). W każdej chwili można sobie zrobić pyszną kawę z ekspresu. Dobre miejsce wypadowe na Litwę .


Cisowe Wzgórze okazało się genialną bazą wypadową na Wigierski Park Narodowy oraz Park Krajobrazowy Puszczy Rominckiej. Urzekły nas starannie urządzone, ,,staropolskie" domki, wyposażone w taras oraz kominek - który szczególnie ukochała sobie nasza kotka ;). Miejsce położone na wzgórzach w bliskim sąsiedztwie lasu, odosobnione i ciche, w sam raz nadało się na wypoczynek dla zmęczonych codziennym zgiełkiem uszu i oczu. Nie sposób pominąć obfite śniadania, na których króluje wypiekany przez Gospodarzy pyszny, ciepły chleb. Z okolicznych jadłodajni natomiast gorąco polecamy litewską restaurację ,,Rūta", w szczególności danie o nazwie ,,Czenaki". Choć pogoda nie zawsze nas rozpieszczała, nie przeszkodziło nam to w eksplorowaniu okolicznych lasów i kontemplacji natury, a wieczory z herbatą, spędzone przy rozpalonym kominku, na długo pozostaną w naszej pamięci :). Jedyne, do czego mogłabym się ,,przyczepić", to gruba warstwa kurzu pod łóżkiem - mój kot wszedł pod nie czarny, a wyszedł biały :p. Jednak w ogólnym rozrachunku Cisowe Wzgórze jest miejscem zdecydowanie wartym polecenia, prowadzonym przez przesympatycznych Gospodarzy, ze smacznym jedzeniem i piękną okolicą.

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